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I Joined a Russian Dating Site - See how it ended [Kult America]

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A few years back I met a sex tourist in Kiev who told me that he would open fake social media accounts to meet women who he would sleep with and then abandon. I was super disturbed by that and had always wondered if eastern european women are actually so desperate or if maybe western guys were just being pigs. In an effort to find a little more insight I decided to not only join a Russian dating site myself, but sign my own wife up as well. The results were surprising, basically no women wrote to me and my wife received over 100 letters from guys. With that in mind, I was forced to conclude that in terms of desperation it would seem western guys are the ones to be in the spotlight. Subscribe to my wife's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU0Bfv_57lA_eqbu6ex8w2A ★★★ CONTACT ★★★ Email: [email protected] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RyanSocash
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Nightceasar (9 hours ago)
SOME not all, some of western men are pathetic incels. They don't want to go to the gym, they do not want to improve their personality, they are weak and have become hateful and bitter, they also have that "women should be in kitchen" mentality and they are like 16 year olds mentally when they are 30+ years old. It is all their own fault, they should really be angry at themselves, but they project it on to women, "it is the whamaans fault" and they cry like babies. They always talk about manliness and that men are not allowed to be men, they are anti feminist and so on, but in reality they are the least manly men that exists themselves. I know many of these so called "men" in real life and they are the most pathetic, weak minded and arrogant "bitches" I know of. They have even started complaining that movies exist with people like Arnold or Sylvester Stallone or other macho men showing off their muscles, because it makes them feel weak, hahaha, they ARE weak in both mind, body and spirit. They are so "manly" that all they do is be scared of everything and be threathened by everything and cry cry cry. They do not even what a real man is.
Andrew Petersen (4 days ago)
Men think with their small brain
Thomas Bürgi (4 days ago)
it is so funny. this are just e-mails. and most even not written by woman. i worked many years in ukrain. and even meet a man who made a millions with a marriage agency. this women, 98 in one big room, all on computer chat at the same time with 3 or 4 man. they did it for money. organized by an american company as a franchising system. and he employe this women. most of them was married, some ugly some with children. but there chats always very nice and for strong relationsship. one of my software developer, nice woman, was one time by a professional fotographer. some time later we found her fotos in a marriage agency online. i made for a test a profile and spend small money to talk with her. and i even get a nice e-mail as an answer. but she doesn't know about. and i can tell you, i had an ukrainian girlfriend, after i worked more then 10 years in ukrain. and never again. so much stress i don't need. in general i don't make any business anymore with russian people. to big difference in culture and in truth.
JEANNETTE belanger (7 days ago)
Maybe those weman should stop sleeping with everyone and men will always be pigs and there are wemanntoo
Max Soroka (8 days ago)
As native Ukrainian I have to reveal the truth about russian and ukreinian girls - they're all same gold-diggers as in us. They'll tell you that they're not, because of economic situation.
Drackkor (10 days ago)
Sex dolls will save the world!
NENA ARAWIG (10 days ago)
may be, that's the effect of american dream.
Stunt Driver (11 days ago)
Or perhaps the Russian women think your a dweeb and aren't worth the time and your wife looks hot... And has gotten attention because of it ... Also alot of western women don't know how to be domestic even if they're married to someone who works hard, knows how to fix things, garden, and be domestic... They're entitled thanks to western education and revisionist history.
hope hope (12 days ago)
Who looking for true love? Just call me
Marina Udoekpo (14 days ago)
Too much noise about all these eastern woman being so special is not true
wallythewhale (17 days ago)
How is this guy desperate? These women are! They would bang any Westerner for money, and the British guy brilliantly exploited that
Mr. Bass (17 days ago)
Mr. Bass (17 days ago)
nickodemo1 (18 days ago)
western men are just sick and tired of spoiled uneducated bitches xD
hasmukh vaghani (19 days ago)
I want to join this dating site
Sharon Maxwell (19 days ago)
Great video! Online dating in general sometimes unfairly gets a bad wrap, but most people don't realize that over 40% of new relationships world-wide are started ONLINE! There are a lot of good paid sites, and a few great free ones if you know where to look. For those who are more interested in Asian singles, the best truly free site we've found is www.Filipino4U.com There are also some good paid sites like Match or eHarmony if you are willing to pay monthly fees.
Alberto Gomez (20 days ago)
I've seen alot of Russian woman date hispanics in Anaheim, USA in secret when thet had a boyfriend from Russia. Not lying years ago was friends with these Russian girls they no different from any other woman from a different race aka " money talks".
Calabaza (25 days ago)
Ive gotten 100s of emails from Ukrainian women and I dont have my photo on the site, but, you have to pay for chatting so that could be why
Edward Taub (27 days ago)
I am an American who met my Moldovan (formerly USSR) wife through a network connected to our international church. After living in the U.S. for eight years (Detroit, MI), we moved to Moldova two years ago and live in a village home where we grow our own crops, raise our own chickens, pick our own fruit, gather our own nuts and berries, and make our own wine. It's a simple life with simple pleasures. I love it.
Edward Taub (20 days ago)
+Juan Ibanez I really appreciated my church's help in finding a spouse after I got divorced from my first wife. The church specializes in helping people form solid families. If you want to locate them in your own country, look up "Family Federation for World Peace and Unification." Good luck.
Juan Ibanez (20 days ago)
It sounds amazing, Maybe I should do that
COIL Universe (1 month ago)
This is laughable, I wouldn’t waste my time on these bitches. Because of Instagram all women are simply crazy no matter what country. Instagram has basically made women cold hearted and materialistic.
roland joffe (1 month ago)
goody goody yankee milky fuck face with his proud tee shirt sooooo lame
Mohammad Imran (1 month ago)
Good and bad are everywhere. Everyone is having a very short time in his life. So, I think being positive and honest is the best way to enjoy life. Thanks, everyone.
Juan Osoria (1 month ago)
you don.t get emails because you join the wrong site if you signed up for AnastasiaDate or Jump4love or GoDateNow you will receive hundreds of emails maybe thousand I been to Poland 3 time and I visit Ukraine 3 time most woman in Ukraine want rich man only . like you my ex was from Poland I leave 12 year with polish people so I know a lot about Poland .
primusnocturn (1 month ago)
Women look for somebody of better social and economic position than they are. That's why men from the West have (had?) A premium when approaching women from East. The proportion of mixed nationality marriages between Americans and Poles is probably 90% where the woman is Polish. Same story with German Polish and so on...or I am wrong?... if somebody has any data I would appreciate that
Abdul Manan (1 month ago)
00923457552429 contact
Dougie Quick (1 month ago)
I'd be just as interested in moving to another country as having a lovely wife from there! I imagine there are countries with way better value in buying a home and property in a much more scenically wonderful place than could be had in the US9ii . Alas I am not both too old for this and not about to leave my wife (40years with her) ....But IF I had it to over again? Well I cant even go there ...hmm IF I could go into an alternate universe exactly this one only say 45 years earlier? I would seriously consider finding a lovely young lady in another country.....see with alternate universe, your other life is unaffected your loved ones/ children and everyone just continue on ....My fantasy is that a clone copy of MY consciousness is created to take over for me here as my consciousness gets transported to an earth exactly like this one to merge into the ME there at whatever point of age I would want to be ...it would be exactly ME back with all the sharp knowledge of things important to me back then then but also knowing everything I know now ...I could do this guilt free because The identical ME would continue on in my place at "home" with no difference at all other than understanding what had happened ....actually in this fantasy I would want to be able to rendezvous with and even switch places sometimes with my alternate self .....would have to a way to synchronize memories too of course....to make it seamless. What if you could do this as many times as you wanted to? Could have dozens of other realities on duplicate earths ....always able to sync up with all your other alternate selves......Could have a dozen different wives in various countries....a dozen different occupations...educations....various hobbies and sports ....be wildly rich too knowing where to invest....where not to be etc Would have many children and grandchildren! Though I would want to be a bachelor in at least a few alternate earths...hey a rich bachelor with many lifetimes of knowledge stored up? That sounds fun and with the ability to get a family "fix" anytime you wanted to! Would be fascinating to see how ones ideas morphed from one version/age and era to the next. midnight! How did I go off on THIS target?? ....I write long winded pieces like this on pretty obscure , typically no current videos knowing no one's ever gonna see it much less read it .....sort of funny like little messages in bottles floating around cyber space ....hey there is an idea! I could print some stuff out and put in literal bottles and toss em into the ocean! Maybe give some to boaters and ask them to toss them once they are way out there !
Adil Toktassyn (1 month ago)
It's a true
A K (1 month ago)
I've worked for an international company in Moscow 50% of staff were expatriates mostly British and American. In more than 13 years only one guy went back to the US to marry his Jewish fiance all the rest married Russians, some stayed here. Even the once who were married, divorced and married Russians. I did witness some relationships in which the girls were not just looking for love, but the absolute majority were truly affectionate. Still most Russian women prefer to marry Russian men, so don't expect too much. The once that are immediately in to you are probably the once that are the gold diggers.
Dave BB (2 months ago)
So if a person likes sex that makes them a pig ?? Do you like sex ?
Michael Moretti (2 months ago)
I can't imagine how Russian women gained a reputation for being beautiful gold-diggers who will marry ugly old rich men solely for their money. Oh, wait ... maybe it's because virtually all the MILLIONS of marriages between Russian women and Western men meet this description.
Al Shey (2 months ago)
Most westernized women these days are undateable, period.
roland joffe (2 months ago)
Your tee shirt is cringe inducing
Vivian Viljakainen (2 months ago)
I am Russian ( born in one of old sovjet country) and I never do such shit! Men are mostly sex hunger pigs! I have profile on one site and most men even don't read my profile! Most of them was fat,bald ,old, and ugly! Funny how most men think so much about themselves! Most unattractive women never will write to a handsome men! No wonder that most narssistic personality disorders can find in men! If woman is tall, fit, vitty, had great sense for design and fashion - why she should be ok with someone who is not equal to her! I am so pissed off about the fact that for for men is ok to want to be with younger woman ! ( Who is 20 or more younger than he) but if woman find with a man who is 5-10 years younger than she - She is called a cougar!!! Here you have some news old farts : You are old and your bals are sagging even more than your saggy ass. And you need blue pils! No wonder that those women would never want to see you naked Lights on !! And btw on that profile of mine I have now normal picture with blouse. Before I had flamenco style dress and it shows my cleavage a bit - so No wonder that I don't get so many messages anymore!!! This tell me inough about men! I don't seek for male model but I do want someone who is equal to me in look and have similar interests, hobby's, moral etc. I am already waiting when someone attract on me about my post .. saying that I am a high demand bitch. News flash : Those who commented like this are those who thinks that old,fat etc have rights for a good woman but good woman need to take a ....last on the line!
Runi (2 months ago)
Sorry to hear your experience has left you so demoralized, Vivian. I am Dutch and I actually met my last girlfriend on a site called Fdating (it's a free dating site for internationals), she was Russian too. We were in a relationship for over a year and it was pretty serious, if we had not had our personal differences I think I might've ended up marrying her... So it's not all bad, not every guy on those sites has bad intentions, is what I'm saying. (It's true that it's a bit unfair that men get to pick younger women, but... that's just the way the world works. Men are often attracted more to beauty and youth, while women are often more attracted to the status and wisdom that comes with men of a certain age.)
Men are desperate..not just Western men.
smile zizo (2 months ago)
Hello im Man Looking for a girl who loves me
Pradeep Mena (2 months ago)
мы любим россиян россиянами прямиком из сердца. Между нами неведомая связь. Мы уважаем их, обожаю их, чем кого-или
randyland inc (2 months ago)
Im american. Im looking for a sweet cool classy nice girl from that area. We love the way you are. American guys and these girls get along great. Say hi if you want an american guy. Xoxoxox
RALPH 770 (2 months ago)
Hey, Polska gora. I too lived in Wawa years ago. Good video, bro.
Walkertongdee (2 months ago)
The reason you did not get any takers is a man goes after women DUH. That American men are considered unmanly, weak and impotent also that flag tee shirt made you look extremely undesirable.
Angie Olguin (2 months ago)
I am Mexican🇲🇽❤️Hello everyone🐼❤️
Liberty Katz (2 months ago)
Thank you for sharing your video. I also checked out your wife's channel. She is a lovely young lady. I want to know, are there legit date sites in Eastern European countries?
A K (1 month ago)
They would be in Russian, obviously 🙂
martha lucia mejia medina 0573118308618
David Stevens (2 months ago)
I had an older roommate after I bought a house. I knew him from work. My wife and I are afraid he might be dead now because we lost contact with Tom. But Tom in about 2000 or 2001 messed around on the Russian dating web sights and found two Ukrainian women that he connected me with. The both looked great in their pictures. Vlada was way way gorgeous. Svetlana was pretty. Vlada sent me many photos through the mail of her dressed in very elegant clothes and it kinda turned me off, like materialistic. Svetlana seemed to really enjoy things that I did, outdoors and what not. Looking back on it vlada probably liked the outdoors even more from the photos hiking in mountains. They were both in dnipropetrosk. Dumb ass me got a Visa and flew to Kiev. Svetlana and her father met me at the airport. One of my bags got lost, the bag with all their gifts. We got it a day for two later. I went to the hotel already booked and paid for but they wanted to charge me again, luckily Svetlanas father rented a room from a womans apt. I was there a week. Her sister and sisters boyfriend were really awesome to me. Mom and grandpa were so cool. Dad was cool to but he was a little silly and goofy, like a child but nice, probably just low IQ. The thing I noticed was Svetlana just wanted to get the hell outta there. She didn't really care about getting to know me or anything. I didn't know the language and they didn't know English but with mom and grandpa we communicated for hours. The sister and the boyfriend seemed more interested in communicating with me than Svetlana. Toward the middle of end of the week. She showed me an appendix removal scar in her belly and that was a major deal breaker. I couldn't imagine looking down at that 14 inch by 1 inch horrible scar. So even if we did hit it off, it would have taken way too much love to be physically attracted to that. It was an interesting experience. It was an 8 hour ride to dnipropetrosk on a bus. I got a few 35mm shots of some gorgeous women and some steel you blind gypsy women and the markets were interesting. Nobody and I mean nobody spokeEnglish. And all those clothes you donate to charity? They get shipped over there in container loads and sold on the street. That was 2002, like yesterday.
Omar Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Aaaaa que perro!!! I also want to marry a Russian women you want to know why? Because there so beautiful 😍 only one girl #AMexicanWasHere 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🤣😎🤗
Grecks Hanma (2 months ago)
amigo, despierte, estas son prostitutas part time...no sea pendejo
tsfcancerman (2 months ago)
You should know most of these are in it for gifts
Maxim Rudoi (2 months ago)
Very good report. Truthful
Hoping dat oneday will meet my English man
Brent Last (2 months ago)
Those sites target lonely men. Just go over there and meet a girl like you would in your own country and then when you get back home skype for free and not pay $11.00 a letter to some company!
Davis (2 months ago)
One can go far, I mean, FAR, to get some puss. This can be just a decoy.
Kaela Creighton (2 months ago)
I'm just desperate with my clock, I know. No babies for me. I do not want demons. I'm also edgy about it because of what they did to me. If my.kid had a temper tantrum, would he or she get a lobotomy for being a kid or my kid. Kind of like, what did you think my mentality would be like after what you guys did to me? The thing that annoys me in the US is how I have to lie so much and deny things that are normal. And there's no confession booth. I'm an animal made of flesh.
Redlist Renegade (2 months ago)
I wouldn't say that Russian women (especially the really beautiful ones) are "desperate" but men ARE sex hungry pigs (at least to a certain degree) ! I'll finally find the "Perfect" girl that I've been looking for if she's Rich and Dumb and Over Sexed and Owns a LIQUOR Store !!!
R2RO VIDS (3 months ago)
russian cupid legit?
Steffan Hoffmann (3 months ago)
And stop messing up the ENGLISH LANGUAGE......I'm a consultant here in ODECA......from🇬🇧......I'm always cleaning up after you
Steffan Hoffmann (3 months ago)
Polish you met.....totally different...... IGNORANT Yankee
JMalik Lewis (3 months ago)
Good video very informative
JU BA (3 months ago)
Why do it take for me money
jaimes350 (3 months ago)
the website im on i only have a photo and where im from on it i get around 30-40 chat requests and 5-10 emails a day, i fond the real ones will chat for free but the bots always want you to upgrade to either read emails or chat, you just have to be rely careful about how you go about things and have no real expectations before meeting a girl. but then that goes for meting girls anywhere in the world.
van de jonge (3 months ago)
I am young man single 31 year looking for women and marriage my whatsap 00212658158318
Rajul Saxena (3 months ago)
I am living in Moscow since last two years , and Russian men are 1000 times better than Russian girls as friends .
cis this (3 months ago)
Sry but I think this is bs. Women NEVER contact men. They always wait for being contacted. On dating sites, in bars or whatever. Everyone who's not an incel can confirm.
Mystic eyes (3 months ago)
I guess that's why I don't get a text back lol maybe men think I'm fake
Ronald Brown (3 months ago)
As a combat veteran please correct your fucked up shirt. There are 50 states not 13 colonies. But at least you don't have a blue line as a stripe desecrating the flag.
Sofia Titova (3 months ago)
This girl didn’t speak with Russian accent It’s sounds more like Hindi one
Emilio (3 months ago)
Women are same everywhere, don't expect russian or asian girls to be exeptional, they all want to be financially secure etc.
Rogue Agent (3 months ago)
The simple answer is western women have been given far too much power in their own countries and thus have become human trash.
Sam Ismail (3 months ago)
I want to know a friend of this number 0673955358
XxXxDominator (3 months ago)
Cool story bro...seriously though very interesting
Name Surname (3 months ago)
Does it only work from America. What about Slavic European union? May they join as well?
Bella Wright (3 months ago)
The problem with American Women is that they're are way too many walking around 140 lbs plus wearing skin tight Leggings....and they can't get they're beak out of face book and messenger.
just Bfree (3 months ago)
For you younger guys. All these girls that still live at home and work a cheap-ass job are just hoping for some dude to move in with to get out of their daddy's house. But it's going to be difficult to attract some of them if you are a broke ass bitch that still lives with your own mother. There are 18 year old girls that will shack up with a 30 year old even though she is definitely planning on it being temporary but she will do it just to get out of her own damn house. I'm not saying let her move in but I'm saying make her think she has that chance. Never underestimate how hot of girls will sleep with not so hot looking older dudes just so they can get what they want. If you are 26 and have your own apartment and look like you actually wash your ass and have at least average looks you have a damn good shot. But if you look like you never shower or shave and do math then probably not.
Davison Horst (3 months ago)
The Russian people missed out on a true patriot who was passionate about the regular Russians. He was born dirt poor and rose up the chain to be a distinguished Lieutenant General. Alexander Ledbed. He ran against Boris Yeltzin in 1996. I read his life story and was so impressed. Unfortunately, as seems to have so often happen in the old Soviet Union, he was killed in a military helicopter crash in the new Russia. At least he wasn't "poisoned". I may be wrong, but if he had become the President things might have been strikingly different for Mother Russia and for the Russian people. Putin is a smart guy but he's a former head of the KGB which uses terrible tactics to keep the regular folks in line.
Honesty Hanny (3 months ago)
Anyone in need of black woman am 25 searching for white man for serious relationship pm
Alex Saidit (3 months ago)
I am a very rich American Oil Texan boy. 35 years old, never married, virgin, and looking for the love of a Beautiful Russian girl. I promise you to visit you in my private jet or yacht, you decide. I will marry you, and by honoring my forever love, I will give you 20 million dollars as a present for you and your family. Let me describe myself. I weight 545 pounds, but if you see carefully, I look like 542 pounds. Bald, short (around 5.2"), between dark and brown skim color, fake teeth made of gold, I take showers every February 29, I sleep totally naked for your eyes only babe, etc. These are my virtues, and I have few or no defects. Leave me your email, so we can plan a lovely encounter in a cruiser around the world in my yacht. With Love Alex.
Mads (3 months ago)
Try joining a USA dating site.. their FREE :p
Rechard kk (3 months ago)
John Doe (3 months ago)
Is this guy supposed to be an American?
rahul aktu (3 months ago)
NATO people has no knowledge of Russia, China, India culture and traditions
T Saint (3 months ago)
Most the dating site profiles are fake. Especially in the Ukraine. Here is my story. Kind of long but may save someone heart ache and money. I met a woman who I exchanged letters with for a few months with that was from the Ukraine. I started sensing something was up after a few weeks. I also had over a hundred women writing me everyday along with her. I spent so much money I asked her to meet me on Skype. She refused at first because of site policy. After coming to skype she told me she had no camera. Red flag. After many red flags. I did a search of one of her photos on google image. As dress designer out of Russia came up so I researched her dite. I found the model that was wearing the dress. It was a picture of the girl I was talking to. But she was Russian living in Moscow. I ended up talking to her after finding her on Instagram. She told me basically who she was. I informed that a woman in Ukraine was using her photos and videos. In the mean time after talking to her I talked to the Ukrainian again asking her about this. She refused to be honest and kept telling me she was the person in the picture. She eventually confessed she lied to me. She told me most the dating sites are fake. The women find beautiful women on Instagram and VK which is like the UK Facebook. Copy their photos and create a profile. There paid to do this. So its a job. They get paid by chat and letters replies and video views. Yes they steal videos also. So it all seems so real. I also researched other women I had talked to. The profiles said Ukraine but 90 % were from Russian women living in Russia. They all denied also. Many of the same photos are on several dating sites. So if your caught being catfished or suspicious. Just search Instagram, VK or google image. Its a little work but will save you in the long run. Go catfish I say.
Amro Karim (4 months ago)
Why Warsaw and not Kraków?
Ru22eLL (4 months ago)
As the average age of death of Russian men is 53, it's not surprising that so many Russian women are willing to leave Russia.
DocJ Doc (4 months ago)
Ummm... I do agree that Many USA and U.K. men join these sites to try to get "laid" by going to over to Ukraine/Russia to screw girls and come home to their wives or their lonely lives...(but remember Slavic girls are not stupid) however I joined Anastasia date 4 days ago and I have 987 emails plus 1,200 chat notifications and girls saying in chat and in email (letters) how "desperate they are to start a relationship or....get married straight away to me.....a foreign man"") I admit that I am considered "Handsome" to the girls but the guy who just did this video is a little better looking then me and he gets 4 responses in one day or so...I got 200 in one day!! !!!!??? now I admit only a few say the word "desperate" but most will say in their "Free first letters" that they are willing to move heaven and earth to come over to meet me or visa versa (it's 50/50 on that one).....however the sheer MASSIVE number of emails and chat messages I receive from these insanely Gorgeous and Perfect girls are actually trying to get me to cough up what would be thousands of dollars to reply to them.....and in fact I just got offline to the 4th girl who has said roughly "Im sick of making the first move all the time!! when are YOU going to"?!  It Honestly can't help but make me think that 'They" are exploiting men......think about that the fact that the cost of a "CREDIT" (or one minuet of chat) was $1 per minuet but is now $2 U.S.per minuet !!! and ............10 "Credits" or $10 for every email you send comes with a further $5 or so if you want to send a photo!!! decent men are the victims on these sites and they pay dearly for it.....admittedly a lot of men are VERY STUPID and plug their credit card into these sites and spend upwards of $15,000 U.S. just on chatting and email's but I spent in my stupidity $2,500 writing and chatting to an amazing girl for 4 month's and its soon as we decided to meet and set a date to do so .......they took from me by deleting her from my searches (I found her using a fake email account again)) but she was too afraid to go against her Interperators/Bosses who........ usually purposfully interpret "Your" words to the girl when you meet her so that she thinks you aren't interested in her or.....that your not that great guy she met online and video chatted too!! (and other girls actually warned me about this fact) and then the interpreter takes the rest of the cut short date they go out to lunch or dinner and usuallythe interpreter is the one has a relationship OR MARRIES the foreigner if he's a good man.Think about it......the interpreters are getting INSANE FEES for what they do and they have the MOTIVE and the OPPORTTUNITY to derail ANY budding relationship for their own desires. This is just the tip of the iceburg
Star anisee (4 months ago)
Russian women are some of the most beautiful
Mason Will (4 months ago)
I used to consider Ukraine and Russian women as victims of western men, But now I think those women are hunters.
Rene McIntyre (4 months ago)
These women don't really love the man. They just take a chance the relationship might work, and if it doesn't work their here to stay. Many are one night stands.
neoblackcyptron (4 months ago)
clap clap clap..... btw my second cousin married a ukranian, so yeah stuff happens. i won't date American women, they never liked me so the feeling is mutual.
Sirje Mägi (4 months ago)
Tea (3 months ago)
Hello, we have also Russian MGTOW and etc.
Sirje Mägi (4 months ago)
Katie Toilolo (4 months ago)
It's so hard for men!! With competition from lesbians
paulo alexandre (4 months ago)
Attention attention to all morons. You want russians . Take a pic in your Ferrari's and then wait and see how many will talk to You. Roger over and out
Yanpo Ezung (4 months ago)
Bullshit crap
Elephants Fly (4 months ago)
Maybe you didn't get any messages because you're Polish, and even Poles are trying to get out of Poland. In fact, Poland isn't even considered Western Europe.
David (4 months ago)
You're a simp
Showsky (4 months ago)
Seems like these men want an easy solution, though the demographics in some areas of the US and Russia makes this a decent solution.
Alan Heath (4 months ago)
I also live in Poland!
George Tsitsiani (4 months ago)
It's like Tinder - sub par women get bombarded with lewd messages from beta male cucks and simps.
N'Do I (4 months ago)
The image in 0:54 are Richard and Cathy Lugner, she is german and he is austrian. Richard is Kind like Hugh Heffner, every few years he is married to an other 18 year Öold chick and brings her in his mansion and one times in year he made a big Party The "Wiener Opernball".
100% (4 months ago)
Video : Beta man makes other men look bad !
seymore glass (4 months ago)
I think your experiment missed the boat... demographics tell us that in the over 40 crowd, there exists among the largest discrepancies between men and women in the world (about 89 men to 100 women). This is, no matter how you sugar coat it, is a recipe for desperation.
Naveen raj (4 months ago)
😱 oh God this is real
Indy Jones (4 months ago)
Since Feminism took strong hold, Russian dating sites have exploded in popularity.
Jonathan Soko (4 months ago)
You want eastern european woman in america? Where i live theres polish women every where. MY entire street is all in polish, all the signs and resturaunts. Loks of Ukranians and Russians too. It feels like eastern europe.

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