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MTG EIGHTH (8th) EDITION Booster Box | Old Foils Butter My Croissants. Magic the Gathering.

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Eighth edition magic the gathering booster box opening for fun! That's a lie. It's for the foils. REMEMBER to watch in HD, see all the cards in full glory. Support this channel either by: 1- Watch the entire video. Like. Comment. Share. 2- https://www.patreon.com/MTGUNSEALED ONLY support financially IF YOUR finances are in order. This is a trading card game. A hobby. ONLY pledge with the intent to support the channel. DO NOT expect to turn a profit or double donation amount in cards. DO NOT expect expensive, reserve list or masterpieces. DO NOT use your parents, grandparents or girlfriend's credit card without their written and notarized consent. DISCLAIMER; shipping takes long, a really long time. Some may get lost, stolen or returned. Any of these incidents occurs; MTG UNSEALED or I shall not be held responsible or liable. This cannot be appealed in a court of law. Unless you reside in Kekistan, and own a three legged goat. Email: [email protected] Mail: MTG UNSEALED P O BOX 18327 Kearns Utah 84118 🎶Music🎶 J. Cole - Middle Child Cover by Aloona Larionova Her YouTube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaN8ossBe8E195tJTl_6ROA #8th #EighthEdition #CoreSet
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Text Comments (41)
TAPPA100 (8 days ago)
Hope the guy can find the other box of 8th Edition, and sells it to you for the same price...?
soulclapn (9 days ago)
The variety in your openings are second to none. Love it.
M. F. (9 days ago)
Nice!!! I love old opening, do some more old sets please... like Onslaught block, Mirrodin block & Kamigawa block :)
humanfartbag (9 days ago)
Thanks for the old school core set opening (: love those foil basic lands!
Andrea Henderson (10 days ago)
Ahhhh! Blast from the past. This was the current Core Set when I started playing. Such great memories. <3
Asher Feldman (10 days ago)
Crap -- I forgot choke was an uncommon here. Lucky man, you are.
Nathan beasley (10 days ago)
This is the first booster box that I opened! Oh the memories
Undeca (10 days ago)
Damn...... That plains was sexy af
Honig Son (10 days ago)
I wonder why the printed cores with white border. I hated mixing up white and black bordered cards, so i disliked every set except the 7th editon.
hobby collector (10 days ago)
That sanctimony foil is one the coolest I've seen.the contrast of a painting over such a large blank background looks awesome in foil.
BarrinK3 (10 days ago)
I sold a set of this to a friend for 60 dollars in a card shop. The owner told me if I got one together in a week after release he would pay 120 for it. So I did, and then he was like I will give you 80. So I sold it to my drafting buddy for 60 right in front of him.
Ryan M. Cho (10 days ago)
I love the white bordered lands. I will probably get a bunch for my decks
Cavetrolls Den (10 days ago)
Nice! I'm giving away a free war of the spark mythic edition booster box just comment and subscribe to enter watch my newest video.
Joshua Lynn (10 days ago)
Breaks my heart that you put the mine back
Andrew Luttrell (10 days ago)
That foil mountain is gorgeous!
LeMoose (10 days ago)
I like your videos. You are upbeat even when the pulls aren't great and you open interesting sets. But damn man, you're kind of a creep- chill out on the women in the art. If not for that your channel would be one of my favorites.
MTG UNSEALED (10 days ago)
When I was I junior high, I’d pay the guy an extra $5 so that he’d let me buy Heavy Metal comics. I also collected jc penny women’s lingerie catalogs. For educational purposes.
LeMoose (10 days ago)
+sunstarv12 I can't stand that guy, so no I can't tell. I'd straight be a patron of this guy if he'd stop the creep factor.
sunstarv12 (10 days ago)
LeMoose if you can tell, it’s kind of a play on Rudy from alpha investments
spookysama (10 days ago)
3:31 spicy af
Mundane05 (10 days ago)
Well that was a shame... Is 8th edition one of those sets where only foil rares actually cost anything?
Mundane05 (10 days ago)
I'd be dead-ass scared to receive a sealed box with an unsealed wrapper.
Darth Vincenitus (10 days ago)
Eewwwwwww.....white border.
ken james (10 days ago)
I remember buying the boxes for 69 a box.
Claudio Pieretti (10 days ago)
God that foil mountain is beautiful...
Ryo Wong (9 days ago)
can't agree more with
DeathEater (10 days ago)
You should do 10th edition next
The Real HashBrown (10 days ago)
Title is amazing. 😝
donovan007007 (10 days ago)
I’m a full collection collector.... I would love to get this set. I’m working my way backwards.
MTG Unpacked (10 days ago)
Nice! I've never seen a full 8th Edition opening before. The white borders make the artwork pop. Any idea why the foils have black borders?
Tim Z (10 days ago)
Those foil basics are gorgeous!
The Black Empanadilla (10 days ago)
So this is the fabled 8th edition I've heard so much about,I can't wait to see what ya pull
SirHille (10 days ago)
My first coreset and I didn't like it at all. The white boarder cards are not for me. But I was fresh into it, so I played it anyways. :D
MangaJosh (10 days ago)
This was about the time I first kinda “took a break from magic” loosing interest after judgement. And dang man I need a few howling mine and font of mythos for my mill deck, I got excited when I saw ya pull it
xRapidDashxx (10 days ago)
Why did you cut the seal instead of ripping from the tear? Its not really important but i did find it amusing. Love the vids m8
mpellis22 (10 days ago)
Old school box topper 😂, 7th was first core set with foils
MTG Robinson (10 days ago)
Yes! This was one of my first sets :)
Andrea Henderson (10 days ago)
Petr Kovács (10 days ago)
My favorite Set !!!
Darrin Torgersen (10 days ago)
1st Love your channel keep up the awesome content!
MTG UNSEALED (10 days ago)
Thank you will do

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