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Summer Walker - Girls Need Love

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"Last Day of Summer" out now: http://smarturl.it/LastDayofSummer Subscribe to Summer Walker - http://smarturl.it/SWSubscribe See Summer Walker on tour: https://lnk.to/SummerWalkerTour Directed by Lacey Duke Producer: Maya Table Production Co: Sam Frank Productions Honestly Honestly, I’m tryna stay focused You must think I’ve got to be joking When I say I don’t think I can wait I just need it now Better swing my way I just need some dick I just need some love Tired of fucking with these lame niggas Baby, I just need a thug Won’t you be my plug, aye You could be the one, aye We can’t start with a handshake Baby, imma need more than a hug Girls can’t never say they want it Girls can’t never say how Girls can’t never say they need it Girls can’t ever say now Girls can’t never say they want it Girls can’t never say how Girls can’t never say they need it Girls can’t ever say now Give it to me like you need it baby Want you to hear me screamin’ Heavy breathin’ I don’t need a reason baby I want it till you can’t fight I can give it to you right babe oh I wanna be your healing I can be real good Please don’t get in your feelin’s I need some love, aye (x 3) I need some love, aye I need some love, aye And you can’t judge Girls need love too, yes Girls need love too (x 7) Let me tell you something So what’s a girl to do when she needs lovin too Follow Summer Walker: http://www.instagram.com/SummerWalker http://www.facebook.com/SummerWalkerO... http://www.twitter.com/SUMMERWALKER #SummerWalker #GirlsNeedLove #LastDayofSummer Music video by Summer Walker performing Girls Need Love. © 2018 LVRN/Interscope Records http://vevo.ly/qRfWZd
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Text Comments (8883)
Polly Shakur (5 hours ago)
Ayeeeeee 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Tiyounka Jones (10 hours ago)
janine s (14 hours ago)
Yes, sexy women skating...so sexy.
Mayra Nayara (14 hours ago)
HBKaylah ¡¿ (18 hours ago)
This song is my medicine😩😩💜💜
Gregory Pearson (19 hours ago)
akeshia williams (21 hours ago)
I need a bounce version so I can get nasty nasty to this BIHHHHH
Maria carrillo (23 hours ago)
Fucking my man to this
Nathalie Álvarez (1 day ago)
You dont love me too much :*
Satisfying ASMR4u (1 day ago)
This is a whole vibe!! Who agrees!!?
TheMZSHAYBAYBEE (1 day ago)
gιяℓѕ иєє∂ ℓσνє ♡
Jess Abatiell (1 day ago)
I didn't think this was a real song I just thought I laid real good pipe oops guess I'm terrible everything
Darlice Slack (1 day ago)
Anthem shit💋
Latoyia Furman (1 day ago)
Summer Walker: girls need love too Me: big girls need Love too
Syd E.N.T (1 day ago)
Excuse me,I need a longer video and song..I’m getting vibes from this song and video😩❤️
Supreme S (2 days ago)
Her and Bryson tiller would make it👌🏽
AMANDA ALEMAN (2 days ago)
REPEAT ......
Shaniqua Cunningham (2 days ago)
You should come over to see the new ones
Alyssa Fernandez (2 days ago)
I love her and this song
Antonia Robinson (2 days ago)
Can we get another vid with drake in it too??? 😍😄
Nevah Reid (2 days ago)
This my moms fav song
Danielle Maroney (2 days ago)
I don't know who this girl is, but I like this song. Did she say I just need some dick? LOL
Edward brabson (2 days ago)
Did anybody else get the add before this video...a lady bought a portrait that cost 97,000,000 dollars...wtf
lnajla (2 days ago)
The way she sing "i just need some d#$k"man
Theresa Dockery (2 days ago)
Beautiful black women😍😍😍
Jyrese Johnson (3 days ago)
What kind of car that is ?
Alyssa/ &Cynthia (3 days ago)
Onestly I ont think boiz care abt how girls r feelin’but at the end of day yu do yu boo at yu 💀🥀
Yes this what I'm saying
wanna work it out for you too bad you only do tru moodzchange moodringz my moodbrinGz danG thatass gonmakeme mad makemeGrab stealyapussy robya nut yea i mayneedah jobta fuck but games played im too hard ta suck bitchas talk thatshit til lat drip take over kan you retaliate ima nasty short niGa fuxk ah tall girl onher knees inna alley kall me whitegirl sally baerub onnis strap til yu feeled trapped stuff itright in ya back make ah move test the order wet wet test the border iaint gotta be yourbabydaddy maybe klassy or a bitch from yur way gay or straight just put the pussy onna plate drama getyue late so please act lik you the bait 86
i aint gotta reason i like the way that ass shake shutters inna dark slide through slide in butter in ner draws sike im jus playin sit on na kouch ima jus play in it til im finished dnt beah vibe killer ima stressed kan you be my high filler you scared roleplay ikan kum inside killer boys gotta offer i gotta try wish i had money i gotta buy we aint gotta die so wet i gotta dive she said i gotta drive i aint gotta hope i aint gotta buy i was mad she had ahman then she kept sayin i aint gotta guy i aint gotta why the fanes gother high she said she then she lead me fed me bed sheets i kuldnt find my pants but i fount her pussy hd hadta mount the pussi i aint press but id invest time not hound the pussy only dese klowns is pussy i kant kontrol emotions i only need it tonight stop by i need all green popeye stop lyin
Mimiangie Camacho (3 days ago)
In love 🥰
lavesha (3 days ago)
I need some luhuhuhuhuhuvv
Joe Jas (3 days ago)
This song sound good and I was watching the video to this song and I were doing something and it ended a certain way and I had to play the video over again to see what I had miss and the song sound good and it just seen short to me.
Rakiya Cole (3 days ago)
😃 lol I love this song😍😍😍😍😍😋🤣😂
Nyla (3 days ago)
this song is my whole mood all summerrr 🖤
Troy Carson (3 days ago)
Summer Walker×6lack=classic
shirlici0us (3 days ago)
damn girl tellem! song is a mood
K Perks (3 days ago)
So in love with this song 💯❤
Destiny Castello (3 days ago)
+=/;;= Bbbbbbb,B.B. kk X
Ariel McElroy Tv (3 days ago)
My mf song!!💙
erica saint elmey (3 days ago)
Anna Wood (4 days ago)
Bria Harrell (4 days ago)
How could you not vibe to this song
Joshua Barnes (4 days ago)
U fell like 4 times u need to bone up
Jean Daout (4 days ago)
This joint is too short......🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️
Akay chi (4 days ago)
I like Vedo version better
py thon (4 days ago)
Got that old school 90s vibe but should go on for as long as a 90s tune.. Banger
Ausylii Asale (4 days ago)
OH HELL NO where is the rest of the song?😩😩😩😢❤❤
Isha Gad (4 days ago)
I just discovered this song some days ago cause of Will's remix and now I'm hooked!
Mickey J none (5 days ago)
No shade AT ALL for Summer Walker doing this song cause it was good BUT, "VEDO THE SINGER" made this shit more hotter🔥! My own fuckin money yo!!!
Odry Lluberez (5 days ago)
DaNelle Faison (5 days ago)
Don't like the drake remix but love this song
Brianna Brown (5 days ago)
When I say this a vibe ❤️😩 I play this song everyday!!!!!!
Sonya Scott (5 days ago)
Her voice is like ice cream for the ears. Smooth & deliciously satisfying!!!
Jessica Hassock (5 days ago)
This song is such a Vibe!🔥
GREGORY Stewart (5 days ago)
Mane frfr this song beautiful why 8k haters this how women feel sometimes but all dat ignorance bruh do ya shit baby you get wat ever u want boo
Deanthony Davis (6 days ago)
She is get the fuk outta here gorgeous . Wtf 😭
Adrian Alexander (6 days ago)
Yeeeeeessssss Summer I'm fucking with this. 🔥🔥🔥🔥💞💞💞💞
Maddy Mia (6 days ago)
Lov u
Thayyluvv.Mikayla! (6 days ago)
I LOVE this Song!!!!!!
Clara Siaki (6 days ago)
In the beginning of the video, have you noticed the girl, dang she’s tall😂😂
Chana Pen (6 days ago)
I can listen to her voice all day everyday and that face tat! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jo Jo82 (6 days ago)
She need to add 5 more minutes to this song. 🤣
Mavado Jones (6 days ago)
Chill Vibes (6 days ago)
where is that red jacket from 2:00
Zülal Eker (7 days ago)
Zülal Eker (7 days ago)
genell david (7 days ago)
Honestly, I'm tryna stay focused You must think I've got to be joking when I say I don't think I can wait I just need it now Better swing my way I just need some dick I just need some love Tired of fucking with these lame niggas baby I just need a thug Won't you be my plug aye You could be the one aye We could start with a handshake baby I'ma need more than a hug Girls can't never say they want it Girls can't never say how Girls can't never say they need it Girls can't never say now Girls can't never say they want it Girls can't never say how Girls can't never say they need it Girls can't never say now oh now Give it to me like you need it, baby Want you to hear me screaming, heavy breathing I don't need a reason baby I wanna take and find I can give it to you right babe oh I wanna be your healing I can be real good Please don't get in your feelings Aye, I need some love Aye, I need some love Aye, I need some love Aye, and you can't judge Girls need love too (yeah) Girls, girls need love too Girls need love (let me tell you something) Girls need love (girls need loving too) Girls need love too Girls need love too (So what's a girl to do) Girls need love too (When she needs loving too) Girls, girls need love too
Indiah t. (7 days ago)
This song got me moving my body...
Yuri Sorzano (7 days ago)
Hard AF BEAUTIFUL.... Big upp from T&T
Carol Wilkes (7 days ago)
This song is truly a vibe!!
dnt wanna be ah hero but i kan be ah zero euros plurals girlz beautiful natyral
Laura Vasquez (7 days ago)
Quee? Que necesita algo de pene??😂😂
Erica Hanley (7 days ago)
Vimaphoto (8 days ago)
Please Please Please see my fan edit of this video Pleaseeee!!!!! https://youtu.be/vzTr1nhYkz8
Hands on Thompson (8 days ago)
Every woman in this video is 💯%drop dead GORGEOUS😍😛😋🤤🥰 ONE of my favorite videos❤️
Aibhlinn Oakhart (8 days ago)
It’s been a LONG time since I’ve heard a song that effected me so deeply and gave me chills. This and cpr are songs I will love for the rest of my life. The melody and sweet smooth sexy tone of your voice are as comforting as a pool warm from the summer sun at night. Ughhh. If I was in paradise, the only way to complete the perfection would be to play this song. Please make mor music like this. I’ve never heard anything like it. Your a gem girl. 💎 💎💎💜
SomeRandom Person (8 days ago)
Too freakin short....
Syabil Mohar (8 days ago)
Waiting for the remix ft Drake's MV
Brianna Jones (8 days ago)
I just noticed this is were tyga made the video taste
Cahet Mclendon (8 days ago)
Love this
Tamara Gekon (8 days ago)
0:20 she starts to SING
Denise Hutchinson (8 days ago)
Ethlyn Brown (7 days ago)
What is better This one:like Remix: comment
21 HARTs (9 days ago)
I jus need some cooch, u jus need to shaveeee tho 😭😭✌🏽
Senia H (9 days ago)
The ending is everything ! I wish that part was just a LITTLE bit longer 😫
Tatyana Wright (9 days ago)
Kool song😁
Majes__ T (9 days ago)
In my feelings rn
kingsufian07 (9 days ago)
Dear summer walker... you need to take a listen to William Singe cover of your song...... DOPPEEESSSSSSS Love this music
Valerie mancia (9 days ago)
This song🥵❤️
A Google Account (9 days ago)
I'm a dude.. but I cant lie dis bumping
Antone Avery (9 days ago)
This song sounds like death is chasing you. 😭🤦🏽‍♀️
Antone Avery (9 days ago)
Really hate when this song comes on the radio
Naty Kamian (9 days ago)
0:39 best part
Chancy Visuals (9 days ago)
Summer that one friend that you can’t trust your girl around. Your girl ain’t gay....until summer starts hanging with her doing shit like this 😂 All jokes aside, summer is one of those women who’s seductive by nature. A lot of women think men are all about looks, but sex appeal trumps that. Summer is the type that can give A1 foreplay in public with just eye contact and body language. Anyone who’s met a woman like this knows what I’m talking about, it’s a skill not many women have. Usually when a man says “she had some good pussy”, that’s what he means. She knows exactly where, when and how to push a mans buttons, not just physically, but emotionally & psychologically. The triple threat.
Gregory White (9 days ago)
Drake completed this song on the remix lol
Kuchy Santana (7 days ago)
Gorgeous Kiah (10 days ago)
Y’all didn’t see that forever atl on the tag tho
Shimron Netia (10 days ago)
those sexy girls
O my god! She sounds so much like Rihanna. 😱
LegitXOofXGod skeet (10 days ago)
I'm a straight dude and this a banger for my ears💯🔥💪🏾

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