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PARTYNEXTDOOR - Spiteful [Official Audio]

2796 ratings | 313245 views
Listen to P3 https://ovosound.io/p3 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/partynextdoor Twitter: https://twitter.com/partynextdoor Website: http://partyomo.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Partyomo Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/Partyomo Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2HPaUgqeutzr3jx5a9WyDV
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Text Comments (77)
Breatheslow (1 month ago)
still here (2019 - 3019)
Rebeldegroup G (1 month ago)
Solimar Hilerio (2 months ago)
WomenRockdk15 (3 months ago)
Ednis Jeanty (3 months ago)
Is anyone else still listening to this in 2019?
Lula Keeping it Hönest (4 months ago)
Tell me just how to ride, oh girl I need you Where's your loyalty and honor when I need you? Most nights at work Pray in the church for me She says she wants to see me smile more Come a long way, I need miles more I found you, I can find more Don't get too caught up with that nigga Don't hate on my new bitches 'Cause you got you a nigga What we had wasn't love, love, love, love, yeah Don't be spiteful And I won't be spiteful I see you takin' shots girl I see you ain't forgot girl Don't be spiteful Don't get too caught up with that nigga Don't hate on my new bitches 'Cause you got you a nigga What we had wasn't love, love, love, love, yeah Don't be spiteful And I won't be spiteful, aye I see you takin' shots girl I see you ain't forgot girl Don't be spiteful Take us out the YYZ Take us out the YYZ Cause everything seems to remind you of me Oh, oh Crazy as it seems and you did it Don't get too caught up with that nigga Yeah 'Cause you got you a nigga What we had wasn't love, love, love, love, yeah Don't be spiteful Just don't be spiteful Don't be spiteful Don't be spiteful I know you want everything And I won't be spiteful Don't be spiteful Don't be spiteful
Cameren Love (4 months ago)
N4ME7ESS (4 months ago)
dope production 🔥🔥👌
I be vibin to (4 months ago)
otsile simon (4 months ago)
Courtney Hussle (5 months ago)
This my shit
BRAXTON IGHALO (5 months ago)
Man I really love this song
Konceited Truth (5 months ago)
This should have way more views smh
Olivier Brault (6 months ago)
i feel like people who doesn’t like this song will never like good music. this is so underrated as well as West District and a lot of pnd songs.
Chris Harris (6 months ago)
Spanish guitar
atlmuzikfanzinc (6 months ago)
That kehlani-Kyrie Irving situation with PND messed up this whole album. The price of posting that picture.
Danaira Dickson (6 months ago)
His voice I cry too his song
Lord Enrico (7 months ago)
This song show party's talent ❤️
ARTAIGA R.N.P (7 months ago)
Still baddddd
lindalately (7 months ago)
Don’t be spiteful. And I won’t be spiteful.
julian bell (7 months ago)
Currently heartbroken I have no feelings shit changed bitches changed my life's fucked up and I'm fucked up someone safe me because I can't fuck breathe when the pain is so bad
Just Fonoimoana (10 months ago)
Dont get too caught up with that new N*##a.. What we had wasn't love love love love, don't be spiteful... Remember that baby
Hippie Capone (11 months ago)
Hippie Capone (11 months ago)
The nerves 🙄😂
CAL Z (11 months ago)
Alex Dempsey he definitely was 😂
I can't stop!
Kassandra Cortez (1 year ago)
My favorite album of all time 💗 I always listen to it and I get the best vibes 🔥🤞
Vangie Boisseau (1 year ago)
I love your music
angvesy (1 year ago)
This is lit. PND if you hear me, go and make more music and colabs because i dont see you appearing on radio and videoclips on TV and you can surely do it with your talent. Do more music, im your fan and im ordering you to do that haha :D :D Much respect from Portugal
REVIEW MEDIA (7 months ago)
Dec 2018 this is still fire!
Kendrick Pfaff (7 months ago)
Tabitha Harris (1 year ago)
Let me comment before this song blows up 💀
Jose Avalos (8 months ago)
You’re late buddy
TOON GOON (1 year ago)
you about a year late on that one
dear shae (1 year ago)
Daniel Roman (1 year ago)
why didn’t drake take this one
Noemi Toledo (6 months ago)
Sabrina H (10 months ago)
checkahoetx 281 not a good one
checkahoetx 281 (1 year ago)
Daniel Roman good one
Dea Rakipi (1 year ago)
This song still gives me the chills, why is it so underrated though?!?!?! So much passion through it, and having all that spanish/latin vibe..... shit
anggie (1 year ago)
Kanya Momof3 (1 year ago)
Please make a video for this..
Awilda Ashford (1 year ago)
party is so FIRE
American Foreign (1 year ago)
This song is my life PND might be the g.o.a.t
FrankiFloyd (2 years ago)
listening this track before sleep in the bed... is like walking around the moon and stars...
Abrielle Williams (1 year ago)
Tripmode_jayy (1 year ago)
FrankiFloyd fr💯💯it does for some reason but yeah u right about that
lust4cash (2 years ago)
love this song
pillow_attack (2 years ago)
omg i love this song so much i have been listening to this song sense it came out and i still love it!!!!!
Pago Don agua (2 years ago)
So much vibes its amazing
ThiiThug (2 years ago)
This guy is awesome!
Lords Knows (2 years ago)
best track on the album party made a masterpiece
Hg G (2 years ago)
Chevoney Campbell (2 years ago)
i love this <3
Chill Riko (2 years ago)
In my opinion, the best american artist that can sounds rude and sensible at the same time, the whole album is dope
Sage (4 months ago)
Chantanyce Martin Jamaican and Trinidadian
Raqraqxox (5 months ago)
@Chill Riko he is jamaican
Chantanyce Martin (1 year ago)
Chill Riko he's Jamaican
EliteGamer (2 years ago)
I think the same, it has a sound that can not be compared to any other artist. His music and sound are different from all
Chill Riko (2 years ago)
Yes I know, he's Canadian. I was referring to the American music industry.
Eliomar Oliveira (2 years ago)
Fresno Boy Films (2 years ago)
O H K A Y A M O N (2 years ago)
Anthony (2 years ago)
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Kacey Ellis (2 years ago)
My Stylē Dylãñ (2 years ago)
such sexy vibes everything about this album is sexy the weeknd and partynextdoor should make a song together
Noemi Toledo (6 months ago)
They can make a song about how pussy Drake is
RAQUEL NOT RACHEL (9 months ago)
My Stylē Dylãñ that would never happen LOL drake would NEVER 😂
Abhisting (2 years ago)
Love the electric guitar incorporated into the track, gives the song a whole different vibe.
mourad izi (2 years ago)
i agree with you !
zeneruera (2 years ago)
Best song on the album, almost Spanish, got that Carlos Santana influence. The most detailed song IMO on the album aswell, got a real passionate atmosphere in the song.
Hareesh (6 months ago)
it's not a sample someone played it for him
DemonRapperJuJu (1 year ago)
Chris Brown you failed to mention how great he sings
steven clifton (1 year ago)
Chris Brown do you know the sample
ASPIRE MOVEMENT (2 years ago)
Noor Hashmi (2 years ago)

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