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Break Up & Heartbroken | Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation

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Break Up & Heartbroken | Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation Break Up & Heartbroken | Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation Break Up & Heartbroken | Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation
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Diamarys Heredia (11 hours ago)
My ex left me by a car ....He ain't show real love to me..Here I am I'm going through it but with God's help I'm surviving
KillyMcPhilly (11 hours ago)
The biggest help was listening to this every morning as soon as I wake up and every night right before I go to bed. Wishing all you the best of luck
DrunkInDK DjGlögg (22 hours ago)
Hey fellas, i found the song. Zack Hemsey - "The Way (Instrumental)" Stay strong.
Magicmarc (1 day ago)
Hello guys, IM gonna break up with my girlfriend tonight. We met when we were 13 Both 20 atm. I grow up with this person. She raised me and i raised her. She is my bestfriend of all time she is my soulmate i know that. Ive been depressed for a long time now and it feels like the relationship takes more mentaly then it gives. I love this person so damm much but it feels like i need to be alone and work on loving my self and my weelbeing before i Can work on someone else. Omg this is gonna be the hardest IM gonna go through but i know its for the best for both of us. I may be selfish cuz she loves me so Much still but u have to be selfish right now for my own good. Goddamn i feel so broken inside. I have friends but noone is gonna feel this emptyness shes gonna leave me she is my other half. IM so glad that ive found my therapy and zone were i Can leave every emotion and that is the gym. Damm this shit means so much for me .The Only place were i Can leave every singel though and focus on one thing ,my self to become better. I feel and relate to everyone WHO feels this way, but You have to think positive and know that this thoughts and pain Will do You good and u gonna learn and grow from it. Stay motivated and stay focus guys i love You all! And thank You for this video i watched it 10 Times now i can relate to every singel Word. Fk guys sorry for writing so long here but i feel like u Can relate to my story aswell. As i Said this Will pass and u Will become better thank u for reading i just had to get this emotions outta of me. Thank You agian for this video and if u read to the end❤️❤️
Drew Monty (2 days ago)
Needed to see this. The woman I loved for 3 years broke up with me 3 weeks after my dad died. I’ve been struggling more than ever as of late. A month later and she’s talking to somebody else. Just trying to find the strength to keep going
James Bundeh (2 days ago)
Ive been still for months while all around me was still moving My heart cant trust but what the fuck ....one day ill be bak there
Cengiz Yerlikaya (2 days ago)
i use all my time and energi on a girl i like, but she treats my like shit, and that pretty much is fucking my life up. and do not want to eave her because i love her , what do i do? i feel like i have lost all my friends and everything
Hermangku Fathoni (2 days ago)
were all gonna make it.
Kassandra D (3 days ago)
Thank you for this video. I’m here on my first night of a breakup with someone who I thought was the complete love of my life. Words can’t explain the pain I feel right now, I just want to fast forward in time to the part where I’m gonna be okay again. I know realistically things will get better with time so I’m going to post this here and come back to my comment later down the road when I’m in a much better place. I hope everyone going through something similar is pushing through the best they can. Much love to everyone
Morton Salt (1 day ago)
Ever since I’ve gotten dumped, I’ve been in a state of depression and even have thoughts of suicide. But now I live by the saying. “You’re going to lose a lot of money chasing women, but you’ll NEVER lose women chasing money 💰” Discover your purpose, seek self improvement physically, mentally, and financially
Darrell Patts (5 days ago)
This is worse than gunshot. Legit. It. Is. Rough. I figured out my ex rented a hotel room to have sex with a guy three times. I feel so much stronger knowing I’m not the only one that feels this. I would really not wish this on anyone, not even on her.
jalessio98 (5 days ago)
I remember when my girlfriend of 3 years abruptly ended things with me and I vividly remember how dark of a place I was in.. watched this video every morning and worked on myself and let me tell everyone in the comments. It WILL get better, it’ll take time but everything will fall into place. Work on yourself and I’m time you’ll be where you want. Keep moving forward guys💯
Aly BJ (5 days ago)
It's better to have love and lost than never loved. Whoever said that got dumped. They didn't saw their soulmate die in a hospital bed. 💔 I wish I could live on, but I miss you so damn much baby.
Chilly Vlogs (7 days ago)
You put so much into someone but they don’t even appreciate it
Bjørn Andersen (7 days ago)
Didn’t expect the hodgetwins to be in this video 😂
RyRedux (8 days ago)
You can never be right for the wrong person. We all need a constant in our lives. For me? It’s the gym. Keep a consistent routine and use it as your anchor. Relationships are very unpredictable, so having that constant in your life will just help you emotionally and mentally. Kick ass you guys, she/he will be waiting for you once you level the fuck up and become the man or woman you were meant to become. 💪🏻
hedi kh (8 days ago)
I told my best friend that I love her and she rejected me . I can't move on because we are still spending the whole day together studying And hanging out...Im stuck between holding on and moving on . She hurt me soo bad but I dont want to lose her. What can I do, she is my best friend..
TheHiddenArchives (9 days ago)
She was a part of me but I had to kill her in my heart because this is what she wanted. I'm going to rebuild myself. I just need to feel this pain before I become the best version of myself. I'm ready to move on
R3ckless R1 (9 days ago)
If anyone here has some advice please give me your knowledge. I can honestly sit here and say I was not the best partner my ex had I was a pos and didn’t realize what I had till it was completely gone. I love her I really do and I Cannot believe that I treated her the way I did because she is a very good woman, I love her and her son that I raised since he was 2, I stepped in and raised that child as if he was mine and till this day I still share life with him because I am basically his father in a sense, he is 7 y/o now ... I am going through this at this moment for that fact that she had told me she’s getting to know someone and had been in 2 dates with this guy... we haven’t been together for a year but I see her often because I pick her son up almost every week to get haircuts and do our thing cuz he’s my son but knowing this has me in a deep depression because I realized that I lost her for good and cannot get it through my head... all I do is think about all the stuff I had done to her 😔😔😔 I love her so much but I know it’s over !! I’m sorry for bein the pos that I am
Unknown Known (10 days ago)
In love with my best friend but she doesn’t feel the same way about me..maybe if I didn’t have a good heart I wouldn’t care but damn this is hard to deal with. Sometimes I wish I was an asshole type of guy with no feelings but I can’t help but be a good guy. We’re currently not talking but I’ll always love her smh
Unknown Known (7 days ago)
hedi kh it’s the worse man
hedi kh (7 days ago)
Same here ! I know exactly how you feel dude
Wayne Mullaney (12 days ago)
They're all fucking pigs
Patrick (13 days ago)
There’s this girl that I took for granted, I tell you I fucked up.. I ruined her and I don’t know what was in my mind when I was doing it.. But what I did know was that I did it because I didn’t know if she really wants me.. because in this generation, who knows if they’re lying or not? Then when I realized that she is “the one” she started getting distant.. and I was hurt.. but it was my fault.. I keep blaming myself for it and almost took my life approximately about 2 hours ago and it’s already 6:55PM here in Vegas.. and I’m still mad at myself.. why did I lose a good girl like that.. what the fuck is wrong with me.
Patrick (10 days ago)
+Nick D'Ágostino I just can't stop beating myself up for it. I blame myself and just ruin my life because she told me I ruined hers so I should ruin mine...
Nick D'Ágostino (11 days ago)
Its not your fault dude things happen in life for a reason and if that didn't work out there will be a better one in the long one that will I just got my heart broken because I went to far to try and do stuff with her that she wasn't comfortable with I was selfish and trying to use her and I still try to beg for her forgiveness but in the end the day is done and the past is the past you can't hold on forever..
Swazi Figueiredo (13 days ago)
I'm gonna make her regret doing it all one day😞
Luzz The ultimate (13 days ago)
this accent though
Isaac Mendoza (14 days ago)
There’s this girl I really cared for and loved and the crazy thing is it really was her personality what I fell in love with not looks so it makes it even harder thinking I won’t find anything like that again but in the end she changed for the worst and honestly I felt her love fading she was all talk by the end saying she loved me but the actions didn’t add up so I broke it up obviously it still hurts and I cut all contacts with her but man she doesn’t get out of my head especially at night
Isaac Mendoza (13 days ago)
Luzz The ultimate I appreciate that thanks
Luzz The ultimate (13 days ago)
it's okay man, you'll get through it
Yuuurr (17 days ago)
My boyfriend: im gonna go to bed now I’ll text u tmrrw. Me:
ASE (17 days ago)
Fuck me man. I was talking to this girl and i really liked her but, well you guys know the story. I cant say that i loved her not yet but man i cant even imagine what i wouldve felt like if i did.
randall ramrattan (1 day ago)
ASE feel u bro
Nolan Lee (18 days ago)
Girls are wild, especially in my generation. They’re like wild animals and you’ve just got to tame them. Be strict with the bitch or she’s going to go get passed around. It sounds like there’s no trust involved but honestly girls just want to be cared for and looked after and chased. So many guys talk about how many girls they’ve fucked and treat girls like trophy’s. You’ve gotta prove to her that she’s worth it. If you think you’re going to find a well behaved female that aint about partying and hanging out with guys than you’re sadly mistaken. That’s just how it is nowadays. HAHAHA I’m jk all girls are self conceited whores that only want money and multiple dicks in their mouths. 😂
Christian Figueroa (18 days ago)
Whose the guy talking at 3.00 minutes anybody guy had me going.
Jigo Fulgencio (18 days ago)
Been going through I tough time. I just love how I can relate to a lot of people in the comments section and how supportive everyone is. Been training for quite awhile but now that I'm heartbroken I have nothing else to do but train harder rather than lock myself in my room. #RoadToBitchesBeRegrettin
Oren Anderson (18 days ago)
My gf dumped me a few days ago and I feel like she's talking to another guy and I'm so fucking broken... add me on snapchat and we can help each other oren_anderson8
Excadia (19 days ago)
Thank you, I really need this
Sev Al Valy (20 days ago)
My ex broke up with me 2 months ago.. end of march we would of been 4 years together.. the thing is.. she broke me many times but i always gave her the chance..i always forgived her cuz i loved her.. now she broke up with me cuz she didn’t even know what she wanted.. This shit hurts as fuck.. after being there for her in all the shit moments.. the moments she never had anyone.. after giving her so many chances she just do this and acts like she doesn’t care.. man i’m broken
Austin James (19 days ago)
I feel you.
Barcode 1B (20 days ago)
My storm has lasted 1 year. Im seeing the light to the other side.
gonzalez sean (20 days ago)
I tried so hard ti impress her kept her mine but its just easy for her to let me go
Shan (20 days ago)
My ex broke up with me the other night and I didn’t understand why I did everything for this girl i tried my best to make her happy but she left me because she doesn’t love me anymore and It hurts so much and even though she treated me badly and after awhile she stopped caring for me whenever I was upset and depressed I had to go to therapy which I’ve recently started to help me but overall I still loved her and she just out of no just breaks up with me... 😣 The pain I feel waking up now is the worst pain I’ve felt I’ve never felt this way before yes I’ve been in relationships before but not a long one like this one and the shitty thing she seems happy now she’s left me and it’s like I didn’t matter and all the things I did for her meant nothing in the end :/ This video is so motivating and so true I’ve been trying to keep my mind occupied and I went to the gym yesterday and my workout was ruined because of the thought of her... but I know it’ll take time to recover but this video helped a lot made me feel less alone so thanks 🙏🏼
DatZortaw (21 days ago)
We're all gonna make it bros. Dont let it fuck you over. Hit the gym, write, cry it out, hang out with friends but PLEASE take your pause from women UNTIL you are ready for one again. Its not a competition with your ex - if you do that SHE won, not you. Its about YOU - not the competition with HER. SHE has her own life now, focus on YOUR life. And maybe you will keep.loving her, on your own way, and that is fine. You got your fam, friends and us bros, we all gonna make it.
Chrisxulo (21 days ago)
I'm just crying and thinking of my life a Saturday at 6:39 am. Thinking in a relationship that ended after 3yrs. She left and told me that we can fight for it but I was really his sloppy seconds. I was convinced that she was the real one after we pass through alot of obstacles and she was there helping me. She suposed to be my future wife and son of my kids. But now is the time to fight my darkness and find a way out to the light. I can keep crying and regretting his lost or I can move on and try to be a better version of my self and find another girl who value me. I know that life did the best thing for me but it pains alot. But I'm not the same person as 2 weeks ago and I will continue changing having my family and friends by my side.
Carlos Magana (21 days ago)
It might seem impossible to get over believe me thats how it seems to me right now..but deep down you have to find self worth and know that god took them out of your life for a reason. Love you all🖤
Brandon Riegler (22 days ago)
I really needed this. thank you.
Jazib Nazir (23 days ago)
We are a family here🤩, we all faced the same problem 😪...Now let's get that shit Outta our Lives😤.... Remember we r much better than those bitches 😎
Harinder (23 days ago)
Nothing works after they left. It hurts more than anything.
Jamal niazi (24 days ago)
When your heart gets broken, remember that it broke because it made way for Light to enter. For me, the relationship has been up and down for past 3 years and its been now 2 months since i am back to my ownself. Remember its not about women who led us guys to break up but its our own fault. Be inclusive in Life. Stop trying conquering people by force or emotion. Create yourself to such an extent that you become desire of everyone. Remember a good fragrance doesn’t need advertisement, people become voluntarily attracted to it. P.S i lost 7 kgs in these two months, quit sugar, fast food and every bad stuff in my life. Working my way to built good muscle. Just don’t give up on yourself just because they did. Good times come to those who wait. So, just wait, work hard and all those who left you will come begging to you Cheers!!! 🔥
Maisam Mohammadi (24 days ago)
3 months after the breakup and she's still in my head. Help me out brothers. This is a bond no girl can ever break, the brother hood is real. I need someone right now ♥
Jon-Luc McDonough (25 days ago)
Heartbreak was one of the greatest things that's happened to me. It was the catalyst that pushed me to pursue my visions, to be a better person for myself and for others. I hope each and every one of you realize that same thing. - JL
Natalia Pola (25 days ago)
I was with a narcissist for over a year. I decided to finally end the relationship. I still miss him. This motivates me everytime I get tempted to contact him to try to work things out.
RudeBoyOnline (26 days ago)
Is there a way I could get the names of the first 2 speeches!!?? the one that says that happens to everybody is the most important, thanks
Shubegh Brar (1 month ago)
I broke up 5 minutes ago first thing I wanted was to see this
Johnathan Smit (1 month ago)
Can’t tell you how many times I cry at gym they do t notice coz of the sweat but the pain is there
glitter kissa (1 month ago)
He left me because he didn’t love me. After it I had a miscarriage, but I kept going. It hurts so damn much but I refuse to be weak. I go to the gym, educate myself and try to become a better person. Maybe it’s truly a blessing in disguise
Austin James (1 month ago)
It hurts so damn much I feel like I can't take it.💔
fizz (1 month ago)
My “girlfriend” had said she had loved me the other day but I know shes talking to other guys behind my back. I dont really know how to handle it but, I still love her but I dont want to get back with her just for her to break me again. I need something to get my mind off of it
asd dsa (1 month ago)
Had a girl for 5 years, doing everything with her man.. but she wanted more. so she said that she didn't know what she wanted in life with me, like her life was "not exciting". She kept me waiting for 2 weeks for her to decide until i had to fucking do something man, i was TOTALLY fucked in my head from the waiting. And then we broke up. This girl was my everything man.. but i was not enough for her... Life is hard sometimes, but all these comments here made my day a little bit brighter, knowing that im not alone through this depression. Thank you all. God bless.
Mr Hippo (1 month ago)
Bout to walk up to my crush and ask her to be my valentine at the end of the day tho I’ll have pumped some fucking iron
Omar Carbajal (1 month ago)
This video helps me everyday man
Jitesh Punjabi (1 month ago)
Fathul 911 (1 month ago)
oh god.., i still love her 😞
Acaciah Glaze (1 month ago)
Just broke up with my best friend, and the gym is honestly the best therapy. I could be feeling like shit the entire day and second I get into the gym I don't want to leave. I leave feeling so much happier, not needing to cry. Feeling stronger, mentally and physically. I know the person wasn't meant for me but I was never ready to fully take that band-aid off. Once it finally did the first emotion i felt was relief.... i try and hold on to that even when i feel my saddest. You have to remember that the reason you and that person aren't together is because it just was not meant to be, and that there is someone who is more compatible with you out there. I am taking this time to work on myself, and really be the best self I can be because no one else can love you the way you love yourself. Only person you can undoubtedly count on is you. Don't get me wrong I am still struggling seeing as this only happened last weekend, but it is the beginning to a journey and it's important to keep a positive outlook and remember why it didn't work and who you are god damn it.
Devon Bell (1 month ago)
Wife of 2 years, and partner for 8 just up and left due to her feeling she needed to become a Healer of Light, and couldn't be apart of a marriage anymore, as she believes she's from another planet. We had an amazing relationship, friendship, and have a beautiful son together. Days are hard, sometimes even harder, but some days it's okay. Just know that if you start focusing on yourself, what makes you happy, and use these things to repair your heart and soul...One day, you will look back on it and smile. You'll be thankful for the experiences because from that pain, heartbreak, and loss - you will stand tall and say to yourself "I stand tall here today, because long ago I fell hard...but I fought my way back up, and rebuilt myself with heart as motivation. I am stronger, better, and will continue to do better."
Lowe Vahlberg (1 month ago)
i meet a girl that i liked so much and she tricked me only to have sex and i said no to her and and than she started to say false things at my school so everybody stared bully me and so i never went to school again for like two monht and my family was so angry at me and sad my grades was going down so much i lost everything my girl turned everyone i loved hate me och judge me all the time i lost totaly everything im criyng everyday and i mean it when i writting this i criyng cus it hurts so much i don't know what to do i want to die someone help me
Nevid Valiente (1 month ago)
Me too 😪
edwin chiroch (1 month ago)
man, I thought I was the only one, she cheated on me three times and I forgave her in all those. I was depressed and having suicidal thoughts. forget that it happened and don't give them chances. MOVE ON YOU DESERVE BETTER
Panaform (1 month ago)
I started the gym a year ago because of her.. i wanted to be better for her, I believed she deserved the best. Now as i leave her behind and I'll go my own way. . I'll do it for myself.. the gym is where all the bullshit goes away.
Joe (1 month ago)
This one girl fucked me up so bad people were saying she liked me and we started talking for a while and then I found out she didn’t I’m trying to get over it but I see her everyday at school and I don’t know if I’ll ever feel happy again I’ve been going to the gym for a while but I just don’t wanna do anything and idk what I’m gonna do anymore
Todd Larente (1 month ago)
Who here is watching this now:( so fuckin depressed
Hamza Jaafar (1 month ago)
She die 🙂
Arun Kd (1 month ago)
Breakup makes a men :- 1)Gentlemen Or 2)Player Chose wisely
Dwight Felix (1 month ago)
I actually broke up with my ex yesterday . Since the past 4,5years we been going i stopped doing everything from workout regularly to seeing my Friends and family , even my business carreer wasnt going in the right direction anymore.. that was my own choice because i was deeply in love and placed her at #1 my life . I believe this is the best for myself since ive lost the sence of who I am becoming. One thing is for sure .. I do love the gym. I will go tomorrow and pay my monthly sub.. since im a month behind .. but allright . Everything will fall into place . Just another chapter opens up
Peter B (1 month ago)
When I read this title I was like “HA GAYUH!” But after watching I’m honestly so motivated.
Anton Wilkinson (1 month ago)
My girl broke up with me 8 days ago and I realised there is nothing I can do to get her back it was her decision she fucked me over and I’ve gotta move on this video has been helping me almost everyday since I found it and I realised I need to find myself again and that’s the hard part
Thomas Robinson (1 month ago)
My fiancé cheated on me, I broke up with her in her car, I remember her crying and crying, saying stuff like you're all I have left and now you're gonna leave me , I got out of the car and left her crying, and now I can't get over the guilt of leaving her like that, even tho I shouldn't really be the one feeling guilty
Pooja Bhatt (1 month ago)
💔 expectations kills ourselves from inside......
Richard M (1 month ago)
I've been driven to the point where I literally don't give a crap anymore, and that I don't want to date anymore, I mean I guess I see myself dating in the future, but I don't have all that much hope in it happening. I had this one girl recently that I have been talking to for a solid month, and we really kicked off, we would talk for hours, for weeks on end, things were really looking good for our future, we made plans to hang out, do some form of a movie night type deal, and I asked her about doing that soon, and she never replied back, I was really put off cause things were looking really good but then that happened, its been about a month now since. She never left my mind since, I've learn to move past the heartbreak, but I can't seem to get her out of my head, its annoying TBH, cause I think she moved on already based on what has transpired, so obviously its not something I like to think about, but in a way it serves as a reminder to avoid those kind of people, I guess. It bothers me sometimes, but not nearly as much as before. To those of you who read this far, thank you for reading this. Keep on keeping on.
Oscar Aguado (1 month ago)
The problem is I’m always getting rejected and it’s because of me people tell me to be myself but they don’t like me for who I am why do I have to be alone
Oscar Aguado (1 month ago)
Mo M wow dude thanks honestly this means a lot I had the worst 2018 I got rejected many times for who I am I wont give up everyday I'll get stronger thanks
Mo M (1 month ago)
Improve yourself until you reach acceptance in society, it's going to be a long dark road but you have to keep walking, it's going to be very painful and often times you're going to feel like giving up but you have to search within you and pull that energy to continue, because no one is going to do it for you, build yourself.
Albert Kim (1 month ago)
I've went through a horrible breakup. However I have the courage to love again and it won't hurt as much if things doesn't work out because I learned happiness comes from within yourself. You have the power to create one. She is not the happiness. Remember you are the one who decided to create a romantic relationship from your decision to become happy. Find new people and make it a better one each time you learned from past. Cheers
Ahmad Malik (1 month ago)
Trick is to break up with the girl first so you both feel like shit not just one party
Austin Whiting (1 month ago)
Who is talking for the entire last half of thus video? I have to know!!
Mr.freedom-nance30 (1 month ago)
When you get your heart broken it’s like it ruins your self esteem . THAT FUCKING BITCH!
Amin Haekal (1 month ago)
Sometimes love is the most powerful thing in the world. It's so powerful that it can also be very dangerous. The path on finding true love is truly hard. I once thought that I found true love in college. I thought we could have had something, more than friends. Then all of a sudden, she stopped replying. And she started posting on her IG about this random guy. I asked her about that guy and there was no reply. After a long curious feeling of mine, I asked her classmates, and my thoughts were true. She's with him. For the half of the semester they met, she was closer to him, than she was to me. It was devastating. I still remember how the first time we held hands together, firmly, tightly. I was so needy of her, I lost myself during my greatest depression. My feelings for her were real, and all this time, she never even noticed. She was so happy with that guy, she definitely forgotten about me. I have cared for her, loved her, tried to help her with her education, reminding her why she needs to focus on study...because she needs to have a better life, and she owes this to her family. She was happy...and I thought I made something not only what a true boyfriend would do, this is an advice level of a loyal husband, who cared and truly loved his wife. Now...she's not with me. I was merely a chapter in her life. I was so down...I was devastatingly in pain, the worst days of my life. This is still very recent, like in three weeks. But the thing that got me through...and I hope I still do, is that I never stop loving her. She was the first girl I truly love, and true love never will die. It's the strongest thing in the world. So, I 'm gonna keep loving her, I'm gonna pray for her safety and a happy life, all the time. Cause to me, the only way to truly win in this situation, is to keep your love loyalty high, in that way you know, your heart, your love is so much more powerful, because even though you are in pain, you still have the strength to be nice to people, to love people. Something that can overcome your anxiety, your depression, your hatred, all of this...can be overcome. It can be overcome, believe it. I hope that those who were heartbroken...men, women, girls, boys, the world is more than just that person's love. That person took a small but a truly, very deep fraction of your love heart. But never forget, time heals wounds, including your hearts. And not only that, the support of your friends, no matter the closest or the farthest, and the TRUE LOVE from your FAMILY. Never forget, you're not alone...get through this...get through this depression of losing the one you love...but never stop loving them. Cause your true love was real to them. Don't let it be the false in your heart. Stay true...and be real...always.
rahuljaykarworld (1 month ago)
she left me..nd when i try to talk to her through his frnd..even his frnd blocks me but..now am alone..j have choose my life line..i give my life to bodybuilding..nd its my now 1st year..my journey is just started now..i have to go very far....very far...
Andy Torres#75 (1 month ago)
Just broke up few days ago because she needs to focus on her future and she haves a lot of problems at home but i love her so much that i don't see that as a excuse big enough we are teenagers and i only eat once a day... and ik im going to get better one day but it sucks idk what to do.
I miss my ex But her leaving me motivated me to transform my body. my current success is only because she left me. If she stayed with me, I’d still weigh 240 lbs. I subliminally thank her every day for my success. I still miss her sometimes. But I’m such a better person now.
Raza Awais (1 month ago)
I didn't realize this at the time. But this video is what made me change my lifestyle. I now go to the gym EVERY FUCKING DAY. I've come to that point I feel like shit when I didn't go. My ex hurt me, oh how she hurt me. She played with my heart. But I decided to work towards a better me, because I DO DESERVE BETTER. We all do! It's better to have loved and lost, than to never have allowed yourself to love. It is true. Honestly. You learn and you live.
BlackMask (1 month ago)
Ended a 2 year relationship with someone who truly loved me for who I was at the very core it was mutual but neither of us truly wanted it, her parents put a wedge between us and it killed the relationship. This for me has been incredibly difficult but I see now I can move on from the pain and become a better person because of it. The key is to keep fighting keep moving and become the person she knew I could become and even though she is gone lesson she taught me will stay with me forever. I’m gonna be all I can be and so can YOU
shadow8890 (1 month ago)
Thanks this always cheers me up
Polopolo (1 month ago)
We were so inlove, she was catholic and I was orthodox so we never had sex but I loved that because it meant we loved each other for who we were and how we were with each other...then distance came, and it was too difficult to continue but I feel an energy, something telling me that our hearts are still connected in someway...I trust the univers and I trust god, I feel like we are going to end up together at the end...I love you Agnès
Your Senpai (1 month ago)
My girl and I broke up after 3 years, at one point I was borderline depressed and suicidal because I felt lost. She was the world to me, and I was a happy man. I thought we were a perfect match than one day she pulled the trigger with the breakup. I'm still sad to this day but I have to remind myself that no girl should be the center of my happiness. Most important thing after is to focus on myself. Shit sucks, but it's time to move on and develop yourself. Fitness had saved me, the perfect outlet for all my problems.
Biviano Lopez (1 month ago)
Yo post this on Spotify
Reese Collura (1 month ago)
Got my heart broken by the girl I cared deeply about went down really bad but then realized doing what I was doing was not what I wanted to be doing the rest of my life so I got up and been grinding fuck bitches get juicy never will trust a bitch again cause they snakes but the heart break turned me into a animal
Erin Sellers (1 month ago)
This helped me so much 👍🏽
Trust in flames (1 month ago)
14 years, married for 4 of those years we have 2 kids. I became complacent 2 years ago, whilst dealing with the death of of my best friend and both grandparents. She felt like I didn’t love her, her anxiety took that idea and changed her. 4 months ago she left me. Kicked me out of our family home. I begged and pleaded at first. Left her alone, she then asked to try marriage councelling. now has been using my feelings, thoughts to manipulate and guilt trip me into stuff. I am done. I have never know pain like this in my life, no squat, no dead lift can match that pain I am still feeling. The gym has kept me focused and been a stress reliever every morning. My strength has increased from doing a 5x5 routine for the last four months. I found this video last night and watched this morning before hitting the gym. Stay strong everyone.
Surajit Neogi (1 month ago)
The most tough and heartbreaking thing after a breakup is seeing the girl u loved the most in a relationship with a new guy just after 2 months even though u r still trying hard to move on even after 6 months
Josh (1 month ago)
It’s been three years since the day I was cheated it hurt and I struggled finding that strength to move on I felt empty and I didnt want to go into that pain again but Not so long ago I was travelling and I was at this cafe which I spent a few times at. At first I didn’t take notice of this waitress but she seemed to rather intrigued by me and one day she lighted up when I helped her out of common courtesy and she would always personally make my drink it didn’t click until I was returning home in which now it’s all I can think about. She’s all what I keep thinking about and I haven’t felt this way in a long time but I’m stuck on the aspect of should I make things right and return or do what others have said and be realistic about.
head hunter37 (1 month ago)
Whoever got their heart broken by a girl you truly love hit (like)... We will go through this pain together bro.
Luis Martinez (1 month ago)
Me and my ex broke up after 5 years of being together. Everyday is a battle. The gym definitely helps. She left a hole in my heart. But I’ll get through this. And I’ll come out better at the end. Good luck my Kings. Don’t let these fake ass women ruin you. Work on yourselves. Enjoy the grind.
J Espiel (1 month ago)
Wish I had the energy to go the gym. Everyday, I struggle waking up and stare BLANKLY in the nothingness. I just cant move on...
Tony Stark (1 month ago)
Just found out that she is in relation with a guy....he is rich...when I talked to her she said that I am just having grudge on her coz she rejected me.....since I was a child I was alone....no one...she loved me till tomorrow..we shared so many good things with each other... and today it was over... I want to be an astrophysicist....bt now whenever I start to study...her face comes infront of me...I just want to die...bt then I think about the dream I have...
JLK (1 month ago)
life is really beautiful when you,re focusing on you , you,re goals it opens more than doors it opens the universe upon us
JLK (1 month ago)
we,re all thankful for our ex she made a better me
Ryan Craig-sauer (1 month ago)
My now ex girlfriend left me to get back together with one of her other ex's

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