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Art, Science & Religion | Origin by Dan Brown | Book Review

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Brought to you by Dan Brown, Origins is the book for anyone enthralled by the intersection of Art, Science and Religion. SHOP ETHICALLY: Get 10% off all ETHCS apparel: www.ETHCS.com/DC10 OR USE CODE: DC10 DONATE: Bitcoin: 1DjaaxyfNfYAmVSiMtj8QZtaaax7obgS2b Litecoin: LeDhQNNMebCQjJMS5kDC6dUemXtepNQSZm Dash: XkLUwimpuvrcpTjnaAe99JDNBBkuoUVXLT Bitcoin Cash: 1CW6BFX3SbCYfzAZyhJh9tckEWwxP4VWju Ethereum: 0xb36CC5E173690E6d91D910e2DCA1b97661ffe581 SOCIAL MEDIA ★ Instagram ➞ @doubtfulcentrist ★ Twitter ➞ @doubtfulcentrst ANIMATION: Matt Costa (https://vimeo.com/user75683391) MUSIC: My Here Waiting - Tim Aviss: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/my-here-waiting/989865840?i=989865843 Closing track: currently untitled but created for me by a good friend.
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