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How Men Fall in Love: 5 Steps to Make Him Love You

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Curious how men fall in love? Find out the 5 steps to his heart… No BS. Watch more videos like this: http://www.SexyConfidence.com/secret Grab Adam's book: http://www.MenLoveConfidentWomen.com Have you ever wondered how men fall in love? Or if it’s a different “process” than women go through when they fall in love? If so, you’re in luck. This week’s video is a special one. It dives into the five steps most men go through when they are falling in love. It’ll help you “see the signs” when it’s happening… or when it isn’t happening. Have you ever noticed these signs? Let me know in the comments below. Your Coach, Adam PS. If you’d like to learn how to spark attraction in your man with a few simple texts, click here → http://lovetexting.com/book/ Summary- I'm going be talking about how it is that men fall in love and the 5 steps to capturing his heart. Finding your way to a man's heart is kind of like solving a Law and Order crime. You need to follow the clues each step of the way in order to make it happen. The only difference is that you're looking for love, not murder. So I'm gonna show you the map to a man's heart and this map includes the 5 stages men go through as they fall in love. 1. Physical Attraction Listen, it's true. Men are very visual creatures. We fall for a woman initially just based on physical attraction. When we first see that person, if that physical attraction Isn't there it's unlikely that we're going to pursue that woman. Now, this doesn’t, I cannot emphasize this enough… It doesn’t mean you have to be perfect looking in any way, shape, or form, I promise you. And I've coached a lot of men over the years. No matter what you look like, there are guys who will be attracted to you and your type. So that's the first stage. If he's physically into you, then you can move on to the next stage: chemistry. 2. Chemistry Does the conversation flow? Do you have things in common? Does it feel like you can just talk for hours and hours? Do you have a similar sense of humor? Do you just have great banter? Are you likable? Is he likable? Are you guys playful? Do you have an intellectual curiosity with one another? These are the types of things that make up chemistry, and these things really matter. Now, the good news is that you can really improve your chemistry with men through what you say, but also your body language. Make sure you're smiling, be open, be animated as you're talking, and make sure you have great posture. Most importantly, have a great attitude. Men love women who are incredibly positive, and have a great attitude & vibe. I assure you, you can really start bonding with men and creating that great chemistry you really want. So now that he's physically attracted to you and he likes you, this brings me to stage 3: the trust phase. 3. The Trust Phase Now, believe it or not, us men, we have feelings too. And if we're going to get emotionally involved with a woman, we want to know that we can really trust you. So now he's attracted to you, you have great chemistry, and he trusts you. On to the fourth stage: long-term compatibility. 4. Long Term Compatibility Do you share the same values? Will this relationship logistically work? I mean… do you guys live near each other? Do you want to live in the same places? Do you want the same things out of life whether it's children, where you want to live, and the things that you want to achieve in your life? Now, you don’t necessarily have to have the same hobbies and interests. Those things aren't necessary. But you do need to share the same basic values of how you live your life and what it is that you want out of life. Otherwise there’s just going to be way too much friction between the two of you. So now let's say that you pass all of these stages of love, you get to the final stage: the comfort stage. 5. The Comfort Stage This is when you finally meet the real person you've been dating. You end up becoming really comfortable with the type of person they are and as you get to know that person you really become best friends. You always wanna spend time with that person, that person supports you, wants to make you happy and works hard every single day to make you happy. And once you reach the comfort stage, you know, that's when the love becomes very real and very awesome.
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Eulla (2 days ago)
Please make a vid about how or if a boy makes you feel jealous. Thanksss💜
Adam I really like your videos but I am going crazy these 5 stage complete has has happened in my case BUT I watched your 5 signs that he is not in love with you video and there you proved that he doesn't love me! So how is that?
ghada chihi (3 days ago)
then i realized that i can't even pass the first step fuck :)
Ghita S (4 days ago)
my problems in this life that a lot of men loves me and me too and me too but when they ask me to start together I answered no and after 1 min he left I feel hot and why I did like that because I want to him to ask me anather time I feel like shy to say yes or give him my number in the first time what can I do I really need love I feel I have a lot of to give I need chance
Sravani B (7 days ago)
Hey Adam, are you in relationship?
MsKiddah (12 days ago)
"Psst... Hey Adam... " 😀😀
Anna Baker (13 days ago)
Certain men has no feelings!
Efaery1002 (15 days ago)
I don’t agree. If you cannot be yourself around each other and love and accept each other for who you are, you have no business being together. It goes both ways. If you have to change yourself for someone to like/love you, then they are not the one.
Rimu Chan (17 days ago)
He friend-zoned my ass even tho I passed those 5 steps :(
“God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well."
Anisha White (21 days ago)
Ladies! As long as you have a vagina and good looks, you can get a man 😎
Tanya Smiths (23 days ago)
I want to offer a bit of advice to anyone looking to find help on saving their marriage/relationship. Me and my husband had a torrid time for a whole decade; all our family & friends constantly advising us to get a divorce but we knew it would break our 2 children’s heart. We tried so many different things to save our marriage and from trial & error we came across a very helpful tool on-line that has worked extremely well for us Dr Lawrence was the best remedy to our problems contact him today via email [email protected] and save your marriage
Su Myat THG (27 days ago)
Every Men is not the same😉
Lily Val (29 days ago)
Not murder ! The way he said it. Lol. I want to now, cuz he sucks ! Lol The wig thing. I git the confort pg.
sandra barfinder (1 month ago)
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QiaoQiao Shen (1 month ago)
Hello Adam😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 "No no no"
cocoa ok (1 month ago)
diya joshi (1 month ago)
All are not same
glista grand (1 month ago)
I'm studying how to get him to propose and discovered a great website at Covert attractor audit (google it if you are interested)
Leonora Marie Forbes (1 month ago)
Actually being a woman I never know how does a certain man " fall to or fall inlove", because I believe real love just comes without expecting it, like rain, nobody asked to feel about it, rather these cool information states clearly how does a normal guy fallen, well being me I never search, because the right ones will come and love me for who I am and the way I am, because real love has no standard it's just feel, God bless.
Self o clock (1 month ago)
That's very sweet! <3 I hope that happens for more people.
Dulanjali Perera (1 month ago)
ayane. balen mata. bedila enne kathawak. bahak nethi. bedim mokatada minihekuge kathawa kopa mana. weda. gatheda. ??? katha. baha. karanne. nethi. goluwek. samaga. bedima. matama. stop. karanna puluwan. right geheniyakuge. adu gane. boruwata. nikamata. wathe. sepa. duka. ahanne. nethi. mini sunge. samaga. mona jivi thada. bedimak. pamanak. wedak neha wena. wedak. bala. ganna. aeka. thamanta. wathe. kara gatha. kiyanna. deyak thiyenawa. . ??? mama. nam. kisima. kenekuta. bedim walata. aekaga. neha. made. hitawapu. enna. wage. pirimi. adalama. neha ..?? ????'
Charity Ann (1 month ago)
Hello Adam 😂
Taleah Curinoty (1 month ago)
I have a man
pu pu (1 month ago)
Well this is basically same with women
pisceanrat (1 month ago)
Love how you are so energetic dude
sepideh asgari (1 month ago)
perfec and really usefull like always❤️
Chynna Rodriguez (2 months ago)
What if we don’t really talk in depth because of language barrier(I think)..but we just laugh at each other together hehe he is just fun to be with..
Corina Baker (2 months ago)
4:55 was my favorite part
Jeorge Rodriguez (2 months ago)
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Maria G (2 months ago)
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0 8 (2 months ago)
thanks much again for ur very useful videos, as i told u i was emotionally blocked i did not explain it soon to the guy,the guy has felt rejected, and even if he wont admit i think he has found another girl cunning that satusfy him totally, in this case i ask u kindly is there something i can do to have him back? thanks
Kevin Vargas (2 months ago)
What about his secret obsession secretobsession.dvb.me
Dorinda Lemons (2 months ago)
I heard a lot of pistive reviews about it
Joseph Chambers (2 months ago)
Are you serious bro?
Manuel Kaya (2 months ago)
Amazing thank you
Brandon Buckley (2 months ago)
It is amazing
Michael Frasier (2 months ago)
The perfect program ever
oluk kucni (2 months ago)
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Somina (2 months ago)
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Nisha Singh (2 months ago)
I was seeing this german guy from May till end of July almost regular. We started talking online to each other from May beginning and it was just perfect we were just basically two bodies and one person. We had so much similarities and the chemistry was just 10/10 but then he goes on vacation with one of his female friend to Spain for one week and I didn’t know about it and he said he didn’t think it would be a problem since she is just a friend. Since then we had regular issues and of course we didn’t see each other since he came back from this vacation and I did fight with him and he didn’t even make effort to come and see me and talk about it even though he said she is just a friend and I don’t even know this whole thing meant anything to him at all or I was just delusional the whole time. I so disturbed since the end of July and I can’t kick him out of my system even thought I blocked him from everywhere before few days it’s still so hard to not think about him and very honestly some part of me wants him to give me some good explanation but I don’t think he cares either I don’t know what to do . Please help someone
Aser Dada (2 months ago)
Nice Video! Forgive me for butting in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you thought about - Chiveard Magically Hypnotic Framework (do a search on google)? It is a good exclusive guide for getting love from a man minus the headache. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my m8 at last got amazing results with it.
esther melody (2 months ago)
I feel my guy and I are drifting apart.He keeps on saying we ok but l can feel we not.Am really afraid of another heart break.What do I do?
Tristian LeVea (2 months ago)
Lol love the wig scene! 😂😂😂
Ian's Chronicle (2 months ago)
watches because my crush is straight as the gays aint
Beth Thordsen (2 months ago)
Loved this video for 3:20 moment 🤣
Surah Online (2 months ago)
*"I wonder if she's a hoebag" 😂😂😂😂 LMAO!*
Raghunath Thorat (2 months ago)
Man are designed to love and women are there to consume love here. So men are better at loving as women cannot impart love they cannot empathise or even sympathise anyone.
proshan (3 months ago)
just suck his dick. done.
max hillman (3 months ago)
This is great
Andy Friel (3 months ago)
Cool vid
Celia Featherstone (3 months ago)
good advice
Kenny Potts (3 months ago)
Good stuff
TheSatanicEgg (3 months ago)
Adam: you’re looking for love, not murder Me: why not do both? 🤔
Carola Graziano (3 months ago)
Yes it is about mainly attraction...however guys have types! There are guys who love skinny girls,guys who love thick girls,etc...so,you just need to find a man who is into the type of girl that you look like...
Luci Y (3 months ago)
I like you ;-)
Rimi Haque (3 months ago)
this chanel is for desperate women. u cant and dont make a man fall in love with u
Agods Jp (3 months ago)
As a man/teen just try to talk to them and if you guys can't connect it ain't worth it
Erika VIVO (3 months ago)
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A Cobra (3 months ago)
I love your videos and your skits too they make me laugh big time 😊thanks for all your great Advice❤from Sydney Australia 💕💜💛💚❤💓💖💗💘💝💞💟
FamilySquad Channel (3 months ago)
Video starts at 0:43
Sibi Cherian (3 months ago)
We finished all these phases and he has now fought with me. What should i do to make him come to me again
Miss Nina (3 months ago)
Funny video lol
Abirami Abirami (3 months ago)
I am in love with ma frnd but I don't know whether he is in love with me r not...So how i can find he is in love with me....
Goddess Samoya (4 months ago)
Hello Adam lmao
Secrets To Get Ex Back (4 months ago)
Really like the video. Great tips 👍
Sarah S (4 months ago)
He either loves who you are, or he doesn’t.
Sara Abdi Fara (4 months ago)
mystic flames (4 months ago)
Oh you obviously have never had soul love there a is no ego in that.
manare magdeline (4 months ago)
Loooool as for hey Adam.. I approve 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
sonofsarek (4 months ago)
Women, ask yourself this question: “what do I contribute to a relationship besides a vagina and a uterus?” If nothing else, you are easily replaceable.
Moises Marrero (4 months ago)
AllySunshine 02 (4 months ago)
Step one: beeing attarctive Me: k then it's over i'll never find love
The Leiunicorn (4 months ago)
Anyone watching this just now? To find out how BTS to fall in love with you?
Erlick Santos (4 months ago)
Dstethem1 (4 months ago)
3 Ways to Make a Man ADDICTED To You https://medium.com/@danil123/3-ways-to-make-a-man-addicted-to-you-55c099b66906
Makaro Makaro (4 months ago)
Great thing he will never love me...............,,fuck i really want to hug and kiss HIM. I dont even know that guy so well
Cadence Jackson (4 months ago)
So I need some advice I've been with this guy for 10 months and I really love him its seems like he loves me to and we say it to each other all the time sometimes we will have great moments but recently he has tried breaking up with me but after we talked he said that he loved me and he will say forever or always baby girl and I'm just confused as to what to do i don't want to leave him and I making the right choice?
Angel Of Death (4 months ago)
Fucking traitor stop telling them our weakness ! They gonna use it against us
Xeduxion (4 months ago)
this iz true but i think 5 and 4 should be swiched
Nusrat Mahjabin (4 months ago)
Hey ... I have a big problem 😁 My man said he love me but he can't trust me and he can't marry me bcoz of his family. Now what should I do? Is there any chance for me?
Cynthia Zhang (4 months ago)
😂😂"Hello Adam" "what the heck" that was lol
Snigdha Rawat (5 months ago)
I think you have a celebrity crush on TayTay
jinhi9005 (5 months ago)
Appreciate Video clip! Excuse me for butting in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you researched - Saankramer Love Trick System (google it)? It is a smashing exclusive product for falling in love with an amazing partner without the normal expense. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my friend Sam at very last got excellent success with it.
A Mc (5 months ago)
finally a guy that makes scense and is not a pig about it, thanks!
Aide Farias (5 months ago)
I was with the dating my best friend and stage 4 and 5 we lost everything
Lovell Ramsay (5 months ago)
You dumb as fuck
Melicia (5 months ago)
He is 20 and talking about his wife that he not have said that his wife should play in my movie
Ells White (5 months ago)
Women also need initial physical attraction. Please stop being so ignorant! Women are as visual as men.
Urm K (5 months ago)
Give him bobs and vagene. Done.
Suns Spirit68 (5 months ago)
Natasha Plummer (5 months ago)
Everything you just said is true
Natasha Plummer (5 months ago)
Sexy Confidence you're welcome! BTW you're sexy and I'm sure you're told that a lot
Sexy Confidence (5 months ago)
maria mistretta (5 months ago)
But online dating site or dating apps guys only seem want to hook up rush or ruin things. There do masturbate want sex without getting to know people. Online dating doesn't work it a waste of time.🙄
maria mistretta (5 months ago)
The right guy would be physical attraction, chemistry, trust, long-term, value, comfortable. Confident.
Curious Gal (5 months ago)
Adam is a dating legend. I love you my man.❤️
Nika Daisy (5 months ago)
Can you do a video on how to get your friend who friendzoned you to like you? 🤔 asking for a friend 😂
Sexy Confidence (5 months ago)
Check out my free Casual to Committed Webinar: https://secret.sexyconfidence.com/commit/
Fernando Martinez (5 months ago)
It's not easy.. he's totally right.. I'm a guy in a 7 year relationship.. up and down.. but man has she always been the girl I asked God for when I was a kid...unfortunately guys are different from girls
Sexy Confidence (5 months ago)
That's sweet, Fernando, thanks for sharing! Hope it works out for you two.
West East (6 months ago)
SouthernBelleBEE (6 months ago)
A “hoebag” ? 😩😩😩
roza del huerto (6 months ago)
Honestly it's not that much easy you guys are différent and selfish thanks for trying but not good ideas
Sexy Confidence (6 months ago)
Try my FREE Attract The One Webinar: https://secret.sexyconfidence.com/attract/
Charlotte's Web (6 months ago)
How do I get men to STOP falling for me? Kidding. I love being hot, fun, adventurous, curious, sweet, innovative. caring, kind and having what men want
Sexy Confidence (6 months ago)
🔥 🔥
Lori Owens (6 months ago)
Well apparently the last guy that liked me.didnt know how to fall in love he knew how to stalk me though. Lol which was and still is awkward for me. That is all
Lyndia Quinerly (6 months ago)
Manisha Bhaittrai (6 months ago)
is this true?👉 https://youtu.be/iNDQt6vwls8
XElemental GamerX (6 months ago)
DIS IS A SECRET.... then its revealed... DAN DAN DAAA DAAAN nvm
Queen of Greatness (6 months ago)
Hello Adam😂
Sexy Confidence (6 months ago)
Hi. :)

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