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Magic Online Championship Trailer - Watch this Friday!

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Starting THIS Friday, May 17, you can watch the Magic Online Championship! This is just a handful of the competitors for this year's Magic Online Championship. MOCS Finals Schedule: - Friday (10am Pacific start): War of the Spark Draft Rounds 1-3, Standard Rounds 4-7 - Saturday May 18 (8am Pacific start): War of the Spark Draft Rounds 8-10, Modern Rounds 11-14 - Sunday May 19 (10am Pacific start): Top 4, Best 2 of 3 matches using Standard and Modern All streamed live on twitch.tv/Magic
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Text Comments (8)
Eddie Gleason (10 days ago)
Is Owen not playing?
Adrian del Pozo (10 days ago)
you make a trailer but don't say which formats they will play? i don't care who is playing if i don't know the format...
Randy Buehler (10 days ago)
I did put all that info in the description (Modern, Standard, and War of the Spark draft)
doomtomb3 (11 days ago)
some new faces and old time pros
Bruh Juice (11 days ago)
this was pointless
RaimonTarou (11 days ago)
cant wait for some MTG action!!
shuffling max (11 days ago)
nice trailer
Diego Ghiggi (11 days ago)

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