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Finger Drawing Mistakes You’re Making - Hand Critiques

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Full 80 minute premium critique for this lesson at http://proko.com/anatomy We’re back for Part 2 of the Hand Critiques. This time I want to help you improve the way you’re drawing fingers. I’ll go over a few things that will help you make your fingers more expressive, dynamic and 3D. I’ll show you how to avoid 2 common mistakes - snowman and sausage fingers. If you’re you haven’t seen the main lessons on hands, make sure to watch those: How to Draw Hand Bones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJjMiXlq9ns&list=PLtG4P3lq8RHExM4hzeEW2TRZTB88wKKYf Part 1 - Muscle Anatomy of the Hand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xsqbwu_nMI&list=PLtG4P3lq8RHExM4hzeEW2TRZTB88wKKYf&index=2 Part 2 - Details for Realistic Hands!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4qR2J5EL9M&list=PLtG4P3lq8RHExM4hzeEW2TRZTB88wKKYf&index=3 Part 3 - Drawing Hands from Imagination: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kV2e_v5Pqho&index=9&list=PLtG4P3lq8RHExM4hzeEW2TRZTB88wKKYf Tips on Shading and Drawing Hands: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cx0a2H33Dfg&index=8&list=PLtG4P3lq8RHExM4hzeEW2TRZTB88wKKYf How to Draw a Fist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YB757Nv0cCk&list=PLtG4P3lq8RHExM4hzeEW2TRZTB88wKKYf&index=6 How to Draw Cartoon Hands: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-3v1HEmPOo&index=11&list=PLtG4P3lq8RHExM4hzeEW2TRZTB88wKKYf Full Access to Premium Videos - http://www.proko.com/anatomy Don't miss new tutorials - http://www.proko.com/subscribe Course Package Deals - http://www.proko.com/package-deals Pose photo sets - http://www.proko.com/poses ----- FOLLOW PROKO: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/prokotv Twitter - https://twitter.com/StanProkopenko Periscope - @proko Instagram - http://instagram.com/stanprokopenko Tumblr - http://stanprokopenko.tumblr.com/ Google+ - http://bit.ly/stangplus Email Newsletter- http://www.proko.com/subscribe ----- CREDITS: Artist | Instructor | Producer - Stan Prokopenko (http://www.stanprokopenko.com) Production Assistance - Sean Ramsey (http://www.peoplewhodrawstuff.com), Brandon Storer, Cody Shank Editing - Yana Popova, Sean Ramsey, Stan Prokopenko Students - Nicholas Allott, Neville Harvey, Nick Valente, Sharleen Cu, Jaclyn Quijano, Sonal Prabhune, Christian Aarestrup, Casper Uldal Olsen, Don Sandor, Lucian Smoot, Fiona Prior, TreeZa MaGdy, Cristian Camilo Guzman Music Used with Permission Intro - The Freak Fandango Orchestra #DrawingFingers #DrawingMistakes #ArtCritique
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Text Comments (92)
Proko (1 year ago)
Who’s ready for LEG ANATOMY???
Morjane Kizi (3 months ago)
maybe me? x3 I really need to understand it better! thank you!
Tarq Wahid (1 year ago)
Proko Please help me to learn drawing until I accept the Institute of Fine Arts
Dolphin Lad (1 year ago)
I've been skipping leg day for too long.
提米单 (1 year ago)
Bhuvana Lakshmi (1 year ago)
I'm ready
Saul Garcia (1 day ago)
Modern day Leonardo davinci
チュimoc (23 days ago)
The funny things about ☃️ effect is it's almost the opposite of correct work which the joints are tend to be out not in.
Round (24 days ago)
Hey Proko, what kind of chair is that?
Thomas Eulogy (1 month ago)
Just want to thank you for your content. Went thru all hand videos (including April fools one), filled sketchbook with tips and examples. I can draw hand better only 5 years more and I will be confident with it. Anyways THANK YOU FOR AWESOME vids! You are great teacher.
Doug G (1 month ago)
I need one of those ninja drawing gloves:)
Doug G (1 month ago)
Hands are the hardest things to draw.
sway71 (1 month ago)
Mind blown! Your critique about the curve being roughly the same on the front and back of the finger helped me immensely. It was even better to see how you formed the fat padding after getting that initial form/shape. This has helped me with both my drawing and my 3D sculpting in Blender! Thank you!
Brent Taylor Art (3 months ago)
my fingers actually look like 5 sausages so I thought Nick's was perfect
Vinicius Miranda (3 months ago)
That's some solid Finger Tips right there...
TheJoltySpark (5 months ago)
Talk about an opening!
Mizo (8 months ago)
cool tutorial as always, but lets say i'm a master in anatomy, perspective, and know all human figure planes in perspective but there is no way with all of those info to make one decent depict for a complex form like the human figure with no idea about using edges correctly between light tones and dark tones "not only core shadow "by only knowing the basics of lightning over a sphere that everyone already knows :/ there are many things needs clarifying thx
Rachel B (8 months ago)
THANK YOU SO MUCH! I struggle the most with fingers!
TheTillinger123 (9 months ago)
I´d be very interested in you showing drawings from other artists that you really like, and explain what draws you to them. Would be much appreciated to watch you talk about drawings that are as perfect as possible. For me it might be stuff from Robert Liberace, Albrecht Dürer or John Howe perhaps :)
N. P. (9 months ago)
This is extremely helpful! I can't believe I've been falling for these stupid mistakes for so long. Thank you, so absolutely much. =)
vegtam (10 months ago)
Unintentionally hilarious. "Sausage sausage sausage..."
Green Berry (11 months ago)
I would love to see the video on how to draw I-want-you hand
Gözde Ecem Çelik (11 months ago)
we want turkish subtitles 😌
Gözde Ecem Çelik (11 months ago)
Jadwiga Konieczna what ?🤔
Jagoda Ky (11 months ago)
Gözde Ecem Çelik Who cares
Deepika Padukone FanZone (11 months ago)
Ur videos are really nice😎👌
Alexandr Sukhoterin (1 year ago)
Stan а ти пам'ятаєш українську мову, бо бачу що у для тебя українське призвище і ім'я тво мабуть Стас?
Bender Rodriguez (1 year ago)
The folds inside the palm are off
CrasyWolfGirl (1 year ago)
I wanna share a little tip that has helped me when working with references: make it black and white. If you only need to see the shapes and shadows it is easier to see and copy those when the colour is not distracting from the shading.
Cristian Guzmàn (1 year ago)
Great video, thank you for those amazing advices !! Cheers :D
tucainga (1 year ago)
Nice channel with great overview over anatomy drawing. But the correction on the pinky finger on the first draw counters the nature of anatomy, the advice looks almost anime type, the finger will never naturaly bend like that, only if in pressure. The original was actualy more ocurate even if not completly correct.
1996manoj vaghela (1 year ago)
My Choice (1 year ago)
Mateusz (1 year ago)
Someone need to take proko from the thumbnail and draw the rest of him playing a guitar solo
Newton's Third Law (1 year ago)
I think you misunderstood the original orientation of the hand model in 4:43. In yours the hand is fully extended with a straight wrist whereas the original has the hand slightly cupped with wrist also slightly extended out.
Bhuvana Lakshmi (1 year ago)
thank you nice
Rex Art (1 year ago)
I need a hand with my work
AlluraCellario (1 month ago)
Rex Art Use your hand as reference. This is why beginner artists should draw from real life and photo references.
N. P. (9 months ago)
was that I pun I saw
Im V (1 year ago)
Dan Fors (1 year ago)
I don't have that S-curve at all on my fingers. Some people do have that snowman look for real.
Proko (1 year ago)
+Dan Fors send me some pics of your hands. I wanna see! (Not weird at all)
Ateneiro (1 year ago)
Very nice video, I learned much from it BUT I think that those people, especially the last one (that thumb) was much fatter than in your re-draw, I would like to see some fatter hands from you :) because peole start thinking fat and THAT makes them draw the snowman effect, I find it very difficult myself and always mess up
danure (1 year ago)
Wow, on the 1st one I can't even get my pinky to bend like that. I get that it looks more appealing (or dynamic), but the original was truthfully more accurate.
Proko (1 year ago)
+danure shoot for 80% accurate and 20% awesome
ーShu (1 year ago)
Добрый денек, ваш канал, одинешенек из самых наилучших и увлекательных. Мы сможете мастерить российские субтитры?
sagar chowdhary (1 year ago)
That is one big tablet
Ashen Deku (1 year ago)
Yeah it's a wacom cintiq 22 I think
aureadas (1 year ago)
Thanks for your videos 💖✨✨✨✨✨just now, I must draw hands with fisch.
Cho Lin (1 year ago)
I wish I had better memory so I can memorize all these information.
AlluraCellario (1 month ago)
Cho Lin In psychology there is such thing as short term memory or long term memory. Thomas Frank did a video mentioning recall versus recognition. For artists memorizing something you want to draw. You need to practice and re draw your mistakes in order to get the most out of your practice for drawing hands.
El Weidlerino (3 months ago)
If you're serious, but the information in small chunks, do repetitive drills on them until you feel they stick, go on to the next small chunk. A pianist doesn't learn a whole composition playing everything from the start to the end.
Vinicius Miranda (3 months ago)
I find useful to have a notebook with me and just replicate his drawings, while also taking notes.
Thomas Eulogy (7 months ago)
Here´s a short version: No snowmen with sausages! Thumbs are dogheads.
Everett White (1 year ago)
Cho Lin The Subscribe and Notification buttons are great memory aides. You can create your favorite playlists too.
Flame Alligator (1 year ago)
Excellent critiques! Now, I will look at my own hand studies for similar mistakes.
Jose Bndsck (1 year ago)
Proko, sir, youre a beast!. love your videos!
THUNGUNSPRO *X* (1 year ago)
add cc pls
Sean Ramsey (1 year ago)
Usually the CC for critiques is added about a week later.
THUNGUNSPRO *X* (1 year ago)
Your a saviour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dej Winner (1 year ago)
From my heart Thx😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️
Anwar Rahmoon (1 year ago)
where can i find the group to submit my work?
Anwar Rahmoon (1 year ago)
Sean Ramsey Thanks!
Sean Ramsey (1 year ago)
It's at proko.com/groups
Мне весьма нравится будто ты рисуешь руки))
Ataa yare (1 year ago)
it's beautiful tnx
Jennyliino (1 year ago)
is that photoshop you use btw? what tool? it might be useful for me for sketching/ lineart.
Ash Phadke (9 months ago)
He’s using photoshop most probably , the tool is a brush tool
Danny Cruz (1 year ago)
The hand wielding the tool matters more than the tool itself..
Jennyliino (1 year ago)
Rex Art whaaaaaaaaa?!??
Rex Art (1 year ago)
Jennyliino I think he's using Paint
Jennyliino (1 year ago)
savior proko saves me from my own unskillful hand drawing skills. thank you.
What You See ? (1 year ago)
one look to the thumbnail and i knew things gonna get "twisted" on this video ;P
Jabbar Lennett (1 year ago)
Can you teach us how to draw legs?
PaperPatriot (1 year ago)
Are you going to cover the legs this year?
Mr Carter (1 year ago)
Thank you pal

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