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'Epileptic Seizures' and Other Short Stories Ft. ScottehBoeh (Funny Moments)

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The Chess Club Gang are having fun together on all sorts of games, but is the looming threat of epileptic seizures becoming all too real? (FEATURING SCOTTEHBOEH) Edited by FarmerHoggit ScottehBoeh's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingKilt The Chess Club members are: PineFoxx, ChickenVicious, DropDeadDove, AlexDlcko, Blobeyso, FarmerHoggit, poultrypounder and BigEeyore
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DerpyPickle (1 year ago)
FarmerHoggit (1 year ago)
Thanks derpypickle we value your criticism
ScottehBoeh (1 year ago)
Fantastic. Thank you for the brilliant episode. Can't wait to see where this adventure leads. 10/10 would play TTT again

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