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SQL Plus 18c rocks!

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It's only March, but Christmas just came (very) early for SQL Plus users blog: https://connor-mcdonald.com music: Kevin McLeod, incomptech.com New features for SQL Plus 18c here: https://docs.oracle.com/en/database/oracle/oracle-database/18/sqprn/index.html#SQPRN-GUID-B336CE0F-EC31-4993-A34C-733E335046BC
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Jacek Gębal (11 months ago)
Really cool. Is there such easy way to get SQL_ID in PLSQL as well? (for instrumentation)
Martin Rose (11 months ago)
Its S.Q.L. you moron 😄, not Sequel !!!!!! Aaargh. Stop saying Sequel. The next person that does, gets my keyboard shoved up their arse!
Martin Rose (11 months ago)
Connor McDonald That's interesting. I only ever remember it as SQL, until around year 2000 when people started saying 'Sequel'. Might depend on which part of the world you're in too (ie; if English is your 1st language or not).
Connor McDonald (11 months ago)
It was originally "SEQUEL" and only got changed to "SQL" to avoid trademark issues....but whatever activities involving your keyboard and your posterior float your boat, to each their own.

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