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Parisian summer street style, relaxed and colorful. Tourists' influence on Parisians.

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When the daily life of Parisians crosses paths with that of the tourists...Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world. Millions of people see the “City of Light” each year. Most people visit Paris during the summer months from July through August. Nearly 2.5 million travelers in July, versus 1.75 million per month in shoulder season (April-May, September-October) and barely over a million in January or February. So, if you are visiting Paris during summer, you'll see the crowds everywhere. Tourists are noticeable in Paris. There is a distinct style difference between Parisians and tourists (0:35, 2:07, 4:46). To fit in with locals some tourists leave behind sweatpants, baseball caps, flip-flops, Hawaiian shirts, denim cut-off shorts, activewear, etc. but there are always those who want to be comfortable, and who can blame them??? There are more nuanced ways to blend into Parisian culture during those hot summer months as Parisians themselves under the sun dress a little bit more relaxed. After 9 months of cold weather, Parisians are eager to take full advantage of warm sunny days by wearing comfortable and colorful pieces. Also, thanks to Instagram and social media, which expose shoppers to everything from American brands to laid back Californian style culture, there’s a wider diversity in styles seen across Paris among Parisians. The most iconic images of the Parisian woman, in their perfectly put together neutral outfits 1:39 can still be found, but they now sit alongside women showing off their latest in floral jumpsuits 1:18 and 3:12 or a jean and a t-shirt combo 3:27. À Suivre
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Text Comments (36)
sky yeo (3 months ago)
luv paris, what is the music please, anyone ?
Ann Futrell (6 months ago)
Love this music and I've heard it on some of your other videos. What is the title? I keep watching those videos just to hear the music. Will be in Paris soon and am sure I will be hearing this in my head as I walk around your wonderful city.
Bea Bea (6 months ago)
Prefer most nations the Parisians, or any French.. I know them so well, Good luck to those who believe in friendship with French people🤣🤣🤣🤣 And I love fashion, but thanks for Paris and Parisians🤓🤓🤣🤣🤣
Funny Me (7 months ago)
I cannot wait to see Paris
Funny Me (6 months ago)
Next Thursday 😍😃
ILoveParis (6 months ago)
I hope that would be soon😍
Pamela Goodson (7 months ago)
What is the music? Enjoy your videos. Missing Paris.
ILoveParis (7 months ago)
Thank you Pamela.
Cherryvanilla Sundae (8 months ago)
Look like another day in Raleigh, NC.
ILoveParis (7 months ago)
Raleigh will be on my list to dos. Thank you.
Sharon Carroll (8 months ago)
Would love to go to Paris with someone who has always lived there !
Sharon Carroll (8 months ago)
ILoveParis I want to see little shops, etc. places that only locales know about . You know secrets ! Great bargains .
ILoveParis (8 months ago)
Paris is a safe city, people are friendly❤️
emma ess (8 months ago)
I see streets, but where's the style? Apart from the gorgeous scenery, it could be San Francisco as far as the clothing is concerned. Just MHO.
Linda Reynolds (5 months ago)
emma ess. it's how they put it together. I've been watching these for a while and how I can tell the difference between the home team and the tourists...the French are understated but well put together 🙌🏻 ☺️
Robyn (6 months ago)
I agree. Disappointing, I thought I may be able to get some tips, sadly not. Just a handful of stylish women and one or 2 men.
Suzan. (6 months ago)
I totally agree, they don’t dress particularly fantastic, but they do have an air about how they wear it? That certain je ne se quoi? 😉
ILoveParis (8 months ago)
Sure, San Francisco has style too, but this is Paris. There is a distinct style that does not exist anywhere else.
Agnes Laufer (8 months ago)
5:18 Keau Reeves
DMLK CS (8 months ago)
Oh yes!!! bonjour Monsieur @ 5:18 😍❤️😋
Karen I (8 months ago)
DMLK CS I agree! 🙂
Annette In Cairns (8 months ago)
❤️ There’s nowhere like Paris ❤️ Merci ❤️
Annette In Cairns (6 months ago)
mizzmolly there’s still time. 💜
mizzmolly (6 months ago)
I can't believe that I've traveled to about 35 countries, but I've never been to France. How crazy is that!
ILoveParis (8 months ago)
You’re very welcome.
Janice S (8 months ago)
What part of the year would be best to visit Paris and AVOID those lines???
ILoveParis (8 months ago)
Well said, thank you. My favorite time in Paris? September...
Imperialcavalier (8 months ago)
Those lines are small. Avoid late spring, summer, early autumn if you hate lines. It is still busy at other times, less so they say London. The least popular times are usually when the weather is worse, but a there are nice clear sunny days in early spring that make visiting the city a joy.
Karen I (8 months ago)
Brigitte inspired 1:39???
donna dixon (8 months ago)
These videos make me miss Paris, luckily I will be returning in September 🇨🇦
ILoveParis (8 months ago)
Perfect, best time to visit Paris!
Mong Xu (8 months ago)
I love Paris.
Наталья Марк (8 months ago)
ILoveParis (8 months ago)

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