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Chinese cargo ship arrives in Russian port through northern sea route via Arctic Ocean

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A Chinese cargo ship arrives in Russia's St. Petersburg, completing a 33-day journey through a sea route via the Arctic Ocean. Tianjian is the third of six Chinese cargo ships to ply the northern route to Europe in 2017, as part of the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative. Production Director: Liu Shiping (Xinhua correspondent)
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PAUL's DANCING (3 months ago)
Thank you for sharing. Very well presented. Suitable music. Wish I would be twenty and able to join the crew. With love from Canada.
Rasmus Martinez (4 months ago)
Congratulation! China and Russia, The New Supreme hegemony, hahahahaha USA has lost power, No muscle!
Richard Lumley Smith (6 months ago)
Russia has over 60 ice breakers - if shipping is accelerated during 9 months of the year then this is a great boost to Russia/China trade! CHINA AND RUSSIA working together with Central Asia and Africa!. Win win versus exploitation /colonialism by West. When Modi gone from power in India then SCO will be a economic powerhouse in the World!
mh r (7 months ago)
great china.
Johnas Presbyter (1 year ago)
Dragon in the Arctic CHINESE SHIPPER COSCO PLANNING REGULAR TRANS-ARCTIC SAILINGS http://americanadmiraltybooks.blogspot.com/2015/11/dragon-in-arctic.html
Rodion Telyatnik (1 year ago)
Welcome from SPb :)
Abdul Rehman (1 year ago)
Indiots!!! Did you hear this? Exporting machinary and technology to russia and denmark...What does your country exports? Not even toilets.
Yacobus Fitri (1 year ago)
Can this be done in winter months such as December and January? Will these ships pollute this part of the earth? I don't disagree with this. I can understand that the Red Sea and Straits of Malacca have many pirates that come from the surrounding nations costing the shipping industries.
rajesh vengat (8 months ago)
Cnupoc :breaking ice cream environmental impact?
Cnupoc (1 year ago)
yes it can. that's why Russia has the most ice breakers and plans to build even more ice breakers...
Maro Vlasic (1 year ago)
Rasmus Martinez (4 months ago)
Traitor! Slavic is also your language and Slavic procedens
feng Qing (1 year ago)
its 天行健 not 天健行……
Richard He (1 year ago)
My best friend is Russian. He is fking racist. If China thinks that Russia is a stronger ally than Japan, they're wrong. Skin Color, "MATTERS"
nayanmalig (1 year ago)
How many non Russians has he killed for pleasure like KKK? I bet none.
Congratulation from Nigeria
Bobby Chen (1 year ago)
He called the easternmost port of Russia the "easternmost port of Asia", which is truthfully correct, but is politically incorrect according to White European Nationalists standards
Bobby Chen (1 year ago)
Алексей Терентьев - not true; Euro nationalists (and turk-ish) claim much of northeast Asia (Siberia) for their "Turan" propaganda, much like Zionism is Judeo-Christian Askenazi propaganda to establish their White Messiah now that Jesus is anthropologically proven to be dark skinned man
European nationalism is about culture not geography.
Bobby Chen (1 year ago)
Marty Mullen - I'm not bringing up the "race card"; I'm only exposing the facts in the mentality of the Judeo-Christian White nationalists who'd love to call the world we currently live in, "Post Racism".
Bobby Chen (1 year ago)
Marty Mullen - I'm only stating real true facts to counter the distorted realities presented by the Judeo-Christian White nationalists and their media mouthpieces... including content manipulators at Wikipedia
Toni ToO HuMaN (1 year ago)
Our oceans are so beautiful...its must be An amazing experience traveling on ships around the globe.
abdeenn3 (1 year ago)
Beautiful music that fits for the journey. Congratulations !
Chuchai Tangsompon (1 year ago)
Glad to see Arctic Silk Route, it's awesome.
Wellknow Wellplay (1 year ago)
Nice job :)

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