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AnastasiaDate: What to do on Your First Date? Russian Dating Advice with Daria German!

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This is Daria German again and once more together with AnastasiaDate here is another video where you can learn everything there is to know about international dating. Today let's talk about what to do on a first date. Now you know what's best to do when dating online, but what if you've decided to "take the plunge" and get her on a real date? I understand how confusing this can be - cinema, restaurant, golf, concert, club, mama's house, park-WHAT TO DO??? Do not worry, my dear guys, I'm here for you) See more: http://advice.anastasiadate.com AnastasiaDate.com is the leading website for international online dating with European single women. AnastasiaDate brings together international singles with the highest response rate in the online dating world! _________________________________________ AnastasiaDate also offers the following dating services to meet your needs: LiveChat http://bit.ly/13GTDYM CamShare http://bit.ly/1wShAGj CallMe http://bit.ly/1Je8tWZ Flowers and Gifts http://bit.ly/1Az7xqc Contact Customer Support: http://bit.ly/1x4qYd4 +1 (800) 699-7215 Follow AnastasiaDate on Social Media! https://www.facebook.com/anastasiadate https://twitter.com/anastasiadate http://www.youtube.com/user/anastasiadate https://plus.google.com/+anastasiadate
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Text Comments (80)
Sudarno Darno (2 months ago)
I'm looking for will whom i can to enjoy in my life
micheal elhalawany (7 months ago)
Daria are you single ???? i madly fall in love with
aji kusuma (8 months ago)
kamu cantik
Gen Racer88 (10 months ago)
you are beautiful 😍
rupesh singh (10 months ago)
nice wife God gift
usman nadeem (11 months ago)
you are loking very very hot i like u
Soviet Union (1 year ago)
I create this.
Alex Ramos (1 year ago)
i Want a women Ucrania contac me,, 😂
David Forte (1 year ago)
I want you to be the mother of my kids
José Arnaldo Sousa (1 year ago)
Linda Linda meu Amor Você e muito Linda como uma Flor no Jardim do Meu Coração .
ThamnophisRex (1 year ago)
I am seeing a girl from Uzbekistan, and am trying to feel out her character. She claims to be "emotional" but seems more rude than anything else. While skyping with her while she was at a fast food restaurant, she was incredibly rude to the cashier and likely had her food soiled from it. I met her on a dating site, and she has beautiful pictures on her profile, yet complains of having trouble finding a date. As I have gotten older, I have become more aware of how my date treats other people, especially random citizens in public. She has a thick accent and says that I am the only person that doesn't constantly ask her to repeat herself. I will go out with her again to see how things play out, but I hope this is not representing the entire Soviet culture.
Robert Stevens (2 years ago)
Russian Dating Advice channel looks like like not working anymore. Its a pity... Daria got useful advises...
onur ciftci (2 years ago)
If you are an ugly white guy with a big bald head, especially, having some pink moles on the head, you don't need to do much! Russian ladies will be crazy for you! They will stick on you like a magnet! . I had a friend exactly like I described.. This guy was 55 years old. He replaced Russian tourist girls with new ones every few days. They were half his age. And he was always taking double...
ti tan (2 years ago)
free trial?
Manu Chavda (2 years ago)
HI DARLING. i like you.
John Van Hof (2 years ago)
Some day i'll go on my first date.
Overdose916 (3 years ago)
Lol... cute.. yet unrealistic. Sweetheart it's 2015 get real..
FSG (3 years ago)
Mike Miller (3 years ago)
she lovely i m in love
Saeed Hassan (3 years ago)
Nice suggest 😊
parri2000 (3 years ago)
Daria are you single
muthana aljanabi (3 years ago)
I think that the introduction of the programme very attractive
Alireza Gholami (3 years ago)
please marry me honey
Randall Knowles (3 years ago)
Get a hold of me shaleena. Let's get some coffee not anything else. Just want to hang for a few.
Edgardo Rodriguez (3 years ago)
David Arias (3 years ago)
women beautiful
mohamed robene25 (3 years ago)
very beautiful but can you contact me
Andrew Herman (3 years ago)
dam her in the video is sooooooo fine 
mohmad salem (3 years ago)
Very nice
Wings Of Darkness (3 years ago)
Очень прекрасная дама :)
Seibou Awali (3 years ago)
Interesting I'm on it and i like it
Jonathan Hensley (3 years ago)
Great advice thank u very much.
MD Khairul Islam (3 years ago)
Daria, I madly fell in love with you! I propose you with all my heart to marry me! 
Carlos Gutierrez (3 years ago)
Beautiful !!!
Anand Thirunagari (3 years ago)
omg shes soo hot lol. 
Hot Russian Girls (3 years ago)
Russian women’s character and personality traits are unique and certainly quite different from those of Western women.  Russian woman is strong and caring mother, who can do a man’s job and rarely asks for help.
please send to me your ID in Anastasia Date
wallygr (4 years ago)
Nice apples
flyguy (4 years ago)
Why is such a beautiful girl working a day in her life lol
Hunter's Moon (4 years ago)
Russian and Ukrainian women are the sweetest and most beautiful women on this planet, not to mention their accent is amazing.
jleron22 (4 years ago)
if i were to take u on a date, i would 1rst show up with a bouquet of flowers, sumthin like the 1's sitting behind u.  Then I would grab ur hand, kiss it, and compliment u on how beautiful u look. Once thats out of the way, i would thn ask u wht u wanted 2 do, this is vry m.portant guys becuz she wants the date 2 be abt her, not u.  Then 1nce we figured out wht it is we were goin 2 do, I would open ur car door for u like a true gentleman, and gaze into ur beautiful eyes the whole way to our date.  1nce dinner is finished, i would take you skating, or whteva u wanted 2 do 2 show u tht im into wht u want 2 do.  2 cap the nite off, I would grab u by the had & walk u 2 the door, and finish the nite out with a slo sensual kiss, so tht u would be yearnin 4 more.  Remember guys, u hv 2 mk her want & desire u, by not tryna bone on the 1rst date (altho this would be hard 2 suppress), bcuz with a woman as fine as this, its gonna tk alot of effort, and using ur brain. Listen 2 me, soundin like dr. phil or somebody lol...Im outtie 5                  
Mariusz Tymkowski (4 years ago)
[email protected] Шукаю дівчину, я Польський
Christian Hick (5 years ago)
I wish I was a pretty woman like her. Live would be so much easier.
swwiss (5 years ago)
oh you would Dump this ass for sure
lykos30 (5 years ago)
Blow Me Baby...... :D
ARVANITIS_1980 (5 years ago)
time for MASTURBATION!!!!
malpensa26 (5 years ago)
look at the size of those roses
TheJohnnyrosko (5 years ago)
wait, wait.. so where is my first date with daria german?
ray keegan (5 years ago)
i was talking to a russian the other day i as not logged in so she could not get my email i got hers but she never got my email address how would i get it now
Fillip Greys (5 years ago)
In American the blokes ask women out for dinner, in Russia the guys ask her out for breakfast, in London I am them out for the weekend )
Andrew Bezzina (5 years ago)
where can I see this chick naked?
Alex Piterson (5 years ago)
If my ex-girlfriend was more like this girl, I probably would not have dumped her as!
Harry Winston (5 years ago)
This advice is boring to begin with! It is all common sense! Guys aren't that stupid!!
Jean-Louis Blackburn (5 years ago)
Depends on the girl. Russia is larger than the US and has many types of personalities.
Dancing Spiderman (5 years ago)
Hey Josh... nice thumbnail
Dancing Spiderman (5 years ago)
You have to pardon Filip... he's a Grey... an ET... he's not from Earth... he does not know...
Dancing Spiderman (5 years ago)
Good Gosh... Daria in one Beautiful woman. She OOZES sexy classy Beauty.
Benwade90 (5 years ago)
Goddamn, that accent. I wouldn't care what she looks like if she sounds like that.
Harry Winston (5 years ago)
ADVICE?!!? omg the useless thing I ever heard
Andy Fromm (5 years ago)
Are Russian ladies high maintenance? For example, they look like they spend a lot of time and money trying to look good and I am not complaining about that cause some are just really beautiful. My concern however is that if you spend so much time trying to look so good that you might be materialistic? Has anyone noticed that or is it just me? I am not sure who is worse - American ladies or Russian/Ukrainian ones? It would be great if Daria comment!
Gunloc26 (5 years ago)
I call bullshit...
Fillip Greys (5 years ago)
The fountain in the center of Odessa is a really cool place to hang out. It seems to be really a popular place to hang out and sit and talk. It is also interesting to do some people watching there as you can observe how different locals behave and interact with each other. I have been to Odessa a few times and I always have enjoyed it. Why does Daria always refer to Russian wife? I don’t think Ukrainians would like to be called Russian, right?!)
Derrick Willson (5 years ago)
What are some good places to go to in Kiev or Moscow on a first date? Does anyone have any specific places in mind like a restaurant or nice park to go for a walk? I have been to Odessa and I thought going downtown for a walk was a pretty good idea. There are many nice restaurants there and especially in the summer it almost seems like Paris with all the outdoor cafes. There is also a nice fountain near a large circular shopping mall in the center.
Gregory Vasquez (5 years ago)
What are some good places to go to in Kiev or Moscow on a first date? Does anyone have any specific places in mind like a restaurant or nice park to go for a walk? I have been to Odessa and I thought going downtown for a walk was a pretty good idea. There are many nice restaurants there and especially in the summer it almost seems like Paris with all the outdoor cafes. There is a nice fountain near a large circular shopping mall in the center…it is a nice place to "people watch".
sajjad talat (5 years ago)
AnastasiaDate sigup done
Cynthia Jeffries (5 years ago)
Maria Rodrguez (5 years ago)
i am ready for date with you
Kalessa Dalley (5 years ago)
i love AnastasiaDate
Josh Kruse (5 years ago)
Jose Gibson (5 years ago)
Kristine Gamble (5 years ago)
great Advice for us
Brenda Gregory (5 years ago)
Sign up now
Vincent Snell (5 years ago)
i waiting for my first date
Brown SarahBrown (5 years ago)
nice style of speak
ruwndar wanchu (5 years ago)
You r hot , beautiful , thnks fr ur advices
Hugo Lipa (5 years ago)
you are beautiful sweet lady.....
Truong Nguyen (5 years ago)
mrbeisbol5 (5 years ago)
Because they are not wanting to leave their home. They are looking for love, not a way to the US. I'm sure that there are a few, but their want is for a life long love. They may find it in the US, or they may find it in Europe. They are looking for what they cant find there, just like the many men, including me, can't find here. I've been to Kharkiv 3 times. I plan on returning in the coming year. If you want a true relationship, not a selfish one-sided one, then that where to find it.
Bobb Graziano (5 years ago)
Why don't the Russian or Ukrainian ladies, come to the U.S.A. initially?
John Miller (6 years ago)
Great videos Dasha

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