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Christina Aguilera - Fall In Line (Official Video) ft. Demi Lovato

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Get Christina Aguilera’s new album ‘Liberation’ available now, including “Fall In Line” feat. Demi Lovato, “Like I Do” ft. GoldLink, “Twice” and “Accelerate” ft. Ty Dolla $ign and 2 Chainz! iTunes - http://smarturl.it/CxAxLx/itunes?iQid=yt Apple Music – http://smarturl.it/CxAxLx/applemusic?iQid=yt Spotify - http://smarturl.it/CxAxLx/spotify?iQid=yt Amazon - http://smarturl.it/CxAxLx/az?iQid=yt Google Play - http://smarturl.it/CxAxLx/googleplay?iQid=yt Get “Fall In Line” feat. Demi Lovato: iTunes - http://smarturl.it/CAxFILxDLx/itunes?iQid=yt Apple Music - http://smarturl.it/CAxFILxDLx/applemusic?iQid=yt Spotify - http://smarturl.it/CAxFILxDLx/spotify?iQid=yt Google Play - http://smarturl.it/CAxFILxDLx/googleplay?iQid=yt Amazon - http://smarturl.it/CAxFILxDLx/az?iQid=yt Get “Like I Do” feat. GoldLink: iTunes - http://smarturl.it/xCA4xLIDxGL/itunes?iQid=yt Apple Music - http://smarturl.it/xCA4xLIDxGL/applemusic?iQid=yt Spotify - http://smarturl.it/xCA4xLIDxGL/spotify?iQid=yt Amazon - http://smarturl.it/xCA4xLIDxGL/az?iQid=yt Google Play - http://smarturl.it/xCA4xLIDxGL/googleplay?iQid=yt Get “Accelerate” feat. Ty Dolla $ign and 2 Chainz: iTunes - http://smarturl.it/CxAxAx/itunes?iQid=yt Apple Music - http://smarturl.it/CxAxAx/applemusic?iQid=yt Spotify - http://smarturl.it/CxAxAx/spotify?iQid=yt Google Play - http://smarturl.it/CxAxAx/googleplay?iQid=yt Amazon - http://smarturl.it/CxAxAx/az?iQid=yt Follow Christina! Website - http://www.christinaaguilera.com/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/christinaaguilera Twitter - https://twitter.com/XTINA Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/xtina/
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Text Comments (31163)
tabbb (3 hours ago)
i can hear jon bellion in this
taylor shining (5 hours ago)
This video deserves a billion views. I mean what has happened to the people. Why isn't this video getting views? Maybe because Xtina is showing some reality!
Üz Fermini (5 hours ago)
Let's go to 50,000,000 views!
Ashley Gillespie (8 hours ago)
Their parents allowed it. When you want fame this shit happens and it’s pathetic but I would have quit. And been my own manager.
Ashley Gillespie (8 hours ago)
Raven Ketchen (10 hours ago)
Protect each other and fuck shit up.
Dirtyfrequence (14 hours ago)
Just cant believe Jon belion wrote this song
Aleesha Akhtar (14 hours ago)
Lisa Mulligan (15 hours ago)
christina aguleria and demi lovato your music speaks to me im crying i hope to provide an inspirational message
Marlon Johanson (15 hours ago)
At the beginning the soundtrack is like from a terrorist movie, but I love it.
Nightcore Flawless (20 hours ago)
pie man (1 day ago)
I could see Beyoncé singing this
Angel Torres (1 day ago)
De los mejores 👌🏽
Yansee Oosteagaugh (1 day ago)
And the illuminati going to destroy her for this, she knows n don't care. 💖
Artulissa (1 day ago)
Alaff Ravagnani (1 day ago)
Brasil 🤩🌈🏳️‍🌈❤️😍
Lisliene Batista (1 day ago)
Limpisis Addo (1 day ago)
Wow that is a beautiful song.
Irena Liaud (1 day ago)
Hell I want to
Cheri Lones (2 days ago)
kylie carroll (2 days ago)
Jon bellions writing dude he absolutely killed it
Macker (2 days ago)
Jon Bellion anyone?
Amy Summers (2 days ago)
Every girl or woman should wish they could belt out their pain & passion like these two bosses.
iKo! Villa (2 days ago)
Industry sucks!! a lot of artists are still slaves of them, The saddest part is that we can´t do anything but support our favs until they get out of those devil contracts, this vid has an important message, don´t overlook it and open your eyes and your minds
Arnas Mangirdas (2 days ago)
Listen to this cover : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-_Lb8-UYUw U must listen i.. Like it's the best ^^
Calista Frudd (3 days ago)
this is actually beautiful, good job
Shobhinii Suresh (3 days ago)
Two legends singing an anthem that needs to win a Grammy. Hell it has to win all the awards in the world. Can’t wait to see them perform this live at the Grammys. Can already imagine the standing ovation they’re gonna get
Xstina Girl (3 days ago)
Powerful note
RiRiBrit (3 days ago)
Ariana Grande - no tears left to cry: 645 million views Christina Aguilera - Fall In Line (Official Video) ft. Demi Lovato: 31 million views There is definitely something wrong with people.
Jessie J videos (3 days ago)
If they just add Jessie J to this song it would be a MASTERPIECE..
Gabriel Mendes (4 days ago)
A. Mojica (4 days ago)
666k hmm🤔🤔
Stephanie Hernandez02 (4 days ago)
Sometimes I wonder if their voices are even real😍
Ahja Fox (4 days ago)
For anyone who may want to know what the paper says at 1:30 (The X's are parts I could not decipher): XXXXXXXX Inmate Security C. Aguilera Subject displays abnormal behavior while performing. Agitation, restlessness and violent outburst. Need for Restraint. XXXXX XX Inmate's Restriction Guide Case Number: 1 34X 34518X 92235 (Then it repeats again)
Valentin Köhler (4 days ago)
Britney Spears left the chat
Vantrice Ware (4 days ago)
31 million views O_O
maev officiel (4 days ago)
now the real question is who tried to reach that note (belting) and who can hit that note ?
Omar Isea (4 days ago)
This is important
Kelly Perdomo (4 days ago)
I love beyonce , but it amazes me how christina has one of the most powerful voices out there and is no as reconginzed
Lloyd Robinson (2 days ago)
Im sure if xtina was married to one of the best rappers ever to come out in music she would be famous, beyonce is only as famous as she is only because she's married to jay z only reason she never divorced him for cheating because she wouldnt have half the fame she's got, singing wise her voice aint that good, not got shit on xtina. Kelly rowland is a better singer than beyonce. Most overrated singer ever!!
Zeynep Korkmaz (4 days ago)
Almipaola Ortega (4 days ago)
I think this inspired little mix to speak out too 😮😮
The high note Demi hits makes me feel so .. strong
pamela polhamus (5 days ago)
Both these ladies are pure beauty.
Shane Davis (5 days ago)
I'm not a fan of Demi Lovato. It's not Christina Aguilera's best song. But they did a great job together.
JP Washngton (5 days ago)
Yall look at the views 666k
Zonna Carroll (5 days ago)
The real them are locked in cages while the clone performs.
Crish Life (5 days ago)
Dr. Dllo (5 days ago)
Amazing ❤️
zakaria abdikadir (5 days ago)
most empowering song ever
Vinura Kahawala (5 days ago)
Pick up the phone, someone says "Mr Bellion Sir, Beyoncè on the line, she's tryna reach you on your cellular. She wanted Fall In Line but we gave it to Aguilera." Uhhh #GSP
Ezgi Kafadar (6 days ago)
One strong voice + One strong voice = Perfect Song
Giulia Bacchetti (6 days ago)
Two of the biggest voice in the world.
Iris Giovana (6 days ago)
OMG. Someone need to keep botox away from earth for a while.
Mariana Bueno (6 days ago)
MK Ultra confirmed
SherlockCat10 Plays (6 days ago)
DevilQueen YB (6 days ago)
can't stop listening
にゃんこっこ (6 days ago)
xCaPz (6 days ago)
Jon Bellion really is the GOAT
Laura Saavedra (7 days ago)
Diablo señoritas!😍😍
India xindia (7 days ago)
Manuel Andino (7 days ago)
Belliiisima como siempre....
Pablo Hernan Sanchez (7 days ago)
Amo su gran voz😍!!
Cristal Geyser (7 days ago)
Why is this song so underrated? It's literally one if the most spoken out songs of 2018
BeastPigSweg (7 days ago)
everybody gotta give jon bellion some love here too, i mean he only co wrote and co produced this song lol
Pablo Rueda Vega (7 days ago)
Dúo de DIVAS.
Estybo Fdz (8 days ago)
Really? 31 million ? :O
Pang Koua Thor (8 days ago)
I love this!!!!! Love u both!!!
Trevor King (8 days ago)
I only like the first 27 seconds, listen....
YungKudali (8 days ago)
Me: Hey Siri, define “underrated” Siri:
Christian Javier VB (8 days ago)
Impecables las voces de sus generaciones! 👏👏
Giulia Bacchetti (8 days ago)
I can’t stay a minute without listening to this song.
Jorge Felix Ceballos (8 days ago)
Share the video everywhere guys!
Aryadna Vargas (8 days ago)
mi sueño hecho realidad <3 mis dos ídolos de la música juntas :3 son las mejores
mariana chila (5 days ago)
es maravillosamente perfecto
Kalya Tuwei (8 days ago)
Anyone from adult swim, jon bellion?
sakuraharuno383 (8 days ago)
Dos de las mejores voces que pueden haber. Pfff. Pelos de punta.
Giulia Bacchetti (8 days ago)
God, this song is EVERYTHING 😭
Chantal - (8 days ago)
Damn what happend to her lips they were so much nicer before
Richard Meister (9 days ago)
Yll Hoxha (9 days ago)
jon bellion wrote this
Jeff BEP (9 days ago)
Cristian Gala (9 days ago)
Cristian Gala (9 days ago)
Wokie's Hightlights (9 days ago)
Gatekeeper vibes lowkey?
Laura Bekema (9 days ago)
I love them so much but didnt they like chose this lifestyle? I mean they signed up for it and u can always just quit
XxMyLameUserNamexX (8 days ago)
I think that's why Christina took such a long break. I also think it's why she didn't promote this album or any of her songs. She doesn't seem to like the "Celebrity" part of being a singer.
Kate Ryan (9 days ago)
You're all so pop disney boring to worship such crap music. You all worship crap music in a crap mind hive. They make whore music for little girls. It's disgusting to make whore music for little girls. I'll teach little girls not to listen to whore music
hi ! (7 days ago)
Kate Ryan this song is literally about issues in the music industry and issues for females who aren’t aloud to think or speak out and just being framed as whores lmao are u okay
Kate Ryan (9 days ago)
The lyrics are pop stupid and insincere. They make whore music for little girls. They know nothing about modesty showing off their fat thighs
Kate Ryan (9 days ago)
If they both walked more they wouldn't have such fat thighs
Jorge Felix Ceballos (8 days ago)
Just look at yourself bitch
天照大御神 (10 days ago)
Fire Squad (10 days ago)
I can't stop watching this video, and when demi hit that high note 😱 this song needs a Grammy like this song was amazing 👏🙌
galex mendez (10 days ago)
Escapen que no los controlen son iluminayi
Kelley Mathews (10 days ago)
Pash Will (10 days ago)
This song is phenomenal because of its powerful message and everyone knows Christina can sing her ass off but she is not the right person to deliver this message! In multiple interviews she admitted that her record label wanted her to portray a good girl, pop, cookie cutter image but she rebelled against them and decided to be sexy in assless chaps, almost to the point of being trashy! So her singing about women being used and only seen as sexual beings, when we have so much more to offer, seems hypocritical to me. Like I said, great message, wrong messenger🤷
hi ! (7 days ago)
Pash Will she can do whatever she wants in her music and with her body. that’s not the point. it’s not her problem for what other people frame her as. anyone can deliver this message as long as they aren’t the offender
King Weatherspoon (10 days ago)
Who's here because they heard Jon Bellion's new album?
De um jeito diferente! (10 days ago)
Essa christina é linda viu 😍
winged wolf (10 days ago)
Compare this to what men do to women's in the Muslim world .
wannabe SG (10 days ago)
Shut the fuck up
A very powerful perfect message, song from two generations of Disney kids. :))

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