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8 Perfume Tips to Make Your Scent Work Harder | Beauty with Susan Yara

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Whether you have a signature scent or change it up, these are the best perfume tips to make the most of your fragrance. Watch this video to see! If you liked this video, watch these: Make a Custom Perfume: https://youtu.be/fRw9tFOlCCA 7 Face Mist Tips: https://youtu.be/enmmEoyxPuc SHOP: Giorgio Armani Sì Perfume and Lotion Set: http://bit.ly/1Gyx6iK Elie Saab Le Parfum Eau de Toilette: http://bit.ly/1KxaYR1 i smell great beach babe hair fragrance: http://bit.ly/1IYird6 Diptique Essences Incensées - Jasmin' Eau de Parfum (Limited Edition): http://bit.ly/1Wb4tj3 SUBSCRIBE to Mixed Makeup! https://www.youtube.com/mixedmakeupchannel FOLLOW: Susan Yara: https://instagram.com/susanyara Mixed Makeup: https://instagram.com/mixedmakeup Visit our blog: www.MixedMakeup.com BUSINESS INQUIRIES: [email protected] Thanks for watching!
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Text Comments (850)
erin linave (3 days ago)
u looks lovely
stantaeyeon (3 days ago)
*spray it on where you want to kiss* Doctor : what's the problem Me : I've put purfume in my vagina :(
bitch lasangna (3 days ago)
Not rich enough to spray perfume in the air.
Faseeha Khan (8 days ago)
I love perfumes
mango (11 days ago)
when u say that cologne is 5 percent fragrance oil I was like tf how do guys always smell so nice and over the top all the time if there scent isn’t strong wtf
Alexa Joy Zeta (11 days ago)
Ikilzz Mtclip (11 days ago)
Lame asf
Xox Girls (13 days ago)
I’m gonna start spraying perfume on my nose because damn is it oily over there...
Shahid Aziz (13 days ago)
salman zaheer (14 days ago)
Awesome great help
spice faith (14 days ago)
i love perfumes
Phil’s Glabella (18 days ago)
I always smell like roses
Jeswaz Wadi (19 days ago)
sparying perfume on black women with 4 c hair woudn't work
Jacqui Whitehouse (20 days ago)
Iv had some perfume for years & they still smell great,also I always keep mine in the boxes they come in & always in my bedroom.
everythingjule (20 days ago)
How is cologne 5% but whenever a guy has cologne on, a mile of people can smell it!!!! am I missing something
Noelle Irina (20 days ago)
That Elie Saab perfume is already strong enough
Yeontan's SugaDaddy (21 days ago)
Apparently, my soul is the best place to store my perfume.
Fla Gal (22 days ago)
Every guy I know keeps theirs in their car/truck. I tell them they are ruining it.
Zee (22 days ago)
Spray it where you want to be kissed *sprays boobs * 😂
Starring (23 days ago)
I can’t brush my hair.....what do I do
Iqra I. (23 days ago)
When you’re such a crazy ARMY and KPOP fan that you read “Susan” as Busan
KiarraSari (24 days ago)
Many cheaper scents do go bad over time due to the alcohol turning rancid but there’s actually a huge following for collecting vintage perfumes. Apparently they still smell good if a bit strong.
Allana X (24 days ago)
Soooo helpful
I wish I could smell this video
Elizabeth Mascorro (25 days ago)
she reminds me of that youtuber Jules or something
SHIRLEY Shine (27 days ago)
I wash my hands a lot so not on the pulse for me
pekar pekarak (27 days ago)
Love the energy 💕
Asus Pon (1 month ago)
before, naghahanap ako ng bench cologne sa taiwan...yun lang ang kaisa isang cologne na nagustuhan ko, nakarating lang sa kanya na naghahanap ako, the next day super gamit na ng perfume 😂😂😂 #kakaawa 😂😂😂
Andy V. (1 month ago)
Please ignore this comment. It is simply a book mark for me😂 0:50
MommaShawna (1 month ago)
I break out if I spray body spray on my skin! UGH 😑
Chunji천지 (1 month ago)
Wtf's the q tip for
Люблю Мужа (1 month ago)
Переведите кто нибудь?!
mi2ube (1 month ago)
I don't believe the 3 year thing.  I've got an extensive perfume collection that dates back at least 22 years & I can tell you that they still smell as amazing as the day I purchased them.  They're kept in a perfume cabinet in my bedroom, out of direct light, close to an a/c vent.  Some perfumes, I've found, get better with age.... like wine & me! :)
mary joy munar (1 month ago)
This video is so useful because I love perfume. :D Thank You!!
Rafa Fernandez (1 month ago)
¡subtítulos en español por favor !
Jasmin Shaikh (1 month ago)
Bakwas sali chutiye aurat....bloody bitch
Refka Ben Romdhane (1 month ago)
Amazing vidéo...❤❤❤
Klaudia Dmochewicz (1 month ago)
Alkohol na włosy żeby je wysuszyć? Kiepsko 😏
C M (1 month ago)
Funny, I live in a hot and humid city and I have a perfume that is about 5 years old, it smells the same, lasts just as long and it is the same color as when I bought it.
Sandra Newton (1 month ago)
Fridge is not the best place. A wine cooler is the best place, the temp is not a cold as a fridge, so the temp won’t destroy the scent molecules.
BellaV18 (1 month ago)
I loooove cologne!
Jocelyn Ramos (1 month ago)
I like the hair perfume ....
Intentions (1 month ago)
Rubbing the wrist against the other wrist is a little disturbing for me...
pandeyG Cooking (2 months ago)
Thanks for this share!!
Zareen Zareen (2 months ago)
Annie Foods and Desserts (2 months ago)
Informative 😊
Books in my bath (2 months ago)
This video was really helpful I love good fragrances 😊
Andrew Hale (2 months ago)
Victoria's Secret Perfume at super price here: https://amzn.to/2OvIIs8
Jeremy Hinze (2 months ago)
Fragrances last way way way longer than 3 years if stored properly I have bottles made in the 70's that are just as fresh and vibrant as ones made a week ago.
Peyton Flynn (2 months ago)
I need a new the SASS video!!!
Alexalexi (2 months ago)
Do a butt massage
fazal mahmood (2 months ago)
Michelle M (2 months ago)
I have curly hair. If I just brush it with perfume I would be left with a frizz of a mess
Michelle M (11 days ago)
Cataluna Lilith My leave in conditioner smells nice though, I don’t want it to clash. The smell lasts all day And I wash/get my hair wet… like once (honestly when it starts to look a little too frizzy) every 4(?) days.
mango (11 days ago)
Michelle M me too I was like “🤨😒 I can’t “
N4d43a (19 days ago)
Michelle M same
Melisa Oezel (23 days ago)
Same girl!
Cataluna Lilith (25 days ago)
You could still apply while your hair is damp, at the same time you would other products like a moisturizer.
mona dimla (2 months ago)
Those SI perfume are free when you fly with qatar airways business class hhahaha
Grey matter (2 months ago)
3:00 me when somebody asks me what my favorite weather is
FringePrincess (13 days ago)
Grey matter Same.
Rekha Singh (2 months ago)
Can u tell me name of your hair perfume
Hair Like Wool Woman (2 months ago)
Nice video! * This is unrelated to the video, but for those who feel alone, know that God loves you! People of the world are sad, because they have lost hope! God is there through it all! Trust Him! One God! God bless! -Christian Life!
Little Blizzard (16 days ago)
Hair Like Wool Woman 💙
Queen Scorpaine Mualdez (2 months ago)
Sì is my favorite perfume. 😍
BTS army 101 (2 months ago)
Life’s been a lie
Chimchim Shaiza (2 months ago)
Suggest me good perfume which is of reasonable price for girls.
Vaiish (2 months ago)
weyheysabby (2 months ago)
this is my first video from this channel and susan is so giddy i love her already
leor fragrance2 (2 months ago)
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U Nana (2 months ago)
Keziah Thomas (2 months ago)
https://youtu.be/-xkvGhQHnzY check this out
aliciabrillante (2 months ago)
This video was very helpful
ANGRY PANIC (2 months ago)
Excellent video
Aslı Durmaz (2 months ago)
Why i find this perfume bottle so fckng satisfying
Vhine Idea (2 months ago)
Hello Please Subscribe On My Channel
Nanda Duarte (2 months ago)
Oof I DONT brush my hair 😭
Gagan Chahal (2 months ago)
thanx mam nyc tips...
Victoria Griffin (2 months ago)
i’m black. i’m not putting perfume in my hair . lol
M. Elle (8 days ago)
Same! Our hair ain't made for all of that.
Maroussia is my signature scent.
Rachana Utekar (3 months ago)
I like to know what’s your favorite perfume collection.
dhaval patel (3 months ago)
I'd eat her pussy. Perfume or not
Jadore J (3 months ago)
You kinda look like solenn heussaf
يوميات حفصة (3 months ago)
*Hello ❤ help me please 👍🏻 can subscribe to my channel*
Hope Kimary (3 months ago)
Thanks! :D loved it.
Wendy Pope (3 months ago)
good information
Xoxoxo (3 months ago)
Thank you for sharing 👍❤️
Hayuhi (3 months ago)
pls check out my fragrance collection vids :)
one happy (3 months ago)
You talking to fast, but whats the spray you,use on your hair
babyd (3 months ago)
just wonder what the title of the song at the end of the video ? thanks !
Charise Winstead Collins (3 months ago)
First of all...what is that nail color 🤔😍😅
Hrishikesh Mondal (3 months ago)
Just saying HELLO
error mkay (3 months ago)
Can you make a video on what you think are the best beauty products under a budget?? (^~^)
ka ka (4 months ago)
May I ask what’s the background music?
JC Mispelaere (4 months ago)
Only hairmists are recommanded for your hair! The intensity depends on the concentration and also on the raw materials chosen in perfume's creation. Be careful of the color of your perfume if you want to spray it on light clothes.
Meiry Muniz (4 months ago)
i dont use my parfums each day...i just use it sometimes ...here in Brasil they are expensive....i like frutal mixed with floral....
Meiry Muniz (4 months ago)
i like parfumed xampoo too...here in Brazil...theres one that is cheap....and super delicious the smell...its called Darling....when i move my head near somebody they say....hummmm what a nice smell....
Rovina Moore (4 months ago)
Great stuff...thanks for the tips
Spoorthy A (4 months ago)
It was good
Christian Gumucio (4 months ago)
As a fragrance connoisseur, she is making me want to bash this moniter onto my face. . Most people wear the wrong scent with the current season and the occasion being attended. Do your research before you buy and be ready to mix and match. Also very rare do fragrances "stain" clothing. Oil based scents such as So-Rehab Silver are heavily oil based. But even that doesn't stain.
Christian Gumucio (1 month ago)
Of course everyone has the option. But it doesnt always work. Thats like saying "oh you dont always have to wear clothes that match" which is true. You'll be looked at weird but sure wear your pants inside out and why not wear your underwear over your pants instead? Point is , fragrances are an accessory. Not every fragrance will match the occasion or outfit. Cant go to an interview smelling like a baby stripper with a hint of talcum powder and cognac. Sorry not sorry.
Fien (1 month ago)
this isnt 1910, people can wear whatever perfume they want whenever they want. I find people naturally gravitate toward warm, musky & spicy scents during the colder months and fresh, floral and citrus scents during the warmer months anyway. Same goes for day and night wear, pretty sure everyone want to wear a light, likeable scent to work and a heavier, sexier perfume at night. And even if they dont, who gives a shit? Convincing people to own multiple perfumes for different occasions is just a marketing trick
TeLe Crash (4 months ago)
Asalam o alaikum I like your way of talk you are looking so fresh and good :)
Mina Ihdina (4 months ago)
Thanks for the vidéo, unfortunatelly I can not use tip number one because of my Exzema
Liberty Hussein (4 months ago)
I have a vintage perfume collection. Some are over-fifty years old and have been stored in cool, dark environments. They smell beautiful. The Orientals and Chypres seem to age the best.
Sheejal Shah (4 months ago)
What is a body mist?
Jamie Blackman (4 months ago)
Selvyn Quijada (4 months ago)
Instashowers! Dam! Just showers, keep colognes in the fridge! So they don't their scent.
Best Brands Perfume (4 months ago)
Hi thanks for the tips I love the idea of spring your brush instead of directly on the hair it’s so cool to know that fragrances change with heat
princess melody (4 months ago)
Saving perfumes makes them better that's true but not with au de toilette it does not store well it goes bad

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