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Drunk girl really needs to pee and makes an ass of herself

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MissJaneDSommers (4 years ago)
Please make her wear diapers!
floyd pink (5 years ago)
is she preggers
floyd pink (5 years ago)
look at her belly
tigerlily0190 (6 years ago)
and people say weed is a drug? High people don't do stupid shit like this.
KingRadbadical1988 (7 years ago)
Did she died?
Tfirmin001 (9 years ago)
O_O that looks like my history teacher XD
Prideoffreedom (9 years ago)
HaHaHa ......I LOVE drunk chicks lol....
veeb (9 years ago)
OH MY LORD is this at carson..... i heard that this happend at carson is it?

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