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Easy Cartoon Drawing : How to Draw a Cartoon Ant

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Make a cartoon ant using basic shapes and then add realistic detail; learn tips, ticks and more for creating realistic cartoon drawings in this free online art lesson about cartoons taught by expert Matt Moskal. Expert: Matt Moskal Bio: Matt Moskal is a free-lance artist with a BA in Elementary / Special Education. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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Text Comments (56)
Funky Frank (2 years ago)
Haha! "Give it antennas." What a twat :)
minu thapa (1 year ago)
Funky Frank h
عبد العزيز 6 (2 years ago)
اليش كلكم بل نكليزي اريد جواب واحد منكم يجاوب
Areej Kirmani (2 years ago)
very amazing
Betty James (2 years ago)
Gavin Woodard (3 years ago)
what the fuck
sophie xxx (3 years ago)
sophie xxx (3 years ago)
sophie xxx (3 years ago)
wow cool
bloodlucky (3 years ago)
wow! neat-o!
hu do (3 years ago)
Wonderful That's exactly what I'm lookin for
Facundo Alonso (3 years ago)
just here for tosh
facundo alonso عمر الشيخ عبدأﻻكأفئ
2000200202 _ (3 years ago)
Is this guy a 5 year old trapped in a grown man's boddy
satan163 (4 years ago)
I like the professional/corporate looking ant more
Meenakshi Chavali (4 years ago)
pls upload for all letters in alphabet
Armando Giorgio Reyes (4 years ago)
This is cool
Olly Trixter (3 months ago)
Are you searies
Jah Stewart (5 years ago)
Helo jah
Jah Stewart (5 years ago)
Helo jah
Sissy Burton (5 years ago)
I think this is hard
Long (5 years ago)
yay I drew it, took me 15 min but you know
drnupirrin (5 years ago)
this ant have 7 legs!!!
MorsIchimonji (5 years ago)
Anthony Cano (5 years ago)
yo thats looks really real calm down dude
Kids in Africa (5 years ago)
that look s ugly
YouTube Brianna (6 years ago)
aris de jesus (6 years ago)
your vids make me smile :)
Brittney Hernandez (6 years ago)
"Science textbook or something." Really?!?!?!
juliamoura365 (6 years ago)
Chloe Michle (6 years ago)
I'm pretty shure EVERYONE know's how to make a ant...
Michela Melloni (6 years ago)
it is cute but the 2nd one it is harder to make
stefann1989v2 (6 years ago)
this one was actually good.
Caynan Crenshaw (6 years ago)
You have awsome art
dasautodude (6 years ago)
Practice makes perfect.
CoreyOfMyLife (6 years ago)
The second one was okay
Marlen Carballo (6 years ago)
its fun i need to do a project for sience and i say to look at internet how to draw a ant and this video its perfect for that.......Great job!!!!!!!!!
Richard Johnson (6 years ago)
Great video please check out my channel.
Hendax1997 (7 years ago)
im 14 and I even failed at the cartoon ant :-(
LeonieBruce (7 years ago)
aaawh... not my aunt, I was looking for a video where they draw my aunt, so never mind... ):
Jazzxoxo3 (7 years ago)
haha its cutee=]
adf asdf (7 years ago)
@Nilsen702 not at all...
Josh Nilsen (7 years ago)
1:19 It looks like a dick!
iCAMP uRAGE (7 years ago)
ThePestilencepony (8 years ago)
to easy for my brothers friends dad cause he made sponge bob
Austin Sekerka (8 years ago)
I liked the top one better!!!!
Irish (8 years ago)
Irish (8 years ago)
Soreh (8 years ago)
i love to draw cartoons
xtiffy06 (8 years ago)
lol not ur anut LOLOLOL nc one
XoON1C0L3OoX (8 years ago)
i'm doing an art project where you have to design and draw a poster for a store opening or a concert or something and i wanted to do a gym opening with a picture of an ant holding a leaf, because ants are strong for there size. and it's a gym. Thankz, this helped. :P
the_loserz (8 years ago)
thanks for the info the second ant looks kinda nerdy and dorky but it will get me a A+ in art
mara patterson (8 years ago)
OMFG ! thank you soo much for making this video. im doing a science title page right now , and i was trying to figure out how to draw an ant ! thank you soo much ! ;)
Patrick Baker (9 years ago)
that's a spitting image of my aunt, but not my real aunt. err ant.

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