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3 Psychological Tricks To Make Her Fall in Love

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36 questions video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5O88ANq8JRc Hooked Program - http://www.getherhooked.com To keep a girl’s feelings for you strong and take your relationship to a meaningful level, it’s important to have deep emotional connections with her. So to help you do that I came up with 3 powerful psychological tricks that make her fall in love with you. Be sure to pay close attention as I explain where in the relationship you should use them for maximum effectiveness. Help us translate our videos into your language: https://buff.ly/2nunleZ.
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Text Comments (129)
Dr Johnson Hungwell (13 days ago)
1 a good right hook 2 lots of free time (no pesky job) 3 rap sheet a mile long and warrants for your arrest 4 a bag of dope and something to drink 5 Pit and Pat ( no car ) it makes panties drop
Yoasef Tamer (19 days ago)
Very good....
Jerry D (2 months ago)
I’m not interested in 15 year olds that look 20 something at all. That’s jail bait. No thanks. I’m interested in their mom’s.
Dilipa Weeratunga (3 months ago)
Hey how was it in Sri Lanka our country
Levitate (4 months ago)
wait so Tripp made a video that's 10 minutes long to only talk about 3 things????
Tommy D Shelby (5 months ago)
When people say just be yourself it's good advice but only as long as you like yourself, have a good life and are progressing all the time. Sort your own life out first before you start dating women and you'll achieve better results
Anonymous 1 (5 months ago)
Do you get laid often Trip?
jonh melom (5 months ago)
peace& love (7 months ago)
Thanks: )
Hawaii Life808 (7 months ago)
This guy gets none
Movie Time (8 months ago)
3 ways: big dick, money and generosity...
MK77 (8 months ago)
I did all this and didn't work, it gets me into friends zone
Paras Productions (8 months ago)
love ur speech bro interesting video
vishal chohan (9 months ago)
Boring mate take to long to get to the point Alpha make strategies is the best I have now unsubscribed
J KING (9 months ago)
What if she live far from u and u just texting her only never met her before
Baude Delini (9 months ago)
You lie , If you broke you get no love.
Anonymous 1 (5 months ago)
Baude Delini well would you date a scum, just be mediocre man
dave (9 months ago)
How about this study I’ve done. Which says get a bunch of money and a flash car and get any girl. This is 100% proven.
Waldemar Gałęzinowski (9 months ago)
What is the music?
nishu raj (9 months ago)
How to improve sense of humour and become interesting over text message ?
Lalbiaksanga Mystro (9 months ago)
It's not that i need advice but its just entertaining to watch someone who's doing something they really love.
byMeho (10 months ago)
Hey Tripp! Loving these vlogs! What music did you use in the video? Thanks
TheWorteldrie (10 months ago)
What is that song at 0:42 please
Mario Daniels (10 months ago)
Hey Tripp, Welcome to my beautiful island. Have a super stay :)
Jhon John Jon Jon Doe (10 months ago)
Bro you can fuck any girl and seduce her with in minutes of meeting her if she is attracted to you. You need to know what to do and how.
Good Boy (10 months ago)
Hey Tripp Love your Videos and ideas How did you get to be Tripp?
moviedude22 (11 months ago)
Riyaz Magar (11 months ago)
my favourite video of this week😍☺
TheBrownEagle (11 months ago)
Riyaz Magar bruh he is soooo good! One of the reasons I opened my own channel!
Geforcepat (11 months ago)
I love the new "vlogs" especially on this adventure keep it up.
George (11 months ago)
Did anyone see him spid around 5:30😂Fucking water hose
Eaton Beaver (11 months ago)
I broke the touch barrier but now how do I fix it?
Heinrich Kruger (11 months ago)
What's the songs name used?
Michael Watts (11 months ago)
Hey Tripp, love your videos. Small world stony brook did that study and your brother went there. I run track for them & have been following you for years. Keep up the good work
TheBrownEagle (11 months ago)
Michael Watts Tripp's videos are the best... He is really inspiring! He is actually one of the reasons that I opened my own channel :)
Ashutosh Tekade (11 months ago)
I broke her trust(few things I shared with someone that she came to know) , earlier c like to shares most of things with me... But not happening now... Can u create one video which shows how to rebuild the trust...
Kyle Kearns (11 months ago)
Girls nowadays that are 15 are somehow managing to look like they're in their mid twenties....A lot of the time I won't approach a girl because I'm afraid she's too young. Anyone else feel the same way?
Anonymous 1 (5 months ago)
Kyle Kearns it’s called contour. Scary shit!
John Smith (5 months ago)
Kyle Kearns Nah, Usually I Think They Are A "dumb" "millennial" Or Have A Venereal Disease :(
70 vi (8 months ago)
15 legal in sweden
TheBrownEagle (10 months ago)
DP P true!!
DP P (10 months ago)
Why would you restrict yourself? If she looks like in their mid 20's, but you're not sure if she is...then why not just ask her? If she's too young, then bail :)
Justin Dillard (11 months ago)
Why didn’t you go live Tuesday night
Tripp Advice (11 months ago)
Justin Dillard as of now the lives are being put on hold
From Murz (11 months ago)
Quality video man 👌
Nawfal Rachidi (11 months ago)
I have a girlfriend we love each other long time before but I can't get enough from your videos and advices. Thanks a lot bro. I'm your fan from the kingdom of Morocco. Maybe you can get a visit to our beautiful country. We will be proud and happy to see you.
Tripp Advice (11 months ago)
Nawfal Rachidi thank you! And i hope to visit one day
Bhavya Yuvraj Handa (11 months ago)
Tripp Advice (11 months ago)
Bhavya Yuvraj Handa baller
Ben Dover (11 months ago)
He spits at 5:36 💦
Tripp Advice (11 months ago)
Ben Dover damn was hoping nobody would notice
rrr rrr (11 months ago)
1.break the physical touch barrier 2.Share something personal 3.Having shared values
ant cri (2 months ago)
Yeah that room tour really helped to get a full understanding.
crocops Jonjones (6 months ago)
Don't worry about those people. The golden tips here are your tone, your mannerism and your logic thinking; those people will never learn.
Saint Vicious (7 months ago)
Very appreciated and self explanatory
Richard Stevens (7 months ago)
Still watched the video.
Keith Wilson (9 months ago)
Done all this before lol
Konner Shriver (11 months ago)
This is just what I needed!
TheBrownEagle (11 months ago)
Konner Shriver that video is so helpful!
Tripp Advice (11 months ago)
Konner Shriver good timing then
The Greatest (11 months ago)
I Want You To Make A Video About Examples of Frame Control! Like When Someone Insults You.
Tripp Advice (11 months ago)
Al Awesome just agree with them
Danglin Fury (11 months ago)
420 Uploads Kind Sir!
Rumesh Lance (11 months ago)
Wow beautiful, Kandy is where I grew up
Tripp Advice (11 months ago)
Rumesh Lance nice man! A wonderful city
TheCrisisX1 (11 months ago)
How to have a good relationship (after she’s your girlfriend) What to do if you dont like her friends? How to get to trust her?
Joel Barrous (11 months ago)
TheCrisisX1 be honest she will understand .. you can meet sometimes so she is happy but not always but let her know .. it worked for me...tell yoyr feelings
nrgnz34 (11 months ago)
Visit galle, specifically galle fort. My favourite place on the whole island 👌.
Tripp Advice (11 months ago)
nrgnz34 i think I will :)
pranavan prana (11 months ago)
Bro please visit east :)
Jason B (11 months ago)
What are you doing traveling to all of these places Trip?
Tripp Advice (11 months ago)
Jason B working and enjoying
wolf hound (11 months ago)
Tripp stopped replying to his fans 🤔 comments
Tripp Advice (11 months ago)
wolf hound or did I?
Healthy Happy Hero (11 months ago)
I'm impressed Trip. Your video quality has improved dramatically. Well done.
Tripp Advice (11 months ago)
Healthy Happy Hero thanks man! Been working hard on them
ShigaruFR (11 months ago)
Can you someday sum up all the basics things to do to get a girl to love you ? Coule be a good thing for most of us :) Kiss from France
Pfirtzer (12 days ago)
Just rent a Ferrari and drop your pants at first date!
lalo rc (5 months ago)
ShigaruFR remember woman fall in love slowly... let them come to you naturally Don't rush things " just like cats don't chase them out of your life but let them come at their own pase It's there job to respond to masculine energy slowly but surely... they will bring up relationship talk "keep it fun keep it simple hang out have fun hook up" Corey Wayne ~
cesar db (11 months ago)
1.break the physical touch barrier, ASAP 2.Share something personal, nothing akward 3.Having shared values and ideas Make sure you dont rush to do this on first date ;)
Tripp Advice (11 months ago)
ShigaruFR it’s all in my program Hooked
slowfinn (11 months ago)
hey trip, hey readers of this comment, well thats my case: i know this girl from school she is 16 me aswell. we had small talks from time to time...in germany its carnival season atm so i was drunk she was aswell and i asked her if she wants to make out and of corse she said no...i dont know why but my heart and mentality is broken. is there any way i can "undo" that?(i know what happened happened end of the story but is there any Way to apologize)
TheBrownEagle (11 months ago)
Nowreal just talk to her man! Be truthful an honest and you won't believe how great you're gonna feel!
First of all you dont ask her if she wants you to kiss her , you just look and with her body language you will know and this girl is just girl dont make a big deal of it regection is normal dont focus only on her see other girls and break the touch barrier befour going for the kiss and flert with her and teas her and be confident and different
TenderMan (11 months ago)
Good video tripp, well edited too, it amazes me how you can do these vids so good so consistently. Heard alot of these before though, remember to stay innovative up in this bitch.
Alex Franco (11 months ago)
Great tips- thank you
no man wants to fall in love with me because i am the ugliest human worldwide
DEVINECLUB (9 months ago)
Please more likes than dislikes on my videos! Stop it...Toughen up kid!!
james anoruo (10 months ago)
Are you serious, am seeing a beautiful and sexy young lady.
Alberto Cruz (11 months ago)
You have not met me yet. I am an uglier human being
Benny C (11 months ago)
ballybunion9 lol, it's okay for a woman to be kind, but a man being kind is a death sentence for his relationship. I learned this the hard way 7 different ways from Sunday before I finally came to my senses. Being nice is not only boring to a woman but she also loses respect for the guy as well because now she sees him as soft, weak, and spineless. A man needs to be a energetic aggressive asshole to keep the girl entertained and alive.
Tripp Advice (11 months ago)
I don’t know if you are joking or not due to your other posts on my videos...
Max Sosa (11 months ago)
IceRGodZ (11 months ago)
There is no way for a woman to love a man. You just need to be confident, be over 5.8 ft, and be handsome.
DEVINECLUB (9 months ago)
IcYGodZ Naw Men need to learn how to be Men.
IceRGodZ (11 months ago)
Alex M. Men should go MGTOW!
Benny C (11 months ago)
Every married guy i know who lost his job was met with a divorce shortly after. Every married guy i know is divorced, bankrupt, or both. I myself never got dates until after I got a good paying job. But I refuse to ever get married and I'll never date the same woman for more than 6 months. Women can smell money from half a world away. Even the ancient people were aware of this with stories like Adam and Eve, the whore of Babylon, and countless more. Men are creators and producers. Women are consumers and destroyers. It's a yin and yang scenario
IceRGodZ (11 months ago)
Tripp Advice, Ephesians chapter 5: 33 Nevertheless, each one of you must love his wife as he does himself; on the other hand, the wife should have deep respect for her husband. So Men are capable of loving women, women are not capable of loving men. They give a lot of respect. The only way for a woman to love a man is for her to have a very strong father who loves his family.
Tripp Advice (11 months ago)
The Peacock (11 months ago)
Joey Lauria (11 months ago)
Tripp Advice (11 months ago)
Joey Lauria (slow clap)

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