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Magic the Gathering GP Atlanta 2018 Round 3 Modern

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Sam Kittredge (21 days ago)
“James, we know they have lightning bolt!”
cross25011990 (22 days ago)
please guys, i liked it on the other video, when you just zoomed some cards for the viewers to show what is there effect. because for people who are new to magic, it is very good to look at the cards just hear you talking about them. thank you for that
vokuheila (24 days ago)
James made many sloppy plays
gganticgary (26 days ago)
good commentary and good games :) #reasonSTOPlaymill
Fena Almassio (27 days ago)
Wong for life! lol
Nug Humper (28 days ago)
Wong makes this impossible to watch for me. His hand motions drive me insane.
mason dyer (28 days ago)
i swear you can't go a tournament without some player on camera with super nasty nails, jeez people it's basic hygiene it's not that hard
Tim W (28 days ago)
Daniels deck seems fun to play against, ahum..
James Fowler (29 days ago)
Taking t's is such a dick deck lol
David Eisler (29 days ago)
Is this vid sped up. Wong's hands are crazy fast. Almost cringy fast!
Nug Humper (28 days ago)
It's awful to watch, for me personally. Irritating to say the least, especially since I'm pretty interested in watching.
Philip Baker (1 month ago)
And this is why main deck Choke and Boil are my favorites.
Kynan Finnie (1 month ago)
archive trap does not cost 7 to cast smh
Seth Masters (1 month ago)
Lolololol I love how the very last second the advantage bar goes to Wong, with his bolt snap bolt to win XD
Charles The Cheesecake (1 month ago)
TFW "Taking turns" bolts you to death .......😐
Christian stinespring (22 days ago)
A FUCKING SPACE MARINE! It uses bolt, Jace, and part the water valve for win cons.
Unai Alday (27 days ago)
James has to really polish his game...
Charles The Cheesecake (1 month ago)
#AltWinCon FTW?
Chris Oake (1 month ago)
Does anyone know what his 4 different sleeves are?
Sam Matthias (1 month ago)
Perfect fit, regular sleeve outer hard plastic and a larger sleeve to cover the hard plastic one I believe
dearberlin (1 month ago)
Daniel Wong is a handsome and fair player, we can all learn a lot from him!
cross25011990 (23 days ago)
yes you are right, but his deck is likee ahhhh gay.
Bender Rodriguez (29 days ago)
Well he's a good player
Chris Oake (1 month ago)
The thing I liked was how smooth and precise his gameplay was, refusing to put his card from mikoro into his hand and holding it separate until he was sure his opponent had also drawn, his ability to quickly pilot a deck that can be known to take very long turns, he's very practiced with the deck and looks like he has the ability to play quickly with a slow deck like a professional Miracles player from back in the day
Nick (1 month ago)
Omg the 4 sleeves guy is back, yessss
dearberlin (1 month ago)
I thought the same, his ego is superior :)
Lessly007 (1 month ago)
That Taking Turns deck is freaking beautiful!
Noé Fqn (26 days ago)
+Brandon Jones He actually top 8 GP vegas with this deck (biggest GP of the year) and have a top 16 with it. Idk why you're trying to prove something, the results are here
Brandon Jones (26 days ago)
+hugh curtis I mean you can think that sure but you're just wrong. Weve established hes a really good magic player, so where is his top 8 finish with this deck you're all defending? Not there. Top 16, not there. Top 32, not there. Top 64, not there. Where is the good finish at a GP for this deck in general no matter who's on it, not there. You can be in denial all you want, the numbers speak for themselves.
hugh curtis (26 days ago)
+Brandon Jones I don't think that a suv vs a race car is a apt comparison. A magic player can win with any deck especially if you play well. The SUV driver will assuredly lose. Theres no comparison
Brandon Jones (27 days ago)
+Chantal Beck well as I said, SUV vs sports cars, doesn't matter how you drive the SUV, you're going to lose 100% of the time. Because its impossible for an ordinary SUV to be driven anywhere close to that level.
Chantal Beck (27 days ago)
Brandon Jones If you race the SUV like Mario Andretti and your opponents are in a class inferior... Then methinks the deck isnt as important. Good players can play subpar lists well. Bad players can play top tier lists poorly. There ended the lesson.

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