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1Z0-570 - Oracle Documaker Standard Test Edition 12 Exam Implementation Essentials Questions

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For Oracle 1Z0-570 Test Questions and Answers Please Visit: https://www.passeasily.com/1Z0-570.htm Exam Section 1 - Intro to Oracle Documaker Questions (Test Coverage 24%) Exam Section 2 - Workspace Test Creation Questions (Test Coverage 5%) Exam Section 3 - Managing Users and Access Questions (Test Coverage 5%) Exam Section 4 - Documaker Studio Test Settings Questions (Test Coverage 16%) Exam Section 5 - Architecture and Technical Analysis Questions (Test Coverage 10%) Exam Section 6 - Implementation Test Methodology Questions (Test Coverage 15%) Exam Section 7 - Libraries Questions (Test Coverage 15%) Exam Section 8 - Dictionaries Questions (Test Coverage 10%) (1Z0-570 Passing Score): 60% (Number of Test Questions): 76 (Exam Time): 120 minutes 1. Intro to Oracle 1Z0-570 Documaker • Explain usage of Oracle Documaker • Define the Documaker Test Studio (DTMS) managers • Define the Documaker Studio (DMS) tools 2. Workspace Creation • Describe 1Z0-570 Oracle Documaker Workspace • Identify difference between single-user and multiuser workspace • Modify DMS Exam layout 3. Managing Users and Access • Describe the default users and their access rights • List and describe the technical requirements • Describe the Test System Administrator's access • Describe the User Administrator's access • Describe the Library Administrator's access Exam 4. Documaker Studio Settings • Analyze the functional requirements at a high level • Define the business process • Define the inputs required questions • Define the output(s) to be produced • Perform required for document analysis • Configure the Forms Settings • Configure the Section Settings • Configure the 1Z0-570 Recipients 5. Architecture and Technical Analysis • Explain Documaker 1Z0-570 RP architecture • Analyze and design the system that fulfills document production and management requirements • Define logical architecture and hardware architecture • Address security, data transformation, custom coding questions 6. Implementation Methodology • Use best practices for implementing Oracle Test Documaker • Perform the forms analysis process • Perform document analysis Exam • Perform the font analysis process 7. Libraries • Describe the Test Libraries functions • Analyze the various 1Z0-570 Library options • Promote/export a function • Use the Import Test Files function • Delete/collapse a revision 8. Dictionaries • Create a Common Field Dictionary • Create an XDD Exam
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