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The Magic Pro League Controversy | Magic the Gathering / Arena

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Noxious (12 days ago)
People kept asking me about this yesterday, and I've been receiving a lot of DMs/emails about this topic, so I figured I'd tackle it. TL;DW: - Savjz and Jessica make fantastic ambassadors for the game, but there's a definite disconnect between their qualifications and that of the other 30 MPL members, including Burchett, who joined after Mythic Championship #1. - WotC doesn't hate its players, but they need to formulate their goals with the MPL. - The MPL is not a full substitute for the old competitive circuit. - Diversity and inclusivity may be laudable goals, but this was a clumsy way by WotC to address it given their radio sielnce about the qualification process for the MPL and the future of mid-level competitive play.
Smilin' Contender (11 days ago)
Great video, by the way Thompson is pronounced with just the T, like Tomson. English sucks so totally understandable haha
Rafael Silva Willians (11 days ago)
I disagree with you about the second point. It really looks like Wotc hates its competitive/professional tabletop players. Not reprinting enough the most used cards, making the tabletop Standard and Modern deck prices far beyond unpayable, is one of many examples of not giving a crap about these players. We needed to wait EIGHT years for the Zendikar fetchlands reprint, even that, being in a Master Set that is far pricier than a standard set. And TWELVE years for the Onslaught fetchlands. It's beyond hating the competitive players.
Dragner (11 days ago)
diversity is a funny excuse when they just ignored Greg Orange, Pro Tour champion and a BLACK GUY.
Noxious (12 days ago)
Hundreds of people have hit #1 Mythic, so the qualification is only partly applicable. As I said, Savjzis a perfect fit for the MPL if you grant that the MPL's selection process has nothing to do with being a top point earner.
racvets1 (12 days ago)
My one counterpoint is Savjz hit #1 mythic a week ago. While that still doesn't mean he has a 10 year resume to get into the MPL, it adds to the reasons to have him join the MPL.
Riccardo Calosso (3 days ago)
You mean the MPL, also known since its conseption as Magic Promotional League, has the goal of promote the game it's based upon? It was never pro as in professional.
Riccardo Calosso (2 days ago)
+Marko Lomovic actually, yes. As long as they're wotc's sanctioned events, pro tours fall more under the definition of a promotional event made to sell the product than an actual competition. ESPECIALLY when they keep handing free buys to long time player. To have a competition you need a fair ground to start with. How would you feel if the patriots could skip the playoffs and just compete in the superbowl?
Marko Lomovic (2 days ago)
+Riccardo Calosso is PRO tour is PROmotional tour XD
Riccardo Calosso (3 days ago)
+Marko Lomovic exactly, PROmotional
Marko Lomovic (3 days ago)
No it is Magic Pro league
Riccardo Calosso (3 days ago)
You mean the MPL, also known since its conseption as Magic Promotional League, has the goal of promote the game it's based upon? It was never pro as in professional.
Paul Titze (6 days ago)
I think magic needs a pro scene where only pro points matter. Also I think including more women shouldn't be a priority. Having mostly men playing isn't sexist or about discrimination, it's simply that men are more interested in a fantasy card game that's about knights and dragons instead of princesses and unicorns
Relic Fails (6 days ago)
Wish i could still play paper but as you said its too expensive.
Sol (7 days ago)
Seems like the MPL is nothing more than marketing. By adding people who aren’t the top of the competition to a list of people who are supposed to be the top of the competition means it isn’t really competitive. You can’t have it both ways.
Alex Nas (8 days ago)
maybe have a MPL for the pros and and E-league for streamers and content creators.
Eam Samaraka (9 days ago)
im not sexist but women keep getting shit for free just cause they are women, she might be the strongest female but all the men who worked much harder and got much higher should not be valued less cause she is a diffrent gender. jesus its getting annoying.
mjaomjao2 (10 days ago)
If they are that concerned about inclusivity they should just make a tournament where they get a man and a woman to represent each country/state.
hurktang (10 days ago)
I don't think this is as much important as you make it look. If they are competing between each other and jessica is not on par with those player, wouldn't she land soon enough at the bottom of the ranking fairly fast and probably lose her spot sooner then later ?
SH18 (10 days ago)
Arena also is inaccessible for people who don't have much money, F2P/Budget, we are use to paying $60.00 to play a video game, we are use to buying patch DLC at like $15/20. We are not use to needing to spend more money than that per month to play a video game. Arena "free to play" aspect frankly takes too long to build the decks you want, if you want to have a play experience like the streamers you have to spend hundreds of dollars per set. Your forced to spend real card price like prices for the decks you want on arena and it's absurd. I've played Arena closed beta march 2018 through now and the free 2 play aspect is bad, I'll open 90 packs of war of spark (i saved up 90,000 currency by not buying GRN for a period of time) and I'm only going to get like 12 rare wildcards, that is nothing to build T1 decks and there are many of them in War of the Spark. So Let's go from Dominaria of 2018 until now War of the Spark, that is 5 sets with 3 month span in between. $100 per set, that's $500 on a single video game for a year. That alone makes arena the most expensive video game to play on the market. Some people spend money every month, do the $100 bundle, That is $1,200 a year for a video game and you have to spend that much if you want to have the cards to make whatever deck you want. If you have any hope of top 40 mythic laddering you have to spend a lot of money on Arena to play a variety of decks against the ever changing metagame. If Magic the Gathering was more main stream with video gamers people would be tearing down WOTC's doors. A game i came back to play, and a game that i always loved but never had the money to buy card packs is now again being inaccessible to me as a budget gamer simply because the systems in the game are exceptionally greedy and unfair and are designed around buying card packs to get Wildcards. The grind of events and getting random Rares is a system that never gives me the cards i want to make the decks i want to play and has no guarantee, i rarely have received top cards from events. The only proven system is straight up wildcards but they are behind the paywall of buying card packs, and since we are actually cut off from how much gold we can make per week without doing events it is a direct progress wall for the players trying to grind a collection on this game. The free 2 play aspect of this game will probably stay the same and as i've played other bad games in the past i give Arena a 4/10 rating. A greedy lootbox system that I hope the politicians will shut down from allowing them to make money off people pulling that slot machine of the ever RNG of card packs. Arena had my attention for a while and still does, but if it never changes then I will eventually stop playing, no video game is worth sinking hundred's or thousand's of dollars into. I played World of Warcraft for 8 years, had amazing time, friendships and no direct crippling of the progress i could achieve playing the game cheaply spending about $1600 a mere $17 a month, and look at Magic:The Gathering Arena the price comparison is just crazy. Arena needs improved but the community is set on having them take their money, i guess what could of been an amazing game turned so many people like me away because of a companies greed for the Benjamins.
SH18 (10 days ago)
Remember people you do not own your Arena Collection, the only thing WOTC did was allow you to use their program, and they can ban you at any time, since to me playing Arena is as expensive as real paper magic, If i was going to spend the money I would rather use it on physical cards with real world value and value that is retained. Arena is inherently designed to get people to spend money buying card packs and the game needs to be redesigned to better support a strong number of players playing it freely, most people are playing arena but not having fun, the amount of packs you earn playing freely per month 40-45 are not enough to give you the MPL and Twitch Streamer experience. High Rare count and Mythic count decks take to long to build via F2P, the events need redesigned to reward Wildcards, the weekly gold cap per week needs increased meaning quests rewarding more gold, and earning gold passively per game win etc, we playing freely should be opening around 100 packs per month freely, instead of the bread crumbs we currently get that directly inhibits and cripples our ability to grow as a player.
Orn Gorn (11 days ago)
I am just glad that I stopped playing this stupid game 10 years ago. There is no telling how many thousands of dollars the "Magic: The Gathering black hole" would have sucked out of my wallet.
Mister Turk Turkle (11 days ago)
How do you exile a YouTube channel?
Half Gallon67 (11 days ago)
I used to watch your hearthstone vids all the time it’s good too see ur still making content(wish it was hs tho *sniffle*)
baerleon (11 days ago)
jorgamund07 (11 days ago)
Long story short: a highly competitive scene is now seeing rewards/punishments based on something other than merit. Take all the politics, marketing, business, and morality out of it. There are only two options: 1) Commit to strictly competition and merit 2) Admit your merit-based competition is no longer an arena for merit and total competition. The angst the Magic scene is feeling is that they want #1 but they're getting #2... without the honest admission.
Cube Brik (11 days ago)
Here is a solution, they take a top 5 or so from every Continent. Make them the league. Two years, remove their rank from them. Have a second league that does the same every other year. Two league groups that refresh members on opposite years. (Edit) Seven continents, 5 from each. 35 players a year. So, when both leagues are filled their are 70 players, If their all white dudes, I'd be dam well surprised. You have diversity and good players.
tacky187 (11 days ago)
Perfectly said and balanced take. I thought Savjz might be included with how well he was received at his finish at the Mythic Invitational. I think the move is very smart - a player who clearly is smart and skilled, but also brings an entire generation of CCG/esports viewers to the game. They are prepping the game to be an esports game for years to come.
Andrew S (11 days ago)
I'm fine with addition of both of these but....change the definition of the MPL. It's not about the best it's about brand ambassadors.
Marc Gomes (11 days ago)
Wotc is bumbling third way through e sports. Hopefully they figure it out soon.
Moon Tourmaline (11 days ago)
Sure representing magic 32 people and one is there because is is a wahman
Yonkerino (11 days ago)
I like the inclusions and definitely like a shift in that direction. Table top Magic has been a privilege not only to wealthy people but for americans as well, if you have read Paulo Vitor articles you might know about the additional challenges latin american players face in order to attend a pro tour. And as you have mention Arena is a more inclusive environment, so let's tip the balance for those minorities so we can reach a point when only merits matter but everyone is represented. Savjz spot seems to lack merits but let's just wait and see if he keeps the spot on future achievements I guess.
Mouse Kime (11 days ago)
You're absolutely right on the money problem and the shifting landscape. Now I want to talk about the overarching issue surrounding the drafting process of the MPL roster from a slightly different angle. Firstly - regarding Savjz in particular - He's reached rank one in Traditional Ranked Standard - a ladder on which I'm almost certain that other existing pro players have been grinding parallel to him and he would have had to beat them pretty regularly to hit number one. Bringing this back to the shifting landscape caused by a larger accessibility to magic you have to remember that you can get thousands, upon thousands of competitive tier games over a few months just sitting at home at your pc now, you don't have to drag that experience out over several years at various gps and protours. I'm sure that for some existing pros it's frustrating to see people break into the proscene in a few months of leisure what took them years of exhausting interstate(or even international) trips, but that's just going to be a fact of the pro-scene with the new ease of getting the required experience. Now, obviously MTGA doesn't give you the experience on sitting face to face with your opponent, so it might be that he chokes under the pressure of a high stakes event - but that fact doesn't completely erode the fact that he has won thousands of games against top tier players on arena to claim the top spot. Secondly - regarding Jessica, whilst she has been openly selected as a diversity target, it will in my opinion be non-the-less interesting to keep eyes on her. As an Australian I can tell you that things are scarce down here - I could probably count the number of LGSs in Queensland on my fingers - (Queensland is larger than Texas). Now usually I'd say that due to competition being scarce that that means that points earned down here are worth less even than those earned in America - but ultimately the competitive decks remain largely the same, international competitors provide experienced competition and overall the tournaments are just as hard to win as elsewhere... but there's less of them - so unless she's been running around the world to pad her competitive progress compared to other Australians, then the fact that she's #1 down here speaks volumes and she should be taken seriously, at the very least as a regional champion. (PS: brilliant video - I like that you remained very neutral on some hard topics even though that will get you hate from both sides of the fence)
Inge (11 days ago)
Hey Nox, very good video. Controversy is clear to me now, so thanks for that! Also, very good job staying respectful to everyone you talk about in this video while still making your point clear.
CoreData (11 days ago)
I agree that having 2 leagues would be the correct move, have an MPL for the top competitive players, and some form of Creator Circuit for the diversity of players
Raigan Avalon (12 days ago)
MPL has now no credibility as a competitive league. When you include any player based on anything other than skill and achievements, you're done.
Michele Guerrini (12 days ago)
This time, no fun nor luck
shane pearson (12 days ago)
Wotc seems thoughtless these days
slowfuse (12 days ago)
Silent H in Gerry Tompson
Dennis Heyes (12 days ago)
It's basically an invitational league to promote the game, and some of it's better players at the same time. Is the marketability of the ones chosen taken into account? Of course it is. If they are going to be having them on the payroll and promoting them on their site they will want a say in who they pick.
Roberto Sanchez (12 days ago)
This is just the beginning. What might happen in the near future will be a new rank system in which tiers will have to happen. Teams of people as you mentioned could end up happenning in which having a representative per tier will mold the team.
BlueLightningSky (12 days ago)
The point of esports has always been to get people to think that they could be that player and get them to play the game and qualify through open division or climb ladder. But that's not really easy when every player is Korean right? That's why Starcraft banned them from compteting in other regions or why we even have regions in the first place. Well the same logic applies. It's not easy to think you can be part of the pros if everyone of them is white dude who has enough money to keep buying whatever card he needs and started ten years ago.
Jimmy Bolin Kovacevic (12 days ago)
Very good informative video
Ink Eye (12 days ago)
I was wondering, with the releasing of MTG:Arena, should WotC lowers the price of tabletop Magic?? What's Your opinion @Noxious and all MTG fans ;)
Sean Jones (12 days ago)
You made an interesting point about competitive integrity that rang true with me. For months I was playing and enjoying the content of azur lane. At first it was the pve content that kept me coming back, but soon the competitive part of the game really started to interest me. I was minmaxing ships and equips and skills in pursuit of the perfect competitive team. However, when I learned that you could close your app to escape a losing match without forfeiting your tickets (you get Smth like 20 a day) I couldn't keep playing it. That moment is where the company lost me forever, after months of grind and hundreds of hours, because their competitive scene wasn't enforced or meaningful. Clarity is key in a competitive environment
Bob Aman (12 days ago)
I think this is a great change and better representation in the MPL will help expose the game to a wider group of people. That's a good thing. Rank is an important and reasonable component but it's not everything and it shouldn't be.
Patrick Irwin (12 days ago)
If WoTC wants “esports” to pop off for Magic, either sign tfue or steam “GP’s” weekly and get better (more up beat) commentators. It’s sad to see that “MagicFest” Madison got no airtime, and draft/limited is such a big part of the whole MTG experience
Burden82 (12 days ago)
havent seen anyone fighting so hard not to say that what wizards is doing by not saying it
Kwane Bookall (12 days ago)
There's so much to debate here. Life was so simple. Cast Bolas and or Nexus and now boom. Branding, Company views and, well in a nutshell politics.
leftie goober (12 days ago)
If your comments on this focus on Jess and not Savjz you're literally just a sexist.
Charles Banks (12 days ago)
At this point, it just needs to be an Arena competition. Just have everyone with an account play and play. The top players play off against each other. Hell no one even has to know their color, race, sex or anything...just a screen name. So and so is your winner. Your check and trophy is in the mail to you. Just stream it without faces and such. OR Just invite a bunch of known streamers at this rate and call it an invitational, as others have said. WOTC just slapped a bunch of hard core players in the face and I'm sure others will be leaving due to the changes as well. It's not a competition if you can just pick and choose the top. The top is played for, not given.
Garrett Lehman (12 days ago)
Gerry .. ... Thomp-son. Love it.
Nick Berkander (12 days ago)
nice video
Júlio Lobo (12 days ago)
Hey, this is an exceptional video, noxious. Thanks for it
Alan Le Corre (12 days ago)
You show a great deal of consciousness. It's rare here. The struggle is real, and every voice matters. Thanks.
x1PMac1x (12 days ago)
Maybe Wizards needed people in a crunch and Wizards also wanted to take advantage of lower qualified pros that have more to lose.
IIZeeIl (12 days ago)
Sounds like WotC are riding on the minority/political correctness and skewing who joins mpl based on this rather than skill alone . If there is no top woman, or black dude etc sitting in mpl, doesn't mean your not being inclusive with your game, means they weren't good enough. Dumb this being used as a marketing scheme over who are the truly skilled and deserving. Guess as a Asian Muslim who tops I have a higher chance of being looked at if I top then if you're some white guy in order to promote wotc marketing diversity. That is so sad and hilarious at the same time.
IIZeeIl (12 days ago)
+leftie goober I don't care who it is, I'm just talking in general. Those were examples, nothing do with her or him. But in this case I guess savjz is the main example of WotC change in how you get into MPL, that it isn't now exclusive to long time top tier players anymore.
leftie goober (12 days ago)
Just curious, why would you focus your comment so much on Jess's inclusion and not Savjz? Even Brian Kibler said her inclusion makes sense, but that his inclusion is the weird one.
aR0ttenBANANA96 (12 days ago)
Imo, the big thing is that video games and cards games unlike sports aren't all as popular with every demographic. It's clearly not about the actual competion because iif it was they'd just make leagues for every continent instead.
Ralph Wolfe (12 days ago)
Damn it i am ranked #33
Charles Lumia (12 days ago)
Uhh... I seriously doubt that Owen Turtenwald was doing things bad enough to be removed from the MPL. What he actually did should be released.
Charles Lumia (12 days ago)
Supposedly he was "harassing" women. Sending them text messages? That's harassment? How about you block his messages.
face punch (12 days ago)
savj is an influencer in the MTGA community, they must gave took that into consideration . but yeah the last 2 inclusions sound kind of a lose inclusion, to be honest I am kind of happy for savijs
ghoullegion (12 days ago)
Competitive magic is a joke anyway it cant and never will be competitive the way it is built at the moment.
HeadWrinkle (12 days ago)
16 slots for people who dont deserve to be there... Really?
Endlessor Baggins (12 days ago)
I agree that this game is god damn expensive and that it is a huge barrier of entry. And it increased a lot in recent years. I had to change my habits and be more selective with an equivalent budget. I'm in front of choice like: going to the pre-release or buying a booster box? Because box here are 170$CA and pre-release 35$CA. I would like to bring my daughter to a pre-release but don't want to pay 70$. So with WotS I skipped pre-release, bought a box and did some seal with my daughter. But, damn that I found paying 170$ very pricy when five years ago I would pay 120$CA for a box. I also mostly play commander and while my playgroup as acces to cards likes Gaias Cradle, Demonic tutor, dual lands and other pricy stuff, I don't want to pay that much for individual cards to acquire them... but it makes my deck power level a notch below their deck and I rarely win. If MTG was more affordable, young people (like my daughter) and students with low income could be more invested in the game. They are the future generation. If WoTC wants new players, a lot of player and to retain them, they should do something about the price other than removing the MSRP (which created a price increase in my area). I have friends that could be interested in the game, but that i know that they are not fianacially responsible so I don't take the chance to show them how to play in case they get hooked and began to put money in it like crazy. Have also other friends that know about the game but just don't want to play it because they acknowledge that it cost too much to keep with it. I even had people that laughed at me when I answered them how much money I may have put in my collection of cardboard rectangles. So it is the perception that many people get of that game and because of that they are just not willing to try it.
Lee Gentry (12 days ago)
waloacme (12 days ago)
At this point dude, I don't think WoTC cares what people think of their decisions. And to be honest, these kind of controversies create more publicity.
RJirl (12 days ago)
Nothing but respect for the amount of time and commitment Savjz puts into mtg, but he is not a pro. Placing him in the top 32 mtg players of the world is a disservice to him and the mtg competitive scene. If they want mtg to be an e-sport, they have to have a filtration system based on solely on performance. My off the cuff idea would be: top 20 on paper the way it always has been, and then 12 slots from top ranked on mtga or something. If they need to have their personalities to bring in the hype, then do an invitational every 6 months or before a new set release or something. And for the love of mtg, don't put all the money into the invitationals .. the money should be going to the top players so they can continue to make the game competitive.
Alexandre Gomes (12 days ago)
So, if you have a Dick, you need more points to enter. So, Wizards are saying Womens are Dumb and have lower IQ, so they need to lower points for them... And if a guy get close to enter, and the next day he identifies as a women? And if he identifies as an Unicorn or a Helicopter, need less points?? This Companys, Get Woke Go Broke........
Michael Jennings (12 days ago)
Can you please pronounce Gerry Thompson's name properly? Do you also mispronounce the first name Thomas as Thhhhomas?
Beats #9821 (12 days ago)
It doesn't matter how much money you throw at this, the people you bring into it, nor the titles you give out. Wizards is still wizards, Hasbro is still hasbro, suits are still suits, incompetence is still incompetence. There's a certain level of disaster you should expect with whatever they do. One of the things I like about MTGO is that it's a lot harder for someone to cheat. There's a long history of pros being slighted for cheating. When you're grinding hundreds of matches just to get a shot against people who are a lot like you, using decks like yours, and are at similar skill levels--how do you think some pros get an edge? I like MTGA because it means anyone can become a pro. You don't need to be buddy-buddy with higher ups that are basically win trading and exchanging byes.
Verb (12 days ago)
“We’re doing this very purposefully. It’s because we know that there’s an issue with barriers for women and other marginalized groups in esports overall, and in Magic competitive gaming,” said Wizards of the Coast vice president of esports Elaine Chase, in an interview with The Esports Observer. “We want to take a first step and take a stand, and say that we’re going to remove those barriers and make a space and make an opportunity for women. Jess is our first step in doing that.” Soooo basically affirmative action has leaked over from college admissions into esports.
RJirl (12 days ago)
sigh .. time to sell all my Hasbro stock
AiSard (12 days ago)
Threading the needle with nuance and measured language. Sadly those qualities probably won't be as present in the conversations that'll happen around this. We can only hope that WoTC will come out with a clear and concise explanation of their greater, planned eco-system that will nip this potential toxic trainwreck conversation in the bud. Well.. we'll see how that goes :T
diarrheasplatter (12 days ago)
To me the allure of magic has always been the extreme elit level of its main competitors, the difficulty of going pro and the absurd level of knowledge and brain going in to the paper version of the game. While I love mtg arena like nothing else, I feel that this move waters down the game in that sense. It takes away from magic in a way and adds to magic in another I fear that in a few years mtg will simply be another hearthstone.
bo adams (12 days ago)
We all knew they couldn’t just run the mpl on merit. That would be too logical. Now everytime we see someone that is not a stone cold pro in the mpl we have to assume they were a diversity hire, or an inclusivity inclusion. Why not just pluck the perfect range of diversity off the street no need to even have ever touched a magic card.
Austin Jackson (12 days ago)
The sub titles said magic parole league lul
Destroy666videos (12 days ago)
I'm dendrosexual and won like 30 MTG games in my life, can I represent in MPL?
bo adams (12 days ago)
Kevin Winks yep you should probably go for something more prestigious. Maybe a brain surgeon.
RJirl (12 days ago)
well gosh golly, i think that makes you number one in your self-identified field. Welcome aboard!
Kevin Winks (12 days ago)
+bo adams it means a literal tree "hugger" aka sexually attracted to trees
bo adams (12 days ago)
Destroy666videos it’s so narrow I literally don’t know what it is and I’m a citizen of the internet. Sure you are hired.
Helius Infinitus (12 days ago)
Magic is a card game. It takes no physical skill, therefore being "inclusive" in the sense of "giving" spots to "minority" players (this doesn't just have to be a US game making the minority argument pretty moot) is just silly at least at the highest levels of play. Just let the best players play their decks against each other. It is ok to promote or highlight upcoming players or whatever especially when marketing in particular areas, but the best should based only on performance. I do like the idea of having featured personalities. Or you would have to expand the number of "pro" players such that you will get more diversity.
EyeZ O.O
Jacob Richards (12 days ago)
its their league they want to sell gems and magic cards. including ppl that arnt white males (like myself) and are not north american (like myself) is a good plan. Id put more content producers in too if i were them, and expand to 64. clarity would be nice.
Abisade Onasanwo (12 days ago)
17:32 hit the nail on the head with that last one
Odd9 (12 days ago)
Well thought out and unbiased commentary on the magic scene. I would add that the MTG arena platform has other perks besides the free to play aspect in that not everyone has people to play with. I know personally I’d be lucky to play magic maybe a few times a year so for me the ability to play with people whenever I want is incredible. I know that there are those who think table top is the only real form of the game but I can see that dying off as well simply due to the fact a digital version is cheaper to maintain and more profitable. Not to mention it pretty much eliminates anyway to cheat (I say pretty much because undoubtedly someone will find a way)
Georgiy German (12 days ago)
Why the hell does it Matter if a women joins. It's not a sport, do you not allow girls play monopoly. It's a card game for godsake
+bo adams I know enough to be certain about your privileged position. You want magic to die? stop consuming it and get out of magic videos because they get publicity money out of this
bo adams (12 days ago)
Rastrisfrustreslos Gomez you don’t know me and neither do they. They don’t even know what the word struggle means. I do. Fuck them I hope all the LGS shut down and magic dies because they have no idea how to market.
+bo adams You have a lot of privileges, don't pretend you don't. Now, people calling you out for things out of your control can be pretty damm annoying and for that you have my condolence
bo adams (12 days ago)
Rastrisfrustreslos Gomez when they introduce it as a marker of skill and then take that away. It means nothing. I hope mtg paper fails. Arena all the way no more tournaments. They are getting too stuck in this sjw crap. I can’t even go to my LGS without being called out for privilege that I never had. I’m so sick of it.
+bo adams Do you happen to have a lvl'o'meter at hand? Skill lvl is a mightly hard measure to pull off. I get that you feel other people deserve it better, but you do not get to decide who deserves, investors do
Andrew James (12 days ago)
His idea at 14:35 is the best way to go about it imo
Rafael Silva Willians (11 days ago)
And is the exactly thing Wotc should do in the first place.
BowlUndrFire (12 days ago)
Wizards for about 20 years: 'we don't want to put all our eggs in the digital basket, we will sell less cards that way' Wizards in 2019: 'WHERE'S THE PAPER SHREDDER'
M K (12 days ago)
Sorry for asking here but i couldnt find anything at all today when i had the third counter on eldest reborn i legit could not select anything. i could brows my and my opponents graveyard but it didnt let me select anything, just burnt through all my timers. can someone explain to me what happened?
Horace Campbell (12 days ago)
Bug. So sorry mate
joshrsh30 (12 days ago)
It shouldn't matter if you are a man,woman,trans you should put the top players in the top places if they didn't make it to the top don't include them.
Pedro Martins (12 days ago)
Why be good when you can just be a woman, right? xD
NoneOf YourBusiness (12 days ago)
Rastrisfrustreslos Gomez Okay, I might have got it better if I know what it was changed from, thanks.
+NoneOf YourBusiness Well op edited his comment., don't you see?
NoneOf YourBusiness (12 days ago)
Rastrisfrustreslos Gomez No, I mean that I couldn't understand the context of your comment, it was incomprehensible.
+NoneOf YourBusiness Nonesense you say? ABSOLUTELY that was the whole point
NoneOf YourBusiness (12 days ago)
Rastrisfrustreslos Gomez What you just said... makes no sense...
Daniel J.B.A (12 days ago)
sooo what youre saying is that savjs and jessica are bad players?
RJirl (12 days ago)
thats not what we're saying ... but ummm .. yeah they kind of are =/ not top 32 level anyway.
Axel Schneider (12 days ago)
I really enjoyed this video. Thanks for giving us your insight and clarifying your opinion. As someone who hadn´t heard anything about the MPL it´s great to hear about it but also great to see people be invested enough into magic as an Esports, that this situation causes such an uproar. I myself question this move, but then again I have little insight on the topic. I´ll be curious to see if wizards releases a statement about this
Federico Kotek (12 days ago)
The only thing I know is that the MPL is a completely horrible viewer experience. It felt extremely rushed. They say you can't polish a turd... I guess WOTC proved everyone wrong. The graphics, the casters, and the design felt very polished... but content wise... my god. I can't even believe they didn't show a single match of the only deck that was different from the rest (KEN YUKUHIRO'S BANT AGGRO). Where are the VOD's? Where are the leaderboards? etc
Xuptokny3 (12 days ago)
I wonder if WotC could further define the 'barrier' without being sexist. What exactly do they mean by it?
I fear I don't understand the question. Sexism is a barrier in and on itself so theres that
Matthew de Beer (12 days ago)
Sounds to me like the gaming community has found another topic of the month to turn their collective entitlement towards. The world is full of leagues or awards or celebrations of people or teams that have, at best, fuzzy criteria for inclusion. Do we demand that the Nobel committee gives us repeatable measures by which we can demand a prize once we've met them? Do we froth at the injustice of one movie winning the Oscar for best picture over another and raise our collective pitchforks until the scoring is made public? Do we whine and moan about how broad the criteria are for being considered for a congressional medal of honor? Wizards (a commercial organisation) are investing a portion of their revenue to create an arena for play that they feel best showcases the product they are trying to sell. Where in the hell does this righteous indignation come from that people feel they are owed some explanation for how Wizards decides to spend their money?
MrAsap2000as (12 days ago)
As for the guy who got kicked for alleged sexual misconduct, I have NO problems AT ALL with him being kicked IF he did do what was alleged. The problem is the "if," as it's is extremely likely that they have no evidence and he's effectively convicted through a few "words of mouth" alone.
Raoul Chavialle (12 days ago)
I think you're misunderstanding the fact that they're action is not welcomed by the arena playerbase. I'm a competitive player on Overwatch and I saw Blizzard killed the major competitive tournament for the Overwatch World Cup - first edition with streamers with competitive wills but without skill requirement include as player in teams - second edition influencers voted to coach teams. Then they built Overwatch League. They quiet well succeed first (depend on the long run) because the biggest part of the playerbase didn't even knew the APEX tournament since it was in korea and nothing competitive enough existed at this time in the western world. It will be the same for MTG Arena. The biggest part of the Arena playerbase don't even know about the previous system since, you named it, money was a strong barrier. People who will watch this don't give a fuck about the previous system, you can't blame them for this and the show will entertain them, you can't blame them for that too... things will just moove on and if the game succeed they will reappear soon. Just like APEX or even new tournaments and Overwatch League is no more full of platinum streamers :) Wizard marketing is doing well. Not english native sorry. Ho and nice videos btw ! Been a long time i watch your stuff.
Caleb Hortman (12 days ago)
I am conflicted on this. On one hand, it is harder for marginalized groups such as women (due to the mistreatment by SOME members of the community, and the social stigma about playing a nerd's game), people from lower income families (due to the accessibility reasons you just mentioned.) and people from underrepresented countries (because they do not have the same opportunities to participate in tournaments without expensive travel costs) to make it as far in the competitive magic scene. If you think about it, they did not begin at the same starting point as some rich white kid who had their parents buy all of their magic cards. While magic arena is changing this these barriers still exist. I believe that achievements should be looked at through a lens that takes into account starting position, for example: if hypothetically, a rich person, who was born into a rich family and a poor person who was born into poverty achieve the exact same amount of pro points, tournament wins, etc. then the poor person obviously achieved more because she had to overcome the barriers and overcome her circumstances while the rich person did not have to struggle nearly as hard. This is the whole idea behind affirmative action, to recognize the achievements of people relative to their starting position in life, rather than their raw accomplishments. However, I can also understand the argument that you should base inclusion on how much you achieve, without taking into account starting position. I am not sure exactly how much starting position should affect chances. I do not know what the right solution is in this case. if you disagree then feel free to comment I am open to changing my views.
Don't be conflicted. Inclusiveness is never undesirable (I can't picture a single scenario). If wizards wants to include minorities in their tournaments that shouldn't detract from the competitive spirit. If people are afraid that someone undeserving may steal their light then that same people may not deserve to be in the light in the very first place. Imagine if poker or chess started inviting personalities from around the world to duke it out with pros at mayor events, oh wait, they DO, nevermind.
grevedanko (12 days ago)
I think its great that Wotc market magic towards others than white overweight men. //A white overweighted man
MawilliX (12 days ago)
Outrage culture!
Kitso (12 days ago)
This is a great video thanx nox. Hopefully wizards of the coast does provide more info
MrAsap2000as (12 days ago)
With the usual Affirmative Action, you could at least make the argument that the minority has less opportunity, less guidance, not as educated parents, etc but how do you make a case for Affirmative Action here? These people obviously have the best cards and skill and knowledge of the game is something you develop yourself. The game is also available online for EVERYONE EQUALLY, no one really has an inherent advantage. Though i could be overlooking something.
Spam Armor (12 days ago)
Dude...it’s about marketing, there’s no question. Hasbro gave their WoTC baby 10 million to play with and they want to see results, which in turn means marketing as hard as possible. This common thread runs through design as well as the “face” of Magic in the form of MPL or competitive play or whatever you want to call it. They want a customer facing, highly visible, “competitive scene” and then, once the hook is in, they drain wallets with Arena. It’s an RJ Reynolds formula applied to a card game.
Riccardo Calosso (3 days ago)
Well, it's always been Magic Promotional League Promotional, not professional. That's the official name.
Metchswag (12 days ago)
I personally dont understand how they are using a horrible beta game to make these decisions over paper magic which is what should be play first not second.
Alex (12 days ago)
If they want the MPL to be an advertising/marketing tool then fine.. WOTC should of said that. Instead they shut down the Pro-league so they can channel their money into making this soc-jus MPL joke. Cheers Wotc... just shit on your core playerbase while yer trying to force your agendas.. Clown World
NintenDad (12 days ago)
Pro Sports: Reward competitors based on skill MPL: Reward competitors based on inclusivity
+NintenDad Oh I do, you remark simply had seemingly so little to do with the actual topic that I had to asume it was sarcasm and thus a personal attack. Now that your point is intelligible I can adress it. I never pick anyone out of skill since I am a scientist and I don't have any proper way to measure skill. My picks are all based on what I feel would make for a good show, , and wouldn't you know, so are the people who are paying those players in real life
NintenDad (12 days ago)
+Rastrisfrustreslos Gomez And I don't think you know what an AD hominem is either ... since my point is, if you're doing well in your pools, you're likely not selecting your players based on affirmative action. You're picking your players based on their skill level, and wouldn't you know, so are the people who are paying those players in real life. I hate that I had to explain that. Out.
+NintenDad AddHominem aside I DO :D
NintenDad (12 days ago)
+Rastrisfrustreslos Gomez , you must do well in sports pools.
noone rewards anyone based on skill, unless said someone is a pet dog
matthew (12 days ago)
"don't be a piece of shit. that's thing #1." priceless. i appreciate this video and think that it was very well spoken as always nox. keep up the great work.
Jonathan Weiser (12 days ago)
It is obviously all just because of marketing to make $$$. I highly doubt savjz and jessica are there just to represent streamers / women / w/e, they are there, because they are known content creators, which will then lead to higher viewerships, thus more money for WotC.
vengbanana (12 days ago)
“Autumn Birchers, no brainier” - Nox, 2019
a g (12 days ago)
I understand people think it's discrimination if the top 32 is only men. And it's wonderful if a women does get in. But it's not discrimination if men are the only ones in the top 32 if the pure qualification is highest skill and highest accomplishment. A different league for women would be fine, but in all reality it's basically discrimination against men if the requirements are best player and men are losing slots to someone of less skill. Don't get me wrong, women can be more skill then men, and it doesn't matter if the top 32 were women IF the women were more skilled then men. But it is discrimination to prevent a higher skilled player from getting a slot and giving that slot to someone else who is less skilled. I would still make this argument even if it was lower skilled men getting in over higher skilled men and vice versa.
Nero (12 days ago)
As soon as this game goes E sports, players will start getting sponsored by brands and etc, so i feel like it could end up being similar to how the Fighting game competitive scene works. . .
Reniner (12 days ago)
Convicted pedos too
Reniner (12 days ago)
Game did go esports investors don't want to back a shady ass company. Arena was released early to cover up there judge program being riddled with pedos, never forget.
Mike Mcintosh (12 days ago)
The money in e-sports is in viewers (eyes on ads). WOTC must calculate that they'll get more viewers with a more diverse stable of pros in their league as opposed to just the best of the grinders. It does make sense from a business standpoint. This is why they won't be transparent about the selection process. They reserve the right to make appointment as business decisions. It's their business - whatever they want to do is fine with me.
Mike Mcintosh (12 days ago)
+RJirl perhaps that's why they killed the old pro series first.
RJirl (12 days ago)
They are miscalculating. Diversity is not why people watch e-sports (or any sport for that matter). People watch to see the best of the best play better than they themselves are capable of.
Mac (12 days ago)
I think merit means something. Even something like the mythic invitational. They chose twitch personalities over merit for some spots. One person wasn't even in mythic and was selected. The person did well but is that fair to the number 11 ranked person on arena? I understand why, but they are putting their own agenda for promotion over merit. For arena they should hold some online tournaments and matches that fill spots, not just selecting who they think best represents the game. It's the lack of a process or protocol that is annoying. Are we really in fact seeing the best players now? For people in isolated areas, there can be arena online tournaments. I'm sure those things could be done with the program eventually especially if it is made a priority.

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