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Advice for dating Ukrainian/Russian girls

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Text Comments (219)
2Keen To give a what (24 days ago)
Release Thekracken (1 month ago)
Never ask a fish how to catch another fish
LordDraven (2 months ago)
You are very beautiful ❤🌹
geeta bara (2 months ago)
I love you taya
Lawrence Rodriguez (3 months ago)
Im honestly lazy for all this dating garbage.
Singh Saravjeet (3 months ago)
Babe, you guys are sooo conservative.......
Vida Reborn (4 months ago)
Thank you for your video. My question is, how long do you think is necessary to get to know a lady from Ukraine? I live in California and been thinking of travelling to Ukraine and maybe live there for awhile if I can find a job and meet someone.
thirstyphilosopher (4 months ago)
You are so sweet
Saba khelashvili (4 months ago)
In my country, we give flowers to our girls in two cases: 1. If we intend to deprive them; 2. If they are dead
Hugh Goldspiel (4 months ago)
I really like Russian girls eyes
Gurreet Singh (5 months ago)
Teya plz i need ukrainen girl friend
En1gma Kish (6 months ago)
Where are you?
Dailyx1 (7 months ago)
🌹 on 1st date! Is it not too much?
PeachySmile (7 months ago)
You are so cute!
Vaibhav Tiwari (7 months ago)
You r so cute 😊 first time watching u
Daniel Sanchez (7 months ago)
Flowers only after kiss.
Oliver Woolley (7 months ago)
Many Ukrainian women look at a foreign man for financial gain with no intention of having a romantic relationship. Being direct with them about your intentions early is important. Most Ukrainian women are very poor and only earn a few hundred dollars a month yet they some how own an iPhone.
Monti Jackson (8 months ago)
Give me a number of Ukrainian girl
Junaid Khan (8 months ago)
Dwayne Cedillos (8 months ago)
No marriage, flowers, wedding ring and love for Ukrainian Girls. Only girls from USA; like American (rather Yankees or Rednecks), Native American White, some something American and some Mix Race Girls from USA are better than your women from Ukraine. I didn't ask for you at all nor your help. Thumbs down for you Boo!!!......
Dwayne Cedillos (8 months ago)
No Russian, Ukrainian, Jewish, Iranian, Arabic, Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, and other girls from other countries. I'm from USA, I'm better off girls from USA. It's still my taste, memories, still attractive to girls in USA, and other for the rest of my life.
Nadu Kmn (8 months ago)
I like to marry ukranian girls pls
Robert Lopez (9 months ago)
Do you know you are very pretty? cute too would love to find a girl like you but my luck is not so good.
EBRU VLOGS (9 months ago)
Advice to guys just go ukraine & ask a few girls on the street. Don,t carry a lot of cash. Enjoy yourself & if things are good you got a wifey. Internet dating does not work for all but its safer to find one on the street of kiev. 10 year age gap is fine no higher as its not normal. Do Not join dating agency or facebook bearu as they are all fake and scams. Use your brains guys i know plenty of people that have been scammed. I am planning of doing some videos to prove that all these agency are scams! Just visit ukraine, find a girl, be smart, & enjoy yourself. last advice watch your wallet & do not trust anyone. We will be planning of opening a matchmaker service soon but still under discussion so please subscribe & stay tuned ) good luck.
dj eikoy (10 months ago)
May i date you?
Copper Penny (11 months ago)
I really like the s o f t music Jazz in the background.. It is really getting me in the mood! =)
navid á l'v è š (1 year ago)
superstitious people... hahah
VÕ THÀNH TÀI (1 year ago)
Love you !! [email protected]@
Dean Roddey (1 year ago)
Though I wouldn't say that Ukranian women are the most beautiful in the world, since many cultures (Ukraine among them) have amazingly beautiful women, and they all have their charms. But, I will say that there is definitely something about that area where the Caucasian and Mongol/Asian gene pools sort of ran into each other centuries ago. It has definitely created some of the most amazingly beautiful women of all time.
0905 i (1 year ago)
U r pretty ... nooooo whyy
shagwellington (1 year ago)
You made another very entertaining and informative video Taya. You have the best personality on You Tube.
Muhammad Yasir (1 year ago)
Hallo. i am Germany. ich liebe dich Ukrainian gril .ich vermisse dich .Mich liebst du ❤
Ayoub Younssi (1 year ago)
Your good i wish u could know more about u
Rick Chollett (1 year ago)
Taya, are you married or do you have a boyfriend? What is your favorite flower?
Cyprus Relax (1 year ago)
Russian and Ukrainian Mail Order Brides | Marry Your Perfect Russian Women http://bit.ly/2wG70Lc888
hi, thanks for sharing your views . wanna go for a movie date??? do reply.. you are really a cute girl... keep smiling ...chow...
Justin P Benny (1 year ago)
Ohh gosh! I really want to date with you..
Gerardo Domínguez (1 year ago)
Your voice is super relaxing. My girlfriend Анастасия, also Ukranian, has very soothing voice too. Is this a common feature of Ukranian women?
Robis Sihombing (1 year ago)
Russian/Ukrainian girl is the best..... 😍😘
Gangaiah Chaluvaiah (1 year ago)
Hi Dear Taya, thank you for the informative Video. Your presentation is wonderful and you look great too. Dear Taya, can you please suggest me the best Marriage/Dating Agency? I wish to marry Ukrainian lady. This may help many other guys too..
Antonio Delos Reyes (1 year ago)
hi taya, thank you for your very helpful advice!
Tim Nicholson (1 year ago)
This is not the guy pictured--he's my friend and a great guy 'by the way' for anyone who might like a super husband but I can't speak for him... I wanted to say that I went to Kharkov to meet a gal who had corresponded and chatted with me for over 2 years but when I came to Kharkov she was unfriendly at first and always kept her distance like many feet away and when I went up to sit next to her in a restaurant she got up really fast like she might be accosted or something. It really surprised me. Here I came all the way to Ukraine to meet and get to know her and she treated me like someone who was a stranger or who couldn't even get near her. I realized though while watching your video that I delayed in getting her flowers until the 5th or 8th day out of 11 days. But after 8 dates or 9, all she would do is give a sort of stiff and half cold handshake at the airport--was that when I gave her trhe flowers and wine? I guess I could have done it earlier but she gave me no indication other than letting me affectionately hold her arm briefly when she was driving a couple of times. She got her nails done and bought some expensive skin care product and lied to me about not getting sth. so expensive. . What do you think was going on? Also, even though I requested to go to ordinary restaurants she and her interpreter would always take me to expensive ones. Also she said she lost a nice family heirloom earring while we were eating (she said it might have been outside) so her peereeatchik said I should buy her a replacement, but when we went to the jewelry store she went right for a very expensive pair about $1300 but my credit card fortunately would not run over a much smaller amount so she went for another ap==op[[[[[ pair that was $375. The employee at the store would not face me with the adding machine total so I had to ask what it was...later I definitely felt I was scammed and it made me very angry. The thing ab out Ukraine though is that I never know exactly what is going on and often think that an upset may be just a cultural difference like the gal who would not let me get within a few feet of her at a restaurant that that was maybe a custom but it's a big turn-off for the guy for the gal to recoil like you are a thief or robber or wild animal instead of a nice guy who wants to be a little bit closer even if just to sit close, especially after traveling 1/2 way around the world after we both said we were interested in getting together....it's a big hurt and hard to get over... I'm thinking you will say I was really stupid and was obviously getting scammed but it was not so clear.
Fight Archive (1 year ago)
What to do if the girl doesnt show interesst. And how to make to be interrested in u? благодарю 😀
Lòpez Pedro (1 year ago)
Alireza Sabery (1 year ago)
I do not understand what is wrong with Katesmodel ???! They do not respond to any of my emails !!!
tayfun akcan (1 year ago)
you look for servant.
Dan Tripper (1 year ago)
im 3 months in to what looks like a really promising relationship. i have unfortunately in the past being naive been through the scams and deception so im wise to reality here.. this however gave me doubt with this woman and it. nearly ended because of it. but luckily she understood the baggage i stil carried over it
Bobby Porter (1 year ago)
i have several clients that use this romance compass i need to know if it is a scam?????
Bobby Porter (1 year ago)
what do you know about romance compass? it is a website dating..????
Sal Castillo (1 year ago)
Really like your videos they are very instructive Thank You.
hi Taya, marry me pls :o)
Minh vo ngoc (1 year ago)
i want to make friends with Ukraine/Russian girls (original Slavic girls) . can you help me ?
Joseph Valentine (1 year ago)
Nice tips , I think I'll like to take the trip . Will you show me around ???
vikas sharma (1 year ago)
Taya " ya tebe kokhayu"
Suvir Daur (1 year ago)
How do I do to date you?
Nilotpal (1 year ago)
Greetings from India!
Sampath K (1 year ago)
I am very affectionate so loving a woman and taking care of her comes naturally to me. Going to a flower shop and choosing flowers, Opening the door for her and pulling the chair to her seems difficult than building a bridge alone :)) I am a guy who take my lunch while sitting on the pantry and holding the plate by hand ))) If i marry a Ukrainian girl, will she run away to Africa by foot ? After Tya's advice, I want to rethink about my ability and capacity to marry a Ukrainian girl ))
Xray Paul (1 year ago)
I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!! So I am friends with this Americanized Ukrainian girl in the USA and I really would want to date her one day. She came to the USA when she was only 13. I told this girl that I love Ukraine and that I am happy to learn more about her culture. (I honestly do enjoy the Ukrainian culture as it is similar to my ancestors). She told me that she doesn't live in Ukraine anymore and that she doesn't have much pride in being Ukrainian as she is more assimilated into American culture. How can I get her to appreciate her own culture because I thought that Ukrainian women are very prideful????? I knew this was bound to happen because anyone who was raised in the USA as a child/teenager will adopt the American life style and forget their life back in their old country. This stinks because I really want to meet genuine conservative Ukrainian girls and not some Americanized Ukrainian girl....
Lu R (1 year ago)
Taya, you look fantastic without makeup. My favorite actress. And on the advice, thank you. I think you know what you are talking about.
Lu R (1 year ago)
You are a very sweet girl
Taya Ukraine (1 year ago)
that's a good compliment, when i wear make up people say i don't. means my makeup is good hehe
Steve-N (1 year ago)
Opposites attract. Never goes out of style. This method always works. Just look at Mark Zuckerberg
Kunz Klingsor (1 year ago)
Advise # 1.. Be single.
Jhaden Shaler (1 year ago)
Another great Video 👍, You have such a gentle and beautiful presenting manner, I fall in love a little bit each time I watch you 🌹, unfortunately I'm too old otherwise I would ask you to marry me !! 😍
Neo Roman0 (1 year ago)
Thank you for your videos, Taya! They are both informative and at the same time a pleasure to watch because you are so cute and super-feminine! As an American friend of mine who's married to a Ukrainian woman used to say, "Ukrainian women do that woman thing so well!" :D Btw., about the flower-giving: I have been told many times that Russian (and Ukrainian) tradition dictates that romantic gifts of flowers must be in odd numbers because even numbers of flowers are used only for funerals. Very important not to give a girl from Russian-speaking countries an even amount of flowers! :O
Taya Ukraine (1 year ago)
thank you for your kind comment :) hahahah! exactly, be attentive with that ;)
James Vision (1 year ago)
please becareful with dating, there are gold diggers out there, firstly study the culture of a Ukrainian woman, and they are different from Russian woman you should notice, Ukrainian woman are special and have many love and care about there family, so that is very important, me I am married with a Ukrainian woman and also live in Ukraine, it's a beautiful country and family life is important, use your brain is what matters and take care of the whole family, life will be good. Ask yourself questions for example do you like Ukraine? if the answer is no please don't take a woman away because a Ukrainian woman loves her country because it is beautiful, take care about a Ukrainian woman like a Princess she will make everything for you, take care of your health and spend time with her family, try to learn the language! also things which are important to her. If you decide to date please be careful and always look for people with experience they know how it works however the country is nice and the woman are beautiful. wish you all good luck and please like Taya she is doing some good things just follow Taya in your links, good luck.
Brett Robbins (1 year ago)
Taya you are such a nice girl, i love your videos. :)
Gurreet Singh (5 months ago)
I need ukrainen girl friend
Taya Ukraine (1 year ago)
Brent Arnold (1 year ago)
They want, They want, They want  ; )
Kevin Wong (1 year ago)
Thanks For The Tips Taya:) I Wish You All The Best:) Valentines Is Upcoming Peepz...Don't Forget To Listen To Good Music Wherever You Are:) https://soundcloud.com/user-261766642/clean-banditrockabye-ft-sean-paul-annemarie-coconut-boy-original-re-workx
David Wilkinson (1 year ago)
Hello Taya I love your vidoes , very helpful and you make me want to have a serious relationship with a Ukrainian girl. Also I must say you are very beautiful and seem very warm hearted girl xx
David Wilkinson (1 year ago)
James Vision Thank you, this is most fascinating to know. I look forward to visiting such a beautiful city. I must say you are very helpful and I can't wait to arrange my trip to Ukraine. Also I am looking forward to getting to know the Ukrainian culture and meet a lovely girl and start a relationship.
James Vision (1 year ago)
David Wilkinson Dear David, It is good to visit the city of Vinnitsa you can see many things there and it's not expensive good prices and nice hotels, please try to visit places in Ukraine it is very nice, in the capital city of Kiev is very nice only there you pay European prices because it has a different standard from other cities in Ukraine, Vinnitsa has a nice architecture and also many interesting places where you can visit, also the fountain of Roshen, this is a colorful beauty too see, the fountain is bought from Dubai, also more cultural places what you can discover, learning the culture and women how they live and believe me you will be surprised and fascinating. OK for now good luck hope you are still interested.
David Wilkinson (1 year ago)
James Vision Thank you for your reply. It is very helpful to know more about where to go and what cities to visit. I am looking to visit Ukraine very soon. Yes please I would love to have your help. looking forward to your reply
James Vision (1 year ago)
David Wilkinson pleasure to see your reaction, just beware when you want to searfor date's, and try to look up a area which you are interested in, my advice will be to search somewhere around Kiev because that is where you will land with your plane, from there you can travel with train or taxi, make sure to search in a big city for example Vinnitsa, many possibilities there and it's only 3 hours from Kiev. make sure you know things about the culture, try to find people who speak your language to, than they can inform you, here in Ukraine there are not many people who speak English so that is hard, now a days young people study English but the most have less practice. well wish you luck if you need a site please let me know I will be back to you. And Ukraine is a beautiful country and has many things similar with Canada if you want to notice climate is also very nice many fruits.
Taya Ukraine (1 year ago)
thank you!!
Eddie Imperial (1 year ago)
If you marry any girl make sure you live in there country. If you bring them to usa they will westernize. I know this cause I was married to a thai. Better to shackup lots less hassle. 90% of women want greencards...
Dr. Potato (1 year ago)
Number one they want CASH. Number 2 they want cash. Number 3 cash. Number 4 see number one.
Jie Zheng (1 year ago)
I really enjoy your channel. I think you should make a business out of you fans demands. Most of your male fans would like to date and marry a Ukrainian or Russian girl. I would like to find one, but I have a business in Singapore and have very little time for travel to a country like Ukraine. Hope you take my advice, If not do you know anyone looking for an American with business and house in Singapore?
Phil Tenerife (1 year ago)
Don't forget the flowers LOL , what she is really saying don't forget your credit cards !. These girls / ladies don't want a husband they want an ATM with two legs & won't ask where the money has gone , if you think these women emigrate to US / Europe to cook & clean you must be a idiot !.
tino2829 (1 year ago)
can u find me a russian girl to be my wife? thanx
Colin Maharaj (1 year ago)
If I come Ukraine, is Russian language enough to learn?
WarVision (1 year ago)
James Vision I'm actually Moroccan and I live in Ukraine and I speak Russian ^^"
James Vision (1 year ago)
Colin Maharaj the Russian language is not easy try to visit Ukraine but go to a city's when you have luck you will find people who speak English but try to go with a group of tourists that will be more easy for you. Stay away for home made Vodka
WarVision (1 year ago)
Colin Maharaj I'm Moroccan and i live in Ukraine, and here EVERYBODY understands and speaks russian fluently
Colin Maharaj (1 year ago)
If I try to be gentleman, I may behave strangely. If I be myself, I will be a gentleman. :)
magnum mesiona (2 years ago)
Thank you Taya for reminding me...... take care...
garniak (2 years ago)
"You have your own mind". Really? Cool!
Terry Foster (2 years ago)
Tanya do you have a active sex life? you talk like a virgin.
KA voice (2 years ago)
ohhh taya .. always beautifull , thanks for the advices , i'll not give up until meet an ukrainian girl ......................... for the love Ukrainian girls ..
Kayla Please (2 years ago)
This was a great video. I'm think dating Ukrainian women is very different from dating an American lady. Could you take a look at my dating advice video and leave your feedback? I would love hearing from someone from such a different place. Thank you!
ivan Sac (2 years ago)
tienes una voz preciosa.... muy dulce..... y encantadora.....
Dav iSurfer (2 years ago)
Hi Taya, Thanks for the nice video. Questions for you: So if Ukrainian girls expect flowers and gifts when dating, does it mean that all Ukrainian guys are giving girls flowers and gifts also? If this is true, then some poor local guys can never date a girt, right? Question #2: If a foreign guy marries an Ukrainian or Russian girl, and unfortunately they get divorced later, is the Ukrainian wife entitled to half of her husband's properties by law? (This would be the case in the US unless there was a prenup signed.) Of course, if both husband and wife were dirt poor, then divorce would not have much financial consequence, because they don't have any money to be divided. But, some foreigners have millions of dollars in assets, that would be a concern for the man.
Taya Ukraine (2 years ago)
hahah thanks for questions. they entertain me. not necessarily. it doesnt mean you have to buy expensive presents all the time 2.i dont know, i never divorced but man has to help financially to the kid!
jamie walker (2 years ago)
Taya I have important question, I am going to Ukraine Saturday and my friend who I am meeting is sick with Swine flu, I will not be able to meet him in Ternopil until next Wednesday maybe, you think I'll be safe alone in the winter in Ukraine ? I was planning to go to kyiv and Kharkiv, but I only speak basic Russian phrases, thanks !
Taya Ukraine (2 years ago)
of course you will be!
lihatlah manusia (2 years ago)
taya. so adorable like always.
Geralt of Rivia (2 years ago)
Super video...great advice...thank you so much. Keep up the great work.
Emmanuel Ejiro (2 years ago)
nice one taya...i love your videos... am in ternopil, and have been hooking up with a girl, but she needs too much attention... please how can make her know that i need time for my self... pls is important...
Emmanuel Ejiro (1 year ago)
James Vision (1 year ago)
Emmanuel Ejiro listen my friend you need to be strong there, a man takes the decisions you must know we man are the leader, just tell your girlfriend nu rush and make her feel happy, make sure that you give her enough attention and she will give you space respect is important what a man should take in a relationship, and you can only get that when you build a stable relationship, make sure there is money so than you need to make plans to get a home for both of you a woman needs to see that you work for your future together with the woman you love, if you get that and you do well I'm sure that she will give you space. Just try and you will see and your city Ternopol is a very romantic city, so take her out for dinner and try to give her some plans for the both of you, somewhere a restaurant at the river from Ternopol. you will succeed my friend if there is love between you both.
you have makeup on?
why are your girls crazy for high heels?
Taya Ukraine (2 years ago)
Jon J (2 years ago)
Nice video. Should make a video about cultural differences. No whistling and shaking hands in doorway,etc
Kevin Jacquet (2 years ago)
Whenever I watch your videos, I never realized how far into the video I've gotten until I hear you say "Thats all for today"! Good video though!:D
Taya Ukraine (2 years ago)
awww ahah!
literallycaneven (2 years ago)
They want your flowers. In American divorce court, woman keeps 50% of man's flowers and sometimes 50% going forwards for years on end.
jamie walker (2 years ago)
From my experience with Russian girl, flowers is life 😂
74Robinos (1 year ago)
Not in Holland/ The Netherlands. You have to show "succes" and "money". Otherwise no coitus.
ThinkLascivious (2 years ago)
Yes, the flowers! I noticed in my time in Ukraine that the girls love and care about flowers much more than here in America.
Per-Ivar Riise (1 year ago)
I. enjoyed your vidio and all your tips about how to treat a Ukrainian woman.I enjoy listening to your voice!
Per-Ivar Riise (1 year ago)
Stacey Bonnot
Stacey Bonnot (1 year ago)
I started talking to a lady from Odessa the reviews online aren't good about Odessa females​ . what should I do if I really like her .
mauricio (2 years ago)
I want to marry a girl like you,I am 50 y.o.
Ovide Benítez (1 year ago)
mauricio old fart hahaha
Jakub Rosman (1 year ago)
Уходи, мудак! Только для потрясающих людей это видео!
Kayla Please (2 years ago)
This is not very gentlemen like of you.
Jeffrey D (2 years ago)
Well, she would probably cheat on you and try to milk you for money because of the age difference. Are you starting to 'get it' now? Ok, good
Knas51 (2 years ago)
congrats on 4000 subscribers ...... i hope you get well soon.... take care :)
Taya Ukraine (2 years ago)
thank you!
Sebastian Nordstern (2 years ago)
Has anyone tried the agencies? Do they really work? I'd like to try but afraid of being scammed
Sebastian Nordstern (1 year ago)
James Vision Thank you! Unfortunately this time I can't come to your city because there's no time, but I will visit Ukraine again maybe in this Summer, and I can go to your city if you'd like to help me. ))) I'm 21, height 182cm, weight 70kg. I'm studying in UK and plan to work and settle in Europe after graduate. I speak English and Chinese and I'm learning Russian. I'm looking for a Ukrainian girl between 18 to 25, better knowing some basic English. My WhatsApp +44 7510936026, if you need more of my information. Thank you soooo much for your help bro, you're really helpful))). I really appreciate that!
James Vision (1 year ago)
I'm sorry I can not help you because I am not in Kiev right now ! please let me know what is your age and what kind of woman are you looking for maybe I have a option, but than you need to travel to a city with the train, I will tell you if I have your information.
Sebastian Nordstern (1 year ago)
James Vision Thank you for your advice again! But so far none of the girls to whom I sent messages replied to me. I'm in kyiv now but my time is limited. Are you in kyiv now? Do you have female acquaintances in kyiv whom you can introduce to me? If you don't mind I can give you my WhatsApp number and send my photos and basic information. I'm a very good guy and respect women. I just want to find a SERIOUS relationship here and that's all. I would very much appreciate it if you can help me, pleaseeeeeee
Sebastian Nordstern (1 year ago)
James Vision ok many thanks!
James Vision (1 year ago)
Dear Sebastian you should follow my instruction below please get contact through fdating and select Kiev Ukraine there you have better chance because you can chat for free and have better possibility.
ПРИВЕТ YouTube (2 years ago)
My friend had Russian girlfriend here in USA she became westernized but could still out drink us. Unfortunately she got DUI and wrecked his new car.
ПРИВЕТ YouTube (2 years ago)
Jakub Rosman I know, Cursing as a foreigner anywhere in the world is a bad idea.
Jakub Rosman (2 years ago)
@патрик007 I was originally responding to literallycaneven
Jakub Rosman (2 years ago)
You shouldn't use мат if you don't know how to use it. Cussing out of random in any culture is disrespectful, especially in Russian, just an FYI for your own safety. If a native hears you say that, expect an earful.
literallycaneven (2 years ago)
I did not mean this in a negative way. I find their culture fascinating and plan to go one day.
ПРИВЕТ YouTube (2 years ago)
Jakub Rosman lol Vodka , Putin and that phrase is only thing known by people? Russia has much more
Manfred Bismark (2 years ago)
Hello TAYA. All the BEST in 2017. HEALTH!!! Have a beautiful day. Bye. Rudi from EUROPA.
Ilona Vyhovskey (2 years ago)
I had a gf from Ukraine she cheated on me and I always gave her flowers and she had another man. and she used me only for traveling.... try explain for us how can we find girls in village in Ukraine
Dustin Young (9 days ago)
You have to do the Hugh Heffner philosophy women are like cars after seven years they've lost all their value and you should start looking for a new one. There's no such thing as love but there is a thing of lust and opportunity for resources.When those two are combined... "people full in love". Getting married in not worth the tax write off. Men with the worst health are married men. Because that fat wife they married is sucking the life out of him and because they are married he has to go through a very expensive divorce to get rid of her. Then you have laws on the books that fever the fat worthless hag in the divorce. A divorce cost half of your savings, alimony and a house. Kicking a girlfriend of 7 years out of your house cost you maybe a plane ticket if you're nice but by law it cost you nothing.
2Keen To give a what (24 days ago)
Hugh Goldspiel (4 months ago)
Jeffrey D he’s a Starbucks employee
cash cash (1 year ago)
Jeffrey D Hhhh strange world When someone looking for the good thing in the right way ...he faces difficulties some times too much. And when walking in the wrong way or bad thing .. he find it easier When it's must be the opposite.. What's wrong with the people sad life
Jeffrey D (1 year ago)
Yes, any major city in the world these days, 18-25yo's speak some degree of English. Romanian girls are in my top ten for physical beauty for sure. I was in many parts of Romania with a native friend. Bucharest is the same big city girl problems. Very low GWF (Gringo wow factor, as we call it). Village girls were all over me like a Democrat on a tax cut, but the English penetration was low. . My #1 pick to run the best overall program is still Indonesia......

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