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How To Flirt - Tips To Attract Women

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RJKT (1 day ago)
2:16 Push Pull. 3:24 The exercise 5:52 Mini cold read 6:05 exercise 9:09 Future Adventure Projection 10:57 Exercise 11:32 Disqualifier 14:40 The Exercise
Kherl De Guerwite (17 days ago)
Guys check me out on this push/pull example on todd (imagine im a woman) Todd,you have a really nice beard,i prefer bigger and bushy ones though. Give me feedback!Drop a like!Todd drop a like!
thunderdrake13 (11 days ago)
Just a few questions 1. Why would you want to be the women in the situation 2. Why would a women use push/pull on Todd 3. In your fantasy, do you see yourself as a girl getting fucked by Todd?
Frank Barragan (20 days ago)
Gold! Thank you Todd!
Power to Truth (22 days ago)
I don't have a partner... so I grab YouTube... this is my life.
misty bonnie (24 days ago)
Hahaha you are a shitty person and i dont want to talk to you
Spencer Strandholt (24 days ago)
That’s a cool shirt on your dad bod
lalo rc (28 days ago)
I find this very helpful it's interesting how Todd finds ways to have comebacks on the dot.. that's basically what these is... having backup responses asap... once u master that u become a TOdd 2
Codex (1 month ago)
touch your TV screen and say you seem like a really nice TV I wonder how I lived without you before I bought you
doo do (1 month ago)
"To play at love." That's good stuff. Meditate on that
SoftCoverBat (1 month ago)
Todd talks about how to deal with that in one of his old courses. I’m selling all of his old goldmines from RSD and his newest program for cheap. Let me know if you’re interested in changing your game for the better
ryan (1 month ago)
what's the reward? it's not worth it.
Harvey Holt (1 month ago)
Honestly one of the best videos on pickup I've ever seen
SoftCoverBat (1 month ago)
Todd talks about how to deal with that in one of his old courses. I’m selling all of his old goldmines from RSD and his newest program for cheap. Let me know if you’re interested in changing your game for the better
SuDzY Ayy (1 month ago)
0:58 , Guys if a girl does what she does there , this little pause when he asked for her number you're doing it right lol
SoftCoverBat (1 month ago)
SuDzY Ayy I have all of Todd's programs for cheap! Literally all of his content. Let me know if interested
trey styles (1 month ago)
Cool advise Mr todd
Dominic Dillon (1 month ago)
"your shirt is red, I fucking love red" Todd Valentine 2017
SoftCoverBat (1 month ago)
Dominic Dillon nah his old rsd stuff isn't on Torrent and The system gets new videos added so it's always updated
Dominic Dillon (1 month ago)
+SoftCoverBat lol nice try on trying to get profit from a torrent bro
SoftCoverBat (1 month ago)
Dominic Dillon lmaooooo I have all his programs for cheap if you're interested
Kp (1 month ago)
No one breaks game down to a science like you do dude! My retarded male brain and I are very grateful
Mary Antonio (2 months ago)
10:40 Todd: "I felt like I was watching some drug lord movie, like, 'I will kill them all'" Girl: "That's pretty accurate" Todd: "That's pretty accurate? You'll kill them all?" lol.
Jerry smith (2 months ago)
You make TRIPP look like a mediocre lmao. you put my mind straight with this explanation thanks.
thunderdrake13 (11 days ago)
Tripp barely has infield footage, so I don't trust his program. And his videos are more outer game techniques like 5 tips to do this or 3 ways to do that
SoftCoverBat (1 month ago)
Ranganath Vaikuntham nah they always got only a portion of the actual products with them
Ranganath Vaikuntham (1 month ago)
+SoftCoverBat You can find stuff on torrents.
SoftCoverBat (1 month ago)
Jean Dese the sale ends soon!
SoftCoverBat (2 months ago)
Jean Dese ok would you pay thru PayPal
Eddie Allen (2 months ago)
Best video ever. That was a great explanation of flirting
SoftCoverBat (1 month ago)
W2 [email protected] Message me on gmail
SoftCoverBat (1 month ago)
Eddie Allen they were all deleted from RSD, so it’s kinda like the lost files. Might as well let people get it
W2 (1 month ago)
ok how? email + paypal? want to discuss further but this isn't the forum
Eddie Allen (1 month ago)
SoftCoverBat how are you able to sell it for so cheap?
SoftCoverBat (1 month ago)
W2 45
Brent Nicol (2 months ago)
What if I state, would your boyfriend be mad if I'm talking to you? Is that a good approach or nah??
thunderdrake13 (11 days ago)
It depends on how you say it. If you really say it with a question mark, it's comes across as strange. If you say it like a tease, then it come across more flirty
Yassin b (2 months ago)
Brent Nicol try it 🤷‍♂️
ajsimpso (2 months ago)
This is a great video Todd. First one by you that I watched. I've been doing mini cold reads and future adventure projections for a while now. Just when I did them, I didn't know why it was working. Great to see you break it down here. I need to do more dis-qualifiers and thank you for explaining push and pull on here also. I liked the video and subscribed.
SoftCoverBat (2 months ago)
ajsimpso I have a lot of his programs for cheap!
Teddy P. Gray (2 months ago)
You know what actor is perfect at the negative positive? Vince Vaughn!
kungtony (3 months ago)
You're a genius Todd but I still find it hard in conversations with women. I still end up in boring conversation and I get nervous too.
ELdASenSei (8 days ago)
same. still got ways to go
Eddie Allen (1 month ago)
kungtony I have the same problem. Maybe talking with more people will help my subconscious not to take each interaction so seriously, so I can drop all the pressure I put on myself
kungtony (3 months ago)
Thanks Marc!😊
Marc Perez (3 months ago)
Same here but just practice more on any group of women even if you're not attracted to them. I've come a long way these last few months but I'm still just scratching the surface of my potential. I've noticed that the more practice you put in, the easier talking to attractive women becomes.
Explora21 H (3 months ago)
Half the views were me
SoftCoverBat (2 months ago)
Explora21 H I got some of his exclusive programs for cheap! Let me know if interested
Denis (3 months ago)
I've been looking for something like this for years, this is best video on push pull and other techniques ever. Thank you Todd, I wish I can find time to take your bootcamp, I'll have to go to RSD end of September in London, too bad you don't have them more often.
SoftCoverBat (1 month ago)
Definitely remember that RSD sometimes gets out of the topic of game a lot. That’s why I have all of Todd’s programs to sell for cheap. Let me know if you’re interested
Kahlius Maximus (3 months ago)
Quick word of caution, RSD tends to steer you away from the mechanics of game and lean towards free association. Bear that in mind and you should be fine.
Sheridan_7 (4 months ago)
This is gold, thanks for your work of re-upload!
Electrocatalyst (4 months ago)
Love the Tesla logo on the store door on the left!
andrew john (5 months ago)
Anyone know the song @ 2:08? Good summer vibes
andrew john (5 months ago)
Thanks homie!
Fresh Potential (5 months ago)
Kaasi - Who you are. Enjoy
f h (5 months ago)
Fuckin genius.
Texas80 (5 months ago)
Seriously this is million dollar advice! WTF wow, thank you!
SoftCoverBat (1 month ago)
Sammy Jackson ^^^
SoftCoverBat (1 month ago)
Sammy Jackson I have all the program details, prices, and best recommendations on my email at [email protected]
Sammy Jackson (1 month ago)
+SoftCoverBat how do i get details on the programmes?
SoftCoverBat (1 month ago)
Texas80 it really is bro. I have all of Todd’s programs to sell for cheap. Let me know if you’re interested
Turn on captions 5:45 hahaha
LeoTheLeopard (1 month ago)
lmao. Todd just got canceled
Randall Lionel Kharkrang (4 months ago)
XDDD. Will use that next time.

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