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Russian and Ukrainian girls on the first date | Real life vs Stereotypes

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❤️ SUBSCRIBE ON MY CHANNEL - https://goo.gl/emounL Today this is our tag “Real life vs Stereotypes” Russian and Ukrainian girls on the first date! I will tell you how the first dating with a Russian and Ukrainian girl takes place. Where is the truth, and where are the stereotypes! 💞Real dating site: https://ukreine.com/ Email: [email protected] FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/datingrussianbrides/
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carsten9168 (2 months ago)
I recently joined Ukraine.com because I think I can trust this agency. I say this because I received over 15,000 letters from all kinds of women of scam agencies like AnastasiaDate, Ukrainebrides, UA Dreams, LadaDate, Loveme, NatashaClub, etc. over several years. AnastasiaDate's first scam date after many letters was Nataliya Sergeevna Kolesnik from Krivoy Rog in Odessa in 2012. The first sign was she left ('forgot')the flowers I gave her at our meeting place before we proceeded to a famous Western steak restaurant for dinner. The translator Inna was part of the scam. She wanted to see my nice apartment and when we got there, wanted money to go home. No problem, I agreed. The third day was lunch and asked for money again to study English. Inna shared the spoils. That was the last I saw of her. Then in 2016, Marina Nedelko from Dnipro (Ukrainianbrides) met me. She behaved like a total stranger despite many letters. She only wanted a good dinner far away (50km) from the city. No money asked but 2 dinners at the same fancy but noisy restaurant ! Must be her modus operandi. After getting my many presents and souvenirs, she just disappeared. Her Dnipro manager Denys (BigLove Agency) then called me to meet other women and pay for it but I told him to take a hike. Later I reported these 2 scammers to the FBI with photos, personal details and they replied to file a scam report. That was the end of it.
Ukreine.comEN (2 months ago)
the correct site spelling is UkReine.com as for Anastasia ect you MUST see this video we have made https://www.antiarnaques.org/en/check-if-a-russian-dating-site-is-honest-or-scam
Akash cruze (4 months ago)
Russia or Ukraine which will be soo beautiful!!
Ukreine.comEN (1 year ago)
I hope you enjoyed this video 😊

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