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Everything You Need to Know About Magic: The Gathering

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25 years and 20 billion cards printed, here's everything you need to know about Magic: The Gathering. Unboxing the Magic: The Gathering Dominaria Bundle Pack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehC47uIthoM Subscribe to IGN for more! http://www.youtube.com/user/IGNentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN #ign #gaming #entertainment
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Text Comments (210)
Jake Broe (1 month ago)
They screwed up what Psychic Corrosion does, lol
teddybot11 (3 months ago)
the kids in stranger things were not playing magic. thay were playing d and d.
Majer Derp (3 months ago)
wow a release on my birthday!
m3m3lord _123 (3 months ago)
You sound like the dwarfs from the witcher 3
EmoKappa (6 months ago)
I'm in love with this video!
Rope Setä (8 months ago)
That accent is bloody hi-larious!
Mozzy11 (9 months ago)
What the heck kind of accent is that? It's like a blend of English/Australian that goes in and out...
Jake Broe (1 month ago)
Pretty sure it's fake and this guy is from like Iowa or something.
Jack Baer (9 months ago)
2:45 Ayyyyeee top deck games! Used to draft there all the time before i fell off. Gotta get back there sometime
Pekachu 22 (9 months ago)
I needed to know things about this one so... thanks
Sw00p (9 months ago)
IGN releases this video 3 weeks after I get into Magic... coincidence?
sandeonXD (10 months ago)
Schemes was a weird thing to throw out there.
Garron Deveaux (10 months ago)
Title is so false
Spear Breaker (10 months ago)
Idk why but i hate when outlets like Buzzfeed or IGN try to vids on MTG. It feels semi-insulting... everything i need to know in a 4 min vid? Pfffttt.. ive been playing for almost 20 yrs and i still have to look up rules for certain interactions.. it just feels so water down and overly simplified.. i get that its suposed to be "bite size" to get new people interested but thats like telling someone "this is gonna be easy" when it's a HUGE challenge.. I shouldnt be spiteful about it but some reason it bugs me..
Ryland Malcolm (10 months ago)
is this an ad? This is an ad!
Dylan Weaver (10 months ago)
This is more like "fun facts about magic the gathering"
Jaden Hamilton (10 months ago)
I would like to know how many people actually play the game. I haven’t found any evidence backing up the 20 million statistic that Wizards has been giving for a while now...
♛ Huffdaddy™ (10 months ago)
*how did 1997 live broadcast of magic the gathering pave the way for esports? It's a card game not a video game. [of course now it is but in 1997 it wasn't.]*
narmaK (10 months ago)
Mtg is life. Every other card game is obsolete. So many formats, limitless possibilities. My nonnerdy friends and I still play magic at 25 years old. 👌🏼
Flodux (10 months ago)
Magic arena.. where is this coming
Daniel Kendzierski (10 months ago)
You forgot the part where it's against the rules to be a magic player with a sense of humor, and the part where it's totally fine to cheat on camera in high stakes games as long as the judges are your buddies.
Tim Bedard (10 months ago)
Firstly, thanks for making this video! Secondly, you got a lot of things wrong: - Creature cards are also spells, as are artifacts and planeswalkers. - Shivan Fire only deals damage to creatures, not opponents. - Schemes only appear in Archenemy which is separate from everything else discussed. They're not legal in any format other than Archenemy. - Magic is not a deck-building game. Deck-building games typically involve building a deck as part of the game mechanics. Check out Dominion, Ascension, and Star Realms to learn more about that genre. - Psychic Corrosion does not make the opponent discard cards. Discarding is putting a card from your hand into your graveyard. Psychic Corrosion makes your opponent put cards from the top of their library into their graveyard. This is colloquially referred to as "milling". - Commander is not an exclusively multiplayer format. - Guilds of Ravnica and Ravnica Allegiance are not decks. They are sets. One product that will release with them are 60-card, 2-color decks called Guild Kits.
Bro Ken (10 months ago)
IGN. I am pretty sure there are more people leaving the game than coming in currently.
tainoxxx (10 months ago)
Simic for life !!!
its the current year (10 months ago)
Forgot to tell the people about the pedo judges, the poor card quality, and lack luster sets post origins. Not to mention that there is no incentive to get into standard anymore since wotc got rid of player rewards
William Lai (10 months ago)
Giving free deck away my As*, when I arrive the store they force me to bring a partner along or they won't give it to me. When I complain to MTG no response and nothing happen!!!
CrimsonB (10 months ago)
Magic has lost 9 million players since Hearthstone released. It's a dead game now.
Lucky Mottu (10 months ago)
Facts, Wizards is ruining the game
Pada 93 (10 months ago)
Hahaha nopeeee
K. Diaz (10 months ago)
Is this an ad??
I think this video might need to be a few years longer. PS: It's NOT nicole bolas!!! It's pronounced nickle bolas
Donald Erickson (10 months ago)
How awesome would it be for a mtg mmo O-O
PugsnotDrugs (10 months ago)
Everything you need to know about Magic in 4:31? Hmmmmmmmmm
Edward Feldman (10 months ago)
Mtg is such a great game with a lot of fun and complex strategy’s and is very fulfilling to play.
Mike Hosey (10 months ago)
Edward Feldman standard has always been toxic legacy and vintage are just redundant and lack luster. Modern is amazing and there is commander.... The only format worth playing.
zleepydude224 (10 months ago)
Nathan Jones (10 months ago)
IGN should RTFC
Michael Knives (10 months ago)
Commander is the only relevant format.
Dante White (10 months ago)
At least for my area, standard and other formats are dead. The only formats played (and are popular) are limited and modern.
Aksel Hansen (10 months ago)
standard is only really meant for people that wanna grind tournaments imo
space (10 months ago)
Aksel Hansen I can agree with that because I do love commander but standard is far more relevant than any other form of magic currently at least in terms of tournaments.
Aksel Hansen (10 months ago)
space standard is trash and a complete money sink way more expensive than modern a year a go i would even have said legacy was cheaper than standard
space (10 months ago)
Michael Knives Well I'll play the devils advocate as commander is my favorite format, but no you would be wrong. Standard/modern but mostly standard is the most relevant format in terms of LGS tournaments, GP, and PT. But commander is definitely the most fun format in my opinion and I won't take a 60 card deck over it!
ZonkoTheGreat 2000 (10 months ago)
The 49 dislikes are Yu Gi Oh players
Jacob Gaudet (10 months ago)
60,000 unique card designs? Huh? Last I checked it was at 18,5k and a moderate % were reprints.
xxBlack_Mentholxx (10 months ago)
They were playing Dungeons and dragons in stranger things not magic the gathering
Aksel Hansen (10 months ago)
Poofie17 they never said anything about that lol they mentioned how the creators grew up playing mtg and who and considering that mtg is from the 90s and stranger things takes place in like the 80s they couldn't be playing it
Robert Burton (10 months ago)
yeahyeahyeah0yeah (10 months ago)
Got into the game in December last year and absolutely loving it. Lucky to have a great lgs with some cool folks
Jxfriz (10 months ago)
It's not a deck building game it is a TCG, a true deck builder is one where you build the deck as the game goes like dominion.
Spillage Studios (10 months ago)
I recommend Eternal Card Game if you like Magic ~~~
Mathemagikal (10 months ago)
Too bad their PC games are awful
Kay Lew (10 months ago)
This really takes me back to my childhood. 10, 11 and 12. I loved it a lot. My favorite part had to be the artwork. It made my imagination go wild. It might sound corny, but I made the world in my head and imagined myself in the art pictures and made up the world around me. I don't know, it was fun and I was young. Thinking back, I only got out of It because of stuff going on in my life. It was a big part of me for a while. Glad to see it's still around and people are enjoying it
Justin Ross (10 months ago)
It's a love-hate relationship for many who picked this game up in the past. After a bunch of expansion you can't really "not return" and now a PC game coming out, may as well check out what's being offered for the new generation.☕
zztzgza (10 months ago)
hahaha a 4 minute video for this game does not do it any justice. You better re-upload with a few hours of content if you want to cover everything. Or better yet people should just go read Mark Rosewater's articles on dailymtg cause he explains more than anyone on ign will ever be able to about Magic: The Gathering.
Epic Rabid (10 months ago)
Mtg arena?
Will Harison UC Irvine (10 months ago)
Game is top notched
Jacob Suber (10 months ago)
24 Squirrels against 1 Giant Wurm
Izandai (10 months ago)
2:58 Psychic Corrosion doesn't make a player discard cards.
Izandai (10 months ago)
2:53 Volcanic Dragon and Windreader Sphinx aren't new. Any why did Red only get an uncommon shown off?
Aliquid Gaming (10 months ago)
Best for digital/online play is MTG Arena, Elder Scrolls Legends and Gwent. If IGN did those games, especially MTG, more I would resub.
Jamail44 (10 months ago)
This is the first time I've heard of this.
tronbeetle (10 months ago)
Highly recommend you look into it and give it a try.
Jet Shark (10 months ago)
Jamail44 It’s a great game and surprisingly easy to start. Have you played any other TCGs?
IGN DarqEspada (10 months ago)
Try this game! You wont regret it, but your wallet will.
Spear Breaker (10 months ago)
My gf says im only allowed to have 1 addiction... MTG is that..
Mike Hosey (10 months ago)
IGN DarqEspada truth
Jet Shark (10 months ago)
IGN DarqEspada Damn if that ain’t true
katowlsniffer19x red (10 months ago)
Cryptic studios is currently creating an mtg mmo so its coming to pc nice.
stryker9816 (10 months ago)
This is so amazing like UNO.
BlazingSerenade (10 months ago)
Schemes aren't inherently used in the 1 v 1 format - Schemes are used for the multiplayer Arch-nemesis variant - just thought I'd let IGN know they got something wrong
Aksel Hansen (10 months ago)
BlazingSerenade tbh it's an IGN video there's never a lot of accuracy :')
Evan Wyatt (10 months ago)
Please make more magic videos
awdhika tauhid (10 months ago)
please make cardfight vanguard: everything u need to know
Ragmesesis (10 months ago)
More Magic the Gathering on IGN please!
There's always more to know, which is part of Magic's appeal. It is complex and requires great thought and effort. The game is worth it, though, and while it is fantastic to play, the best part of all are the friends you end up making.
Mr. Neqtan (9 months ago)
Tolarian Community College, I have kept up with you, since you started on YouTube. Your unbiased honest reviews, were a staple. I don't feel your post here was spot on. As an old head in the community, brutal honesty would serve the game, now more than ever!
KoiKoi (10 months ago)
Poop-dity scoop probably cause arena is almost ready to come out
Yarry (10 months ago)
Prof, I wonder why they're starting to cover Magic more?
Litos Production (10 months ago)
Nice to see you here professor
Silent Clockwork (10 months ago)
omg dat accent <3
Gravio KheZu (10 months ago)
Any new apps expected?
Jet Shark (10 months ago)
Gravio KheZu Once MtGA is out on PC porting it to mobile is probably next, also they’re making a new mtg companion app, don’t know much about that one
C0gislayer (10 months ago)
İs there actually a magic game to play online?
C0gislayer (10 months ago)
Manuel Aguilar Tirado thank you, i will give it a try
Manuel Aguilar Tirado (10 months ago)
"Magic the gathering online" which is more of a serious platform is simple, not flashy looks from the 90's, is made for people that think seriously about the game or dont have the access to the paper game and want to play. Then there is magic duels available on steam, is not really magic but a casual variant of it, same rules but with deckbuilding restrictions, you can try it but the game is dead due to resources being used to develop the new platform being Magic arena, right now is in close beta but you can always sign a list to enter, you might be allowed to play in about 1 or 2 months, most likely less since in this month there will be a big patch update in which they will increase the amount of players allowed to play, its free, looks great plays nicely, main problem is that economy is still being developed so if you are not a grinder and dont want to spend money then it might not like you, but as I always say its free and it doesnt hurt you ot try.
Tyler James (10 months ago)
If the online version plays like Hearthstone and lets me dust cards and craft the ones I want then I'm down.
Manuel Aguilar Tirado (10 months ago)
Not dusting cards can be seen as one of the downsides of the platform, but beta testers and community keep pushing for the change before release, since the beginning of the official economy update some things have changed and developers seem to be listening, but for some reason (most likely Hasbro´s corporate side) they haven't fully grasped the change. Also, the playing like hearthstone part is going to be hard since its a really different game, games look awesome and can be quick but by the nature of being skill intensive games they tend to be sorta of slow, you are going to have your 3-4 minutes time games but you can also face half an hour game, depending on the strategies you decide to play. I'd still recommend you the platform regardless on how familiar you are to magic, you can still do great as a f2p player, if you are new to magic is a way to play the game without spending any money, and currently is the best way to play it for free (unless you like xmage which plays fine but looks like garbage), also you can get to know the possible new formats, and if you have somewhat of an experience playing it will be easier for you since you know well what to build in the easiest way possible, plus its free and yes it might take some of your time but you dont lose anything else for trying it.
ZoidsNut (10 months ago)
Arena does not let you dust cards. They do give you occasional wildcards to pick any card of whatever rarity version you open, from my understanding though you're mostly stuck with whatever you pull out of packs.
Alex Grinnen (10 months ago)
Anyone else click because they thought this was for some upcoming game or series or something?
C-Matt (10 months ago)
I love magic and have been playing since I was 10❤️
Alexander Xiong (10 months ago)
I like playing Magic. But this video is very misleading and VERY misinforming.
Phokey Dhoo (10 months ago)
"Paved the way for esports." No. Not even a little bit. Televised Magic was a complete failure esports is founded completely on Korean Starcraft.
dadamosky (10 months ago)
I do believe, i covered that when I said "They could have, in theory, looked at past attempts", etc., Etc.. So, thanks for making my point for me.
Phokey Dhoo (10 months ago)
Pure, ungrounded, speculation.
dadamosky (10 months ago)
They could have, in theory, looked at past attempts to "televise" a gaming competition and looked at MTG as a reference in figuring out how to make it work for the internet age. This really isn't that hard to piece together, people.
Phokey Dhoo (10 months ago)
"Televised gaming" is esports? I mean, are there esports on TV? I gave up the stuff back in 2004. Honestly though, there is no evidence that Korea even knows about or knew about Magic on ESPN and everything I've seen suggests the two things developed simultaneously.
Evil Ducks (10 months ago)
You got so many things wrong in this video IGN. Psychic corrosion does not make them discard cards, it makes them put cards from their deck into their graveyard. Discard is a whole other mechanic.
Aravindh Ragu (10 months ago)
true man I agree with you
Niemand Nineteen (10 months ago)
Evil Ducks IGN is nothing more than a hired ad firm now. Dying brands and new releases use their large "fan base" to bring in new players to bolster ratings. To think they'd get much right is expecting far to much of this marketing shill of a company.
BattleModeBainbridge (10 months ago)
Glad to see it still going
eurosonly (10 months ago)
Like the fact that it's over rated?
Kata (10 months ago)
Vitesse people only typically beg to differ if they have a rebuttal.
Vitesse (10 months ago)
ihaveasnake i beg to differ
ihaveasnake (10 months ago)
eurosonly *Overrated is just a dumb word people use to describe something they don’t like.
Yagi (10 months ago)
This is a part of a huge marketing push from MTG, after they've been hemorrhaging players to games like Hearthstone for years. MTG isn't "growing", it's actually dying really rapidly due to absolutely idiotic decisions by both the design team and the marketing team. The game was always downright abusive when it came to beginning players, utilizing P2W mechanics to their fullest extent. Now they've completely lost touch with the core playerbase.
Artistic Twist (10 months ago)
Caramel Jesus great name
Kui1cp (10 months ago)
I love magic. I play arena and "for me" it's much more fun than heartstone. Now I hate the company running magic. Their decisions are making customers leave the game. An example would be banning people/LGS for dumb reasons. As for if magic is dying, not really sure. Since most people don't go to wizard's or magic sponsor tournament. The numbers decreasing doesn't say a whole lot.
Aksel Hansen (10 months ago)
Spot the Jeremy fan :')
Mortenick (10 months ago)
Jet Shark Umm no. If you take in mind the dust cost of legendary cards and the LOWEST dust value of a pack, it's a lot cheaper than 80€
Jet Shark (10 months ago)
Yagi Can you even buy singles for Hearthstone? Don’t you just have to buy packs to turn into dust? You can spend 80$ trying to get a card on Hearthstone as well, and it still wouldn’t be guaranteed from the pack.
Immutable Sky (10 months ago)
So maybe they can save our dying format standard. (At least in my town, only two people show up)
Aksel Hansen (10 months ago)
Immutable Sky tbh standard isn't the format for most people it seems cheap at first but it's such a money sink it should only played by tournament grinders Modern has a pretty high up front cost but your cards maintain a lot of value meta doesn't change that fast so your deck remains viable And best of all there are no rotations
Sillas Lucena (10 months ago)
everything you need to know: it's fecking awesome and expensive lol
Anone SSBU (10 months ago)
Sillas Lucena play pauper
theRadDan (10 months ago)
So… it’s coming for mobile or? 🤔
Aksel Hansen (10 months ago)
It's coded in unity so it can pretty much run on anything so I'm sure it will come to mobile and consol sooner or later
Jet Shark (10 months ago)
It’s still in beta, but considering they did that in the past for another one of their games it’s very likely they’ll do it with this one
ZoidsNut (10 months ago)
Officially no plans for that, but you can cheese it by syncing your phone to your computer and using a remote desktop link to play your computer from your phone or tablet. I don't know personally how viable that is though, it sounds cramped (at least for the phone), but it's just something I read online.
Classic WWE 2k Matches (10 months ago)
Bye nerds
Steve Ozone (10 months ago)
0/10 ign. Too many cards!
EAG* IronManZ08 (10 months ago)
Can we get a video like this for Yu-Gi-Oh @IGN
Jace Penn (10 months ago)
Honestly, I know some people are mad they are just now getting to this, but I'm happy to see one of my favorite games get some spotlight. Been playing for 10 years and sont plan on stopping any time soon.
muradi janashvili (10 months ago)
Richard garfield is working on valve's new card game Artifact!
muradi janashvili (10 months ago)
Aksel Hansen So?
Aksel Hansen (10 months ago)
muradi janashvili oh wait really?! That's nice but it ain't portal half life or L4D
b3t0n (10 months ago)
phenomenal accent bro
Bernardo Seixas (10 months ago)
What accent is that? Irish?
lokifeyson (10 months ago)
Yeah I don't play anymore way to much money involved to actually be competitive, even booster drafts have gotten stale for me
cristian santos (10 months ago)
Is magic arena coming to ps4 too?
Aksel Hansen (10 months ago)
Probably it's built in unity so it can run on pretty much anything but they are still working on the pc release and after that I think they will focus on mobile
cristian santos (10 months ago)
I don't care about crossplay, don't even use this function on fortnite. I only want the game to play with my friends in ps4 already.
Jonathan Walker (10 months ago)
Yeah, but you won't be able to play with anyone on xbox, mobile, or PC.
Andre Höhnke (10 months ago)
It is made with the unity engine. So it will come for playstation.
Jet Shark (10 months ago)
As they said it’s still in beta, but from playing the game I’d say it’s pretty portable and they’ll probably get around to it soon
Vladimir Alvarenga (10 months ago)
Maaaaaan I thought this was an announcement for a new magic game!!?!? 😤😠😠
Anone SSBU (10 months ago)
Vladimir Alvarenga I mean mtg arena is coming out soon so...
JD Steel (10 months ago)
You sound funny.
Hades 5507 (10 months ago)
To him he does not sound weird hes speaking the way he was taught to .
chaoshellbound (10 months ago)
"Everything you need to know about MTG." Video is 4:32 Huh.
Spear Breaker (10 months ago)
Right? I have 20 yrs of gameplay and I STILL DONT KNOW ALL THE RULES... the rule PDF is 900+ pages long
Squanchy (10 months ago)
chaoshellbound feel like I'm ready to hit the Pro Tour after this
Račman Dominik (10 months ago)
Why did you posted it now? I dont think a new card edition is coming out and you are late af even without that
Daniel Lawhorne (10 months ago)
Core 2019 just came out on Friday.
Manuel Aguilar Tirado (10 months ago)
A new set is realease every 3 months consistently and products are released constantly I could easily say that there are new cards or sets every month
Stefan (10 months ago)
Račman Dominik Core 2019 is coming up
ZCCcatpaloozer (10 months ago)
Magic is hella fun
JoshuaTheHutt (10 months ago)
0:48 That card doesn't "Deal direct damage to your opponent." RTFC
Andrew Lim (10 months ago)
JoshuaTheHutt ahahaha that's great
Izandai (10 months ago)
Came down here just to say that.
Topcats Lair (10 months ago)
All i need to know is they dropped Boogie2988. Theyre not getting any of my money.
kami4242 (10 months ago)
PelicanOf Death That's what the media wants you to think. He was criticizing her tactics. Trying to push ideologies too fast will create resentment and violence.
PelicanOf Death (10 months ago)
Generally, going on twitter rants stating that Anita Sarkeesian inadvertently killed someone isn't a great way to get sponsorships.
Joseph DiSalvo (10 months ago)
"Dropped him"? lol, didn't even know he played Magic at a casual level other than that one viral (comedy) rage video.
hashim tariq (10 months ago)
i really wanna start playing magic the gathering and love tcgs but this isnt available here in pakistan which is really sad
hashim tariq (10 months ago)
this goes to addware
Jet Shark (10 months ago)
If you want to add me on Steam I could try and help you more, my profile is SteamCommunity.org/id/JetShark
hashim tariq (10 months ago)
Yeah but getting into a beta is really hard i will try though as I played like most of the online tcgs
Grimm (10 months ago)
No more DOOM?
Edgy Edge (10 months ago)
Amazing game. I can get distracted for hours from both making decks and playing with them, and I’ve only ever played with my brothers so I can only imagine how much fun it’d be at a tournament!
narmaK (10 months ago)
Edgy Edge go to prereleases before an actual tournament. I won my first one 😆. Drafts give everyone an even playing field
Aksel Hansen (10 months ago)
But u should definitely try and check out your local game store great place to meet people and learn new things about the game
mattd (10 months ago)
got you (10 months ago)
Best game ever
Ivan Garcia (10 months ago)
Best product made by the worst company
Chriz Indica (10 months ago)
1:43 CIA
CleShay 123 (10 months ago)
Anyone realizing he sounds like iballisticsquid?
Cle shay123 I thought he sounded like David Tennant
Nicholas Fiely (10 months ago)
You're about 24 years late ign
nerd020 020 (9 months ago)
Hooligan Fish MTG Arena releases soon.
Mr. Neqtan (9 months ago)
Kinda says something about the game and wotc. Mtg has been around for 25 years, should it need promotion? More importantly, with MTGO being around since 2002, why make another digital avenue with Arena? MTGO could use the love as is, better use of rnd and money. Paper magic could stand to have the same backing. Instead wotc ignores their existing children, who aren't in their best form, for a new spin. Mtg Arena is nothing more than, Magic Duels from 2015. Another abandoned venture. Starting make sense, why they need to advertise!?
James Downs (10 months ago)
How so?
Alien (10 months ago)
I think they want to get new players into Magic now cause Magic Arena is coming soon.
Dipen Magar (10 months ago)
DeSPoTNemanjaS (10 months ago)
Dipen Magar why?
Jammorel Huntinghawk (10 months ago)
Obviously one of those people that can’t accept that nerds are mainstream by now.
Stortrut (10 months ago)

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