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Arsh paul (1 year ago)
Nice video
Limitsad (3 years ago)
1:12 Amazing bubble butt....
subfiterwrslr (4 years ago)
This video is totally awesome. Want to wrestle the blond stud who first appears at 0:11 of the video.
Sebatron (6 months ago)
subfiterwrslr y
superstubes (4 years ago)
Mika (4 years ago)
I don't mind to find out
Mika (4 years ago)
+Rising High  that was for me ?
Mika (4 years ago)
nothing better than this way of fighting
wolter de grood (6 years ago)
bad video, so a falsification of history: 1 no young boys in this image as they were omnipresent in ancient times 2 lads and guys were totally naked, just this inappropriate cover up makes it laughable...
pardyhardly (6 years ago)
What I liked most about this video is that there was nothing gay about it at all.
Bill Buffett (2 years ago)
megapyro27 (7 years ago)
Gayest crap i have ever seen
Saint Seiya (7 years ago)
they was used to compete completely naked, it's why women was'nt allowed arround during the olympics
Haim Avishalom (7 years ago)
I bet they all fucked each other , in the end the guy in the left behind the winner looked straight to his butt ! loved that ! men are the best ! how beautiful their bodies are !

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