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Game of Thrones Cersei Lannister Costume Cosplay DIY Transformation

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Hey guys! Game of Thrones is hands down my favorite show and widely referred to as the best show in the history of television! I know she's an evil hateful wench, but Cersei is my favorite character thanks to Lena Headey being such an amazing actress! SHE MAKES US LOVE TO HATE CERSEI lol Today I'm sharing how I saved a couple hundred dollars by creating my OWN DIY Cersei Lannister INSPIRED costume for a costume party! Hopefully I get to upgrade this for Con of Thrones or Comic Con next year lol ENJOY! I hope this helps or inspires!! Materials Plain Black dress - Amazon Black Mock Turtleneck Amazon Plain black cardigan - Walmart bought yrs ago Silver Chain - Michaels Hooks on end of Chain - Walmart bath curtain section Rhinestones - Michaels Bra pads - from my bras and Forever 21 bra cami Silver, bronze, and gold spray paint - Walmart Crown - Party City Butterfly - Walmart Christmas section Necklace - Aldo (purchased yrs ago) also sold in Charming C harlies Cersei Lannister Costume Halloween DIY COSTUME diy Game of Thrones Game of Thrones Costumes Con of Thrones Cosplay Black Cosplay
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Text Comments (63)
Dummies (6 days ago)
Who are you grey warmed mother
Sewreal2037 (6 days ago)
Love it!
I like it giiiirl!💥
debunkingdebunkers (21 days ago)
Great job!
Barbara Gordon (22 days ago)
Absolutely amazing. Great job!
Dalivia Guardiano (1 month ago)
<3 <3 <3
xxxxSOSEXYxxxx (1 month ago)
This should have WAY more views. Damn girl, that's beautiful.
Leshay Wilson (2 months ago)
Bedwenching WithBenifits (2 months ago)
Love this!!!! You did that!!!❤️❤️ Long may she reign!!
Saul Joury (2 months ago)
Good job!
FilipinoMapleLeaf2006 (2 months ago)
her brother tyrion killed her dad tywin
ThatLadyDray (3 months ago)
Giiirrlll when you hit that squint I was waiting for either Jamie or The Mountain to pop up. Bravo! You KILLED this! 👏👏 #GOT #Cersei
lili ks (3 months ago)
where's your cup of wine ????? :)
Latisha Mitchell (4 hours ago)
I thought there was a glass of wine in the video
lili ks (3 months ago)
+What Lies Beneath The Weave nevermind , your outfit is fabulous ! the whole thing looks great :)
lili ks I KNOW!! lol I added it for Instagram photos. But I hate that I forgot it in the video.
Mizz Beehave (3 months ago)
MizzBFlye (3 months ago)
Loved the complete video, especially the dramatic closing😂
Eline (4 months ago)
This looks so nice! You did an amazing job.
Eline Thank you!
Marcelo Delvalle (5 months ago)
What is the music that starts at 4:00 ?
ChloeRaeofSunshine (5 months ago)
You killed that thang!
Quiz Money Game (5 months ago)
A 4 errfortsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss long may she reign
sonyapeach (5 months ago)
Girl you look awesome!
Christine Awuor (6 months ago)
Love it.
Ophelia Mensah (6 months ago)
Wow very creative.
Frosandavacados (6 months ago)
You're so creative, WOW! 😱😍
chelthi kueto (6 months ago)
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! Just so you know, I was watching this and was holding back tears from the excitement this video gives me. Cersei is the Queen every women wants to look like cuz this dress is SO SO fire! You did your thang and I'm Subbed AF now! #notification Squad! UGGGGHHH! I have always loved the wardrobe for GoT, you give me hope, sister, you give me hope!
Tiffany Smith (6 months ago)
Good job girl! Amazing!
Chanae Brown (6 months ago)
Cute and super creative! I love it!
Jessica Ellis (6 months ago)
dandeplus1 Liz (6 months ago)
OMG you nailed it 🙌🏾
Elle Bella2011 (6 months ago)
Two words. Killed! It!! Go J
HairCandy Kina (6 months ago)
Wow! You did a fantastic job!!!
You are so freakin talented! Love this
Kristel D (6 months ago)
peaceful FT (6 months ago)
This was very good. You did an awesome job and so creative. Hats off to you. Magnificent!!
Karina (6 months ago)
MAHARANITOO (6 months ago)
My Dear, you should have been an actress because you sure know how to bring the drama. Absolutely love it !!!!
The NYC ndn (6 months ago)
Oh snap u did it!
Taylor Evans (6 months ago)
so good!'
Hauwa Braimah (6 months ago)
You nailed it girl! I once told someone I liked Cersei, and she attacked my personality! You look great in that costume 💕
Ugh so annoying! She's a fictional character. What does that say about George? He created her lol
Tiffanie McMillan (6 months ago)
You did that. Cersei is the most "tortured" of all the GoT characters and you really captured that.
Lily Raimey (2 months ago)
Tiffanie McMillan the MOST torturous? I dunno. Dany, Sansa, and Arya have been through a frick ton from a young age.
chelthi kueto (6 months ago)
DIDN'T SHE?! OOHH Gurl!! that montage at the end had me shoooooooook!
Thank you!
CoilyLesa (6 months ago)
Nailed it🔥🔥🔥
Oonagh72 (6 months ago)
Amazing! You did this really convincing costume with “whiteface”! Too bad it isn’t olden times when whiteface was acceptable! Just kidding this costume is AMAZING. You really look like a Queen 👸🏾!!
Indigenous (6 months ago)
Omg! You did this beautifully. Turned out absolutely perfect.
cassandrad85 (6 months ago)
You kilt it!!! YASS!!!!!!
L B 1993brownsuga (6 months ago)
🙌🏾😍😊 you did great! 👍🏽
princessmyhand (6 months ago)
Wow! This was amazing! You even got Cersei's "Resting Bitch Face" down pat! You've blown me away! Bravo!
lol GIRL! Cersei's RBF is unmatched!!
Mineko Willis (6 months ago)
Love this!
A Nein (6 months ago)
Black Cersei.
Teasha Stewart (6 months ago)
I think this video will go viral. I've never seen Game of Thrones but it seems like you did an awesome job. 👍🏿
Laqwanna Franklin (6 months ago)
Never seen the show either, but that's a great job she did. If she's into the Comic Con type of events, she should definitely go like that.
Alya DIABIRA (6 months ago)
You nailed it 👌🏾
Gypsy Bouche (6 months ago)
Amazing 🤗💞✨
monnie j (6 months ago)
That was awesome! 😁👍 Very well done! 🏆
Thank you!
Winnie Nic (6 months ago)
Wow, you are spot on!

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