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English Lesson 1 - Hello. What's your name? | English with cartoons and songs from Gogo

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✅ Download PDF and more English learning materials for kids http://bit.ly/eliclasskids Full English course for children - Gogo Lessons! SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/GogoSub and LIKE English Lesson 1 for kids. Learn to say hello and goodbye. Ask question: What's your name? My name is Gogo. Watch funny cartoon, learn speaking dialogues, new vocabulary, alphabet and do animated exercises, all in one. Structured English course for little kids. 👉 Here you can find the additional materials for this lesson: http://hitfile.net/0OfB Gogo coloring book: http://bit.ly/gogocoloring Watch English Singsing dialogues Good morning+More Kids Dialogues. Send Gogo your coloring pages and we will make a video about your work! 👉 Watch our new exciting video for the SAME lesson! https://youtu.be/hISYZV5Dhxo 👉 Lesson 2 with Gogo: https://youtu.be/hDx1i9JJEO0 Native learning with cartoons, songs and books. I recommend to watch one lesson per week and repeat new phrases and words using our chants playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgLwYGT0edBRW3eOLMj2kjgRX0vlQYika
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