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Act of Congress at the 2008 Birmingham Folk Festival

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www.birminghamfolkfestival.com, www.myspace.com/actofcongress. Video taken by Roopa Iyer. Three songs (The Bear, Clocks, and Take On Me) from the set of Birmingham-based Act of Congress at the 2008 Birmingham Folk Festival. Yes, this band tackled Coldplay and Aha, bluegrass/acoustic style! This festival was held on August, 2, 2008 at historic Avondale Park. The festival brought folk musicians to a venue that used to host the Allman Brothers, classical concerts, and much more. Plus, the festival helped raise money for a local charity, Mitchell's Place, and served as a catalyst for Avondale Park revitalization.
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Todd Hahn (7 years ago)
Amazing! My brother goes to the UofA and told me to check you guys out. You're definitely being listened to in Iowa now :)
Louise (9 years ago)
love it love it love it
Matt Thien (10 years ago)
one word...talent!
bbrizzy89 (10 years ago)
This is excellent! Liked the clocks cover :)
Anand Iyer (10 years ago)
You can watch the video in high quality by clicking the link under "views" or by changing your video quality settings in My Account. FYI

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