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The Female Celebrities Who Are Taller Than Their Boyfriends and Husbands

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angel eyes (2 years ago)
People should not date, weither you date up or down. Dating is not of God, the bible never talks about people having boyfriends or girlfriends. Marriage and engagement is the best. Maybe tall women or short men don't know about hell fire and the traps of dating and casual sex in modern society. Who knows.
Markus Williams (8 months ago)
Fucking Christian piece of shit. How do you think people are suppose to get to know each other? You expect them to just marry, just like that? That's where dating comes.
Laydee Vay (1 year ago)
If the Bible doesn't mention dating then it shouldn't be a sin. We don't have to live in ancient times. You can be your own person, make your own choices, and still be a good Christian.
supererik man (1 year ago)
+FPADGAMING Dating is a normal biological need, we have a need to pick out a mate, it is just a primal instinct. I think the extremists need to stop meddling in people's lives and let people be happy. If dating makes you happy, go for it. Religious people need to stop being social or sexual police.
AlexDacosta (1 year ago)
angel eyes im catholic and I see dating normal we all have our opinions
Bullens bullis (2 years ago)
why do some christians see the bible as a law book, its not.

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