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35 Amazing Photos of Famous People When They Were Young

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35 Amazing Photos of Famous People When They Were Young
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jesse harper (5 days ago)
i thought oprah was a tranny? guess not
big Mac (6 days ago)
Colbert looked gay even then.
Anas Al Subhi (7 days ago)
2:11 Mother Teresa : UNBELIEVABLE ! I know what you pious people are going to say ; the beauty was transferred to the inside , but I don't fucking believe it.
Oveida Sinclair (7 days ago)
Stalin always had a head of hair and Hillary always was butt ugly, I would have never pick out LD when he had hair
* nanormous * (7 days ago)
How is it possible that Hillary was even uglier at 22? What a horrendous cunt. Hope she dies soon. #DeathToTraitors #DieDemocrooks
john milner (7 days ago)
God dannnng helen mirren...shit she was fine..
King Charles (7 days ago)
Helen Mirren....whoa
Helen Mirren was a slut
Abe Lincoln looked 55 always
Mona Toney (7 days ago)
That was very interesting
Aurora James (8 days ago)
Bet half those people thought they were ugly when they were young.
Surrinder J (9 days ago)
2:31 Helen Mirren looks gorgeous, and she looks ok now too 4:40 Jobs looks like that woman in glasses on the big bang theory. Peace ✌️ out people
paul broderick (9 days ago)
Martha Stewart. Beautiful then, beautiful now!
Richard Ramirez (10 days ago)
OMG Martin Luther King. First time ive seen him that young. That look in his eyes just touched me deeply...one of my heros. 😭😭😭 mother. Theresa same
T H (11 days ago)
I don't know what Stephen Colbert that was but that Can't be THE Stephen Colbert
Hanna Borgs (12 days ago)
Young Roosevelt reminds me of "Luke Skywalker"!
David Gladwin (12 days ago)
Winston Churchill the man who save humanmankind
guillermo sahuquillo (13 days ago)
sinatra... bad ass lol
Jerrol Hale (15 days ago)
Bill Clinton with JFK reminds me of the scene in Forrest Gump I wonder if he has to pee
Michael Vincent (15 days ago)
Mother Teresa, what a beautiful sole
Andre 92 (15 days ago)
Lady gaga? Really! Nobody gives a fuck about her childhood pics
forestsoceansmusic (15 days ago)
Seeing as how you showed the young Stalin, why not show his apprentice Adolf Hitler when he was young too?
GRB Major (16 days ago)
Wow, these were fascinating. Helen Mirren and Martha Stewart!!!!!!
derfer007 (16 days ago)
Joseph Stalin tho. 😳
Rebecca Crone (20 days ago)
Here is a link to Real MotherTeresa photos https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_57c727b0e4b0a22de093b8ad
Kelly Conroy (21 days ago)
Hillary still ugly as shit. Merkel also.
Steven Rawson (21 days ago)
Who bloody cares
Becky Lawler (21 days ago)
I heard several years ago that adultery was going to be considered a criminal offense again. Why don't we get followup news on these stories?
Rolf Leseratz (21 days ago)
Teresa was a sadistic mass murderer. .n
Bill Bergendahl (24 days ago)
Oprah Winfrey is about one month older than I am.
Todd D (25 days ago)
If you believe this your retarded
Shane Norman (25 days ago)
Mother Teresa was Albanian, born in Macedonia. The photo shows what appears to be an Asian woman; she even seems to be wearing Chinese dress.
mckavitt13 (25 days ago)
Clint Eastwood is always the It-Boy.
mckavitt13 (25 days ago)
Only Walt Disney might have fooled me.
Kathleen Hurst (25 days ago)
Awwww Barack Obama smoking a blunt!!
Phillipe Cook (26 days ago)
You wouldn't want to have met Lincoln on a dark night ...
cazza Australia (26 days ago)
Omg did anyone else crack up at JFK lol, wow how hot was Clint Eastwood hubba hubba
Nellie S (27 days ago)
almost everyone was attractive, then they aged...i mean many of them is still attractive, but they're not hot xD and the women in this video...wow
Nellie S (27 days ago)
wait donald trump used to almost be attractive?!? he probably has always been an ass on the inside though.
AuAg Finder (28 days ago)
The sculptor Auguste Rodin captured the essence of this video in his work “La Belle Heaulmiere”(the Old Courtesan). The sculpture, accompanied by the passage below extracted from R.A. Heinlein’s “Stranger in a Strange Land”, is a poignant reminder of the inevitable aging process. “Attend me, Ben. Anybody can see a pretty girl. An artist can look at a pretty girl and see the old woman she will become. A better artist can look at an old woman and see the pretty girl she used to be. A great artist can look at an old woman, portray her exactly as she is . . . and force the viewer to see the pretty girl she used to be . . . more than that, he can make anyone with the sensitivity of an armadillo see that this lovely young girl is still alive, prisoned inside her ruined body. He can make you feel the quiet, endless tragedy that there was never a girl born who ever grew older than eighteen in her heart . . . no matter what the merciless hours have done.” Excerpt From Stranger in a Strange Land Robert A. Heinlein https://books.apple.com/us/book/stranger-in-a-strange-land/id361930903 This material may be protected by copyright.
BadcatV smith (1 month ago)
Cadet trump - grew up to be a draft dodger.......
BadcatV smith (1 month ago)
Christopher Walken........
Kathryn O'Neill (1 month ago)
George Clooney got better with age.
A. V. (1 month ago)
With all the pics of Obama in his youth you uploaded the ugliest one. Nice video tho.
Daniel Johnston (1 month ago)
Steve Colbert wore his hair long enough to cover that fucked up ear he's got! Ah! Didn't think I noticed?
mary o'shaughnessy (1 month ago)
George Clooney looks like the wheelchair kid from glee
Victor Johnson (1 month ago)
I wish I were young again...
Ellie Mathews (1 month ago)
Omg George Clooneys pic was hilarious and Stalin was hot!
susan lynch (1 month ago)
The picture captioned Mother Teresa is definitely not her. She was Albanian, the woman in the photo is clearly Asian.
Jenna Parry (1 month ago)
martha stewart looks like debra messing
TheLumbeebrave1983 (1 month ago)
So Hillary has always looked crazy.
Dylan McCarty (1 month ago)
Oprah for president
Jay Bird (1 month ago)
Your contempt for Obama is so obvious. But just remember... he's a better man than Mr. Bone Spurs ever will be.
TheLumbeebrave1983 (1 month ago)
Joanne Hanna (1 month ago)
Hahaha! Trump at his highest stage of military experience!!!, Obama cool as always! Helen Mirren wow! But she's Still so beautiful, hey now! How about Martha Stewart!?maybe that pic was in the middle of one of her cookbooks 😂!!!! Worst pic= George Clooney !!! 😂 wtf!!!???😂
IndianaJoe0321 (1 month ago)
THAT was Mother Theresa?!
Wendell Monster (1 month ago)
Goldie Hawn is adorable!
Brian Ladyman (1 month ago)
Barrack O and killery they should show them behind bars.
M G (1 month ago)
Marylyn Monroe was too grown lol. I would never guess she was only 12.
coolaunt516 (1 month ago)
What is the name of the backround music?
Jennifer Hernandez (1 month ago)
Helen Miren was always sexy!!!
Donna Wilkins (1 month ago)
How georgeous was Goldie horn and Helen Mirren. God they still are bueaty doesn't have time 😱
mikeysix3 (1 month ago)
Colbert still a douch
Toni Pope (1 month ago)
Wow Martha Stewart was HOT, the Donald needs that haircut again! Clint Eastwood wowzer! And Goldie Hawn always a beauty!
Grey Edgerton (1 month ago)
Unnerving looking mortality in the face.
Sabrina Palen (1 month ago)
Could have lived my whole life without the Trump ( Chump).
A Doozer (1 month ago)
Damn, I'd have banged Martha Stewart so hard in every hole she wouldn't have walked strait or shit normal for a week.
Maria Vela (1 month ago)
Marilyn Monroe and Clint Eastwood are very good looking people. Frank Sinatras gorgeous blue eyes. Very nice Thank you.
Cather.lorals (1 month ago)
2:54 If he came up to me and said that he was 10 years old, I’d kick him in the face.
Cather.lorals (1 month ago)
1:24 How the fuck is that girl 12, she looks 27 ;-;
Becky Cook (1 month ago)
I can’t believe how hot Josef Stalin was. I feel guilty thinking that.
Kathryn P (12 days ago)
Absolutely. Pity he turned out to be so evil.
Leandabee (28 days ago)
That's what I was thinking too 🙊🙊
Julie Beth (1 month ago)
Same. Lol
Ellie Mathews (1 month ago)
Me too. I thought the same thing.
Maria Varecka (1 month ago)
I thought the same thing. He was striking when he was younger.
jan lascko (1 month ago)
You added draft dodger trump in his toy soldier pose -pathetic
Toni Pope (1 month ago)
jan lascko ... yes but the hair was waaay better! Lol
Johnny Cat Painter (1 month ago)
Some of the ages attributed to photos are off
Trace S (1 month ago)
Time robs of our looks, but not our experiences or wisdom. (still sucks though)
jonas15 Jonas (1 month ago)
Donald Trump is still the same😊
Toni Pope (1 month ago)
jonas15 Jonas .... hair WAS better tho
Nico nico (1 month ago)
Mamma Mia Helen Mirren...
Margie Masih (1 month ago)
Marlyn Monroe was beautiful There's a town not to far from here she lived when a young girl. One of my uncle's saw her when she did the shows for the soldiers.he said she was beautiful
press play (1 month ago)
Was having a good time looking at these old pics till i seen hillary clinton.... liberal 🤮 ug
Jadwiga Buczyk (1 month ago)
Don’t forget almost all of them are trannies including Mother Theresa JFK , Putin, Trump,Clintons, Eintstein , Chaplin, Frank Sinatra, Marylin Monroe and etc etc etc This is crime against humanity and needs to stop immediately!
Toni Pope (1 month ago)
Jadwiga Buczyk ... omg stop 😂😂
Jerome Taperman (1 month ago)
That is not, repeat, not Mother Teresa. Check it out on Snopes. It’s an obit picture of a Vietnamese-American woman. The obituary included a quote from Mother Teresa so someone thought it was she and it took on a life of its own.
it's me yall nope (1 month ago)
Josef Stalin was fine AF!! So sad to see what type of person he ended up becoming.
Barb Cole (1 month ago)
Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa both looked like they saw the good in people it was in their eyes
Michelle King (1 month ago)
Sean Connery is a prime example of someone who gets smexier with age. (Just in my opinion ... maybe. ;) )
Yaël S (1 month ago)
Michelle King 💯
fuqoff aye? (1 month ago)
Great photos. I like Clinton shaking hands Kennedy. Highly original.
David Gladwin (12 days ago)
Crawling Clinton as usual. (I did not fuck Monica! (Then admitted it! Perverted barsted
fuqoff aye? (1 month ago)
No way. Who new Oprah was a beauty queen.
Mermaid We (1 month ago)
Nice to see beautiful queen Elizabeth doing her part. What a woman
Mermaid We (28 days ago)
jojo bean R U really that bitter?
jojo bean (28 days ago)
+Mermaid We no she wasn't ffs everyone else lived in squalor she lived in a huge Palace so driving a truck made her no braver than you or my granny... Stop being a mindless sycophantic fool
Mermaid We (28 days ago)
jojo bean it was during W W 2 when England was being bombed so yes she was brave. Read the caption
jojo bean (29 days ago)
Driving a truck in England 😂😂😂yea very brave
LoveDat65 (1 month ago)
Yet again that was NOT Mother Theresa. Why does that picture keep being used, it looks nothing like her.
WV591 (1 month ago)
Mark Twain was a woman @ 15? if we could only go back in time and expose the evil socialist and communists and Muslims.
oregon433 (1 month ago)
Time can be so cruel
Fastt Ed (2 months ago)
Even though he is not on here, David Lee Roth, is belittled for his present day looks and singing. Total disrespect. The man is 66 and is singing great. Looks ? We do the best we can. Thanks for the great 6:03. Great music too.
Snitchard Cunningham (2 months ago)
Dollar shave club lol wtf
Kids looked so much older than their years back then.
Putin never changed his look,still a poker face commie
Ruthlessnoodle (3 months ago)
Lady Gaga is a Satanic follower.
Ruthlessnoodle (3 months ago)
If someone could go back in time and stop Stephen Colbert. Seriously that cant be him. Marxist Anti-American asshole.
William Lewis (3 months ago)
cj222100 (3 months ago)
Martha Stewart was stunning! And I feel weirs saying this, but Stalin was very handsome.
Steve Hoeard (3 months ago)
JFK at 10 years old had crows feet , bags under the eyes. Are you sure he was only 10
hengus pod (4 months ago)
putin has lovely bj lips
rosekiller123 (4 months ago)
Clinton looked like a spoiled well clothed hippie in training.

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