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Text Comments (1240)
Mr Sandoval FILTHY (1 hour ago)
Damean Burnett (3 hours ago)
It was coo to me chuz but why didn't u finish the rest of the shoes it probably would have looked fly on the one'''$, on the dead locs
Jack Krysl (5 hours ago)
This was cool
Itzyaboi L (7 hours ago)
The shoe with the tape looked pretty fine
Driz Be (9 hours ago)
Only dip the the jordan logo and the swoosh then the sole different colors
Deshaun621 (14 hours ago)
You #Failed. 😂😂 Thought i was gone see some fresh
J. Novak (14 hours ago)
Just get to the fuckin' point
Fieku U (14 hours ago)
Troche jak rzyg po kebsie.
Ruby Ward (17 hours ago)
You should just do the nike tik on a pair of white shoes it would look sickkk
K.A.D 2 (17 hours ago)
Dip Just the inside
Izzy Izzy (23 hours ago)
Jheez he aucks at that😂😭😂😭
SauceGodd_kai (1 day ago)
Throw them shoes away🚮
Silvester gomez (1 day ago)
Facts bro the shoes would look fire all red and the Nike sign white
Iaisha Vlogs (1 day ago)
Blue red yellow
Damien Winfrey (1 day ago)
Lolerixo (1 day ago)
You got the air forces at Ross lmao
Heriberto Aponte (1 day ago)
Good idea
HazmatKnight (1 day ago)
Booooooi that first shoe looks like some fake Gucci 😂
Jayden Sweazy (1 day ago)
Tape the Tung and is blue and pink
Shelly (1 day ago)
I recommend using finger nail polish. Same exact concept but with finger nail polish. I did these little white flower pots and white coffee cups and sprayed them with acrylic afterwards and they came out beautifully. I don't know if you'd spray acrylic on shoes but they should come out cool and meth even better. I'll be waiting for someone else to try it. I ain't got no shoes I wanna risk losing lol.
SavageSquadGang (1 day ago)
The tape is op
Jas Kaur (1 day ago)
MEME VENTURA (1 day ago)
Those af 1s look like they on gucci for sale weird shit
Hoe Malone (2 days ago)
De Sculptor (2 days ago)
I dont know. Whats the hype about this
narekoh (2 days ago)
It’s an L
Hey man great vid you should get Shoes and every part make it different colors
jwb Bombers23 (2 days ago)
Taped shoes look fire😂😂
papijuanii 666 (2 days ago)
Ah man try doing the 12s rainbow🌈
Jeffery Rogers (3 days ago)
They looked like Stright shit
bob of (3 days ago)
how long does it last
Latonia Ara (3 days ago)
Try do different colours on the whole shoe
Professional Cousin K (4 days ago)
Red and orange on the soul of a shoe to represent fire 🔥 🔥🔥
Riley Franz (4 days ago)
how to ruin your shoe 101 ‼️
Hoodrich Taco (4 days ago)
Joe Lopez (6 days ago)
Tape the entire shoe next time
Brian Lopez (6 days ago)
Gh0st Sn3pez (7 days ago)
This is just shit
Ry C (8 days ago)
Dab the empty spots with a brush after the dip!
ultra panda (8 days ago)
In a galaxy far far away
Andrew Hopkins-Bey (8 days ago)
Pink, lime green, and black/toe box, swoosh, and sole
Spanion Joker (8 days ago)
you should paint the shoelace it will be better
Ernesto Gomez Jr (9 days ago)
Bro you should make the whole shoe purple except leave the swoosh and sole white
TypicalD (9 days ago)
Trust lokey the look like shit
Angel (10 days ago)
He fucked up those nice 1s 😔
somuchpolish (10 days ago)
Hydro dip yellow red white
J’C’A Gaming (10 days ago)
What’s the song at 2:44 called?
Last Time (11 days ago)
There's going to be alot of high end shoes getting phucked up
Chuck Easter (11 days ago)
Not trying to be negative but this for sure ain't it, what's with the whack colors and everything? Why don't you do some classic colors before doing colors that don't match like that just an FYI
CarterDaKilla (11 days ago)
bruh😂 that looks baddd
Larrissa Allgood (11 days ago)
Why is this on my recommend
z0mbie d0nk (12 days ago)
Should dip trash cause this looks like trash...
ShawnyandWyatt (12 days ago)
awesome video I enjoyed it!
B3tt3rThanZu3s (12 days ago)
This shit whack. No shoe game
best trailers yeah (12 days ago)
It looks kinda dead cuzz peeps on the street will think it's dirty
BenefitMe1000 (12 days ago)
This shit is stupid af
John Smith (13 days ago)
Dream Chaser1 (13 days ago)
Warfare Mamba (13 days ago)
Am I the only one who thinks they look trashy?
Josiah Salazar (13 days ago)
Hydrodip a xbox or ps4 remote
Landon Harmon (13 days ago)
Dip the laces
Larry Cooper (13 days ago)
Yoooo wtf is going on wit this blubber ass. Get off youtube.
TEXAS TATER (13 days ago)
Those look like mcdonalds
Kemani Jones (13 days ago)
Can you hydro dip my timberlands
Aldo García (13 days ago)
Does the water hace to be any temperature
Gym Knopf (13 days ago)
This aint it Chuck
Darie airborne (13 days ago)
The air Force ones were fire
EDWARD WADE (13 days ago)
This shit was trash no cap!
Sperm Whale (13 days ago)
Looks like shit
jonathan Mendosa (13 days ago)
That shit looks like trash brooo sorry but I’m being honest.
Kiva Burks (13 days ago)
Dont like the idea at all. Just paint them take the time better then this crap
RUMPLY MUFFIN (13 days ago)
Shoes like this are a massive L
Nate Lopez (13 days ago)
Teal and pink or purple and teal
Julio Guerra (14 days ago)
He tried it though
FBI FBI Open up (14 days ago)
Alejandro Amador (14 days ago)
Hey next time tape up the shoe and hydro dip the air Jordan wings symbol on top
Shady Slimes (14 days ago)
Sings* traaaaash
Darius Pettis (14 days ago)
Looks nice
That shoe is doo doo bro
Tanya Mitchell (14 days ago)
Blue and red and white and black and gold
Danny Hernandez (14 days ago)
You fucked them hoes up 😂
luther jacobs (14 days ago)
Your face looks like the shoes you dipped
Frank The Rank 2 (14 days ago)
It looks like Ronald McDonald took a crap on it
laptastic gaming (15 days ago)
I Keep
eric Potts (15 days ago)
Do the shoe lace
Jamirius Thomas (15 days ago)
At 3:25 the is a face on the shoe
Alex Ortiz Da Beast (15 days ago)
I'm still trying to figure out if these are joke videos and a fake channel, like really bro these aren't customs, they're atrocities, it makes no sense how u have so many subs,smh
Jason McAulay (15 days ago)
Tape off the jordan wing sign
Rs Xs (15 days ago)
Rot Deuejs (15 days ago)
lmao you paied 30 for those af1s at ross 💀
64Savage Shoota (15 days ago)
Need angelus shoe paint 🤦🏽‍♂️
Marcelis Pimpin (15 days ago)
Call the air Forces the superhero Forces
Default Skin (15 days ago)
Bro you gotta swish the shoe in the water
chris the fish 2515 (15 days ago)
U just messing up ur shoes
David The HypeBeast (15 days ago)
Can you do a Miami dolphins dip with tiffany and orange
Nate Smith (15 days ago)
.........no comment Wait I just commented 🤔
isaac 2high (15 days ago)
U remind me of two ass cheeks put together
isaac 2high (15 days ago)
Wtf 😂😂😂
upt blok (15 days ago)
These jawns trash

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