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Roman's Product Canvas: Introduction
Introduction to Roman's Product Canvas with tips for creating UX-rich products. Download the template here: http://www.romanpichler.com/tools/
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Strategyzer's Value Proposition Canvas Explained
The Value Proposition Canvas allows you to design products and services that customers actually want. In this short video, we walk you through the tool and how it works. For more info, visit http://strategyzer.com Credit: Daniela Berto/Neue Big: Content Strategy and Production http://www.neuebig.com Lisa Cadamuro https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisacadamuro/ Jeanette Iris Mooney: Script Editing Maria Walnut: Concept, Creative Direction, Design www.studiomariawalnut.com Max Mörtl: Art Direction, Stop Motion Animation Direction www.maxmoertl.de Cris Wiegandt: Paper Craft Assistant https://www.criswiegandt.com Jimi Newport: 2D Animation https://bob74.myportfolio.com Julian Terbuyken: Music and Sound Design https://www.odoeje.de Alex Belcourt: Voice Narration Crafted and filmed in Berlin at Cris Wiegandt Studio. Special thanks to Björn Lefers for his contribution about the Audience/Script Analysis
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The Business Model Canvas - 9 Steps to Creating a Successful Business Model - Startup Tips
The Business Model Canvas - 9 Steps to Creating a Successful Business Model - Startup Tips The Business Model Canvas, is a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool. It allows you to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot your business model. The Business Model Canvas is comprised of 9 key segments: The left hand section of the Business Model Canvas is the Infrastructure section and comprises three key areas: Key Activities: The most important activities in executing a company's value proposition. Key Resources: The resources that are necessary to create value for the customer. Partner Network: In order to optimize operations and reduce risks of a business model, organization usually cultivate buyer-supplier relationships so they can focus on their core activity. The middle section of the canvas describes the business offering and is the value proposition delivered to different customer segments. Value Propositions: The collection of products and services a business offers to meet the needs of its customers. According to Osterwalder, (2004), a company's value proposition is what distinguishes itself from its competitors. The value proposition provides value through various elements such as newness, performance, customization, "getting the job done", design, brand/status, price, cost reduction, risk reduction, accessibility, and convenience/usability. The value propositions may be: Quantitative – price and efficiency Qualitative – overall customer experience and outcome The right hand side of the Business Model Canvas describes the customers, the channels through which you deliver services and and the relationships you have with your customers. Customer Segments: To build an effective business model, a company must identify which customers it tries to serve. Various sets of customers can be segmented based on the different needs and attributes to ensure appropriate implementation of corporate strategy meets the characteristics of selected group of clients. Channels: A company can deliver its value proposition to its targeted customers through different channels. Effective channels will distribute a company’s value proposition in ways that are fast, efficient and cost effective. An organization can reach its clients either through its own channels (store front), partner channels (major distributors), or a combination of both. Customer Relationships: To ensure the survival and success of any businesses, companies must identify the type of relationship they want to create with their customer segments. The bottom section of the canvas describes the finances. Cost Structure: This describes the most important monetary consequences while operating under different business models. A company's DOC. Revenue Streams: The way a company makes income from each customer segment. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIypuA7lS-FsVG6cMlNCK2w?sub_confirmation=1 Check out some of our other videos Compensation claims - how long should it take https://youtu.be/NuxfrgSTg78 LLC vs S Corp https://youtu.be/4xNCnf9hitw Minizing tax https://youtu.be/ybSnFb6rx6Y How to fund a startup https://youtu.be/ctzDb59sw5M Kickstarter success Ep 1 https://youtu.be/2EG78JNZ7nA Kickstarter success Ep 2 https://youtu.be/ZMlq5CmUNz8 How to pitch to investors with Guy Kawasaki https://youtu.be/-epR-uGlv4M If you are interested in sustainability issues then check this video out The Sustainable Business Model Canvas https://youtu.be/gVimMEI2u2w
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Das PERFEKTE Produkt! Value Proposition Canvas auf Deutsch mit Beispielen erklärt
Value Proposition Canvas auf Deutsch erklärt. Das Value Proposition Canvas wird in diesem Video mit einem praktischen Beispiel erklärt. Erfunden wurde das Value Proposition Canvas von Alexander Osterwalder und seinem Team, genau so wie das Business Model Canvas. Value Proposition Canvas ►►► http://unternehmerkanal.de/vpc ⬇ ⬇ Darauf kann ich nicht verzichten⬇ ⬇ ►► Das beste Buchhaltungstool ►► https://unternehmerkanal.de/SevDesk/ 14 Tage kostenlos testen & exklusiv 50% Rabatt auf alle Tarife mit dem Code auf der Landingpage! ►► Der Steuerberater, der zu dir passt ►► https://unternehmerkanal.de/ageras/ ►► Der schnellste Webspace ►► https://unternehmerkanal.de/siteground/ ►► Die besten Geschäftskonten ►► https://unternehmerkanal.de/geschaeftskonto-vergleich/ Bist du auf der Suche nach einer Geschäftsidee? ►► Geld verdienen mit AirBnB ►► https://unternehmerkanal.de/airbnb-business/ ▼▼▼ Bleib in Kontakt ▼▼▼ ►► https://unternehmerkanal.de ►► https://Instagram.com/unternehmerkanal ►► https://facebook.com/unternehmerkanal ▼▼▼Unternehmer Community▼▼▼ ►► https://unternehmerkanal.de/fb/ Bei den Links im Video und in der Videobeschreibung handelt es sich teilweise um Affiliate-Links, die mir helfen diesen Kanal zu finanzieren. Wenn du über einen dieser Links ein Produkt oder Dienstleistung erwirbst, erhält der Kanal dadurch eine Provision. Für dich entstehen dadurch allerdings keinerlei Mehrkosten, in einigen Fällen wird es für dich durch exklusive Vereinbarungen sogar günstiger. Ich gehe mit Affiliate-Links sehr verantwortungsvoll um und empfehle nur Dienstleistungen und Produkte von deren Nutzen und Mehrwert ich überzeugt bin, und die ich selber nutze.
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How To Video  - New Product Strategy Canvas
We hope you like this new product strategy canvas from the My Product Roadmap team. Use this template as a business planning template to showcase the key phases of your project or strategy plan and the major milestones to get there. With a clearly defined market and a vision for the direction and growth of the business, product management can get to work defining a product strategy. This is a challenging task as it requires product managers to carefully consider the right combination of market dynamics, customer needs, financial goals, and corporate strategy. It is through the distillation of these factors that the product manager must define: - A product vision and value proposition that addresses target customer need and strongly positions the product in the market - A pricing and licensing model that aligns with the revenue model and financial goals of the corporate strategy - The features and investments in innovation that will address the specific problems of your target customers and deliver value against your competitors in the market.
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Business Model Canvas Explained
A 2 minute overview of the Business Model Canvas, a tool for visionaries, game changers, and challengers. This method from the bestselling management book Business Model Generation is applied in leading organizations and start-ups worldwide. Find out more at http://www.businessmodelgeneration.com
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The Next Product Canvas by Paul Adams at Mind the Product 2013
When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone he pitched it as a broadcast device – that it was for putting on a stage in front of a musician or sermon in order to broadcast it to the world. He had no idea he’d invented a two-way communication device and revolutionized how we could communicate with each other. At Mind the Product 2013 Paul Adams showed that we are at the same stage today with the internet – and outlined what he thinks the next steps are. He shared his insights from 4 years in the depths of Silicon Valley, the trends shaping the internet of the future and a new way to approach and think about it – a network of information about anyone, anything, available anywhere, anytime. Paul runs product design at Intercom.io and is the author of Grouped: How Small Groups of Friends are the Key to Influence on the Social Web (Voices That Matter). He started his career as an Industrial Designer at Dyson before going digital as a UX consultant at Flow. As a Senior UX Researcher at Google he led the Social UX Research team, where his work influenced the direction of Google+, and where he also worked on Gmail, YouTube, and Mobile. Before joining Intercom.io he was the Global Head of Brand Design at Facebook.
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Value Proposition Canvas explained through the Uber example 🚘
The video is a full-fledged guide on the value proposition canvas - a tool to unlock the potential of your product for target customers. Lean canvas examples for Amazon, Google, YouTube, FB and AirBnB http://bit.ly/2T0IMWX ⬇️ Download value proposition canvas pdf: http://bit.ly/2P48jgu ⬇️ Download value proposition canvas example: http://bit.ly/2SyQDb3 In this video, you will get to know the value proposition canvas using the Uber example. We’ll explain the origin of this startup canvas and teach you how to work with its two structural components - the Customer Profile and the Value Map. ❇️Discover how does the lean canvas work: http://bit.ly/2RyO33X It’s recommended to learn about the business model canvas or lean canvas here since these tools will help you understand the value proposition design better. We picked Uber🚕 as the example because this service is well known and much used in different parts of the world. So, put yourself in the place of an Uber founder and shape your customer value proposition with us. View additional materials from Railsware and join us on social media: 🔹Twitter: http://bit.ly/2QgEVnR 🔸Youtube: http://bit.ly/2CGr3wc 🔹Facebook: http://bit.ly/2IoaHs4 🔸Instagram: http://bit.ly/2Q9Mf00 🔹LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/2NLWfjj 🔸Blog: http://bit.ly/2zDshWj
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Lean Canvas Example
Practical example of filling in the Lean Canvas for a new business idea - a Vegan Restaurant for busy professionals.
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Paul Adams - Our new product canvas - #NUX3 - @padday
NUX3 - UX & Design Conference Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester ~ 10th Nov 2014 ~ 9.00am-5.30pm ~ http://nux3.co.uk/ Paul Adams - Our new product canvas Synopsis We are vastly underestimating the impact the Internet will have on society and business. We are too focused on technology rather than what the technology enables. We use how the world works today to build products for tomorrow. This leads us to create products nobody needs, and unsustainable businesses. The Internet is still in a nascent form, and will change dramatically over the next few years. This has critical implications for building successful products. This talk will cover where we are today, where things are going, and what product people need to do to build things that solve real problems people have. About Paul Paul Adams (@padday) is the Head of Product Design at Intercom, where he leads future product design and the product roadmap. Paul is broadly recognised as one of the leading thinkers in social design and technology. His work has been widely published and cited, Fortune magazine described Paul as “one of Silicon Valley’s most wanted”, and his talk on the future of the web is one of the most viewed presentations online. Paul published his first book Grouped in 2011, which continues to be a primary reference for social marketing and design. Prior to Intercom, Paul worked as the Global Head of Brand Design at Facebook, leading design and marketing projects with the worlds leading brands and ad agencies, including Nike, P&G, Unilever, Coca Cola, and Starbucks. Paul also worked in product management at Facebook and was one of the companies foremost speakers on the future of marketing and social design. Prior to Facebook, Paul led social research at Google, where his work was foundational in building Google+. He is a patent holder for the ideas behind Circles, and also worked on Gmail, YouTube and Mobile. Prior to Google, Paul worked in research and design consultancy for clients including the BBC, The Guardian, Vodafone, and UK Government, and as an Industrial Designer at Dyson. Paul holds a Master of Science in Interactive Media and a Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design. He holds multiple patents from Facebook, Google and Dyson and writes a popular blog at ThinkOutsideIn.com Video filmed and edited by Matt Harney http://harney.me/
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Business Model Canvas Dance
The Business Model Canvas is a flexible, creative template for developing new or existing business models. It is a visual chart with elements describing a product’s or service’s value proposition, customers, and finances. Business Model Canvas DANCE is a variation that combines the traditional Canvas with constellation work, making it more lively. For a more detailed explanation of how to facilitate this method, please visit our free database: http://www.hostingtransformation.eu/methode/business-model-canvas/ This film was made as part of the project Hosting Social Innovation, a European collaboration amongst: Academy for Visionautics (Germany) - visionautik.de Art Monastery (Italy) - artmonastery.org plenum (Austria) - plenum.at Sendzimir Foundation (Poland) - www.sendzimir.org.pl/ Many thanks to Keith Lim for his camera work. This project was made possible with generous support from Erasmus+.
How to Go From Idea to PROVEN Business Model Canvas (In less than 1 Hour)
In this video you’re going to learn exactly how to turn your business idea into a business model… within minutes. And unlike most other videos you might have seen I’m NOT going to waste time showing you how write a business plan. In fact, I grew my startup to over 30 million users without any business plan whatsoever. That’s not to say you shouldn’t plan before you start your business. You should. The important thing to keep in mind is that, when you’re planning to start your own business, you need to use the right plan. Which is exactly what I’m going to cover in this video. First, you’ll learn how to use the “Raw Canvas”, which is a modern-day version of the business model canvas pioneered by Alexander Osterwalder. My business model canvas is different because it helps you figure out your startup’s business model super quickly. Plus, it’s flexible so you can change things up as you actually start your own business. Next, I’ll walk you through the exact steps of the Raw Canvas. Specifically, you’ll see how to plan out the problem you’re going to solve, your product, and your ideal customer in 3 simple steps. Finally, you’ll learn how to get your product in front of people (marketing) and sell your product so that you start to generate revenue. In the end, you’ll have a business model that blows any 100-page business plan out of the water. Download Raw Canvas: http://tinyurl.com/therawcanvas
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Using Product Development Canvas
The video contains a brief talk on developing a product using the Product Development Canvas.
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Marketing and Distribution Channels and the Business Model Canvas
Marketing and distribution channels in the business model canvas are how you get your products and services out to your customers. If they don't know about you or can't get your product or service they can't buy from you We offer an awesome free mini course to help you get started making your own business model canvases and transforming your business. Click the link below and find out more http://www.denis-oakley.com/create-great-business-model-canvas/ Feel free to ask questions and make comments and suggestions. Please subscribe and like this video. If you like what I do please head over to www.Denis-Oakley.com
Product Development Canvas, Full Explained
#ProductDevelopementCanvas #DesignEngineering Hey everyone, kthetuber here and this is the 5th and the last sheet of Design Engineering subject. At down the links of videos of previous 4 sheets will be attached. I will upload next video on how to prepare a Report for Design Engineering subject and where to upload it. Subscribe my channel, dont miss the latest updates of videos. AEIOU SHEET https://youtu.be/EHnLvkDG06M MIND MAPPING CANVAS https://youtu.be/T7X0-LkXHoI IDEATION CANVAS https://youtu.be/R66VAQ9EeDE EMPATHY CANVAS https://youtu.be/FSnh-HgzQEE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT CANVAS https://youtu.be/y8OvG0fFwUk Log book👇 https://youtu.be/-jwfWgPiytg Report👇 https://youtu.be/PbzNMMZe4KU I do hard work for making Videos so i Deserve my channel to be subscribed.
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Our New Product Canvas - Paul Adams @Webrazzi14
Our New Product Canvas Paul Adams (Intercom) Webrazzi Summit 2014
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How A Business Model Canvas Helps Agile Teams
If you've ever thought "who came up with these ideas?", you probably need a business model canvas. Even if you don't consider yourself able to steer the direction of a software product (you're a programmer, in UX, operations, QA etc.) it's critical that sound decisions are made about the business. Without a comprehensive plan forward, ego can easily take over your agile backlog. In this video I share what a business model canvas is, examples of common software products and how the canvas (also known as a lean canvas) can help you as a software developer or any other discipline on your team. The business model canvas, business canvas, or "lean canvas" has been popularized by Eric Ries, Alex Osterwalder, and Ash Maurya. It divides up the aspects of a business into 9 sections that a software company should experiment with to increase profit. When your team is deciding "what features should we build in our software?" the business model canvas should be the first lens through which decisions are looked at. Any user stories your team adds to their backlog should tie back to these sections of the business model canvas, otherwise they can easily be "gut decisions" with no sound business backing. The canvas can provide your software development team with an array of potential opportunities to explore, other than just "cranking out features". The 9 sections are: 1 - Value Propositions 2 - Customer Segments 3 - Channels 4 - Customer Relationships 5 - Revenue Streams 6 - Key Resources 7 - Key Partners 8 - Key Activities 9 - Cost Structure If you are a product manager (or have one on your team) it's essential that they understand this information. The business model canvas is not a fixed asset, it will constantly change as your company learns more about your software product and what customers want, how best to offer it to them, and what the competitive landscape is like. Subscribe for more videos about Healthy Software Development: https://www.youtube.com/c/JaymeEdwardsMedia?sub_confirmation=1 Related Videos: "The Secret Of Scrum Nobody Wants To Talk About!": https://youtu.be/B_ERfMMSAwY "How Market Fit Changes Software Companies": https://youtu.be/c_Pc-ZmX_rE "An Agile Budget Keeps You From Being A Code Monkey": https://youtu.be/pG4wNLopMZA "Minimum Viable Product - Letting Software Customers Help You Profit": https://youtu.be/mj1neLc7swA #programming #agile #business
Business Modelling Canvas- Healthy Food
Created for E-Business-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at http://www.powtoon.com/youtube/ -- Create animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free tool that allows you to develop cool animated clips and animated presentations for your website, office meeting, sales pitch, nonprofit fundraiser, product launch, video resume, or anything else you could use an animated explainer video. PowToon's animation templates help you create animated presentations and animated explainer videos from scratch. Anyone can produce awesome animations quickly with PowToon, without the cost or hassle other professional animation services require.
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Capture Your Business Model in 20 Minutes - Lean Canvas
If you are spending more than 20 minutes on your initial business model canvas, you are doing it wrong. This video will show you how to capture your core business model assumptions on a Lean Canvas in just 20 minutes.
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How To Make Your Louis Vuitton Canvas Shine | New Product Must Have | Leather Wipes
Hi everyone, I hope you enjoy this video and find it helpful. This is just my personal opinion on the product's that I use for cleaning my Louis Vuitton Bags. Thanks for watching and please subscribe :) You can find me on Instagram @krittylocks
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The One Page Business Model - Lean Canvas
The One Page Business Model Today, we are going to talk about the one page business model (or lean) model canvas. The lean model canvas helps you create value for your business and differentiate it from others.  It is based on Ash Maurya’s “Running Lean".    Test and refine your original vision through a one page business model diagram called the Lean Canvas.   The Lean Canvas was created by Ash Maurya which is outlined in his book, “Running Lean”.  The Lean Canvas was taken and modified from the Business Model Canvas created by Alexander Osterwalder described in his book, “Business Model Generation” He was inspired by Steve Blank’s book, “The Four Steps to Epiphany” (http://www.cafepress.com/kandsranch).  He coined the term “lean canvas” from Eric Ries’s classic book, “The Lean Startup”.  Lean does not mean being cheap.   02:10 - The term “lean” means “maximizing learning about customers per unit time … in faster iterations for testing a vision” The Lean Canvas consists of the following 9 elements: - Problem - Solution - Value Proposition or Mission Statement - Competitive Advantage - Key Metrics - Distribution Channels - Customer Segments - Cost Structure - Revenue Streams A business model describes the value an organization provides in creating, marketing and delivering value with profitable revenue streams.  The Lean Model Canvas by Ash Maurya was modified from Strategyzer ‘s Business Model Canvas.  The elements of the lean business model canvas and creating the one page business model are described below.   The Problem First, identify the problem.  Ask yourself the following questions noted below. What customer problem are you trying to solve? Identify 3 problems and conduct in depth customer interviews, surveys and workshop with your target market. Ask customers what they are looking for and what problem/need they have Build a demo to test Brainstorm a list of potential customers who will pay for the product Tailor the product for a particular user and customer segment in mind and not everyone The Solution Provide a clearly defined solution for an identified need/social problem Describe how your product, service or business model is innovative Do you have any evidence of validation of the identified need/social problem and solution you are providing? Evidence of validation is evidence from customers/users/target recipient community feedback to support your assumption that the need/problem exists and your solution meet that need. 02:21 - 05:46 - Value Proposition/Mission Statement The value proposition describes the unique value of the product or brand to potential customers and is typically aligned with the company’s mission statement. Answer the following questions when showing how your value proposition is unique: • What Are You Offering (identify the product or service) • The Value of Your Offering (identify the need/problem) • Who will benefit from this value (identify the target customer and highlight the benefits) • How your product or service is different and unique from anything on the market (outline the values) Recommended reading: Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind by Al Ries and Jack Trout. The Competitive Advantage How is your product or service is different and unique from your competitors You can have a competitive advantage by: 1) having a similar product with just added features and benefits: or 2) A truly unique product that fills a need in the marketplace that is not being filled? Key Metrics What key metrics will you use to determine whether your business idea is a success? Do you have a strategy or plan to clearly measure and evaluate the impact of your innovation? 05:53 - 09:33 - Distribution Channels What Distribution Channels do you have to reach customers to offer your value proposition? 09:40 - Customer Segments Identify all your customers & market size? 10:33 - Cost Structure The cost structure describes all costs associated with executing the business model. 10:37 - Revenue Stream The revenue streams are the cash generated from the customers. Identify your economic and financial model. Entcounsel law firm provides legal advice to starts ups, creatives and entrepreneurs in the area of intellectual property law, copyright, digital media, technology, contracts, business law and related matters. See our law firm video here: https://youtu.be/mEI4L7hib0I Check out our other videos: The One Page Business Model at https://youtu.be/A6V9omVTFCI Trademark Registration Process in Canada: 6 Steps: https://youtu.be/3LuCkpn2WWE Copyright Infringement Online: https://youtu.be/L7A5W-2rsSg 10 Tips in Drafting a Social Media Policy: https://youtu.be/9SS0_Ad_Yjw DISCLAIMER: for educational purposes only and not intended to be taken as legal advice. Please consult a lawyer or trademark agent.
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How To Use the LEAN MODEL CANVAS for Fun & Profit
Starting a business, or launching a product is really hard. Most people will tell you to first come up with a business plan. However, business plans can take a looooong time. In this video, George Brooks introduces the Lean Model Canvas. It's a tool we use to come up with an initial business plan in about an hour. Give it a watch, give it a like, then share it with a friend. Thanks! Find a printable Lean Model Canvas at http://bmtoolbox.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Tool_24_leancanvas.jpg. Find Crema on the web at http://www.crema.us or on: Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/cremalab Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/CremaLab Twitter — https://twitter.com/cremalab Snapchat — https://www.snapchat.com/add/cremalab Music by: Buscrates, "Funky Circuits", https://soundcloud.com/buscrates-16-bit-ensem/funky-circuits
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In this video graffiti artist SOTEN from Copenhagen painting with the MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Markers 127HS, 227HS and 627HS on the MOLOTOW Train Canvas (New York Subway). Find out more about the products here: http://www.molotow.com/products/marker-ink/one4all/
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Canvas Product Vision
Instructure is a technology company committed to improving education. We provide instructors and students with modern tools and resources that empower and simplify the learning experience. Instructure offers Canvas, the open, easy-to-use, cloud-native learning management system, as well as Canvas Network, an index of open, online courses by educators everywhere — from Ivy League institutions to community colleges.
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Alexander Osterwalder – Value Proposition Design
Alexander Osterwalder's talk on From Business to Buttons, on April 27 2017 in Stockholm. From Business to Buttons is the meeting place for everyone who wants hands-on advice on how to generate business value by creating great user experiences. http://frombusinesstobuttons.com/
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A quick walk-through of the product vision canvas we created - the important thing is actually not the canvas, it's the process that it enables. For a detailed write up on that process check out the Medium article here: https://medium.com/@tom_30978/product-vision-canvas-a-new-approach-for-teams-2ba4a5a980
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Business Canvas for Water Filtration Product : ITM VIDEO
This is about the business canvas for our company H2O. We are a product driven company selling water filtration products. Our business canvas consist of 9 important categories which are key partners, key activities, key resources, revenue stream, cost structure, channels, value proposition, customer relationship and customer segment.
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Finally, I was able to go get this primer and see what all the HYPE WAS ABOUT. Crazy thing is, the less you use the easier it spreads. Anywhoo, let me know if you have tried the TATCHA SILK CANVAS and how you feel about it. Products tested Tatcha: The Silk Canvas - https://www.tatcha.com Dermalogica Hydra Blur Primer - https://www.dermalogica.com Let's Be Friends --------------------------------- 🐋 Instagram: http://bit.ly/2vTT3Z9 🐋 Twitter: http://bit.ly/2m9VQVt 🐋 Facebook: http://bit.ly/2vrsSqk 🐋 Business Email: [email protected] ------------------------------ Affiliate Codes, Programs, & Links: -------------------------------- 🐋 Juno & Co. | http://bit.ly/2EK9ucI (Use code "Ohemaa" at checkout for $$ off) 🐋 Sigma | https://bit.ly/2IvEv5o (Use code " Ohemaa" at checkout for $$ off) --------------------------------- Perfect Foundation Series: --------------------------------- 🐋 | goo.gl/31Jk9k ---------------------------------- My Hair : ---------------------------------- 🐋 5X5 Closure from Mercy Hair Extensions 🐋 18" Cambodian Coarse Wavy by Me --------------------------------- My Shade Match: --------------------------------- 🐋 Beauty Bakerie - Cake Mix #3 🐋 Too Faced Born This Way - Truffle 🐋 NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop - Chestnut ---------------------------------- 🐋 MUSIC 🎶 —————- 🐋 No Copyright Sounds {NCS} ----------------------------------- 🐋 There are affiliate links and discount codes listed here. Which means if you click on certain links and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission, which helps support my channel. However, I will always use a product to its fullest extent before recommending it to you or I will give you my honest opinion on First Impressions, because I love you, and I want you to only have the best of products that work for our skin tone. If you are going to buy a product I recommend, I urge you to use one of my links and or codes. - XOXO 🐋 *This video is not sponsored, but a sponsorship will mean I HAVE ARRIVED! This video may contain items that were sent to me for free to use as I saw fit. I will give you my honest opinion about all products and urge you to consider your type before making any purchase. #tatcha #tatchasilkcanvas #thesilkcanvas
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The Sustainable Business Model Canvas, 11 Steps to designing a successful sustainability strategy
The Sustainable Business Model Canvas, 11 Steps to designing and communicating a successful sustainability strategy Get our FREE value proposition design guide http://bit.ly/2DLXBBP To learn more visit our website http://www.bluetribe.co One of the many challenges faced by Sustainability professionals is - how do we communicate the business case for our sustainability program? So how do we communicate the business case for our sustainability program? One of the best ways to describe how your sustainability program is organized and delivers value is using a business model. A business model is basically how a company creates value for itself while delivering products and services for its customers. Sustainable business models also create economic, social, and environmental value for a wide range of stakeholders. A tool called the business model canvas that allows you to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot any business model. The first element in describing a business model is the value proposition. The value proposition is the collection of products and services that meets the needs of your customers. It answers the question of what are you building and for whom? It is not about the features of your product or service or your sustainability program It is about solving a problem or a need. What problem are you solving and for whom? The next thing is customer segments. Who are my customers? And why would they buy into my sustainability program? Who are they? What job are they trying to do? What problems are they facing? What frustrates them? What inspires them? Next is channels How does your product or service get from here to your customer here? We use distribution channels to deliver our product to our customers. We have physical channels like shop fronts or delivery services. We also have virtual channels - web, mobile, cloud based channels. Next, we need to consider Customer Relationships How are we going to find, keep and grow our customers? Next is Revenue streams This section asks us to think about how our business makes money from our customer segments? How we capture value? What is the strategy to capture that value? Next, we want to think about resources. What resources or key assets to we need to make the business model work? This could include money. Do we have enough capital to deliver our sustainability program? What physical assets do we need? Do we need factories? Do we need renewable energy systems? It could include intellectual property. Do we need to protect our idea with patents? Do we need certain corporate knowledge? Or do we need certain people? Do we need design engineers? Do we need company cultural experts? What human resources do you need? Next comes Key Activities These are the most important activities you need to do the make the business model work. Do you manufacture products? Do you need to audit your supply chain? Do you need to undertake any R&D? We now consider Key Partners What key partners do we need to make the business model work? What is interesting is that your key partners have a link to your key resources and key activities. What resources do they provide that supports the business model? And what activities are they going to perform? Finally we have the Cost Structure Once we understand the key activities, resources, and partners, it is relatively easy now to understand the costs associated with delivering the business model. What are the costs to operate the business? What do we need to invest in our key resources? How much will our key activities cost? What will we need to pay to our partners? For Sustainable business models, we add two additional sections to the business model canvas The first is Beneficiaries Who benefits from our sustainability program? What organisations benefit? Which customers? What other stakeholders derive some economic, social, or environmental value? The second extra segment captures the Sustainability benefits To which of the UN Sustainable Development goals does our business model contribute? What positive impacts are we delivering to our community and planet? Using these eleven building blocks you can describe the infrastructure, the offering, the customers, the finances and the economic, social and environmental benefits of your sustainable business model. You can also use this canvas to design, discuss, and communicate your sustainability programs in a language other people will actually understand. Together we can make a huge impact. Why most sustainability plans fail https://youtu.be/8JDgXRuJVfA How to deliver social impact like a startup https://youtu.be/AFjiuaze4jc Story of the Boy and the Starfish - How to make a social impact in your sustainability strategy https://youtu.be/v10xIJbD0qY How Blue Tribe Co got it's name leading to Sustainability and Sustainable Business Model Innovation https://youtu.be/DsPk-iffRFsi
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Что такое Value Proposition Canvas и что такое Product Market Fit
Что такое trade off: https://t.me/badproductblog/88 Telegram канал Плохой Продукт: https://t.me/badproductblog Value Proposition Canvas в Google Sheets: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hHX3DIo_K5Qf417yyowlmNytKj9wb1Nc1XtKQWG1DAw/edit?usp=sharing
Canvas & Fabric Waterproofing - "Pristine Marine Detailing" Product Line
This is a demonstration of "Pristine Marine Detailing" Products "Canvas/Fabric Waterproofing. You can see how great this product works! It was preformed with a standard paper towel. As you can see the paper towel that was not protected absorbed the water and allowed it to pass through into the bowl as well as staining the towel itself. While the towel protected by "Pristine Marine Detailing's-Canvas Waterproofing" not only repelled the water but also did not allow any stain penetration. All I can say is WOW!!
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Lean Canvas Intro - Uber example 🚘
This is a step-by-step guide to the lean canvas - a tool to validate your startup business model from the ground up. Lean canvas examples for Amazon, Google, YouTube, FB and AirBnB http://bit.ly/2T0IMWX ⬇️ Download lean canvas template pdf: http://bit.ly/2SDESzY ⬇️ Download lean canvas example: http://bit.ly/2EWsvMI In this video, we delve in the lean canvas concept - a popular solution for business founders to evaluate their ideas and pave the way to success. The emphasis is laid on essential points including: ✅ what is lean canvas ✅ how it differs from the business model canvas ✅ what are the key metrics in lean canvas, etc. We explain why it is called the one-page startup business plan and introduce its structure through the Uber example 🚘 for the better comprehension of its main principles and concepts. The combination of theoretical and hands-on approach to filling in the lean canvas blocks allows you to shape a better understanding of the tool. As a result, you will be ready to implement this startup canvas in your business without any need to attend additional courses. View additional materials from Railsware and join us on social media: 🔹Twitter: http://bit.ly/2QgEVnR 🔸Youtube: http://bit.ly/2CGr3wc 🔹Facebook: http://bit.ly/2IoaHs4 🔸Instagram: http://bit.ly/2Q9Mf00 🔹LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/2NLWfjj 🔸Blog: http://bit.ly/2zDshWj
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Mixed Media Canvas | 13@rts
Step by step video on creating a mixed media canvas using [email protected] products. BLOG POST:http://goo.gl/l9A2m0 ——— S U P P L I E S ——— • 13arts products in USA —— http://goo.gl/g3BHV9 • 13arts products in EUROPE —— http://13arts.pl/ • Paper pad "Aura Rosa" —— http://goo.gl/TLWwUM • Paper pad 'Out of the blue' —— http://goo.gl/yVUi0K • White Gesso - acrylic primer 120ml —— http://goo.gl/XvfddK • Gel medium MATT —— http://goo.gl/KqQE6F • Modeling paste 120ml —— http://goo.gl/fKD0NK • Mist pearl - Old Gold —— http://goo.gl/FEfYD9 • Ayeeda Paint METALLIC! Old Gold —— http://goo.gl/0sdzx2 • Mist chalk - Chalk Turquoise —— http://goo.gl/CiPhLq • Stencil "Postcard" —— http://goo.gl/oX0hFo • Prima Flowers COPPER Glass Glitter —— http://goo.gl/huSNZv • White Mulberry Flowers —— http://goo.gl/6eCXmY • Prima Flowers BAROQUE FRAME —— http://goo.gl/jSQ5eR an InLinkz product list: http://goo.gl/eX4mtb ✪ VIDEOS FEATURED AT THE END ✪ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2SRr_5eYic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_N6LnmFwfU ✪ STAY CONNECTED ✪ Blog: http://www.clips-n-cuts.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vickyclipsncuts Instagram: http://instagram.com/vickyp_gr/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/vickyp_gr ✪ DISCLAIMER ✪ Supplies may contain affiliate links. Some of the products have been offered by companies. Please read more here: http://www.clips-n-cuts.com/disclaimer/
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How to paint with Alcohol Ink on Canvas - then top with resin (LIGHTFAST) start to finish
Link to a video on the Artisan Summit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aa92yZSaNE0&t=18s Link to booking the Summit: https://www.stonecoatcountertops.com/artisan-summit Here is the paypal link that was requested to make donations easier :) thank you for the suggestion https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=T24P6AVY4PB4A So, even though you can totally make your own swiping paper - I have decided to offer them to those who don't want to do it themselves. Here is the link for our SWIPIES!! https://artisttilldeath.com/shop?olsPage=products%2Fswipies-swiping-paper-available-in-3-sizes ***ATTENTION: Fresh off the presses!!! Stone Coat Artist Resin can be found at this link! Be one of the first to see how amazing this resin truly is for resin artists! : Use code "YALL" for $30 off of your $80 order!! https://www.stonecoatcountertops.com/product-page/art-coat-1-2-gallon-kit QUICK COAT LINK: https://www.stonecoatcountertops.com/product-page/quick-coat ***Don't forget to use my PROMO code "YALL" for $30 off of your $80 order!! You have to have at least $80 in your cart for the code to work :) You can now get Just Resin on our site! visit: https://artisttilldeath.com/shop?olsPage=t%2Fjust-resin-epoxy-paints EpoxyCandy.com is an amazing color option and you can use the promo code "ATD" to get some awesome FREE Surprises! No minimum order required! HERE IS THE LINK FOR ATD MERCHANDISE - KEEP IN MIND THAT WE WILL BE UPDATING AND CHANGING THE DESIGNS OFTEN SO CHECK IN A LOT! Teespring link: https://teespring.com/stores/artist-till-death-studios Rezin Arte has some great Metallics! Here is the link to her website and if you use the code "atd5377" (lower case) you get a $30 off of your $80 order!! https://www.colourarte.com/product/bling-surprise-color-week-sparkle-mica-minerals-30-ml-jar/ We have Artisue paints available on our website here: https://artisttilldeath.com/shop?olsPage=t%2Fartisue If you are wondering about products used in this video, I have them all listed in this AMAZON SHOP link: https://www.amazon.com/shop/artisttilldeath Here is the link for the awesome heat gun we have been working with! Don't forget to use the promo code "SKO4XQ89" for 10% off of the original price. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B079FMQFMS/ref=as_li_qf_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=atdstudios-20&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B079FMQFMS&linkId=e21939cef08a10c04187362889e7f7ef ATD Stir Stix Link: https://artisttilldeath.com/shop?olsPage=t%2Ffluid-art-tools Pro Marine Product Link: http://lddy.no/39y7 Art 'N Glow Product Link: http://artnglow.refr.cc/erikab Counter Culture DIY Product Link: http://counterculturediy.com?afmc=2l Arteza Products Link: http://arteza.com/?a_aid=ArtistTillDeath We are a couple of artists that love what we do. Please take a moment to like our videos and let us know what you think. If you are interested in ordering a custom piece or one of the pieces you have seen on our channel, please don't hesitate to reach out to us! Custom orders can also be placed on our website: www.artisttilldeath.com Facebook: "Thornton Artist Till Death" Instagram: @artisttilldeathstudios All donations are welcome and greatly appreciated! Supporting our art is supporting our dream to make a living off of our art! Paypal: [email protected] Venmo: @ArtistTillDeath *Disclaimer* We post how we prefer to do our projects. In no way are we stating that this is the LAW or RULE of how to work with any of the materials we display. Also Note, when we work with resin - it is usually under ideal conditions and if our instructions aren't followed (along with the manufacturer of the products that you choose to use) we cannot be held liable. Every piece you choose to attempt is completely on you. That being said, we have faith in you to attempt anything that we create and post on our channel. However, if you don't feel confident in doing your own - we do travel for work. Happy Arting! **Affiliate Disclaimer** I do get a small commission from the links I have provided. This helps us to keep the channel running at no cost to the subscribers. **Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer. While I only recommend products I believe in - I may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services from this website. Your purchase helps support my work in bringing you real information about Art and associated materials. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.
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Product Video - TG261 - Heavy Canvas Zipper Tote Bag with Long Handles
Reusable Heavy Canvas Zipper Tote Bag with Long Handles. It features a quality long lasting heavy canvas material with a large main compartment and a top zippered pocket. Great for everyday items with long self fabric handles reinforced at stress points. Main zippered compartment lets you store anything safely and enables an easy access. It has a large imprint area to customize or for logo or your craft works and it comes with a variety of colors which you can choose from. I think this bag is perfect for carrying around at the events, parties or at the beach. Don't look any further than this quality bag with its affordable price. Thanks for watching TBF TV and tune in for other great products. The product link: https://totebagfactory.com/products/q-tees-canvas-zipper-tote-bag-q611?variant=634032221 Tote Bag Factory https://totebagfactory.com Follow us on Social Media: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Totebagfactory/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/totebagfactoryla/ Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/totebagfactory/
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The Rooftop Canvas Bag is the perfect way to store your gear and keep it out of the weather!
Roof top Canvas Bag - https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/products/canvas-bags.html https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/adventure-kings-roof-top-canvas-bag-storage-organisation-heavy-duty.html • Tough 400GSM Canvas • Weather Resistant • Reinforced Handles 4WD Supacentre is an Australian owned company offering quality 4WD, camping and outdoor products at wholesale prices. We carry a wide range of products designed to make your 4WD or camping trip that much more enjoyable. Products range from air compressors, awnings, awning tents, camping gear, exhausts, led lights, Titan rear drawers, recovery gear and heaps more! Thousands of happy customers every week – quality gear at affordable prices – 12 month warranty – 30 day money back guarantee. Check out our videos for more product information and demonstrations. Visit us on our website: https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/4WDSupacentre
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Canvas Prints from Society6 - Product Video
Take your wall art game up a notch with a Society6 Canvas Print. These genuine poly-cotton canvases (read: high-quality) come with pre-installed hanging hardware and 1.5" fir wood stretcher bars. Choose from thousands of unique designs from independent artists around the world. Every purchase pays an artist. Shop Popular Canvas Prints: https://society6.com/canvas Shop products from this video: http://s6.co/FeaturedProducts
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Waxed Canvas Products at SRO
http://www.selfrelianceoutfitters.com http://astore.amazon.com/davecante-20 Dave Canterbury, David Canterbury, The Pathfinder School,Bush Craft ,Survival skills, Historical Lore, Primitive Skills, Archery, Hunting, Trapping, Fishing, Navigation, Knives, Axes, Fire, Water, Shelter, Search and Rescue
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TUTORIAL POCHETTE MIELE PLASTIC CANVAS #labcreation #tutorialpochette #plasticcanvas
Tutorial completo per realizzare l'elegante pochette Miele lavorata interamente ad ago in rete preformata Materiale tutto disponibile presso il sito di filatitresfereshop cordino swan https://www.tresfereshop.com/#/product/0.266.100 termoindurente https://www.tresfereshop.com/#/product/222.52 bottoni a calamita da cucire https://www.tresfereshop.com/#/product/0.266.71 rete preformata plastic canvas https://www.tresfereshop.com/#/product/0.266.052 la mia pagina fb https://www.facebook.com/La-B-Creation-517800368379049/
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In this episode of Behind The Ops, we meet up with Seth and Shirl from Canvas Cutter to see what these rolled up beds are all about. But before we checkout the product, Seth was a talking a lot of smack talk to Jordan & Casey about being able to outshoot them in a challenge. So we figured there is no better place to settle a competition like this, than at our favorite archery shop Wilde Arrow Archery. Watch as Mtn Ops goes head-to-head against Canvas Cutter in a sudden death matchup. As always, remember to comment below and give us a like if you enjoyed the episode. Don't forget to subscribe. See our full line of Outdoor Energy & Nutrition products here: http://mtnops.com See more information about Canvas Cutter here: http://canvascutter.com
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Acrylic Painting on Canvas with Arteza paints
Step by step tutorial video for acrylic painting on canvas. Let's connect: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/umutrados/ Pinterest: https://uk.pinterest.com/umutrados/ 1. Discount code is for 10 %, which is valid until 31 December 2018. The coupon code is UmutRados2 2. Please use the links below to buy: USA site: https://goo.gl/FrLVmX UK site: https://goo.gl/fJc15o 3. Links to the product in the video: USA site: https://goo.gl/mctJoe UK site: https://goo.gl/Bhbhju My review for Arteza acrylic paints: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WBH_gU1yQE&t=7s #acrylicpainting #flowerpainting #arteza #abstractpainting
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NEW Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer REVIEW + Fav Blurring Primers - Elle Leary Artistry
Much requested is my review and demo of the new Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer. I also share some really cool ways you can use it as a mix-in medium to get your products to last all day. I have also included some of my fav pore refining and smoothing primers 💋 ****CLOSED---------Giveaway- Best subscribed to my channel, thumbs up this video and comment below. Winner will be responded to in the comments after 24hrs. after this goes live. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Let's Chat----Instantgo: https://www.instantgo.com/ellelearyartistry ✌️ Please subscribe to be the first to check out all my new videos :) http://ow.ly/kZPR4 💄 Products Mentioned: TATCHA The Silk Canvas Protective Primer: http://go.magik.ly/ml/9nsp/ HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting Blush Collection in Luminous Flush: http://go.magik.ly/ml/9qk8/ HOURGLASS Ambient® Lighting Bronzer in Diffused Bronze Light: http://go.magik.ly/ml/92jg/ DIOR Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Powder in 002: http://go.magik.ly/ml/8ptk/ MILK MAKEUP Blur Stick: http://go.magik.ly/ml/88r8/ ORIGINS Original Skin™ Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer with Willowherb: http://go.magik.ly/ml/9gat/ REN Perfect Canvas Skin Finishing Serum: http://go.magik.ly/ml/a5yz/ TOO FACED Hangover Replenishing Face Primer: http://go.magik.ly/ml/a5z3/ MAKE UP FOR EVER Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer smoothing primer: http://go.magik.ly/ml/a5z7/ Burt's Bees Baby Daily Cream to Powder: http://go.magik.ly/ml/a605/ 😍 Face Breakdown: DERMABLEND Flawless Creator Multi-Use Liquid Pigments in 25N: http://go.magik.ly/ml/91lv/ HOURGLASS Ambient® Lighting Powder in Etherial Light: http://go.magik.ly/ml/a5xo/ HOURGLASS Ambient® Lighting Palette: http://go.magik.ly/ml/a30c/ HOURGLASS Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil soft Brunette: http://go.magik.ly/ml/a30c/ Sigma WARM NEUTRALS VOLUME 2 EYESHADOW PALETTE: http://sigma-beauty.7eer.net/c/1210721/146780/2835 Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine in Fuel: http://go.magik.ly/ml/a5xv/ BENEFIT COSMETICS BADgal BANG! Volumizing Mascara: http://go.magik.ly/ml/9lbk/ ****Please contact me at https://www.instantgo.com/ellelearyartistry This is an amazing service that I just signed up with where you can contact me and get very in depth information on your questions. All you have to do is download the app. You can talk with me via chat, phone and even video. Say you want me to look through your makeup bang and pick out what you need to keep and what you need to get rid of, we can do that!! Or a girls trip to Sephora!! This is for people that really want in depth answers to their questions or personalized answers. I am so excited to share this service with you. This will never replace my contact with you over DM or in the comments section. I love connection with you all there. But if you really want personalized information let's connect!! 🌟 INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS 🌟 Right now this app only works in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Portugal and Spain. More countries launching this spring & summer! HOWEVER, there's a hack in 3 easy steps! 1. Sign out of Apple ID and create a new one with a new email address 2. Change your settings to "United States" 3. Create a Google Voice number with a US area code ( Please subscribe, share & comment Thank you very much for watching my video BE MY FRIEND ALL OVER THE PLACE!! FOLLOW ME BELOW... Follow me on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/elleleary Let's be friends on FB: http://www.facebook.com/ellelearyartistry Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/ellelearyartistry OH YEAH!!! I AM ON PINTEREST TOO!!! http://WWW.PINTEREST.COM/ELLELEARYARTISTRY I sometimes (not always) use affiliate links. If you would like to click on the link then amazing and thank you very much. If you would prefer not to, just google the brand and the item, that is perfect too. The views expressed on this site are the author's own and are provided for informational purposes only. The author makes no warranties about the suitability of any product or treatment referenced or reviewed here for any person other than herself and any reliance placed on these reviews or references by you is done so solely at your own risk. Nothing on this site shall be construed as providing dermatological, medical or other such advice and you are always advised to seek the advice of a suitable professional should you have any such concerns. Some products that I use have been sent to me by the brands that make them or their PR company. I always say if a product has been sent to me and this by NO means, means a favorable review of a product. I only give honest reviews no matter what.
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Product Video - TF210 - Heavy Canvas Shopping Tote
Reusable Heavy Canvas Shopping Tote Bag. It features a quality and sturdy heavy canvas material with full side and bottom gusset giving the bag shape even when empty. Great for multiple purposes such as carrying shopping groceries, books, gifts, craft supplies or everyday items with self fabric handles. It has an imprint area to customize or for logo or slogan and it comes with a variety of solid colors that you can choose from. This bag is also excellent way to match your look at the events and parties. Don't look any further than this quality bag with its affordable price. Thanks for watching TBF TV and tune in for other great products. The product link: https://totebagfactory.com/products/q-tees-canvas-shopping-tote-q1000?variant=634031173 Tote Bag Factory https://totebagfactory.com Follow us on Social Media: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Totebagfactory/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/totebagfactoryla/ Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/totebagfactory/
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StratChat: Value Proposition Canvas Best Practices
The Value Proposition Canvas helps you design products and services that customers really want because it gets you to focus on what matters most to them. You won’t find success with the tool though if you don’t learn how to use it properly. In this session, Strategyzer co-founder Alex Osterwalder walks you through key best practices and techniques for getting the most out of the tool.
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Canvas 3D Scanning Best Practices
This video is intended to show Canvas users the best practices for scanning a room with their iPad and Structure Sensor. If you’re totally new to Canvas, fear not! Head over to this link to get a quick summary of the product: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XA7FMoNAK9M. Or, check us out at http://canvas.io to learn more.
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How to hang a canvas on the wall
Find them here: http://hangmanproducts.com/products/canvas-hanger Hangman Products Canvas Hanger The Hangman Canvas Hanger is a two piece bracket system that hangs giclees, gallery wraps, canvas or open back frames flush to the wall. The wall track includes a bubble level for an accurate installation. See the whole product line: http://hangmanproducts.com
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OPEN ME!! ▼▼▼ Hi guys! Thank you SO MUCH for watching my review of the new Tatcha Silk Canvas Face Primer! If you enjoy product reviews, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to see more from me! :) LINK TO TATCHA DEEP CLEANSE REVIEW: https://youtu.be/ag6NJfIx4wo ------------------------------ ITEMS MENTIONED: Tatcha The Silk Canvas Face Primer http://go.magik.ly/ml/adld/ ------------------------------ FIND ME ONLINE: Instagram - @jenafroese ------------------------------ EMAIL ME: [email protected] ------------------------------ DISCLAIMER: This video is not sponsored. All opinions are my own. Links below each product are affiliate links. If you click on that link and purchase the product you do not pay anything extra for the product but it does let the retailer know that I sent you there. :) Thank you so much for supporting my channel!
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XSCALE Podcast #6: The Pirate Canvas
Pirate Canvas is a new kind of Product Canvas that accomplishes multiple Product Management goals in a single simple format for both delivery and change programs. It has three advantages over a traditional lean product canvas: * It breaks the frame for business stakeholders that otherwise have difficulty thinking beyond their first idea about a business case. * It quantifies competing business assumptions in analytic terms, enabling stakeholders to systematically prioritize for product-market impact. * It generates an epic landscape breadth-first to prevent analysis paralysis and reveal trade-offs between design, tech and business stakeholders. The technique is based on McClure’s Pirate Metrics of Growth-Hacking fame and Adzic’s popular Impact Mapping method. We talk about Pirate Canvas in domains as diverse as mobile apps, whole organization agile transformation, making the trains run on time in Australia and retailing tea in India.
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The Adventure Kings Travel Canvas Bag is designed to keep your clothes sorted and dry while away
Travel Canvas Bag - https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/products/canvas-bags.html https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/adventure-kings-travel-canvas-bag-storage-organisation-heavy-duty.html • Tough 400GSM Canvas • Weather Resistant • Reinforced Handles 4WD Supacentre is an Australian owned company offering quality 4WD, camping and outdoor products at wholesale prices. We carry a wide range of products designed to make your 4WD or camping trip that much more enjoyable. Products range from air compressors, awnings, awning tents, camping gear, exhausts, led lights, Titan rear drawers, recovery gear and heaps more! Thousands of happy customers every week – quality gear at affordable prices – 12 month warranty – 30 day money back guarantee. Check out our videos for more product information and demonstrations. Visit us on our website: https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/4WDSupacentre
Views: 1244 4WD Supacentre