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MTG GUILDS of RAVNICA Booster Box & 6 Standard Showdown Packs

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Magic the gathering guild of ravnica sealed booster box opening and six standard showdown packs opened. Typical description for the youtube ai. Support this channel at: https://www.patreon.com/MTGUNSEALED Email: [email protected] Mail: MTG UNSEALED P O BOX 18327 Kearns Utah 84118 🎶Music🎶 Rise by A Skylit Drive #Guilds #Ravnica #Value
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Text Comments (34)
Fucking lucky
Jun-Seo Lee (20 days ago)
nisu fletes-berkowitz (25 days ago)
great box lol
DJ White (1 month ago)
Hey do you sell individual cards?
Jordan maxam (1 month ago)
Love your channel man, but can I make a suggestion? I think it would be nice to hear more commentary, whether it be about magic or just whatever you want, there just seems to be a lot of silence sometimes. Just some constructive suggestions man, hope you have a great day
Tyler Will (1 month ago)
Song at beginning?
Dave Busink (1 month ago)
"this is way mom doesn't love you" lmfao
TheLuke99 (1 month ago)
where is this box from!?
Forrest Lee (1 month ago)
NOT sure time of the video is an issue for me
mpellis22 (1 month ago)
This had to be a searched resealed Timmy box from alpha investments
BlazenJester Games (1 month ago)
Shoot man that one showdown pack with the rootbond not giving away the big hit is almost the same as one mine minus the foil was chemist’s insight which was a 5$ hit also
BlazenJester Games (1 month ago)
Arvagos 28 (1 month ago)
Really fast. Lol. Great box
Sonny Chaudhry (1 month ago)
Awesome video!
Richard Corwin (1 month ago)
Great outro Unsealed as well a a good box!! Thank you!
Blake Steinbacher (1 month ago)
Opened a crazy box right before watching this 😮
Blake Steinbacher (1 month ago)
Ok what the hell your box was almost exactly the same as mine, except instead of Aurelia I got +2 lands and my second foil was a divine visitation instead of thief
Mudie Magic (1 month ago)
Holy moly!! Dude!! That was incredible! You got some great pulls What a box!!
Sean Ryan (1 month ago)
Great pulls
Nick Royce (1 month ago)
That was a legit box for sure. How are you liking the frigid utah mornings now?
hobby collector (1 month ago)
Great box! This is why mom doesn't love you!!!
monty125874693 (1 month ago)
My favourite vine
Dreadlord77 (1 month ago)
Those are the boxes we dream of, also that end clip was legendary
Will Endicott (1 month ago)
Awesome box !!!
James Ruzicho (1 month ago)
Now that was a box man!
Alvin Kae Cabato (1 month ago)
Those first few packs, wow and lots of shock lands, Grats
Tim Z (1 month ago)
Those first few packs!
zach lemon (1 month ago)
omg your so lucky i wish i could get pulls like you, any way man keep up the good quality videos.
Trips Ahoy (1 month ago)
Damn bro what a box!!!!
John Fredricks (1 month ago)
Fireminds research, Niv-Mizzet, and Steam vents in a row, ITS A SIGN :O
Fatalnjury (1 month ago)
Can u open showdowns and booster box's seperately please.
Mini Monsters TCG (1 month ago)
Vraska and a foil rare in 1!? And an assasains trophy, Aurelia aswell. Ur a mad lad. Doom whisperer and a foil watery grave sdfSfdsfdsfsdfdsf
Mini Monsters TCG (1 month ago)
Early :)
Vladimir Kunnikov (1 month ago)
first . lol

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