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drunk peeing in public vs. motion activated sprinklers and bucket boobie trap montage part 3

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We live in a beachfront community that attracts a lot of extra traffic in the summer months. Unfortunately the bar patrons feel it's ok to duck down the side of a house to relieve themselves on the way to the next bar. Last summer i bought a few motion activated sprinklers for each side of the house and it worked really well at keeping them at bay. I added a bucket connected to a trip wire at the back of our alley to my ,"please don't urinate on my house" arsenal. Here's a short video from the last two weekends. Enjoy!
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Text Comments (13)
was it hard to set 5-6 sec timer for spray? just to see the girl's ass ;)
Stella Vaaler (22 days ago)
Great sprinkler system dad. Making sure our house stays clean.
Роман Енин (22 days ago)
в трибунал на него еще не подали?
Cheeto S (23 days ago)
This is so freaking awesome Literally perfect justice being served
Ashley Warner (24 days ago)
Is it only activated by pee, or does it still work if they try to poop?
Stella Vaaler (22 days ago)
Good question
Reason (24 days ago)
Show no mercy to these savages. You are doing God's work :P
Joel Rifken (1 month ago)
I would hate living here
East Kanye (2 months ago)
I saw your house last Saturday. I saw the buckets. I thought it was hysterical. Now you have set it up so the buckets automatically refill. I am shocked by how brazen the drunks are.
ChallengeCommander (3 months ago)
Let ladies pee!
Brian T (3 months ago)
Connie (24 days ago)
Fucking weird
Mitchell Toseland (3 months ago)
It looked like the last girl got through to pee. Footage confirmation would have been good lol

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