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Donovan, Jim James, Ben Harper - Hurdy Gurdy Man

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"Playlist Best of Donovan https://goo.gl/GrckYq Subscribe for more https://goo.gl/bY35MG" Available on home video September 1st 2017. In 2009, The David Lynch Foundation staged the Change Begins Within benefit concert at New Yorkʼs legendary Radio City Music Hall. The show helped raise funds to teach at-risk children to meditate to change their lives from within. Hosted by David Lynch and Laura Dern, it was a star-studded sold out evening that featured unique performances from a cast including Sheryl Crow, Donovan, Eddie Vedder, Moby, Ben Harper, Angelo Badalamenti, Betty LaVette, Jim James and Jerry Seinfeld. The culmination of the evening saw sets from Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr before they joined forces for a grand finale. This once-in-a-lifetime event is now available to own with the aim to continue raising funds and awareness for the Foundation's mission to heal suffering from post-traumatic stress amongst veterans, survivors of domestic violence, and at-risk children. Includes bonus feature, David Lynch talks to Paul MCartney, Ringo Starr, Eddie Vedder and Ben Harper. Music video by Donovan, Jim James, Ben Harper performing Hurdy Gurdy Man. (C) 2017 David Lynch Foundation, exclusively licensed to Eagle Rock Entertainment Ltd. http://vevo.ly/exMhQh
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Text Comments (5)
Leuciane Ferreira (15 hours ago)
Que voz!
Seanicus McCormick (3 months ago)
more rolly polly
Dwayne Wladyka (1 year ago)
I'm hoping to hear a longer version of this. It's still great though.
LastTrainToClarkson (1 year ago)
The ad before this clip was longer than the clip. Just got ripped off by the hurdy gurdy man!
LAND SEA AIR CANADA (1 year ago)
What ?! this only serves to tease and entice the listener to go to the record collection and pull out the LP that makes this song magical Donovan with members of Led Zep playing this classic the way it was meant to be heard.....

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