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Chaudhary - Amit Trivedi feat Mame Khan, Coke Studio @ MTV Season 2

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In a world where most love stories are about kids in love, this song is different. It's about a man's undying love towards a young girl. The village Choudhry is a powerful, restrained and successful man who falls in love with a young girl. This song teases those feelings. The feeling of helplessness, of giving into an emotion so strong, that one cannot even dream of fighting it! The lyrics in the song perfectly depict the difference in the lovers, where he is calm & restrained with a strong sense of propriety while she is young, enthusiastic & impulsive. Accompanied by the traditional khartal and sarangi, fused with drums and guitars, this is a completely new take on the Rajasthani folk music. Find the lyrics at http://www.cokestudioindia.com/season2/episode3.html?WT.cl=1&WT.mn=Episode 3 Credits: Composer: Amit Trivedi Producer: Amit Trivedi Language: Hindi & Marwari Lyrics: Shellee Vocals: Mame Khan Sarangi: Dilshad Khan Dholak: Prasad Malandkar Khartal: Mohammed Rafiq Guitar: Sanjoy Das Drums: Darshan Doshi Keys: Amit Trivedi Keys: Jarvis Menezes Bass: Rushad Mistry Guitar: Shon Pinto Percussion: Sanket Athale Backing Vocalist: Thomson Andrews Backing Vocalist: Ryan Dias Backing Vocalist: Deep Pradhan Backing Vocalist: Gwen Dias Backing Vocalist: Shannon Donald Backing Vocalist: Petula Fernandes Recorded by: Steve Fitzmaurice, Ashish Manchanda (Flying Carpet Productions, Mumbai), assisted by Thorsten Muller Mixed by Ashish Manchanda, Flying Carpet Productions, Mumbai Mixed & Mastered by Shadab Rayeen at Amit's Mumbai and Premier Digital Mastering Studios, Mumbai Song Synopsis: Lukk - chipp na javo ji , manney deed karavo ji Rae kyun tarsavey ho , manney sakal dikhavo ji Thaari saraarat sabb jaanu main chaudhari  Mahaarey Mahaarey hivdhey mein jaagi dhaunkani Rae chandaa main thaari chandni  Maney daaman mein baandhi khusi  Rae jhoom , jhoom ...  Jhoom jhoom baa jhoom Mahaarey hivdhey mein jaagi dhaunkani Rae chandaa main thaari chandni  Maney daaman mein baandhi khusi  Rae jhoom , jhoom, Jhoom jhoom baa jhoom Moh re liya tanney aesa khela daav  Khaavey hichkoley mahaarey mann ki naav  Moh re liya tanney aesa khela daav  Khaavey hichkoley mahaarey mann ki naav  Thaari saraarat sabb jaanu main chaudhari  Mahaarey se levo na panga ji main kehan lagi Mahaarey hivdhey mein jaagi dhaunkani Rae chandaa main thaari chandni  Maney daaman mein baandhi khusi  Rae jhoom , jhoom, Jhoom jhoom baa jhoom. Mahaarey hivdhey mein jaagi dhaunkani Rae chandaa main thaari chandni  Maney daaman mein baandhi khusi  Rae jhoom , jhoom, Jhoom jhoom baa jhoom. Daal - bhaati khale aakey mahaarey gaanv  Ghannaa ghera dala thara chokhaa chadhaa chaav Daal - bhaati khale aakey mahaarey gaanv  Ghannaa ghera dala thara chokhaa chadhaa chaav Thaari saraarat sabb jaanu main chaudhari  Mahaarey se levo na panga ji main kehan lagi Mahaarey hivdhey mein jaagi dhaunkani Rae chandaa main thaari chandni  Maney daaman mein baandhi khusi  Rae jhoom , jhoom, Jhoom jhoom baa jhoom ! Mahaarey hivdhey mein jaagi dhaunkani Rae chandaa main thaari chandni  Maney daaman mein baandhi khusi  Rae jhoom , jhoom, Jhoom jhoom baa jhoom ! Lukk - chipp na javo ji , manney deed karavo ji Rae kyun tarsavey ho , manney sakal dikhavo ji Thaari saraarat sabb jaanu main chaudhari  Mahaarey se levo na pangaaji main kehan lagi Mahaarey hivdhey mein jaagi dhaunkani Rae chandaa main thaari chandni  Maney daaman mein baandhi khusi  Rae jhoom , jhoom, Jhoom jhoom baa jhoom Context: A lover telling the beloved what he means to her and how his love has made her very happy and how his playful love has brought her heart alive. Meaning of the song: Lover asks her beloved "Chaudhary" (a title of a man from ethnic clans of Rajasthan/Haryana who owns lands) to not test her patience anymore, but to meet her soon. As she is desperate to meet him and show him how happy she is and how his love has become the thread of her very being. She exultingly compares herself to the light, of the moon, that he is, telling him that her heart is in a trance, ever since he has come into her life. She says that he has got her hook, line, and sinker and playfully tells him that she understands all his tricks, as to how he did that. She lures him to have Daal-Bhaati (a sweet dish) that she has especially prepared for him, just so that she can see him again. She says that she has filled the dish with lot of Ghee (butter) to add to the taste, just as his love has beautifully brightened her very being.
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Text Comments (4451)
megha bihani (38 minutes ago)
Sunil Tripathi (54 minutes ago)
Mayur patel (5 hours ago)
This should be world famous song💙 🎼
Rahil Hussain (1 day ago)
Love it
Ram choudhary (1 day ago)
दाल बाटी खाले आके म्हारे गांव ... Wahhh khub umda
Crazy Soul (1 day ago)
Mera Rajasthan 💙💙 Rajasthan is the pride of India 😍 Jisne abhi tak apne Culter , apni heritage Ko smbhala hua hai 💓 Jai jai Rajasthan
Nirmal Azad (1 day ago)
My daughter is performing on this song in her school annual function...
Harjinder Tinku (1 day ago)
Very beautiful awesome mindblowing
Wow, love from Thar Pakistan
Harsh Trivedi (2 days ago)
So Underrated :)
Deepa Sharma (2 days ago)
kitna enjoyable h yaar ye
Shivani Dhiman (2 days ago)
Culture is the identity and our identity is our culture
Aman ali (3 days ago)
Really your song is awsom and our rajshshtan is like a ,svarg
Rahman Mohammad (3 days ago)
Ever best fock song
Veri nice
Sunil Agarwal (3 days ago)
Feels proud to read the comments for this song and proud to be a rajasthani, hands never stop for writing a comment for this song, my 2nd comment and just speechless, only the thing I Love this song.
kaashvi saini (3 days ago)
I am listening it at 2018
Ustaad M (4 days ago)
This "Raavan Hatha" instrument is so intense & creates emotion
aayat home ramedies (4 days ago)
Mare hiwda me jagi re khushi😍😍😍
avinashi joshi (5 days ago)
Proud to be Rajasthani it shows our culture if u agree then hit a like🙂
Shikha Agrawal (5 days ago)
I love this song
Surbhi Bansal (5 days ago)
Tejas Prajapati (6 days ago)
Awsome Music.....
amit raghav (6 days ago)
Suman Associate (7 days ago)
This is my favorite song and I still love this song very much!!
Anvesha Jain (7 days ago)
This is the best song of Coke studio India till date
Moody (7 days ago)
RAJASTHAN : SOUL OF FOLK FUSION MUSIC @ 3:36 gave me goosebumps 👌👌👌👌 very nice
The Rajasthan 🐯
Arushi choudhary (7 days ago)
amit trivedi always make fabulous somgs
Arushi choudhary (7 days ago)
its been 6 years man... but still i am listening it in November 2018 anyone else
I m
Mudit Kumar (8 days ago)
2 min silence for those who disliked it
jai maa karni vikas (9 days ago)
I am proud to be a Rajasthani
d. Bhomik (9 days ago)
जय जय राजस्थान।
jagdish jani (9 days ago)
nice oll song
Sonu Kharbas jat (10 days ago)
Good ji
Raghav dixit (10 days ago)
Jaaii rajsthaan😎😎😎
Ritwik (10 days ago)
Dank Meme Khan! <3
Vinay Sharma (10 days ago)
Jaya Ghildiyal (10 days ago)
tushar prajapati (11 days ago)
Dhirendra Dhirendra (11 days ago)
very nice song of rajistan
Sakshima Agrawal (11 days ago)
Seriously speechless, love with this song, goosebumps all round and It is my second comment, proud to be a rajasthani.
Diksha Pal (11 days ago)
Addicted to this song...and his voice 😍 ...this song is making me visit rajasthan now..
Prateek Gupta (11 days ago)
Dil chu gya
SHASHWAT TIWARI (11 days ago)
Friend- Number of Stupids in this world? Me- 3.1k Friend - how? ME- Roll up and see the column beside likes (dislikes) Friend- u r correct 😂😂
Divya Khangarot (11 days ago)
it's just mesmerising only one line PADHARO MAHARE DES GHANI GHANI KHAMA HUKUM ALOO PACH
Sarika Panwar (11 days ago)
In love wid dis song...♥️
Vinayak Tiwari (11 days ago)
2018 ?
Vinod Trivedi (11 days ago)
Anyone Fall in Love with Rajasthan after listen to this song?
Dineshsingh Lohasingh (12 days ago)
I really feel praud because I am rajasthani Thanks for this song 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋
Preety Bhatt (12 days ago)
Gosh... ❤❤❤ I don't have words to explain it incredible Rajasthan 💖 proud to be a Rajasthani 💖
m p (12 days ago)
Who came here after #Kajaliyo song
Sarang Jajoo (12 days ago)
This has nothing emotional or has a history behind, but dont know why this make my eyes wet...i feel like crying....the music touches the soul....never felt this b4
Aatman Jain (12 days ago)
Please make a unplugged of 'sadgi toh hamari' by nusrat fatah ali khan.
My lovely India
Sameer Upadhyay (12 days ago)
Ayush Newar (12 days ago)
Rajasthani singer's voice was extra ordinary...I really enjoy their voice.... Awesome 👌
Bhanu Simar (13 days ago)
Gaurav There (13 days ago)
Mhare ko rajsathan kuch aisa dikha
Shashwat Kaushik (13 days ago)
Beautiful ❤ Can't stop listening
kushagra johri (13 days ago)
That melody
Surykant More (13 days ago)
Voice of my Indian culture. :)
vaishali swami (14 days ago)
October 31, 2018✌️ and again fell in love with this song... How can anyone dislike such a great song.
Aparna Joshi (14 days ago)
akash tak (14 days ago)
,nich bhaiyo
Damini Mishra (14 days ago)
Best folk song ever..
S Santhosh (14 days ago)
Not only a voice of Rajasthan I ts a feeling of Rajasthan
Ritu Naagarwal (14 days ago)
Ghana choka gaana se bhaisa😍meri gharalisa ko ghana psnd hai yaa gaano
jitu bana (15 days ago)
Mame khan is best
Pooja Mehra (15 days ago)
Mere Rajasthan
naresh bohra (15 days ago)
म्हारो रंग रंगीलो सुरों सु सजियोड़ो राजस्थान
anuj shrivastava (15 days ago)
Kartal was played so beautifuly
Nilopher Khan (15 days ago)
Love from Afghanistan 🇦🇫 ☺️
Radhi Prajapati (15 days ago)
Va va bhaya
Avani Sharma (15 days ago)
Beautiful 😍😍
Anil Chippa (16 days ago)
Bhavika Rangani (16 days ago)
kon kon tik tok se aaya he...?
Padam Bhati (16 days ago)
Thanks Rajawat ji.... Hme itna shandar video dikhaya
Rituparna Roy (16 days ago)
Unable to understand the lyrics...but the voice and the music..man.. in love wid dis absolutely 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Shikha Bajaj (16 days ago)
Awesome song
Ravi sharma (16 days ago)
All time nya lgta h ye folk song
preeti singh (16 days ago)
Neha Ansari (17 days ago)
Yeh gana sun k lagta h Ki hum Rajasthan mein h beautiful song... N musicians r lvly..
Dance world (17 days ago)
wow yarr what a voice...😋👌
Titanic Mystery (17 days ago)
Though I am from South India..but with Rajasthan I have my soul connection! Every beat of this song..makes me go nostalgic
DEVANSH SINGH (17 days ago)
Jai shree RAM
S S Bais S S Bais (17 days ago)
hit like for Daal Baati 😇😇
raj joshi (17 days ago)
jai rajasthan 🤗
Dushyant Rajpurohit (17 days ago)
Gaana is awesome but yarr khadtal wale ko sifarish p laye ho kya?
Rayman Manger (17 days ago)
organic composition ...😊 Love from sikkim...😍😍
Amit Pandey (17 days ago)
I understood some lyrics of the song but the music and composition always attracts towards the song awesome composition true indian music l.
Surey Amarnath (17 days ago)
That roar from Amit Trivedi @ 6:31 is everything
Mayank Vishnoi (17 days ago)
Gaurav Sharma (17 days ago)
I Have The Best Dancer Award On This Song.. Love You So Much Rajasthan..😊😘❤
Rahul Kumar Giri (17 days ago)
I just love it
Jai Agrawat (17 days ago)
Nice superb song...👍👍👍😄
Uma Choudhary (17 days ago)
Jag su nyaro h niralo mharo Rajasthan 💖💖 Khamma ghani🙏
J K Bhilwala (18 days ago)
Nice song
ankit dolkhy (18 days ago)
Sir you are grate singer im big fan for you

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