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Recycle Jeans into Tote Bag Boro, Shibori, Sashiko style

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If Shibori is a woman and Boro her man, their child will probably be called Sashiko. Love story in a tote bag :) Tutorial Time Code : 0:14 Tote Bag finished look 0:34 Tips on sewing Boro ( Japanese rag patchwork ) style 2:14 Preparing base fabric for the denim patchwork 3:10 Sewing the running stitches 3:38 Sewing outer bag's body 4:21 Patchworking the sides of the bag 4:33 Preparing and Sewing the bag's lining 4:52 Preparing the inner pockets 6:06 Sewing the lining together 7:40 Making the patchwork strap 9:42 Attaching sides and strap onto tote bag 10:03 sewing binding onto opening of tote bag 11:50 sewing lining into tote bag You can find the shibori , tie dye prints here (ad) : https://crmrkt.com/MWMRbV I printed them at home with my printer. The tutorial for printing is here : https://youtu.be/hJDxUPeOddQ I got them from Creative Market. ( ad ) Every Monday they give out 6 free elements, you can sign up here : https://crmrkt.com/0yeMqA and your Mondays will not be mundane again !
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Text Comments (9)
Класс 👏👌🌷🌷🍓
polaka01 (3 months ago)
Very good 😍
แพลน Channel (4 months ago)
Very beautiful. I like this style
SaltyDIY (4 months ago)
thank you ka :)
Neha Mestry (4 months ago)
It was amazing ..love from India 😘
Yadziga (8 months ago)
Great idea going to give a try thank you for sharing
Tara Truly Made (8 months ago)
Hi! I love this bag! Now I can do something with all those extra denim scraps I been saving. Thank you so much!
SaltyDIY (8 months ago)
Thank you Tara ! You can Boro-style anything n it will look super cool :)

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