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Drunk Sex Expectations Vs  Reality 1
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Sex Scene With Hot Shani (Drunk & Funny) on the boat The Witcher 3 18+ Adult Only
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-id/tid=CUSA05571_00 Adult Only 18+ New game+ Subscribe for more videos
Views: 7094 John Wilder Of Rivia
Drunk Sex
R&L TV Presents: "Drunk Sex" Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rickyandlamar Subscribe to us on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2zOajTLGTtOOVOgPZye0rA Follow Us on Twitter: @connorwaldman1 @KalienteRickyG R&L TV Productions Story by Connor Waldman Written by Connor Waldman & Sean Scarborough Directed and edited by Sean Scarborough Music: "Love Muscle" "City Lights"- Horror Fox "There it Go ft. Ill Nicky"- Mikey Ceasar "On Top ft. Big Hollis"- Kidd Swag "Prepare for Takeoff"- Pornosonic "Laying Pipe"- Pornosonic
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How Drunk Is Too Drunk? | Sex & Lies
How drunk is too drunk to have sex? When does it become non-consensual? BBC Three delves into the topic to ask at what point does a drunk encounter turn into a sexual offence. If you or anyone you know has been affected by the issues in the documentary, further support and advice can be found here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/22VVM5LPrf3pjYdKqctmMXn/information-and-support Additional editor: Tom Werber -- Click here to subscribe to BBC Three: http://bit.ly/BBC-Three-Subscribe Did you know that we’re up to other things in other places too? Best of BBC Three: www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree iPlayer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/tv/bbcthree Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bbcthree Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bbcthree Instagram: http://instagram.com/bbcthree Tumblr: http://bbcthree.tumblr.com Oh, we’re on Snapchat too - just incase you were wondering… add us, bbcthree.
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The Big Bang Theory - Drunk Penny sex with Leonard | Yeehaw
The Big Bang Theory S03E23 The Lunar Excitation #TheBigBangTheory #TBBT #BigBangTheory I don't own this video. All rights to Warner Bros. and CBS
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Drunk Sexual Adventures Go Too Far!
After too much tequila Blake and Shelly decide to be adventurous... sexually. So you're saying ATM is not to withdraw money? Please subscribe for more! Also check out our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/blakeandshellyweb
Sex in bathroom? Drunk Scene!  from #1 hit film. Ron Rogge Acting Reel
well, every now and then, you just gotta pee.... and even then unexpected things can be found...
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Views: 34330 [email protected]
Uber Prank - Drunk Girls Gone Very Wild
Please watch: "Best Kissing Prank (GONE WILD & SEXUAL) of the Month - MAY/JUNE 2017" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWfhGp0sSzc -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- PrankNation is the place where you will find the funniest pranks, compilations, and comedy all in one place. Now you can spend more time laughing and less time searching. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE : https://goo.gl/4cVF85 Most recent upload : https://goo.gl/3LPtbU Most popular upload: https://goo.gl/2yvC8o Directed By: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEYLdM2bdhmw-TS3c0TjFNw
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Drunk Girl Wants Sex on the Street_NEW
Visit http://PornCams.Mca925.com For FREE Videos & Cams! Drunk Girl Wants Sex on the Street
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Southside party getting drunk having sex
Celebrating Arizzle Birthday
Views: 27353 ShowSlimStunna
Drunk Sex (Festival Version)
R&L TV Presents: "Drunk Sex" Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rickyandlamar Subscribe to us on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2zOajTLGTtOOVOgPZye0rA Follow Us on Twitter: @connorwaldman1 @KalienteRickyG R&L TV Productions Story by Connor Waldman Written and Produced by Connor Waldman & Sean Scarborough Directed and edited by Sean Scarborough Music: "Love Muscle" "City Lights"- Horror Fox "There it Go ft. Ill Nicky"- Mikey Ceasar "On Top ft. Big Hollis"- Kidd Swag "Prepare for Takeoff"- Pornosonic "Laying Pipe"- Pornosonic
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Sex Scene with Hot Shani (Not Drunk) on the boat The Witcher 3 18+ Adult Only Uncensored
18+ Adult Only The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-id/tid=CUSA05571_00
Views: 6427 John Wilder Of Rivia
GTA 5 First Person DRUNK SEX Gameplay with Prostitute! (GTA 5 Funny Gameplay)
GTA 5 First Person DRUNK SEX Gameplay with TERRIBLE Prostitutes! (GTA 5 Gameplay) Drunk driving in first person on GTA 5 while getting HORRIBLE sex from prostitutes. Kamehameha that LIKE button! :D ► Join my Super Saiyan Army ► http://goo.gl/WVsXD0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ► Subscribe to my Main Channel ► http://goo.gl/GqkfRh Watch me Livestream @ http://www.twitch.tv/lskakarot SNAPCHAT: krislondonsnaps Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/IamKrisLondon Instagram - http://instagram.com/Iamkrislondon Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/iamkrislondon Buy a T-Shirt - http://teespring.com/mmokay For 20% off everything at Karmaloop.com & PLNDR.com use REP CODE: LONDON21 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GTA 5 First Person SEX Gameplay with Prostitute! (GTA 5 Gameplay) GTA 5 First Person SEX Gameplay with Prostitute! (GTA 5 Gameplay) GTA 5 First Person SEX Gameplay with Prostitute! (GTA 5 Gameplay)
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Drunk Sex TIGHT QUARTERS Episode 15
In the season finale of Tight Quarters, Liam returns from his date with Lily hoping to hook up with her but finds his room mate Katie in the bed blocking him.
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Hot girl drunk..... Kiss and sex
Is video me ladki daru pike kiss karti hai
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Lil Durk "Home Body" Feat. Gunna & TK Kravitz (Lyrics)
[Intro: Lil Durk] DY Krazy Diamond around [Chorus: Lil Durk] Baby when I smash you, put your back in it Get that first nut, then I'm back in it Can you go deep? you keep asking it Don't take a whole perc, she want half of it Drug sex, drug sex, yeah yeah Rich sex, rich sex, yeah yeah I know you nasty She be touchin' on her own body [Verse 1: Lil Durk] Don't like no outside bitch, I like a home body First time he fucked and I told nobody Thought she was a Pretty Ricky bitch but she like Yo Gotti Thinking she a pretty decent bitch but she a ho probably A trip from LAX, she took some coke probably Wait 'til we leave Dubai then show her Coke body Drug sex, I might fuck her off a Xanax Stay woke, you can't take it, I'm not in yet That rough sex get her goin' You not gon' tell me 'bout no baby 'til you showin' I got a lil ho at V-Live She got her butt tatted on each side I like her, she a boss and she don't D ride And I wear the pants, she don't decide Don't talk about your ex, you know he mad Bad bitch, you conceited [Chorus: Lil Durk] Baby when I smash you, put your back in it Get that first nut, then I'm back in it Can you go deep? you keep asking it Don't take a whole perc, she want half of it Drug sex, drug sex, yeah yeah Rich sex, rich sex, yeah yeah I know you nasty She be touchin' on her own body [Verse 2: Gunna] You my bitch, I can't share you with nobody My whips just like my women 'cause they all exotic We been fuckin' for a year, they still don't know about it All the flights are private, got a personal pilot Put my dick all in her rack and gotta deep inside Pussy wetter than a Patek, it's drippin' off her body Turn the cameras on my neck, you think a light done blind you Pushin' a three star penthouse suite but can't nobody find you She text her love, havin' drug sex, yeah yeah Percocets, perco-sex, yeah yeah yeah Suckin' dick, with no hands Use no hands if you callin' him, yeah yeah [Verse 3: TK Kravitz] I see you yellin' out my name but you ain't sayin' shit No you ain't sayin' shit, you don't know who you playin' with I might die up in that pussy, I might overdose And you know I'm ridin' with you 'cause we hella close Got the baddest bitch in it, I don't mean to boast Champagne every day, we don't need to toast A young nigga stayin' solid, I don't do the most So baby fuck me good before I go ghost [Chorus: Lil Durk] Baby when I smash you, put your back in it Get that first nut, then I'm back in it Can you go deep? you keep asking it Don't take a whole perc, she want half of it Drug sex, drug sex, yeah yeah Rich sex, rich sex, yeah yeah I know you nasty She be touchin' on her own body
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Drunk Sex VS High Sex
Please comment and Subscribe Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/MalisTglr https://twitter.com/peeditwotimes https://twitter.com/HennessyXXX
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Storytime: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHpZgBKufk93rfE6koPJMmItOlZHtdeTP PO BOX: Ashley H PO Box 90045 5910 50th Street NW Montalet PO Beaumont AB T4X0C8 Beauty YT Channel https://goo.gl/2g4ORT Vlog YT Channel https://goo.gl/EWbMra My Podcast: https://goo.gl/JV1hO7 Twitter: https://goo.gl/pVbVfW Ask.fm: http://ask.fm/Yunging IG: : yunging19 Snapchat: yunging19 Patreon: https://goo.gl/Yzq4T3 Hautelook: https://goo.gl/wkBNea Business E-mail: [email protected]
Views: 53800 Ashley Elizabeth
Drunk vs sober sex
I ask my girl friend questions when she wakes up
Views: 2986 DrJustinable
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THEY SAY DRUNK SEX IS THE BEST SEX. WELL THAT IS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE. DONATE TO EDDIES GOFUND ME - https://www.gofundme.com/27br4sm4 VLOG CHANNEL- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYOf... EDDIE'S TWITTER- https://twitter.com/YALLLOVEEDDIE EDDIE'S FACEBOOK- https://www.facebook.com/YallLoveEddie/ EDDIE'S SNAP CHAT- YALLLOVEEDDIE EDDIE'S IG: http://www.Instagram.com/YALLLOVEEDDIE
Sex and the City - Charlotte Drunk
3x01 Where there's smoke Charlotte gets drunk in Staten Island All credits go to HBO i do NOT own Sex and the City
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Coronation Street - Bethany Gets Drunk & Asks Craig For Sex
I LOVE CORONATION STREET Mug: http://amzn.to/2or04d3 Corrie Colouring Book: http://amzn.to/2osO9fK Jumbo Games Coronation Street Trivia Board Game http://amzn.to/2pg4btj Available Corrie DVD’s & Merchandise (Highly Suggested For My International Viewers) Buy The Coronation Street Golden Anniversary Collection On DVD Now For Only £22.98! On Amazon Using This Link: http://amzn.to/2nfqEpU Carla Connor Fans! The Little Book of Carla Connor: A decade in the life of a soap queen: An unofficial Coronation Street companion BOOK http://amzn.to/2nQtGUS Coronation Street - The Best of 2000-2009 [DVD] http://amzn.to/2mzSsZ5 Join Qmee and get paid to search the internet and complete surveys! Easy sign-up and you can cash out whenever you want! http://qm.ee/7E59E10E
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lola shanayl  Drunk sex!!
A feel good song
Views: 1205 lolashanayl
Dirty Q&A | Lets Talk About Sex, Dirty Confessions... drunk
I recently turned 21, and when I asked you guys what videos you wanted to see of my channel... almost everyone said they wanted me to get drunk during the video... So today, I decided to do a dirty Q&A for you guys, with Sophia. But since Sophia knows everything about me and our friendship is one of the realist out there lmaooo... we decided it would be fun to get me drunk, and expose myself to the world. I held nothing back! My channel is a no judgment zone, so if you have nothing nice to say, I would appreciate it, if you respect our own decisions we make in our personal lives. To each is own, ya feel me. Hope you guys enjoy this video, I think it is actually pretty funny!!! Because Sophia is underage, I was the only drinking in this video... as you can tell from beginning to end... I was the only one that was lit lmaooooooo!!! But, thank you Sophia for being a good friend and exposing ourselves together... :) We a team!!! Sophia Kelly's social media:) Instagram @thesophiakelly Twitter @thesophiakelly Snapchat @sophiajohnsonn ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Check Me OUT:) business inquires only [email protected] Soundcloud: daniofficiall SNAPCHAT - ITSDRIZZIBITCH Twitter: @daniofficiall Instagram: @daniofficiall Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dani-Noe-1596714330577728/?ref=hl
Views: 74988 Dani Noe
How LONG Should You Wait Till SEX! (DRUNK EDITION)
We are taking things to another level with this one, we are shutting down Shoreditch once again. We are going up to people asking them How LONG Should You Wait Till SEX! ! Make sure you share the video! JayyEscobar - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOYQdBinLrY Acey Muni - Get This Muni - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9TeMYB9g_0 Everyone taking part in this video is 18 and above!
Views: 10685 VanBanter
Drunk Sex
Hz - "Drunk Sex" - Where it all gets Wild ig: http://instagram.com/hz_sound http://soundcloud.com/hz_sound directed by Dariell Pujols Hz entertainment
Views: 13983 Hz
JuiceGang - Drunk Sex [Official Video]
"Drunk Sex" https://soundcloud.com/juicegang86305/drunk-sex 86305 AVAILABLE NOW https://spinrilla.com/mixtapes/juice-gang-juicegang-86305 Follow Twitter/IG/Facebook : @JuiceGang86305 www.juicegang86305.com (C) 2015 JuiceGang, a division of Zone Entertainment
Views: 784 Juice Gang
My favorite drunk lesbian and I pop a bottle and talk about Sex+ stuff. TUMBLR ME! - http://lacigreen.tumblr.com be my fwend? http://www.facebook.com/officiallacigreen tweet me! - http://www.twitter.com/gogreen18 Give Hannah some loooove! - http://www.youtube.com/harto VIDEO SUMMARY In this video, Laci Green of Sex+ and Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen chat about virginity, bodies, coming out, and sexy fantasies.
Views: 1402831 lacigreen
Public car sex: Drunk Ohio couple in the buff arrested after 'the mood' hit them - TomoNews
NORTH ROYALTON, OHIO — A couple found in naked and drunk in their SUV were arrested on Sunday. The boyfriend said he had a really good excuse for them being in their birthday suits. "When the mood hits you have to find a place to park," 27-year-old Glenn Mcie said to officers. According to the Smoking Gun, police spotted Mcie's 2000 Grand Cherokee parked in a handicapped space, running, with the lights on around 2:15 a.m. When two North Royalton officers approached the vehicle, they saw Mcie naked from the waist down lying on top of a completely naked female in the passenger's seat. The police report notes, "both the male and female were sleeping or passed out." Looks like Mcie and his girlfriend, Shannon Mulcahy, were at a sports bar close by until last call, when they were forced to switch locations. When the officers told Mulcahy to get dressed, she was kind enough to respond by yelling, "f**k you guys" out the window. The cops said Mcie smelled of alcohol and had trouble walking and talking. He was arrested for drunk driving. After being forced into the police car, he started banging his head against the patrol car window. After Mulcahy got dressed, she refused to hand over her ID or tell police her name, so she got arrested, too. And just like Mcie, she also was smart enough to bang her head against the window while sitting in the police car. Mcie appeared in court this week, while Mulcahy is scheduled for an appearance on May 12. ----------------------------------------­--------------------- Welcome to TomoUSA, where we animate the most entertaining news from ‘MURRICA. Grab your guns and fried Oreos, and sit back to watch all the craziest headlines. USA! USA! USA! Subscribe for viral news from the land of the free: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=TomoNewsUSA Visit our official website for all the latest, uncensored videos: https://us.tomonews.com Check out our Android app: http://bit.ly/1rddhCj Check out our iOS app: http://bit.ly/1gO3z1f Stay connected with us here: Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TomoNewsUS Twitter @tomonewsus http://www.twitter.com/TomoNewsUS Google+ http://plus.google.com/+TomoNewsUS/ Instagram @tomonewsus http://instagram.com/tomonewsus
Views: 4572 TomoUSA
Better Drunk Sex: Prepare For The Worst
Please watch: "The 10 Hottest Sex Positions Ranked By YOU" ➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkRFntsbb8k -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Ever hear of the term whisky dick? Well I've heard about a little cure for it. Now I'm not a Dr. so check this out before you do it but apparently you can take cayenne capsules before you go out drinking and it's meant to completely cure your whiskey dick should you choose to engage in a little fun after your night out. The reason that cayenne works is because it dilates blood vessels to improve blood flow. One of the issues with whisky dick is that there is not blood being delivered to your penis, so this helps a lot. It's not foolproof though. Better Drunk Sex: Choose Positions Carefully: http://youtu.be/uqy3OiP5zy8 Check out Marni's website at: http://www.winggirldatingtips.com AskMen: http://www.askmen.com/ Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AskMencom Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/AskMen Follow us on Foursquare: https://foursquare.com/askmen Let us know know your opinions by commenting below!
Views: 12575 AskMen
A.T. Martin- Drunk Sex
This is A.T. Martin's new RnB single called Drunk Sex Produced By Shawty Chris Beatz. Video Coming Soon!!! Pls feel free to like, comment, share, and even subscribe this page. For Booking Info Email [email protected] IG: @ATMartinOFFICIAL SnapChat: @A1_Martin Facebook: Aston Martin or A.T. Martin. Thanks For The Love and Support.
Views: 3245 A.T. Martin
Drunk Leprechaun Sex
These Drunk Leprechauns Try Having Sex In a Phone Booth
Views: 5410 crazyfacts09
DRUNK SEX CONFESSIONS  (can’t believe I’m posting this)
MERCH!!!: https://represent.com/store/mekkk I N S T A G R A M - https://instagram.com/mekkklovin/ T W I T T E R - @mekaylazz https://twitter.com/mekaylazz T U M B L R - http://fastforwardtothegoodpart.tumblr.com S N A P C H A T - mekaylabierman SELENE: https://www.youtube.com/user/musiic4life insta: https://www.instagram.com/meowmeow_sel/ Try ONLINE THERAPY!! BetterHelp: https://www.tryonlinetherapy.com/mekkk For business inquiries contact: [email protected]
Views: 17176 mekkk
A Drunk Sex Expert in West Hollywood
Karishma loves drinks and the Ravens. Check out TheWoodyShow.com, on mornings on ALT 98.7 Los Angeles.
Views: 2899 The Woody Show
Mac Miller On Beach Sex, Getting Drunk At Age 12 | Intimate Interview
In the latest Incredibly Intimate Interview from SXSW, Mac Miller talks about childhood partying, shower singing and romantic evenings. Subscribe to Fuse for all your music coverage: http://bit.ly/fuseSub And check out all our SXSW videos here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE6C2B2DC1EE3BBD8 For more South by Southwest updates, stay tuned to Fuse on: Web: http://fuse.tv Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/fusetv Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Fuse
Views: 149731 Fuse
Mark Velasquez presents: DRUNK SEX ADVICE with JESSLYN Jesslyn is by far the most fun, outspoken model I have ever worked with. Her honest and often outlandish opinions never cease to impress me and embarrass everyone else. Would you like to see another installment? I'm not sure if her liver can take it. Want to see Mark's other videos of models? Visit https://vimeo.com/user4921193 And check out Mark's photography: http://markvelasquez.tumblr.com/
Views: 5514 Mark Velasquez
Jokes about girls and guys+jokes about drunk girls sex Funny girls 2017
QUALITY POINTS FOR 18% OFF: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- N1 Putin t-shirt: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COVERS with PUTIN For iPhone, Galaxy: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ SUPER STOCK PRICE 18% ====================================================== Discounts, promotions, sales and contests from Gearbest ====================================================== Buy goods in favorite shops and get cashback! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cashback for purchases in Internet allows you to get back part of money, that you usually spend on Internet shopping. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Register in ePN Cashback service: ====================================================== Put Huskies and Subscribe to the channel ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- russian jokes, jokes,pranks,dirty jokes,racist jokes,joke, youtube funny videos,funny russian,stupid jokes,short jokes, funny videos,jokes for adults,fun russia ====================================================== Subscribe and put like to not miss the next video? Please Share, Like and Comment - Thanks!
Views: 2019 Percy Wise
Drunk sex party
Views: 2994 SomeRandomDude2020
Drunk and sex 1
Views: 148 shoshit dawadi
Drunk Sex 5
Views: vibrationNC
10 Drunk Girls Who DID IT At The Bar (Caught On Tape)
Subscribe for a new video ►► http://goo.gl/XFN9BN 10…. Ahhh, those crazy Russians. Earlier this year, on Valentine’s Day, no less, a scrappy couple ripped off their clothes in a nightclub and began going at it, much to the delight of patrons. This happened at the Partisan Club in Russia, where owners would offer a bottle of sparkling wine to anyone who would get naked and have their genitals painted. We’re not quite sure what was painted on any genitals. But the bar’s motto is: Whatever happens in Partisan, stays in Partisan.” 9. Does Denny’s serve booze? Well, if they don’t, they’re the obvious place to go after the bars close. One inebriated gal liked her meal so much, that she gladly offered her waiter oral sex as his tip. And he took her up on it. Gives a whole new meaning to a Grand Slam breakfast, doesn’t it? We can’t say exactly where this happened, because we just plain don’t know, but somewhere in America in March of this year, the waiter was encouraged to “whip it out,” and the more-than-pleased woman jumped to her knees and was happy to give her tip. Hey, it’s all about satisfying the customer, right? The waiter, we understand, no longer works there. 8. Ok… let’s go a little further down the road in America after the bars close. How about the Waffle House… the one in Loganville, Georgia. Rachel Gossett and Frank Lucas were caught having sex in the parking lot of the one there. When they were arrested for public drunkenness, the woman got out of the car and attempted to put a cheeseburger on her foot like it was her shoe. She attempted this several times before just giving up. Just how drunk do you have to be to do that? Pretty drunk, I would imagine. 7. At the end of March in 2015, a very intoxicated Beatrize Carrion-Moore, age 23, was at Boonie’s Bar in Palm Beach and started offering all the males in the bar oral sex. She was told by management to leave but she declined. Finally, deputies were called in, arrested her and physically removed her from the bar after she put up a fight. While she was sitting in the patrol car on her way to jail, Beatrize offered the arresting officers oral sex to let her go. This woman just will not quit! She was charged with battery on an officer, resisting arrest with violence, resisting arrest without violence and trespassing. Would be interesting to see what she offered up when she was in front of the judge. 6. In January of 2015, a very drunk Paul Bennett of Wigan, England, popped his penis into a red postal box and began violating it…. Aggressively. He then completed the act and walked away raising his arms and saying, “Wow!” A woman witnessed the incident and contacted police. He was charged with indecent exposure and abusive behavior. I’m a little leery now to rent a movie at a Redbox. 5. Now the following is a lot more serious…and sobering. Three men were arrested for raping a 23-year-old woman at her London flat, but she was so intoxicated, she said she could not remember if she consented to the sex after spending time with her friends drinking. However, the judge did not care, saying she was so intoxicated that the men should have known better than to take advantage of her, whether she consented or not. He said, “She had lost the capacity to evaluate, discriminate and make meaningful choices. She had no capacity to consent. You all had no reasonable belief she was consenting.” 4. A 49-year-old man was arrested in April of this year for performing oral sex on a 20-year-old intoxicated bar worker in Thailand after she climbed onto the bar naked from the waist down and spread her legs. Another bar worker had to spray the man with water to get him away from the woman, who was so drunk that she didn’t remember what happened. 3. Ok… kinky is kinky… but this one’s a little too sharp. 28-year-old Emily Goode met Josh Nock at a bar in Stourbridge, England in October of 2015. They both drank a bit when Emily invited Josh to her apartment. Soon after getting there, she undressed and began caressing Josh’s chest with a knife, saying, “Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you. It turns me on.” Then she scratched him deep with the knife… AND IT HURT! He called her a psycho and she begged him not to leave, quickly starting her oral skills on him. She then told him to turn around and face the wall before stabbing him twice in the back. Both were arrested after she claimed she was the victim of sexual assault. She later admitted she made up the rape allegation. Read more on this ►► https://goo.gl/gxexSb
Views: 309553 HRT Knowable
Travis Porter -Drunk Sex
Download the mixtape PROUD 2 BE A PROBLEM http://www.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/11631/travis_porter_proud_2_be_a_problem.html
Views: 90991 zaairofatl_13
I Had Sloopy Drunk Sex !! | Storytime
Thanks for watching !! Hope you guys enjoy ! Levea a coment if you wanna hear more drunk story times !! Follow my Social Media : Twitch&Psn : Laciee17 Snapchat : Lacie_seay Twitter : lacie_seay Instagram : yoo_its_lacie Email : [email protected] Make sure to dm or email me with any topics or challenges you wanna see e do ! Please like , comment , subscribe , & tell ya friends about me !!
Views: 301 Aka Lil Attitude

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