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Why Do Fools Fall In Love-Frankie Lymon+The Teenagers-1956

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original song, oldie.
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Nolwenn Collet (19 hours ago)
Une des musiques dans Christine de Stephen King
Omarr Koroma (3 days ago)
So gay
Hilary T. (3 days ago)
Just the best!! Thank you, truly.
najmo osman (3 days ago)
God I love old music❤️❤️❤️ I’m sooo over today’s generation
Samira Ahmed (9 days ago)
Bam Bino (10 days ago)
I LOVE YOU !..xoxo
carter sharer (10 days ago)
i remember those days
Dat Woop Thing (11 days ago)
Only white faces ...
Nihat Hasanov (12 days ago)
1:53 a white and beautiful fird thunderbird... i love it
Yvng Spamzz (12 days ago)
It’s a crime of what the music industry did to him
MotherFuckerJones (15 days ago)
Good question.
Eric Albrecht (17 days ago)
This song is so beautiful.
Killing Joke (21 days ago)
Why do birds sing so gay?
truth told (23 days ago)
What an incredible voice, I'm 41 and I feel like I was born in this era
Deadinside (25 days ago)
2018-2019 anyone?
Joseph Sabry (25 days ago)
Wait the singer is male ?!?!!
Jake Off (27 days ago)
Ooooo wah, oooooo wah, ooooo wah, oooooo wah, ooooo wah, oooooo wah, Why do fools fall in love Why do birds sing so gay And lovers await the break of day? Why do they fall in love? Why does the rain fall from up above? Why do fools fall in love? Why do they fall in love? Love is a losing game, Love can be a shame I know of a fool, you see, For that fool is me! Tell me why, tell me why? Why do birds sing so gay And lovers await the break of day? Why do they fall in love? Why does the rain fall from up above? Why do fools fall in love? Why do they fall in love? Why does my heart skip a crazy beat? For I know it will reach defeat! Tell me why, tell me why? Why do fools fall in love?
Wavez Club (27 days ago)
Im confused what are these pictures from ?
berkslaw (1 month ago)
1K thumbs down the ORIGINAL rock and roll!?!?!? WHA!?!?!?!?
Jack Morgan (1 month ago)
You know.. Frankie actually has a beautiful voice.
iamrepete (1 month ago)
Almost 10,000,000 views! Shows how great this music used in "Call The Midwife" is.
Ethan Gold (1 month ago)
Oh ah
rocknrolla1874 (1 month ago)
Seen the teenagers at vlv in 2010 still some of the original members, the stories they tell in between songs!!! Memories forever
Ryan (1 month ago)
I'm a pickle and I love this music
Ashley Snyder (1 month ago)
Who listening to this in 2018
Mild Bill 22 (1 month ago)
American Graffiti was a damn masterpiece........
CRAZY BITCH (1 month ago)
Omg iiiii loooooveeeee thiiisssss soooonggggg
Janice Rigsbee (1 month ago)
Arieltianna (1 month ago)
JUAN BECERRA (1 month ago)
Good time old memorie
19whamo76 (1 month ago)
How music should sound. Soulfully done. At this point I think music should reset bk to this era and bring bk gooooooood music. This was b4 my time but we all ask this question. Why do fools fall in love? Tell me whyyyyyyyyy
Berkay Garip (1 month ago)
Oh wah, oh wah, oh wah, oh wah, oh wah, oh wah Why do fools fall in love? Why do birds sing so gay? And lovers await the break of day Why do they fall in love? Why does the rain fall from above? Why do fools fall in love? Why do they fall in love? Love is a losing game Love can a be shame I know of a fool You see For that fool is me Tell me why, why, why Tell me why Why do birds sing so gay? And lovers await the break of day? Why do they fall in love? Why does my heart skip a crazy beat? Before I know it will reach defeat! Tell me why, why, why Why do fools fall in love?
bernadette (1 month ago)
this song is what my class is learning for music
javi009z (1 month ago)
Fact that the kid was only 13 when he sang this song To bad Doo Wops extinct now😑 BRING IT BACK.
xxxunloveYouxxx (1 month ago)
14 yrs old with a 70 yr old soul a brother was killin it✊🏽(im a lighskin female idk why im saying it js..)
Legends Never Die (1 month ago)
Muneeb Rehman (1 month ago)
America before it was destroyed
Been looking into some more classic artists such as Lymon & The Temptations, it's such a different energy and vibe. I'm a 90's baby but I completely feel what the elders miss about their prime days.
StripedLlama607 (2 months ago)
My boyfriend actually showed me this song and I fell in love it! I love oldies💕
Nebbo .o (2 months ago)
Therone Dawson (2 months ago)
You can help but to move your body. Whether one can dance you have to move your feet or hands or just something. I am digging that saxophone sound. Now this is what I call music. Rock and Roll on and on.
jacob martinelli (2 months ago)
... because they are screaming in terror
Ophelia Alexa (2 months ago)
21 with a weird taste in music. Hello 2018
ELIJAH BUCKETS (2 months ago)
I'm here cause of MAFIA 2
LT SCHUWOP (2 months ago)
🔥🔥 he was hittn them notes at 13 making REAL MUSIC
Hewwo UwU (2 months ago)
I like both this and modern music.
D R (2 months ago)
Talent unfortunate heroine was the drug of choice for that era still m issue today for some reason many who turn suffer from mental health and substance abuse Music survived through the generations🙏🏾
Gordon Matthew (2 months ago)
Lol no my nigga the real question is, why do you sing so gay
Manic Machinist (2 months ago)
Such a tragic death of a beautiful Soul. Jackson 5 had nothing on these guys. IMO
Isaiah Winbrone (2 months ago)
Frankie Lymon never had any success after recording why do fools fall in love
Selected Sound (1 month ago)
What about "I'm not a Juvenile Delinquent", "ABC's of Love" and "Goody, Goody"?. Sure, they weren't "Why do fools fall in love" terms of success, but they were still pretty popular.
Isaiah Winbrone (2 months ago)
Frankie Lymon and the teenagers never got any royalties for writing the song Why Do Fools Fall In Love so they got ripped off
Isaiah Winbrone (2 months ago)
Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers wrote Why Do Fools Fall In Love at 631 Edgecombe Avenue
Lamar Carter (2 months ago)
Mafia II brought me here though I heard it before and it's before my time, still. 👍
G V (2 months ago)
Ron Anguiano (2 months ago)
American Grafitti pimped this music
certified Squad (2 months ago)
Mafia 2 brought me here
Brendan Conway (2 months ago)
Mafia II
roseprints (2 months ago)
I'm here bc vocals
borjastick (3 months ago)
An amazing song that is so in tune with its time and atmosphere. In fact to me there are only two movies which spring to mind that in the opening ten or fifteen minutes completely become the era they are meant to portray, they are like a window on that exact time. The first is American Graffiti and the second is Jaws.
Conor Francis (3 months ago)
Mafia 2 sent me here, love this song
butchdugan (3 months ago)
Elder Lyons (3 months ago)
first time i heard in Mafia 2...Sounds nice
Manic Machinist (3 months ago)
ringo (3 months ago)
the people who disliked this video probably listen to shitty rap songs
Kamaile Mack (3 months ago)
This was sung bye a BLACK teen why are the images of white ppl!!!
Aqua Dood (2 months ago)
because this song was in a movie with white people.
Cahlia Hamilton (3 months ago)
Happy Birthday Frankie!!!!
DARTHNECRION (3 months ago)
This needs to be in the next Fallout game!
Games for days (3 months ago)
mafia 2 brought me here
Toazel (3 months ago)
What's up with those pretentious comments? Fuck off with your "modern music is awful". Yes, there is trash music but there are a lot of good ones that make up for it. Don't act like the 50's or 60's or any of these old songs were better. Each and everyone has their own musical taste, shut up and enjoy this classic while some other people enjoy their modern music.
Caribbean Goodies (3 months ago)
Why do birds sing so gay 🤔?
Charles Benninghoff (3 months ago)
Music like this brought generations of Americans together & it took the race-baiting Democrats to drive us apart.
Jack Bruening (3 months ago)
Selected Sound (1 month ago)
Music videos from the 90's and below are a gold mine for posts like the ones in the sub-reddit
Rubino Pride (4 months ago)
He said 'so gay' LoL
AMARI BROWN (4 months ago)
I'm 9 and I LOVE this song!!!! the heck with this cursing bad songs!! I love this I keep this on loop every day!!!
Krista Antonini Martin (4 months ago)
Alvin Diaz (4 months ago)
The begging of this song sounds like it's saying tu tumba tu tumba Your grave in Spanish
Lily Rose Jamieson (4 months ago)
anyone here for GCSE?
TOMASON (4 months ago)
Этой песни 60, мне 12, то самое эмоция когда ты слушаешь песню, которая старше тебя в 5 один
xttvee (4 months ago)
Mafia II *2018
Davros Saxon (4 months ago)
i fall in love with this song thanks to Mafia 2
Prod. Jayo (4 months ago)
I hate the fact that he only used White Ppl in this... Should have used Frankie Pic..but I love all ppl.. God bless brother..
Canada2760 (4 months ago)
50's on 5
PandaGuyGamer (4 months ago)
R.I.P. Frankie
Katherine Andrade (4 months ago)
Me encanta
marquis ballard (4 months ago)
50s & 60s music >>>>>>> Todays music
Your Drug (4 months ago)
MPLTUBE (4 months ago)
Mafia 2 brought me here
cdsnow1966 (4 months ago)
Splash City Meech (4 months ago)
This nice but theres no black ppl or one picture of franky lymon at all disappointed yall wont feel me tho
Alvin Diaz (4 months ago)
fools fallll in love because they don't know wassup
Eternal Fool (5 months ago)
I’m so obsessed with this song😍😍 oldies are the best.
Latoya Johnson (5 months ago)
thvs86 (5 months ago)
"Frankie Lymon was one of rock & roll’s first teen prodigies — and one of its earliest tragedies. Lymon wrote and sang this hit as a 13-year-old Harlem kid. But the writing credit — and money — went to his label boss, Levy, an associate of the Genovese family. Lymon died a penniless heroin addict in 1968 at the age of 25." from https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-lists/500-greatest-songs-of-all-time-151127/frankie-lymon-and-the-teenagers-why-do-fools-fall-in-love-46387/
Manuel Ortiz (5 months ago)
He died at the age of 25 bruh it's not only this generation that dies from drug overdose
John Smith (5 months ago)
Not ONE nigha in these pictures 😂😂😂
Hilltop Viewer (5 months ago)
Doc from Back To The Future sent me here!he!he!Anyone hear the guitar in the background playing licks from Gene Krupa's tune from the 1940's called Drum Boogie.Great to hear these tunes and Jimmy Wright and band playing on these records,what a classic sax player he was and the other musicians!You gotta love the sax solos,the way they time it perfectly!
Jeff Indigo (5 months ago)
Dug brought me here
The Music History (5 months ago)
Wonderful!! That’s a beautiful playlist! https://bit.ly/2noVfCr
Sergio Garcia (5 months ago)
FP (5 months ago)
Thank you for this video. One of the most important discoveries of my life. I was able to find American Graffiti because of this, and from there, my love of films!

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