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How Costumes on Game of Thrones Reveal Characters' Evolutions

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Sansa, Jon, Daenerys and others have changed a lot over the last 6 seasons of Game of Thrones. HBO recently revealed some major costume changes for season 7, so we're breaking down how the costumes have shown the evolution of your favorite characters over the years.
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Morokiin (1 day ago)
This video felt more rushed out the door than season 8.
Joie Ver (13 days ago)
Let’s get this straight. Sansa wasn’t “rescued” from Ramsay. She escaped him herself
Lisa Baayless (17 days ago)
Have to say I HATE the season 7 costumes! So dark and gothic too depressing! Sorry just my opinion. :P
Yao Adja (24 days ago)
Robb’s Red Wedding Outfit
Miranda Summerset (29 days ago)
Danys costumes are the best
Matthew Wilson (1 month ago)
Jon has the same color variety of Batman
button188 (1 month ago)
You only really talked about the colours. A bit about the styles for Daenerys, but otherwise only the colours.
edi (3 months ago)
Costume CO made a ton of good videos on that topic. Maybe, it´s a bit weird for a straight male, like me to watch it, but I love the GoT costumes.
Lily Val (3 months ago)
Heck yeah I wanna know ! Love GOT ! Sadly Late in the Coming into it all & trying desperately to catch up between all that's behind in life along with this show. I'd love a costume. I'd love to be part of season 8 in Spain my maternal grandfather's country. It would have been nice. Great video BTW !
mısra (6 months ago)
I love Dany‘s costumes in season 7 so much
Lily Val (3 months ago)
Me too. Love them all beautiful sexy ones and power queen ones for winter.
Vydta (1 year ago)
I actually watch GOT at first due to the costume detail, at first I thought it was going to be those typical cheap costumes they usually used in lots of series, but the first scene I saw was the scene was the rat tourture scene and the costumes were amazing, the amour to the local peoples clotting were so detailed that I watched the series and boom was it good
Lily Val (3 months ago)
If you watch extras and behind the scenes on here or anywhere you can fidnd them and commentarys on DVD as well then you'd know allot goes into this show. Super hard work 😱.
Narwall (1 year ago)
See? Black's the best colour to wear. They learned that!
Laura Happy (2 years ago)
nice video
Grace AA (2 years ago)
What about Arya?
Mirana_ Aiha (2 years ago)
love love love Margery Tyrell costumes 😍
Thach Van Do (2 years ago)
Gabriel (2 years ago)
Great video

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