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Chloe Lukasiak and Marissa Rachel challenge three girls to the ultimate shopping outfit challenge - where they must style an outfit in only 5 minutes, and they must use a silk dress! Who will be the winner?! Chloe Lukasiak: https://www.youtube.com/user/33troijka Marissa Rachel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MaryhadaLtmb123 Cast: Susana Dance, Jetta Juriansz, Haley Hudson →SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS DAILY!← http://bit.ly/subscribe2AwesomenessTV → follow AwesomenessTV! ← instagram - http://instagram.com/awesomenessTV facebook - http://facebook.com/awesomenessTV snapchat - awesomenesstv twitter - http://twitter.com/awesomenessTV
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Text Comments (188)
Alexa’sLife (1 day ago)
I have those chairs in my kitchen lol
Umaira Faatimah (14 days ago)
Jetta amkes me remind of ragini khanna
Camila Cruz (25 days ago)
Tell me how jetta put a hat on like we are not outside it's a night in
Maria Isabel Valdivia (26 days ago)
Ellie Mclay (26 days ago)
Guys pick better
Ellie Mclay (26 days ago)
Chloe your from dance moms I watched it your pritty
Chloe is so pretty
Raylene Gutierrez (29 days ago)
Jetta should of won the other girl should of gotten out in the first place have u seen what she was wearing
Pøsitive . ASMR (29 days ago)
Haley's first outfit was sooooooooo cute
freya allan (1 month ago)
chloe looks beautiful
I Be Jungshook (1 month ago)
Who ever is reading this and knows chloe... Please ask her if she will be on season 8
M K (1 month ago)
Haley cams off kinda bratty to me
a cat named baylee (1 month ago)
C Ch Chl Chlo Chloe Chlo Chl Ch C
tom müller (1 month ago)
A Like for Chloe ❤️🙏🤞💗
Lance Reiss (1 month ago)
FYI I’m a girl lance is my dads name
Lance Reiss (1 month ago)
You should do an outfit challenge with famous kids like Hayley Leblanc or someone that would be so much more interesting and more people would watch it
Elizabeth Morris (1 month ago)
its mauve twany (1 month ago)
Haley won 🏆💪
HATE maddie Ziegler (1 month ago)
I liked Haley's much better than jetta , like if u agree
celeste (1 month ago)
Soo Slimy (1 month ago)
One of the girls sounded like Sydney Serena in my opinion!
KieraJ 125 (1 month ago)
This is like the fashion show wannabes that friends do at sleepovers
Roise mc aleer (1 month ago)
Omg they are cute I would look like a potato compared to them
•Maggie• (1 month ago)
YellowWasp 16 (1 month ago)
I loved both of Haley’s outfits
Nicole Sicinski (1 month ago)
Jetta won
Wildfire 4496 (1 month ago)
They were doing so friggen well and then the boys walk in...
Madison Mackay (1 month ago)
I swear one of the judges is Paige from dance moms
ashydepotatoe ! (1 month ago)
Susannah :((
Alejandra Islas (1 month ago)
Boys actually have a REALLY good sence of style....
buse oz (1 month ago)
Who wants to be yt friends
Rihana Bukovac (1 month ago)
Is that Chloe from dance moms
Joanna G. (1 month ago)
I'm so confused?? There wasn't any sort of intro to this video
Ana Karina (1 month ago)
7:16 That is so not true smh
hala ahmed (1 month ago)
Who else realised it only said Chloe lukasiak and it didn't say Marrisa Rachel
Mimi boo (1 month ago)
Haleys first outfit🤮🤮🤮
skelsey moraga (1 month ago)
BOyS HaVE ThE WoSt sEneS Of StYlE 1 Stereo type 2 many guys have great sense of style 3 they probably told the boys to pick something bad
kak flak (1 month ago)
i love jettas 1st outfit and haley was the worst
Jessa Hess (1 month ago)
you guys should have a kid edition🤭
Keep It Colour (1 month ago)
Julia G (1 month ago)
Damn he fked her up with that orange shirt yikes 😭😂
Lahari Amirisetti (1 month ago)
Hailey reminds me of Loren Gray😊
Anilu Perez (1 month ago)
But didnt the boys had to pick the outfits thats not fair
Amarjot Sihra (1 month ago)
This was a day before my b day. Not that anyone cares..... but if you do tysm x
aamir abbas (1 month ago)
I remember when Chloe was on Dance Moms when she was little! She was adorable and still really pretty and cute! Love ya girl!! 💋
Aliza Mashoud (1 month ago)
I think Hayley should go. Out on the first one
Addy the mermacorn (1 month ago)
Lana Turner (1 month ago)
John Hyde (1 month ago)
This was posted on my birthday
Nanies Borunda (1 month ago)
Melissa Cheek (1 month ago)
i love chloe from a cowgirls story
Gavin Rose (1 month ago)
Haley is gorgeous!
Nelia Borges-Bahl (1 month ago)
Great job Haley!!!!!!!!!
Naomi Carr (1 month ago)
I would’ve worn a white tee shirt and put the slip on over it, then worn some fishnets, combat boots, and a choker.
Haley Nguyen12 (1 month ago)
Omg My name is Haley and it’s spelled the same way🤯
ummm hi (1 month ago)
This reminded me of chopped😂
Bekah R (1 month ago)
Like, none of those shoes would for me!
Sammy (1 month ago)
That dress was so cute
marie molina (1 month ago)
How can I get on the show
Anna és Notos (1 month ago)
Jetta needs to win!!!!
Aastha Hingar (1 month ago)
What did she win? Apart from the competition?
Yoselin Sanchez (1 month ago)
Jetta is so pretty why she gotta go ):
Jj John (1 month ago)
I love jettas name thats my name
Damn haley so gorgeous
Abby Jones (1 month ago)
hi marissa rachel
Ximena Pereira (1 month ago)
Just saying I always use to watch Dance Moms and she was my favourite girl cuz she is a cute strong girl back then
Kaitlyn Lim (1 month ago)
Watching Chloe makes me miss when she was a kid :3
Shaylee Wides (1 month ago)
Jetta would have probably won if the boys didn’t come in because who can style a flowey bright orange Tshirt with a flowey dress
Jasmine Herford (1 month ago)
Girl I’m into high fashion level but I hate it when people said “I have determination “ for styling determination is not all you can have to win a competition u are going to need something more
Yes. Of course. (1 month ago)
Did anyone else notice that they spelled susana’s name two different ways? The first time it was susana and then when she got out it was susannah???
Elise Aurora (1 month ago)
The first outfit on Haley in my opinion I disliked it didn’t match
Layla Burke (1 month ago)
I think chloe win yasss
Maya Makki (1 month ago)
Haley looked best IN MY OPINION
Haleema Ahmed (1 month ago)
I love sosana closing
Idontlikeyou iLikefood (1 month ago)
That girl is from tasty
Pineapple Fruit (1 month ago)
Marisa looks so much like Moria elizabeth
Zara Loves X (1 month ago)
She should’ve put the orange top under the dress
Zara Loves X (1 month ago)
Just_Jackeline well no cause you would see the top part cause the straps are thin, people wear stuff like that and it would’ve looked better
Just_Jackeline (1 month ago)
Zara Loves X no because they would disqualify her right away cause she would hide the orange shirt
Camila Guerrero (1 month ago)
What do they win?
Aishah Ceesay (1 month ago)
Soe Doh Say (1 month ago)
The way the judges say that how about being in her place
Hailey Octave (1 month ago)
I wish they had a kids one I want to compete in this challenge it would be fun
Baylee Weatherford (1 month ago)
I’m sorry but these people have terrible taste
Dog Walkers (1 month ago)
Marey Samantha (1 month ago)
is that chloe from dance mom’s
The weekly prime (1 month ago)
Marey Samantha yeah
Megan Ward (1 month ago)
Omg hi I love you guys so much lots of love from Ireland 🇮🇪❤️😀🤗🤪👍🤞Ⓜ️🌸🎈🌀💯🤣
OMG I didn't know Chloe is on this show😍
Magdalena Hradecká (1 month ago)
who edits these videos?? they dont have any intro, the first theme wasnt even said until like the second minute into the video. like, can you please work on the start of the video please?
kirti misra (1 month ago)
The quality of the videos are decreased
The weekly prime (1 month ago)
kirti misra sub to me
Viksha (1 month ago)
How did I end up here
Hasiba (1 month ago)
I'm done I have the exact navey blue dress with the flowers that was in the thumbnail 😂😊
The weekly prime (1 month ago)
Hasiba sub to me
• Imkool • (1 month ago)
11:37 and 11:57 ?? Make up ur mind
Elise Aurora (1 month ago)
• Imkool • yeah seriously though
Kyra St-Lot (1 month ago)
And it was Jetta’s falt
Kyra St-Lot (1 month ago)
The boys where really mean
Christina Elizabeth (1 month ago)
Miriam Barajas (1 month ago)
So exciting I want to do it
The weekly prime (1 month ago)
Miriam Barajas sub to me
Miriam Barajas (1 month ago)
Love it
The weekly prime (1 month ago)
Miriam Barajas sub to me
Liliana Lopez (1 month ago)
Jetta has a touch that is really pretty in the round s
The weekly prime (1 month ago)
Liliana Lopez sub to me
Tahmena Ferdous (1 month ago)
They dont mention the theme in the beginning of video
Chloe Upson (1 month ago)
Date night out
The weekly prime (1 month ago)
Tahmena Ferdous sub to me
Anabella Verzbicka (1 month ago)
391 to like
Shelby Sorrentino (1 month ago)
Project Zorgo is watching
Ruby R (29 days ago)
Shelby Sorrentino what
Dani C (1 month ago)
Marissa pls do more period videos!!!!
The weekly prime (1 month ago)
Dani C sub to me

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