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NOOB FALLS IN LOVE WITH DRIFT*SEASON 5*Fortnite Short Film +LITTLE LIZARD MAIN : http://bit.ly/LittleLizardSubscribe +RAPTOR'S NEW CHANNEL : http://bit.ly/RaptorsChannel +BUY MERCH - https://www.littleclubmerch.com/fortnite +INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/ryan_littlelizard Here we go for another installment of the Fortnite series on the BONUS channel, leave a thumbs up for more! SUBSCRIBE HERE : http://bit.ly/LittleLizardBonusYT
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Text Comments (9368)
Jenson Knox (11 hours ago)
Gray Mitchell (13 hours ago)
That skin is OP! ME: over priced?
Fatima Khatoon (1 day ago)
Cecilia Hernandez (1 day ago)
Love your video s man classic 👌🏿
Growlithe_21 (1 day ago)
Why does everyone say that the commando skin is a nooby skin it’s not it’s actually a try hard skin
spicey noodles (2 days ago)
you are all stupid dumb ass kids who watch this ugly shit think of it its so cringe
Colorzone Offset (2 days ago)
i hate robot guy and gas mask guy
Roqiaa Saad (4 days ago)
There talking and there mouths are closed
Destro Hydra (5 days ago)
“Hi we are the SSDT, and we kill innocent noobs every single day for entertainment AND WE ARE HEROES 😃” tf
LazerXD3 (7 days ago)
Sow dud
Tamarj Fulton (8 days ago)
It's funy the noob chas drefst
cool kids Productions (8 days ago)
She is a noob drift hates her so do I kill her drifty
Cacamax:v (8 days ago)
Que pedorro we
Toy reviews 4 kids (11 days ago)
The part where drift ran from love.
Jaydn Kelly (12 days ago)
Is drift scuba Steve
DEVi BISHA (13 days ago)
Henry Henry (14 days ago)
If they,re noobs how come they have the face palm emote
BR Colts patroits (15 days ago)
14:20 caught
Hassan El Zein (15 days ago)
My favorite part was you
Mauaol Kelly (16 days ago)
I'm watching this in season 7 2019
mclaudio69 (4 days ago)
MAKEOUTHILL 1998 (16 days ago)
Why does drift always sound shy
Brian GamingYT (16 days ago)
Skins don’t mean anything of how your good defaults can be an OG in my opinion and purple skull troopers are less OG DON’T BE MEAN TO DEFAULTS came out in season 1
edwin hennum (17 days ago)
But sunstrider is The best girl
Marx the jester (17 days ago)
drift x default I ship it
No One cares :D (18 days ago)
Game end
Janiyah Brown (18 days ago)
sky sraper is stuip
Etene Maiava (18 days ago)
That is wird... because Don,t thay say Don,t fall in love first sight right?
Sebastian Duckett (18 days ago)
Dont like this
Blustarplayz Evo (18 days ago)
Commander isn't actually a noob skin for me. Like if you agree.
That noob made me laugh so hard when she was chasing drift 😂😂😂
Azul Gamino (19 days ago)
Click the thumbs up button and it will turn blue 👇
Azul Gamino (19 days ago)
What else do you have under your bed drift
Juan Alarcon (19 days ago)
Bich 🖕💣💢
Plumgin Lion 112 (19 days ago)
I have one eye
Juan Garcia (20 days ago)
14:55 lol i couldn't stop laughing i was crying
IFM (19 days ago)
Press this button 👇
Josabbath Cisnero (20 days ago)
No Agan video malvados
Damian Perez (21 days ago)
why is the Zone thare but one like makes john a billiner!
FBRFxSTIZZZ x (22 days ago)
Oi mate lady’s first on the jump pad
King Show (23 days ago)
Way do sky's talker have on that mask?
Wither Destroyer (23 days ago)
Noob /pronoob
Filipino Kid (23 days ago)
No no no no no Drynx for life!
Aaron (23 days ago)
Christmas Eve????
deadpool fan (24 days ago)
Can you make a video about ice king being a good guy?
Ron Will (24 days ago)
What happened after drift run
Liltyty 45 (24 days ago)
Liltyty 45 (24 days ago)
Liltyty 45 (24 days ago)
Keep replaying this 00:00
Liltyty 45 (24 days ago)
Liltyty 45 (24 days ago)
Anybody watching season 7
skate border games (24 days ago)
😠 this is noob 👕 He's nice 👖 He's cool 👞 He's a noob
skate border games (24 days ago)
skate border games (24 days ago)
💀 this is noob
skate border games (24 days ago)
😈 this is noob
skate border games (24 days ago)
skate border games (24 days ago)
😀 this is noob
skate border games (24 days ago)
No You like drift
Velle Simpson (25 days ago)
John cena should be in fortnite.like if you agree
Velle Simpson (25 days ago)
John cena should be in fortnite
Joey Federko (25 days ago)
I wanted summit skin in session 7
Joey Federko (25 days ago)
Who's your favourite YouTuber me ninja tufe dackqn John wick
Adam Tahirou (25 days ago)
Why is this so funny?
Sophie Wells (25 days ago)
LOL sky walker is on top of on sky scraper get it !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amanda Cox (26 days ago)
Nooooo their not
Glassyboy (26 days ago)
andydieh (26 days ago)
Jackie Gonzales (27 days ago)
I get like 7 kills each match
Jackie Gonzales (27 days ago)
Season 7 2018?
Liltyty 45 (24 days ago)
Jackie Gonzales Me
Fredrik Harfors (27 days ago)
This is teddy🐻 Teddy says hi🐻✋ Teddy says clap clap🐻👏🏻👏🏻 Ops teddy died🐻😵
Fredrik Harfors (27 days ago)
This is teddy🐻 Teddy says hi🐻✋ Teddy says hi when the car go's bye🐻✋🚘 The car go's bye and teddys face turns red🐻😡 Ops now teddys dead 🐻😵
Pryo Fox (28 days ago)
Drift running away
Silsilahwati Ong (28 days ago)
My brother once got 24kills all pros
Crazy Noobguy (29 days ago)
Your sister Little carly
Crazy Noobguy (29 days ago)
Where is little lizard and little turtle and shark and everyone
Star Satvik (29 days ago)
I feel bad for the Noobs like if you agree
Rozhan Jawad (30 days ago)
LoL 🖕🏻
GachaPyro (1 month ago)
I watched when she did minecraft
dab master (1 month ago)
I like the noob trying to married drift
KittyCatGrl12 (1 month ago)
I love drift but I feel bad that drift has that crazy no skin in love with him
Cameron Drinkwine (1 month ago)
My bast was when run out the house screaming 🤪
Abnish Rajbhandari (1 month ago)
Season 7 playing
Matthew Taranto (1 month ago)
you are a big bully to noobs. I love noobs they are really cute in their little green boots
Little b 975 (1 month ago)
Yo mama
TheGamer Bros (1 month ago)
So long ago!
PUPPYS R LIFE (1 month ago)
John wick said he got all “pro players no noobs” but when you first see him he put a sticky on a default’s face THEORY EXPLAINED ★
Ryhorn 11 (1 month ago)
Garty is a right handed vagina
Boba Fett 2 (1 month ago)
I’m watching in season 7
Ilse Venegas (1 month ago)
Amy Craycraft (1 month ago)
What the fuck was that it was unrealistic
Joyce Raines (1 month ago)
You suk
marlow et la psycho (1 month ago)
salut likez si vous êtes français et abonné vous à ma chaîne
marlow et la psycho (1 month ago)
bravo je te félicite 😊 j'adore les vidéos que tu fais continue comme ça et tu vas avoir un plus gros succès un jour tu es un de mes youtubeur préféré 😊😊😊
Hauptmann Hans (1 month ago)
Drift is afraid of her because 1) she's a thot 2) he might be big gay
Miles M (1 month ago)
Hauptmann Hans (1 month ago)
I actually liked the pick for the music in the beginning.
J Damon (1 month ago)
Who ever makes these videos are so immature
Aiden Davidson (1 month ago)
Good job little lizard keep up the good work
jamaicankpoplover (1 month ago)
Who she is tell mr. wig the truth
jamaicankpoplover (1 month ago)
why would she fall in love with drift, and call him bo bo and my love for no reason?

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