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Pragati - College magazine release - Chinmaya College of Arts, Commerce and Science

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Here comes the new edition of our college magazine “PRAGATI”. PRAGATI is totally a renowned format in its texture, upkeeping all the traditions and values followed by the earlier editions of Chinmaya Magazine. I have earnestly tried to bring out a dynamic difference in the magazine so as to make it more vibrant and content oriented. As a propaganda to popularize and give a face lift to the magazine, we started with finding a new name through campus poll which met with an overwhelming response, that finally gave birth to the name PRAGATI. The campus continued the same tempo that became the driving force to inspire many students which resulted in improving sponsorship and succeeded to ensure circulation of more copies. As the name PRAGATI denotes, it was our moral responsibility to stand with the essence of the name by including the major achievements of the college at large and the personal achievements of alumni students, who had come out with flying colors in the real life as a real testimony to Chinmaya. The Humble Musician : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-BtJ25DtEl1LatxBtrfinQ
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Nikz (11 months ago)
Amazing work, Hat's off to the team :)
Nikz (11 months ago)
Abeeya Ann Sojan Aiwa
Abeeya Ann Sojan (11 months ago)
Thanks a lot Nikz, let me know your feedback after reviewing the magazine. :)

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