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Short Celebrities:TOP-20 Most Famous Short Female Celebrities

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Top-20 Most Famous Short Female Celebrities Not all actresses, models, and celebrities stand as tall as we imagine. In fact, some of Hollywood’s finest celebrities are of just of average height. Though it may not seem like it on screen, celebs are human too, and they can be short too. Here’s a list of some of Hollywood’s most gorgeous and talented short female celebrities who are 5’5″ and under, with personalities that are larger than life. 1. Emilia Clarke Height 5’2” (1.57m) 2 Scarlett Johansson Height 5’3” (1.60m) 3 Ariana Grande Height 5’1” (1.56m) 4 Kim Kardashian Height 5’2” (1.57m) 5. Mila Kunis Height 5’4” (1.62m) 6 Kylie Minogue Height 5’0” (1,52m) 7 Anna Kendrick Height 5’2” (1.57m) 8 Lady Gaga Height 5’1” (1.56m) 9 Hayden Panettiere Height 5’0 (1.52m) 10 Nicki Minaj Height 5’2” (1.57m) 11 Vanessa Hudgens Height 5’1” (1.56m) 12 Natalie Portman Height 5’3” (1.60m) 13 Salma Hayek Height 5’2” (1.57m) 14 Megan Fox Height 5’4” (1.62m) 15 Dakota Fanning Height 5’4” (1.62m) 16 Eva Longoria Height 5’2” (1.57m) 17 Shakira Height 5’2” (1.57m) 18 Christina Aguilera Height 5’2” (1.57m) 19 Lucy Hale Height 5’2” (1.57m) 20 Kristen Bell Height 5’1” (1.56m)
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