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This was the LAST video we filmed in our Hermosa Beach cottage! Now we are moved to San Diego so get ready for tons of new videos in our new place!! Comment below what room you want to see us tackle first in our new home! Also don't forget about the question of the video! When was the last time you moved?! Make sure you subscribe to my channel for new DIY decor and organizational videos every week http://bit.ly/1PugoDw || Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/sharrahstevens Learn more about the Live It Journal Subscription by watching this video: http://bit.ly/2K0MYkK This program will help you apply the tips in my videos to your own spaces! Plus you get access to our private Live It Journal community on facebook and are invited to join our private live Q+A sessions once a month! __________________________________________ || THINGS I MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO || Shop My Poshmark Closet: http://bit.ly/2PZeRuk Moving Company We Used: http://bit.ly/2V9NtdZ U-Haul Plastic Moving Boxes: http://bit.ly/2KZeNM3 Forearm Forklifting Straps: http://bit.ly/2V0vkTS Spackling: http://bit.ly/2L705TA Spackling Knife: http://bit.ly/2He8TBU || SHOP OUR HOME || No Sew Iron-On Webbing I Mentioned: http://bit.ly/2GOTPdK Curtains: http://bit.ly/2Ud75Bq Curtain Rods: http://bit.ly/2JW509k Curtain Finials: http://bit.ly/2Um1dps Clocks Similar to Mine: http://bit.ly/2TZgsVp Bull Art Print: http://bit.ly/2T2wsGg Woven Pendant Lamp: http://bit.ly/2U2rZTN Gold Decorative Envelope: http://bit.ly/2EnEL5t Blue Throw Pillows: http://bit.ly/2T6BMsa and Here: http://bit.ly/2T5wMnC and Here: http://bit.ly/2EleDbi Blue Striped Lumbar Pillow: http://bit.ly/2T2wFJy Bookshelves Similar to Mine: http://bit.ly/2DCwH1F and Here: http://bit.ly/2DCxvne Letterboard: http://bit.ly/2OjVIow Coffee Table: http://bit.ly/2UH6FQn Coffee Table Tray: http://bit.ly/2T6pOPr Brass Floor Lamps: http://bit.ly/2UlFF8N Carved Wood Accent Table: http://bit.ly/2U7Vx2z Faux Fiddle Leaf Tree: http://bit.ly/2Uqkjrb Jute Area Rug: http://bit.ly/2JYRyxf Dining Table: http://bit.ly/2DAByjG Dining Chairs: http://bit.ly/2DBXsDc and Here: http://bit.ly/2UjZY6I Linen Gray Dining Bench: http://bit.ly/2HKyNQl Bedside Table Lamps: http://bit.ly/2DCy8gl Bed Frame: http://bit.ly/2JQDZCR Headboard (it's on clearance right now!): http://bit.ly/2CKUEA9 Bed Risers: http://bit.ly/2FaNbja Bed Skirt: http://bit.ly/2CNLwut __________________________________________ || Discover Your Design Style || Design Style Overview: http://bit.ly/2Iu37vA Farmhouse Design Style: http://bit.ly/2vtdbCB Boho Design Style: http://bit.ly/2GtqhSj Mid Century Modern Design Style: http://bit.ly/2JBRRlc Coastal Design Style: http://bit.ly/2Wam65n Glam Design Style: http://bit.ly/2TUDut8 _________________________________________ || Making the Most of Our Small Space! || Small Living Room: http://bit.ly/i Small Storage: http://bit.ly/2kv11TD Small Bedroom: http://bit.ly/2o96wo9 Small Bathroom: http://bit.ly/2mpPXn4 Small Office/Desk: http://bit.ly/2oAuBYX Small Kitchen: http://bit.ly/2qUqIyV Small Coat Closet: http://bit.ly/2oQooFI Making the Most of Our Small Space was a fun and REAL series of how I managed the 'smallness' of our little Los Angeles cottage with the whole-lotta-ness of stuff from both Tyler and I combined (ok, so mainly just me lol). Our budgets were small but our dreams were big! Follow along and get inspired on how to make the most of your space and make it beautiful no matter what your budget! __________________________________________ ||More About Sharrah|| Sharrah is an interior design, DIY, and organization expert based out of Los Angeles California. Sharrah’s goal is to inspire men and women to discover their style, and then equip them to live it out with confidence. She does this through weekly videos focusing on all things interior design and organization. Sharrah wants her viewers to be empowered to create their own beautiful spaces no matter the size of their home or budget! __________________________________________ PS, if you missed any episodes or want to binge watch the whole wedding series all over again, watch it from start to finish here: http://bit.ly/2hpWLyv __________________________________________ Videography by Elena Contis and editing by Dorian Tucker Royalty free music by Epidemic Sound
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Text Comments (224)
casey (10 hours ago)
Moving tomorrow!!!
RealinNYC (15 hours ago)
I haven't moved since 1978. I am anticipating a move within the next year or so.
Gypsy Rose (15 hours ago)
This was so helpful! I haven't moved house in 14 years!! And my fiancé and I just bought our first home so will be moving next month!! 6 months before our wedding so our life is super chaotic at the moment lol
Brittany Good (23 hours ago)
I moved 5 days ago! Looooove your channel! You’ve been key in helping me decorate! On my last apartment tour I credited you for helping decorate my bookshelf 😊
Jennifer Bell (1 day ago)
We just moved out of our first house this last week, closed on that house today. Close on the new house next week, and will move all that stuff again. I'm so tired.
Kylie Crawford (1 day ago)
I just moved into my new apartment with my boyfriend. I wish I saw this video before I moved because it was super helpful!
Sylvie Simonne (1 day ago)
Last time I moved was 2 years ago.
Jocee Pacheco (1 day ago)
Currently packing to move. Feeling wildly overwhelmed.
Natalie Emma Hislop (2 days ago)
We’re moving house on the 31st. I’m 25 and this will be my 15th move!
Claire Barwick (2 days ago)
I will be moving in a month or 2, yay! And I will be using your essentials box tip, and getting boxes from our local grocery stores after they’ve unpacked their stock. That’s pretty common here in South Africa - not sure if stores even sell moving boxes 📦;)
Maria Vemo (2 days ago)
Currently moving and omg its stressful
emily pacheco (2 days ago)
I’m moving this weekend so this was perfect timing.
Kellina Crews (2 days ago)
About to move and this was so helpful! Thank you for sharing!
Amber Harrelson (2 days ago)
I have moved 25 times in my life so far! 21 of those were before I was 18. I am 41 years old. I just moved into our own home January 2019 with my Fiance. No more renting!!! Yay!!
Emmojo (3 days ago)
When do you pack the sex toys? Save it for last right?
James Isay (4 days ago)
Excited for you New house
Presley Charman (4 days ago)
I last moved in 2014 to London its great
Anthonia 17 (5 days ago)
Last time my hubby & I moved was on Nov 2015 from my parent's house to a finished house. We've been building a house behind our current house since a year ago, hopefully we can move to our new house before christmas 😍
OLGAS_DIARY (6 days ago)
We moved abroad a year ago and are moving back in two months, gives me shivers when I think about packing and unpacking everything 😩 Great tip if you move abroad - number your boxes and write down a list of what’s in them, when you get to the destination and the delivery man arrives- cross out the numbers in your list- this way you make sure no boxes were lost in transit ( trust me , we lost one and were able to identify it on the spot )
Joy K. M. (6 days ago)
We moved in April. My husband became a Pastor.
Betsy Sanders (6 days ago)
When asking for free boxes at the grocery stores/Costco/Walmart, ask specifically for apple boxes. They are very sturdy & have a spot for handles that makes them easy to carry. Plus they are a nice size, not too big so you can start packing them ahead of time & store them without taking up too much space. We started looking about a year before we bought our house so we bought plastic storage bins when they were on sale. Then when items would go on sale that we would need for the new house that we didn’t already have, we would purchase them & store them. Things like linens for the spare bedrooms (that we didn’t have in our apartment), towels & accessories for the guest bathroom etc... This saved us money in the long run because we bought on sale & we bought over a year instead of having to buy all at once when we moved in. I got really lucky, I found a designer queen comforter set on clearance originally $210 for only $54! You don’t have to buy everything all at once but most of the necessities we bought early & on sale. It gave us some breathing room when we moved in. We still have the plastic bins 12 years later. They hold all our seasonal stuff now. Some of the extras we sold at a yard sale.
I moved once in my life, when i was 13 that was 11 years ago. We moved around the country 600 km away. :)
Mackenzie Walsh (6 days ago)
The last time I moved was July of 2028 but I’m about to make my next move in 3 weeks:)
Yesenia Velasquez (6 days ago)
Thank you for these amazing tips! We are officially homeowners and so excited to start packing and moving! Congratulations! ❤️
k1g2j3 (6 days ago)
Would love to own your oval wall clock if your planning to part ways with it 🙂🙂
Sally Martin (6 days ago)
6 years ago after out apartment flooded
S SD (6 days ago)
EZ bins are amazing and much better than boxes!!
Sarah Moore (5 days ago)
I don’t think those are available in California. Good idea though
Michelle Gr (7 days ago)
Cutest dog ever. Also great tips and info. Thanks for the video
Kelli King (7 days ago)
The last time I moved was 2 1/2 years ago. I won’t be moving again until I get married to my fiancé.
Oceano_ Rodriguez (7 days ago)
you are so pretty, I am moving now for no reason lol.
Li Honey (8 days ago)
The last time I moved was close to 6 years ago. Hoping to move again by the end of this year 🙈🤗 Good tips, thanks!
del cullen (8 days ago)
" Purge n de clutter " Check ! X :)
Lorraine Figueroa (8 days ago)
Thank you for all the tips! Planning on buying a house and moving by end of summer! So exciting! Please pray that God works everything out we want to keep it under our long term budget. Oh it will be our last move 🤞🏼.
Ashley (9 days ago)
im a navy brat so I move quite a lot(last move was 4 years ago thankfully, usually theyre every 2-3 years), and im moving in about a month to start college and I completely agree with all these tips, they really are helpful!
Say Gee (9 days ago)
Samantha Herrera (9 days ago)
Moved from Texas to Tennessee in February 2018. The Army tells us where to go and we go. But we'll be back in Texas soon enough.
shanecia banton (9 days ago)
I'm moving the first of June
Charlotte Purslow (10 days ago)
I moved a month ago into my first flat! Luckily I didn’t have to pack room by room as I only had one to pack up! xxx
Mauricio Ortiz Aznar (10 days ago)
Hi! A few months to Buenos Aires!
Tracy Doverspike (10 days ago)
Are you going to have your new home deep cleaned before you move in? Are you going to paint and plan storage first? Our last move was seventeen years ago. We just paid off our home! Freedom feels great.
Donnala Fit (10 days ago)
I am moving at the moment.
Catherine Steele (10 days ago)
Last year! They are selling the house we are renting :(
Candace Dawn (10 days ago)
I'm moving to the San Diego area, too, on Wednesday! 😁 I procrastinated BIG time!
Chrys Polychronopoulos (11 days ago)
Eight months ago! I am so excited to see your new home tips. And we moved from a one bedroom apartment, to a four bedroom three bathrooms house! 💕💕💕
We moved before I was even born... THIRTEEN YEARS AGO!!!
Victoria Mather (11 days ago)
Additions: 1. Nice for people helping you move: Make sure there is toilet paper, hand soap and a hand towel in the bathroom at both places (Old & new) for everyone to use as well as water bottles in the fridge and granola bars at both. 2. Clean the new place before you move in if you can so you move into a clean, ready space. 3. Create a spreadsheet for yourself so you know what’s in each box
Selma Anane (11 days ago)
What country do you live in??? By the way, I'M IN LOVE with your video's, and your dog. Hope you see the comment!!
ozzie (11 days ago)
moved during a february blizzard this year
Gea Sol (11 days ago)
I don't understand. Shoes and clothes together?
Rachel Leased Walker (11 days ago)
Pack a first night box. Have it full of things you'll need the first night and morning like a shower curtain and soap, bedding, toilet paper, tooth brush, charger, medication, coffee pot, coffee, and cups, pet stuff, child stuff, pajamas and next day's cloths, etc. Then pack that in your car so you know where it is. Happy moving and sleeping!
judy Rogers (12 days ago)
15 years we have been in our home! Moving in 3-6 months! Looking to pair down A LOT!!!!
ayesha bunga (12 days ago)
The last time I moved in was in June/July of 2017 ^^
Hidayah Azdi (12 days ago)
What laptop should i get for interior design ?
SouLoveWisdom (12 days ago)
Moved 8 years ago but my hunnie moved in with me last Saturday. It was a diaster lol. I had to get rid of so much stuff to make room, BUT his stuff is newer and better, so it made it easier. We'll be moving in the next 4 months though
lovewildpeace (12 days ago)
Just moved in with my boyfriend, thanks for the tips! ❤️
Tami Sinnema (12 days ago)
31 years ago!
Paula (12 days ago)
Three years ago when I moved into my new house.
Tiarra B (12 days ago)
🌸Thanks for all of the great tips girl!! The last time we moved was almost 8 years ago!😳 I’m almost scared to think about all that we’ve acquired since then; BUT, I purge and donate items quite frequently, so I’m also confident that I’ll be taking pretty much everything with me when we do move. My hubby on the other hand....we have our work cut out. He’s quite the hoarder🤐👀😅😇😘🌸
Char Horst (12 days ago)
Please do your kitchen first!
Char Horst (12 days ago)
What type of dog do you have? so cute!!!! Is he hypoallergenic?
Bianca Adela Silaghi (12 days ago)
i almost can`t wait to see how you will decorate the new house for Christmas ❤️❤️❤️
Glynis Rogers (12 days ago)
Helpful hint for college students: my daughter said the students use a white crayon to patch pin holes on the dorm wall. 😍
MelCosmeticGirl (12 days ago)
Last move 2 and half years ago.. next move end of june ! We bought our first house 🏡👨‍👩‍👦‍👦
Taria Usher (12 days ago)
Moving into my first home right now!!! Thanks for this helpful video, and Congrats to you guys!
Livi M (12 days ago)
Perfect timing! I move June 15th!
Vendela 67 (12 days ago)
June 2016
diamonds4joy (12 days ago)
Never mind. I just saw the "we're moving" vid
diamonds4joy (12 days ago)
Why are you moving?
Tanya Elias (12 days ago)
I'm moving in 9 days. Moved 20+ times in my life. My husband used to be a professional mover. We have got this down.
Karin Londt (12 days ago)
I’m moving soooon😭so feel your pain. Good luck and send some my way! 💕👍🏽
Gisele Lafreniere (13 days ago)
All plates are to be packed up and down in the box and not flat because if the box is dropped your plates will break. Professional packed showed me....and today I have moved more than 10 times across the country. Have a book to write what's in the box with a number on box. Boxes are stollen when things are shown on boxes. With a number on box ...you know if a box is missing.
Sophia George (13 days ago)
Awesome tips I’m moving next month 🙌😆
LabelsOrLove (13 days ago)
Yay in august Im moving from my first apartment to my first house 🎉🎉🎉🎉 Cant wait for some good styling videos🏡🏡🏡 Please do some outdoor styling videos 🙏🏻💋
Carolina Fherman (13 days ago)
I moved almost 2 years ago in July and down sizing from a 3 bedroom to a 1 bedroom was no easy task. Thanks for all the great tips. Good luck with the move and best wishes for your new home 🏡 😍
Melinda Diecidue (13 days ago)
I live in the house I grew up in, so it's been over 30 years since my last move. But we are having a major garage sale for it feels like we are moving. Thanks for the great tips! Hey scout!!!!
nrsimmons178 (13 days ago)
My husband and I are getting ready to make our 7th move in 4 years(for both our jobs) and yes, it's as exhausting as it sounds, lol! I would suggest hitting the grocery store for a cooler(if you don't have one), healthier snacks/meals, a case of or a couple gallons of water and a bag of ice. Doing this has prevented me from wasting money on fast food or at convenience stores, and keeps the road trip moving with less stops. This way you can have a little extra money left over to tip your pro movers or buy your amateur movers(aka fam and buds) pizzas and drinks, lol! Good luck with the move! ♡
KaLeigh (13 days ago)
Great tips! Love the colored tape idea. I haven't moved for 20 years and am so itching to move. What I do try to do is always decluttered AS IF a move is coming up soon. That way when it does, it's not quite so overwhelming. Only hard part is convincing my husband it's a good idea to clear out the basement again. 😉
Gina Miller (13 days ago)
Essentials; toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper & for us cat food & catlitter 😹
Gina Miller (13 days ago)
We moved last July after 21 years in the same house! (some stuff is still in boxes) We moved into a new house & even tho we thought some things would work, they won't! Much love & prayers to you ❤️
Stephanie Hayes (13 days ago)
I'm glad my dog isn't the only one who lays down RIGHT on top of the pillows!
Heather Chinoski (13 days ago)
We moved in with my husband's parents in the fall while we build.
Love these tips! Honestly color coding is so simple but saves SO much time.
Trevor Hess (13 days ago)
Klarene Alvarez (13 days ago)
Last year with my boyfriend
Carmen Caro (13 days ago)
Our las move, 7 years ago... Great tips, gracias!
Susan R (13 days ago)
One year ago
Brittany FFF (13 days ago)
Lol why not just write where the box goes in bold letters on top of the box?
Sally Gardiner (13 days ago)
Ironically - right now!
Barb Nauman (13 days ago)
Super helpful and very well done!! Great job, Sharrah. You’re an organizational genius, girl!🎉💕🙏
Jessica Hayes (13 days ago)
I moved to my husband’s FDS about a month and a half ago. Now I live on an Air Force base!
AlinGuti (13 days ago)
I cant believe you did this vid, I'm moving in two weeks. This will really help me. Tks. Nice trip.
Sanjana Nafday (13 days ago)
What kind of puppy do you have? He/she is incredibly cute!
Unusual Practical life (13 days ago)
Weird timing, started watching a few weeks ago. Moving in 5 weeks to la Mesa/El Cajon ❤️❤️. Get free boxes!! Retail stores are best. I used Disney store boxes last time, more boxes this time.
Fanny Nyári (13 days ago)
I move every two moths... :D
Live G. (13 days ago)
The last time I moved was in 2007😣!! And I am moving in the next 2 to 3 weeks and I feel nervous and quite overwhelmed with all the packing I have to do. So thank you for the tips, I need all the help I can get to organise myself as a single mum of two to be ready!!😣😓
Denise L (13 days ago)
1997 was last time we moved.
Megan Vazquez (13 days ago)
Thanks so much for this video. In the middle of packing. I got a jump on purging we don’t move till about a month. We haven’t moved for about 10 years. Going from long time renters to homeownership. Thanks for all the tips. Great video.
Kiran Mark (13 days ago)
Great video
annetterae7 (13 days ago)
I'm in the process right now. Just across town so I'm doing a little at a time.
Catherine D (13 days ago)
Last moved 1992

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