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War of the Spark w/ Emma Handy & Cedric Phillips l Game Knights #26 l Magic the Gathering Brawl

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This video is sponsored by Wizards of the Coast. Support the show by using our Card Kingdom affiliate link for your next Magic purchase: http://www.cardkingdom.com/commandzone ---------- SHOW NOTES: Tournament regulars Emma Handy and Cedric Phillips step out of the SCG Tour commentary booth and get knighted for this special War of the Spark episode! In order to take full advantage of the new planeswalkers, we’re slugging-it-out in the Brawl format, where those cards can be your Commanders. It’s Kiora vs Ral vs Roalesk vs Niv-Mizzet in a fast-paced, action-packed, nail-biter with wild swings all the way until the final turn. Who will emerge victorious? ONLY ONE MAY STAND!! ---------- Huge thanks to UltraPro (http://www.ultrapro.com - @UltraProIntl) for sponsoring this episode and providing awesome prizes for our giveaways! Be sure to check out their new Relic Tokens! Find UltraPro on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UltraProInternational/ Purchase a Game Knights t-shirt (available for a limited time): http://bit.ly/GKShirt Be sure to enter the contest at the end of the episode for a chance to win swag from UltraPro, Card Kingdom and more! Winners will be announced on Twitter and Facebook on the evening of Wednesday, May 8th. ---------- Where to find our guests online: Emma Handy: Twitter: @Em_TeeGee Articles: http://www.starcitygames.com/articles/tags/EmmaHandy/2019-01-28/2019-04-28 Commentary: https://www.twitch.tv/scgtour Cedric Phillips: Twitter: @CedricAPhillips Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/thecedricphillipspodcast Commentary: https://www.twitch.tv/scgtour ---------- Thank you to Star City Games for use of footage: https://www.youtube.com/starcitygames Thank you to LoadingReadyRun for use of footage: https://www.youtube.com/user/loadingreadylive ---------- Decklists: Emma’s Niv-Mizzet Reborn Decklist: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/emmas-niv-mizzet-game-knights-26/ Cedric’s Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner Decklist: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/cedrics-kiora-game-knights-26/ JLK’s Ral, Storm Conduit Decklist: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/jlks-ral-game-knights-26/ Jimmy’s Roalesk, Apex Hybrid Decklist: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/jimmys-roalesk-game-knights-26/ ---------- Credits: Josh Lee Kwai – Director & Editor Terry Robertson - Editor Lauren Haroutunian - Director of Photography Jim Funicelli - Sound Recording Josh Murphy: Assistant Editor and Script Supervisor Ashlen Rose: Assistant Editor Terry Robertson - Special Graphics and FX Danny Batterman - L2 Judge Jimmy Wong - Sound Mix Bonnie Bacevich - Set Design ---------- Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CommandCast/ Follow us on Twitter! @CommandCast @jfwong @JoshLeeKwai Email us: [email protected] ---------- What life total app do we use? LIFELINKER: Lifelinker is the premium Life Counter app for Magic: the Gathering - available for FREE on the Apple and Android App Stores now! Customize your experience and redeem codes from your favorite creators to use their logo as your background when you game! Featuring logos from: Tolarian Community College Limited Resources Loading Ready Run The Mana Source Magic The Amateuring The Masters of Modern Brainstorm Brewery The Magic Man Sam Card Kingdom Commanderin’ Commander’s Brew SGDoc ...and more! Download Lifelinker today - available on Android and IOS platforms. ---------- Brawl Format Rules: https://magic.wizards.com/en/game-info/gameplay/formats/brawl
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Text Comments (2549)
sareth90 (10 hours ago)
34:45 best Trump meme quote ever!!
Grundy (16 hours ago)
Replace this video with Oathbreaker :P
deckMage CCG (17 hours ago)
BRAWL!!! Thank you for featuring this format for the episode!! I’ve already watched it twice!! Next to Commander it’s my favorite way to play MTG & how I’ve introduced two players to the world of Magic & Commander!! Man, I’d love to play this on MTG Arena!!
Eric L (1 day ago)
BRAWL?!?!?! How much WotC pay yall to keep that shit alive?
Leo Javaud (1 day ago)
can you try oathbreaker??
Dark Shadow (1 day ago)
44:11 Shouldn't flood of recollection not work on Finale of Revelation? Unless I missed something, Finale of Revelation should be exiled.
Sacha Baker (2 days ago)
You guys should play oathbreaker :)
Matthew Desrosiers (2 days ago)
Yea war of the spark great set, got me into red particularly rakdos.
Matthew Desrosiers (2 days ago)
I was really hoping for u Emma it was a good game, but Cedric rekt at the end there.
dantezco (2 days ago)
Phuoc-Toan Nguyen (3 days ago)
What a twist, i thought she would win. I guess that board wipe at one pt she did was a mistake due overthinking?
MasterGreg888 (3 days ago)
Are you guys doing oathbreaker next
Travis Hipp (3 days ago)
I wish I had this friends like these. Play to have fun. My one friend only plays to win, and wins 99% of all games, it's boring.
Marc Sanchez (3 days ago)
Legit thought that was Ronda Rousey at 1st
Babybigfoot1086 (4 days ago)
Evolution sage would be a 5/4, not a 5/3
Draco Obscurus (4 days ago)
So I can’t figure out how to comment on the podcast if that’s a thing but I was wondering if there is a commander variant that y’all know of where the commanders color identity does not matter?
Barrels991 (5 days ago)
emma's teeth
Bush Wookies (5 days ago)
that’s a dude
Grey Fox (6 days ago)
is that how Spell Swindle works? I assumed you get only 2 treasures @ 24:00
Ebe Ye (6 days ago)
It is how spell swindle works
Sebastiano Parenti (6 days ago)
Please do some oathbreaker
Natalee Lance (6 days ago)
Wye did thay make colder planswallkers when thay have brawl.
HopelessXzavier (7 days ago)
"dont like ganging up on people." Three seconds later gangs up on josh and kills him lmao
Joe Linton (7 days ago)
Man this show is fun. Everyone seems like they are enjoying themselves. But Josh plays the lamest, most unfun decks possible. Shits lame.
Josh Epstein (7 days ago)
Brawl. Lol.
pokemon37140 (7 days ago)
For your guy's next game knight episode can you guys try out a brudiclad deck I feel like you guys would love it
Qrazy Quarian (8 days ago)
Hey, where can I get that playmat with Bolas and the shattered soul drinker?
Rocket Man (8 days ago)
Some of these games seem to perfect not to be staged
Kevin Dietz (8 days ago)
her voice might be the most annoying thing ive ever heard before
Cups ! (8 days ago)
Irritated by someone's voice.
Questionable Context (8 days ago)
I wonder if Cassius Marsh is ever coming back? I love how chill he is and he'll just bring in that NFL money level cards.
RealBenda (8 days ago)
Emma seems very nice, but that nasal voice hurts me... :(
Jake Heydenrych (8 days ago)
Y'all should play an Unhinged 4-Way
Eklypze.Z30 (9 days ago)
So.. why are they using planeswalkers as commanders?
SacredCharizard (8 days ago)
Because they're playing Brawl, which is a variant of Commander but with only Standard-legal cards. Planeswalkers can be your commander in Brawl.
Wish I could do it but I have trashCards 😂
erick miguel (9 days ago)
wtf is that girl voice... g-zus
Dicky Moe (9 days ago)
...Who would name their son Emma?
Masaz (10 days ago)
I can now only refer to people named Jim as Jimonthy 😆
shuffling max (10 days ago)
brawl. like ridin a dead horse
Dylan Dow (10 days ago)
Can I be on game nights and I don't really play camander but I play modan or brawl and I don't have patron.
Transparent Eclipse (10 days ago)
Howzit everybody! That makes me happy every time I hear it
Trust Me I'm A Stomach (10 days ago)
Add commander to Arena!!!
Leon Lefebvre (10 days ago)
Why didn’t josh ral on his karns temporal sundering?
Artell Grant (11 days ago)
Just ordered my box and the two commander decks using your affiliate link. Love your content so supported!!
João Zamboni (11 days ago)
how jimmy return finnale of revelation from his grave if the card is exiled?
nico tengco (9 days ago)
it is countered so it will go to it's owners graveyarf
nb970 (11 days ago)
Have you two thought of playing Pauper Commander? Commander decks completely made out of commons or Pauper legal cards on MTGO. IF YOU DO!! I would like to recommend bringing on the guys of Color Commontary podcast onto the show to play. They are excellent players and great guys who know a lot about the format and I believe they would be worthy opponents. Michael Petschek and Adrian Gwarzalez (Gonzalez) to be Knighted!!
Miki TB (11 days ago)
EMMAAAAAAA \o/ *instant like*
Skeliton101 Plays (11 days ago)
If you wanted to show off plainswalkers you should have played the oathbreaker format
Brian Tarbill (11 days ago)
Is Extra Turns coming back?
Eduardo Iannicelli (11 days ago)
Holyshit, do you guys have to comment on EVERY single land drop or play you do? Geeezuz...
Joshua Silva (12 days ago)
Root snare
Magus Armada (12 days ago)
hahaha brawl....fucking stupid...
Zac Wilk (12 days ago)
Zac Wilk (12 days ago)
i want deck lists
Josh Shin (12 days ago)
how long have they said , "Only one may stand!" vs "Their can be only one!"? I have watched this for a while and it never clicked to me that they said this till JUST NOW.
Keago (12 days ago)
This was actually awesome, I play commander all the time so it's good to get away from some format staples and see some standard shenanigans.
Ven Gray (12 days ago)
nails on chalkboard
54m0h7 (12 days ago)
Nice to see Brawl. Hoping it's not dead, but we'll see. Adding it to Arena will make a big difference.
Tarta (12 days ago)
Flood of recollection should'nt have been able to get back finale, though? Am I missing something?
Tinkor 1675 (9 days ago)
Tarta Flood was countered. Since it did not resolve, it was not exiled.
Benjamin Anderson (12 days ago)
Cassius mad a mistake he used adapt on his incubation elf while it had a +1/+1 counter on it already
V. Adonis (12 days ago)
Oskar Wallmark (12 days ago)
I am the youngest person ever seen game knights. Because I am 12
KyanKonsog (12 days ago)
jorochimaru (12 days ago)
Eww brawl. Should have been commander. They need to bring commander to arena with all the old cards as well. Then I'll play arena
Jordan Stevens (12 days ago)
Yooo this show is blowing up, they got Kermit the frog's voice actor on the show. Magic really is breaking ceilings.
Andrew Peters (13 days ago)
Her voice is so annoying everytime she speaks I want to die
Dylan Adelmann (13 days ago)
I wish i had freinds to play magic with
Crispy (13 days ago)
Is it just me or does Emma look like Josh’ long lost Sister
Dicky Moe (7 days ago)
+Crispy well, I mean, Emma is a man.
Crispy (7 days ago)
Dicky Moe same difference
Dicky Moe (9 days ago)
Enrique Rivera (13 days ago)
Excited to watch this but no Bolas as commander :(
Lucas Aquino Silva (13 days ago)
Wherr is the game where someone uses liliana as a commander? I can't find it anymore
vulpinfang (13 days ago)
I think Jiang Yanggu, wildcrafter is jimmy. Cause if you look at the the first letters in each part of his name. J Y And W. That’s all in jimmys name and J and W are his initials, plus Mowi looks like kiwi. That’s pretty awesome that jimmys unofficially ((even though we know he is)) a card is magic. Never gonna trade my Jiang yanggu and mowi. ((Building either a fun standard deck with them, or a commander deck with mowi loyal companion as the commander))
Michael Allen (13 days ago)
@jimmy Wong. Is there a card list of her niv deck? I've been trying to build one round him myself for the past few days but just can't seem to get it down to where I want it.
shaneveil (13 days ago)
Wish someone would of said let's brawl in the intro
B Berry (13 days ago)
Still doing this Brawl mess? :(
dude randum (14 days ago)
Make a god-eternals game knights!
dude randum (14 days ago)
Make a god-eternal kefnet extra turns deck for the extra turns vid
Jason Rozansky (14 days ago)
At 51:20 She traded with the Hostage Taker, meaning Cedric gets the map back.
JmLyan (12 days ago)
Hostage Taker only gives back what it has stolen if that card is still exiled. If you cast it before then, you will get to keep it when Hostage Taker leaves.
Joshua Silva (14 days ago)
Nicol bolas is OP OP
The BadassNinja (14 days ago)
Good stuff
80budokai (14 days ago)
Awesome video! 💯🙌
XILEX (14 days ago)
FanErii (14 days ago)
One of the gyms look like miselk
holychest13 (15 days ago)
As soon as they said brawl I left this video. Lemme know when you play "Commander".
holychest13 (15 days ago)
+Hunter Wallish Its called the Command Zone.. Enough said..
Hunter Wallish (15 days ago)
Gross. Why even post a comment?
Mikey 2DropZ (15 days ago)
i'm emma handy and you might recognize me as a tranny
iornworks 22 (15 days ago)
I got a Nissa, Genesis Mage as my plansWalker
James Wright (15 days ago)
"Best part of the game coming up!" Ouuuuch...that burn...
Matthew Staats (15 days ago)
Please play oathbreaker for the next game knights episode.
Hunter Hottinger (9 days ago)
Cory Ledwitch (15 days ago)
I'm confused... you're sitting on Niv-Mizzet, Rakdos and 1 other creature, while your 2 opponents have one large creature apiece. You KNOW that an opponent has and is most likely going to drop a Hydroid Krasis on their next turn, so you throw down a Kaya's Wrath and boardwipe? I guess they really were besties after all or that was a misplay if you ask me.
GoliathGTX (13 days ago)
I don't get that play either. Why go all-in on the flying-destroying-everything plan and then put a halt to it at the final second? I would take my chance to close out the game than delaying, especially as she said it herself that her hand is garbage. I don't get her reasoning of sudden crackback creatures either, Jimmy has no red and Cedric is likely Hydroid Krasis-ing, or surely doesn't have whatever hasty creature to kill her in a single turn.
Robert Norton (15 days ago)
I can't get into brawl. Keeping up with standard rotation is lame.
Robert Norton (10 days ago)
+John Smith I gotta admit, also good points.
John Smith (10 days ago)
+Robert Norton Fair points. Though I think the cost wouldn't be such an issue for Brawl. Feels like you could just dig through the $1 bin for each new set and come up with something sweet (and if you do go for something pricier, you need only one copy) I could be wrong though.
Robert Norton (10 days ago)
+John Smith I can't speak for everyone else, but my friends and I are real casual players. We each have several decks and with commander having 100 card decks, it always feels different no matter how many times certain decks are played against each other. Plus, keeping up with standard can get pretty expensive for me. I usually just use cards that I have.
John Smith (10 days ago)
I always have trouble understanding this. Is it really that bad to change up your deck once in a while? Doesn't it get boring playing the same cards constantly?
EliTheGleason (15 days ago)
My favorite ritual of watching these is hammering the fast forward until they STFU and get to the player intros
Jeffrey Cincoski (15 days ago)
Emma’s untap form is way pro!
[17's Angel] (15 days ago)
Is it just me? But this is exaggerated! All i can hear translates "hey guys, spend more money on mtg!"
Wiseley T (16 days ago)
Whoa, finale of revelation should have been exiled lol. You couldn't have gotten it back with flood of recollection...
Adam Horváth (15 days ago)
Not exactly. It exiles itself as part of the spell, which means it would have to resolve. The counterspell, however, put it into the GY right from the stack so tge "Exile..." part of Finale didn't matter
Dante Danlington (16 days ago)
Pewdiepie plays magic. Why not invite him?
QwertP (16 days ago)
Só much fun!
The Eyebrows (16 days ago)
Cedric was such a fun guest! I hope you have him back.
On 24:00, doesnJosh really get 7 treasures? Isn’t finale of revelation’s cmc actually 2 because X is 0 or does that change when you cast the spell?
GoliathGTX (13 days ago)
It is CMC = [total mana to cast it] when it's on the stack. It is CMC 2 outside of the stack.
DuzMachines (16 days ago)
That sound effect on 31:02 LOL
Yayyy! Emma handy
Robert King (16 days ago)
Did they change CMC rules? Pretty sure that CMC was only 2? Last that I recall, X costs don't count towards convert mana cost? (Edit:) Looks like they did change the X rules, weird.
Breanne Barton (16 days ago)
Where can I get that old school style Nicol Bolas playmat?
ImMeNsE Gaming (16 days ago)
I would like to see cashes on the show again

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