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Recorded live at on a couple of iPhones at Beautiful Days August 18, 2013 Devon http://www.MenWithVen.biz Subscribe to the podcast at: http://tiny.cc/MWVpodcast Hear the music at: http://www.menwithven.bandcamp.com Buy the t-shirt at http://www.cafepress.co.uk/menwithven https://twitter.com/MenWithVenUK Written by Marsh, Clift, Barratt, Wooley Drums: Bryn Burrows Video Directed by David Barratt Featuring the talents of A Couple Of Mums and Mr E.Squire dancing through the streets of Bangkok. 2nd Camera Bangkok : Dave Gevaux Live Cameras: Roy Harter and Richard Amor VideoFX : Gary Brady Geezer! He glows in dark Geezer! He swims like a shark Geezer! Always up for a lark And he don't need a suit like Tony Stark Geezer! He's impeccably dressed Geezer! Bullet's bounce off his chest Geezer! Or get caught in his vest and he's got more swerve than Georgie Best What is he on? Can I have some? What is he on? Can I have some? Geezer! He can eat vindaloo Geezer! He's really good Kung Fu Geezer! I'm not better than you But I'll give it a go if you want me to What is he on? Can I have some? What is he on? Can I have some?
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MEN WITH VEN (5 years ago)
Our next gig is Friday November 8 9:30PM Pelton Arms 23-25 Pelton Rd Greenwich London SE10

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