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Sun Style Xing Yi 5 Elements
Sun style Xing Yi Quan 5 elements
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Sun Style Xing Yi Quan - Wu Xing Quan (Five elements fist)
Basic versions of the five element fists in Sun Lu Tang style Xing Yi Quan i.e. Pi Quan, Beng Quan, Zuan Quan, Pao Quan, and Heng Quan.
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Master Lei Shi Tai (official lineage 3th generation of Sun Lutang) shows some movements of Sun Xing Yi style
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Xingyiquan Sun style 12 Animals
Wing lam 12 animals
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Sun Jianyun Xingyi Bashi
The form we practice. our site: http://www.wudangbaguazhang.altervista.org/
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Sun Style Xing Yi 5 Elements Set
Lineage of Sun Lu Tang.
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Sun style Xingyi Quan 5 elements fist
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Sun style Xing Yi Bashi
sun style xing yi quan ba shi form ( 8 postures)
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Sun Style Xing Yi  12 Animals Forms
Lineage of Sun Lu Tang. Alternate interpretations given for Monkey, Sparrow Hawk and Snake Forms.
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Sun Style Martial Arts: Sun Jian Yun, Sun Shu Rong, and Co.
Sun Jian Yun (1913-2003) was the only daughter of Sun Lu Tang. She spent much of her life teaching her father's arts, and as well as being an art teacher. She is most well-known for teaching her father's Taijiquan system, eventually writing a book on it in the 1950's describing the changes her father made to it following the publication of his manual, A Study of Taijiquan, before his passing. Sun Shu Rong (1918 - 2005) was the eldest "daughter of Sun Cunzhou, and granddaughter of Master Sun Lutang, creator of Sun style Tai Chi Chuan. During her childhood, she trained in Tai Chi Quan and Xing Yi Quan with both her grandfather and father. As a teenager, she assisted her father in teaching the family martial art, while completing her training of Bagua Quan and Sun style weapons." http://www.suntaichi.com/sunshurong.html According to Ivan Ang, a Sun style practitioner in Singapore, the video contains, "Sun Shu Rong [doing the] 12 animals and 5 elements. Sun Jian Yun push hands with her disciple Eiji Goto, Liu Shu Chun does the Xingyi Snow Flake Broadsword (Xue Pian Dao), then Eiji Goto and Liu Shu Chun with Two Person Mixed Pair Form (An Shen Pao)." https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_ZipffnTqsc8suyly6qGKA My teacher, Tim Cartmell, studied with Sun Jianyun and her family back in Beijing during the early 1990's. I hold Xingyi and Bagua Class every Saturday morning at 7am, and Sun Style Taiji class at 8am, where we cover the forms, applications, and strategies of Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, and Taijiquan. If you like these videos, please share and subscribe! In addition if you want to support my efforts to produce more content please consider my patreon site: https://www.patreon.com/grounddragonma COPYRIGHT NOTICE Uploaded under "FAIR USE" legally for the purposes of academic study, discussion and criticism. Fair use is a limitation and exception to the exclusive right granted by copyright law to the author of a creative work. In United States copyright law, fair use is a doctrine that permits limited use of copyrighted material without acquiring permission from the rights holders. Examples of fair use include commentary, search engines, criticism, parody, news reporting, research, teaching, library archiving and scholarship. It provides for the legal, unlicensed citation or incorporation of copyrighted material in another author's work under a four-factor balancing test. Uploaded legally under "FAIR USE." No infringement upon the original copy right holder. All rights reserved. ONLY for the purpose of academic discussion, study and criticism. https://grounddragonma.com/
Sun Style Xingyi Series Part 1: 5 Elements and 5 Elements Linked form demo   孫氏形意系列 1: 五行拳及五行連環拳示範
新加坡洪添榮老師演示 Performed by Master Ivan Ang from Singapore
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sun style xingyi wuxing lianhuan quan
Riprese fatte da Marco Favetta con cellulare
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孫式雪片刀 Sun style Xingyi saber
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Sun Style Xing Yi Quan, Creating and destroying form
Description Single version of creating and destroying form
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Sun style bagua 3
eight guas with eight techniques per gua equals sixty four techniques.
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Xinyi and Xingyi Kung Fu Techniques
Watch more mantis kung fu videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLExqinI_4npP4BOp1BDWGea1J278PYPSj Get 5 FREE Video Lessons ➜ http://bit.ly/kungfufree Xing Yi Quan 7 Elements And Linking Form | Xing Yi Kung Fu Techniques The center practices of Xinyi Quan comprise of a solitary standing stance and five movements. At first look Xing Yi can appear to be generally basic in contrast with the perplexing types of Taijiquan or Baguazhang yet in certainty Xingyi is similarly as long and complex an investigation as some other interior Martial Arts. Here are the 7 Elements of Xing Yi Technique: 1. Squatting Monkey 2. Chicken Walking 3. Dragon Shoulder 4. Chicken 5. Eagle Catching and Thunder Sound 6. Small Dragon Form 7. Snake and Tiger ★☆★ SUBSCRIBE TO DR. WU'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW ★☆★ ➜ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOvjc6M8yBu0m_Lj__BEJiQ?sub_confirmation=1&via=tb About Dr. Ying Sheng Wu, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Registered Acupuncturist Doctor Wu is a well respected Kung Fu master and doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver, Canada. The Wu’s lineage has had many generations which have been connected to Chin Woo Kung Fu and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Master Wu began his Kung Fu training at the early age of four. His breadth of knowledge spans across northern and southern styles of Kung Fu, covering both internal and external styles of martial arts. Eventually, he became a disciple of Sun Zhi Jun, a Bagua grandmaster, and Feng Zhi Qiang, a grandmaster of Chen style Tai Chi. At this point in time, Master Wu focuses on the internal style of Kung Fu, which includes research, training, and instructing. Currently, Doctor Wu is: * A 4th generation successor of Shang style Xingyi * A 4th generation successor of Cheng style Bagua * An 11th generation successor of Chen style Tai Chi * A 2nd generation successor of Hunyuan Tai Chi Doctor Wu contributes to the art of Kung Fu through his ability in combining classical Chinese philosophy with modern training and education. He has extracted the essence of traditional Chinese Kung Fu by blending scientific training methods to re-capture the hidden secret powers of traditional Chinese martial arts. Doctor Wu has a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Zhongshan University China. He has also studied the The Book of Changes, known as ‘I Ching’. As Doctor Wu’s father is also a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, he taught him how to appreciate the healthiness of the body, mind and spirit. These are the same principles Doctor Wu uses as a Qigong instructor. After immigrating to Canada, Doctor Wu is fulfilling his dream in uniting the teachings of Kung Fu and Traditional Chinese Medicine to the western society. Additionally, Doctor Wu is on the board of several Chinese culture associations where he is able to share his extensive knowledge with them. Also, Dr. Wu is the.. * President of the Canadian Chin Woo Athletic Association * President of Y.S. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts College * Instructor of Qi Gong at the PCU College of Holistic Medicine * Instructor at Kwantlen Polytechnic University His mission is to open the gate to a true, deeper understanding traditional Chinese culture and holistic taoist philosophy for a fully integrated mind, body and spirit. Start your journey a become the best that you can be! Visit: http://www.LearnKungFuOnline.com ★☆★ Subscribe to our Channel ★☆★ ➜ http://bit.ly/morekungfu ★☆★ Connect with Dr. Wu ★☆★ Official Site: http://www.LearnKungFuOnline.com School & Clinic: http://www.taichiqigong.ca Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/VancouverTaiChiKungFuAcupuncture
Sun style combat Taijiquan
Sun Lutang's Taijiquan is a blending of Xingyi and Bagua Kungfu in the frame of Taijiquan. Unfortunately applications often seem to forget this. So I did this video to show some applications and the first two sections of Sun shi Taiji duilian. Here you can see that power is used and voice (fasheng) too, because these are tools needed in real practice. Otherwise, the 'quan' of Taiji would be only a name!
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Sun style Taiji basic techniques
Sun style Taijiquan is my preferred style, a joy when I teach it and when I practice it. Its movements are sophisticated and rippling. A mixture of Taiji, Xingyi and Bagua, it is absolutely consistent with my usual practice of Xingyi, Bagua, Liuhe Tanglang. In the past I studied also Chen style TJQ but I found that it had less consistency with my other practices, and gave me no satisfaction. Sun style in the Fu Zhensong recension has got everything that deserves me.
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Sun Style Xing Yi Quan - 5 element linking form
Short perform of 5 element linking form from Sun Style Xing Yi Quan. Forma de las 5 fases de transformación del estilo Sun de Xing Yi. www.treumal.cat
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3 ways of doing Pi Quan (splitting fist) in Sun Style Xing Yi Quan
Example of three different ways of practicing Pi Quan in Xing Yi: Fixed step, moving step and walking step.
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Sun Style Tai Ji Quan - Xing Yi Sword form
The Sun style Tai Ji of Sun Lu Tang. Sword form (Xing Yi)
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Sifu Li Bing Performing Sun Shi (Sun Style) Xing Yi
Sifu Li BIng head of the Sun Style Association performing at the 150th anniversary of Sun Lu Tang (founder of Sun Shi Xing Yi, Bagua and Taiji) in Shenzhen 2010
Sun style taiji martial neigong
In this martial neigong, each technique has its appropriate visualisation. Furthernore, Wanzi shou is appropriate to explicate chansijin power and resembles Alligator hands (Tuo xing shou) of Xingyi quan.
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Sun style Xingyi - Chicken Form
Sun style Xingyi
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Hsing yi, Sun style.
Hsing yi breakdown by Sifu Peter Mathews of N Ireland
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Sun Style   Xing Yi Quan
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Sun Style Xing Yi 5 Elements Combination Set
Lineage of Sun Lu Tang.
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Xingyiquan Sun style Five elements Cascade
Wing Lam 5 elements linking form
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Sun Style Xingyi- Hawks 8 Step-Demo
This is a demonstration of the Hawk's Eight Step routine from Sun Style Xingyiquan created by the illustrious Sun Lu Tang. It is based on the Sparrow Hawk shape from the 12 animal shapes found in Sun's Xingyi. The video was shot and edited by Mark Stavnicky.
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Sun Style Xingyi Series Part 6: Chun Yang (Xingyi) Sword demo   孫氏形意系列 6: 純陽(形意)劍示範
新加坡洪添榮老師演示 Performed by Master Ivan Ang from Singapore
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Striking & Defense - Hsing-I (Xing Yi) Quan & Sun Style Taijiquan
Teaching striking & defense with Hsing-i (Xingyi) & Sun Style Taijiquan principles... Random break beats...
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Sun Style Xing Yi Jian
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Sun Shi (Sun Style) Xing Yi Quan DARK EXECUTION @RDS
One of my many demonstrations at the Rising Dragon Martial Arts Schools http://risingdragonschool.com
Sun Style Tai Chi
Traditional Sun Style Taiji demonstrated by Scott Bird 4th Generation Disciple of Sun Lu Tang and Vice President of the International Sun Lu Tang Martial Arts Association. Unless you have learned and can do the stance 'San Ti Shi' then you are not doing Sun Style Tai Chi correctly as San Ti Shi is the root of this form. Attend Rising Dragon School and learn authentic Sun Style Taiji, Xingyi, and Bagua https://www.risingdragonschool.com Follow Scott's InstaGram: https://www.instagram.com/risingdragonschool/ Attend the Caribbean Retreat in Barbados https://www.CaribbeanHealthRetreat.com #sunstyletaichi #sunlutang #sunjianyun #suncunzhou #taichiinchina #taichischoolchina
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Sun style Xingyi - Five Element Fists
Sun style Xingyi-Five Element Fists and Linking Form. This is me practising.
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Sun Style Xing Yi 5 Elements 12 Animals Combination Set
Lineage of Sun Lu Tang.
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Zhao Yongchang Song  style Xing Yi
Zhao Yongchang teaching session
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Pi Quan,  Sun Style Xing Yi Quan, Splitting Fist
Pi Quan or Splitting Fist, is one of the five basic "Fists" of Xing Yi Quan and has an action like chopping with a metal axe
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Sun Shi (Sun Style) Xing Yi Dao DARK EXECUTION @RDS
One of my many demonstrations at the Rising Dragon Martial Arts School http://risingdragonschool.com